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Leveson protestestor hit the nail on the head when he accused Tony Blair

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Tony Blairs secret Pandora’s Box

Why does a War Criminal and Major Fraudster qualify for Police Protection?


I find it incredible that even if Tony Blair was covered in excrement he would still be able to talk his way out of any situation with his perpetual no regrets arrogance and smile!

This imbecile – a Key player in the New World Order and now wishing to take the throne of Europe

Shakespeare would turn over in his grave to know his King Lear was in actual fact King Liar!!

When David Lawley-Wakelin broke into the Leveson Inquiry he knew exactly what he was accusing the ex Prime Minister of. The problem with the British media is that they never follow up on such a story.

David stated that Tony Blair was a War Criminal and that he was involved with JP Morgan only three months after Britain invaded Iraq and that JP Morgan propped up the Iraqi banks to the tune of 20 billion and that Tony Blair is paid 6 million per annum by JP Morgan that has taken place since he left office and continues to this day.

As an investigative journalist I decided to find out for myself the authenticity of David’s bold outburst that clearly unbalanced Tony Blair who felt it was his duty to say: “That’s fine, can I just say for the record that what he said about Iraq and JP Morgan is completely untrue.” One would have to ask the question why did Tony Blair even mention anything about what David said against him, especially when it was totally unrelated to the Leveson Inquiry…..was there an element of truth that struck a raw nerve in Mr. Blair and could he be totally guilty of the accusations made against him?……..I can assure you the answer is most certainly yes!!

First of all on the first accusation – “Tony Blair is a War Criminal”

I myself lodged a legal document under the title



Complaint Under Article 2 (1)(i) Of The Charter Of The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission

Complaint against Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

And The Government of the United Kingdom

18th December, 2009


As we all know that since the above date Tony Blair and his partner in crime George W Bush have both been found guilty as charged (In Absentia) by a full panel of international high ranking judges and that the case has now been referred to the International Court of Justice.


I raised at least 20 counts against Ex PM Tony Blair relating to War Crimes and Mass Genocide.


Let’s now look at the second accusation made by David Lawley – Wakelin in relation to Tony Blair’s connection with JP Morgan and even extend beyond that into a web of total fraud and corruption and indeed a breach of his duties as the Middle East Ambassador when he himself made vast sums whilst representing the United Kingdom….which still continues to this day!!


As David pointed out JP Morgan held the Iraqi Banks to ransom to the tune of 20 billion and Tony Blair was certainly implicated in this arrangement when he continued to get his 6 billion commission from JP Morgan to whom he his employed to this day. Not only is Blair implicated in this scam but also in many others deals, one of which also involves his sticky fingers in Iraqi crude oil. As they say “War are good for business”…….Lets call upon my friend Gordon Bowden to reveal what lies truly behind this arrogant fraudster!!


These are Gordon’s own words:


 For the Record and from my files.

 The lone disruptive protester, who managed to evaded the “Top Security” (God help us at the Olympic Games) at the London Royal Courts of Justice and burst into the Court Room, in front of a televised World audience to accuse ex Labour PM Tony Blair of War Crimes and Political Corruption was 100% correct.


Without giving the brave protester a political platform or major editorial interview, that he might substantiate those accusations, it falls on others to expose as best we can the factual forensic details of his covert corrupt business dealings and his co- Grandee’s that fill each others pockets.

So lets do a little “BLAIR’s TOUR OF DUTY”


WAR: The most profitable Capital Venture Business for selective Grandee’s, including.



Back in 2007  Tony Blair visited his “Friend” Gaddafi the Libyan “Dictator” when  J P MORGAN were trying to negotiate a Multi – Billion – Dollar Deal with the Libyan Investment Authority. Gaddafi and his “Advisers” smelled a “Rat” and the Deal was cancelled.


Oh Dear! Poor Gaddafi and his followers paid the price for turning down the J P MORGAN offer didn’t they?


So, I wonder,?  WHO is backing, funding and fronting the BRITISH and USA Oil Companies now running the Oil Fields and Production Facilities in Libya Oil Rich war torn Country now.


Tony Blair “ADVISOR” to J P MORGAN affiliated to J P MORGAN CHASE and Co supplemented his salary by accepting a position as “ADVISOR” to:  ZURICH FINANCIAL SERVICES: Strangely bunkered then at the address of the Company accredited as the “Unacceptable face of CAPITALISM.



22 Arlington Street. London SW1A 1RD attached to the RITZ.

(See and include Attachments)….Note this evidence is held by the author of this article!


Who, with a multitude of “Virtual” Common Director only cash shell, Oil and Gas and Mining companies abandoned this address following accusations on a web blog of Corporate fraud, theft, money laundering, criminal asset stripping and Director “Insider Trading” Rings.


In 2011 Blair pushed 2 deals worth over £1 Billion in Palestine with BRITISH GAS and phone firm WATANIYA

Both Firms were Clients of J P MORGAN.

No wonder the QATARI Government supported the UK Government with military AIR support in the War with Gaddafi.



Which bought the networks Parent Company WATANIYA INTERNATIONAL in 2007 with a £1.3 Billion loan arranged by?



However, as I said. WAR has massive financial rewards for select GRANDEE’S.


For 2 years Tony Blair battled to keep secret his involvement as an “ADVISOR” with a South Korean so called “Oil Giant”


UI ENERGY CORPORATION with extensive interests in IRAQ.




UI ENERGY CORPORATION part of a consortium that was “Offered” the BAZIAN BLOCK – 473 Square Kilometers in the Sulaimani Governorate.


So, who were his well rewarded Co “ADVISORS” in UI ENERGY CORPORATION.

(See and include Attachments)


Tony Blair now employs a staff compliment of over 130. Many young staff supplied by and from: J P MORGAN.

They manage multitudes of “Virtual” “Smoke & Mirrors Cash Shell LAUNDERING fronts.

One of his major “Runners” in his Board rooms include loyal RUTH TURNER.


Yes, RUTH TURNER, who was arrested during the “Cash for Honours” Investigations!


So there you have it:




STEAL £50 BILLION “You fill my pocket I’ll fill yours”:  GET A KNIGHTHOOD AND GO TO THE HOUSE OF LORDS



As you can see from Gordon’s input our Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair is well and truly up to his armpits in massive fraud and corruption.


For my part having been involved in the Palestinian Struggle and knowing Tony Blair’s involvement in the British Gas operation in the offshore Gaza Marine Area I can assure you that he was part and parcel of depriving the people of Palestine the revenue from their own vast reserves of natural gas which the Israeli government is now discreetly siphoning off for their own consumption and in doing so leaving the people of Gaza in absolute poverty.


On the Blair involvement in the oil sector in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) I can assure you that once again this man was getting paid vast sums of money for a project that didn’t even exist……..I myself visited the region many times during the Iraq War and I can assure you that Tony Blair was lining his own pocket with advisor fees for a company that did nothing in Kurdistan and did not exist……..it also so happens that the South Korean Directors were also found to be “double dipping” with a long history of fraud!!


As I have pointed out Tony Blair is also an advisor to Zurich Financial Services (UKISA) Group Services Ltd who operate from the same boiler room (room of false or virtual companies) at 22 Arlington Street, London that just so happens to back onto the plush Ritz Hotel in London……….how very nice for Tony to pop in for a morning coffee whilst sewing up some other poor victim!!


Whilst still dwelling on Iraq you may also be interested to learn that other scumbags that were involved in the South Korean scam were none other than the Ex Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke, a high ranking and highly decorated US Military retired General, John Philip Abizaid who served in the United States Army and former Commander of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), overseeing American military operations in a 27-country region, from the Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, to South and Central Asia, covering much of the Middle East, CENTCOM oversees 250,000 US troops. Abizaid succeeded General Tomy Franks as Commander, USCENTCOM, on July 7, 2003, and was also elevated to the rank of four-star general the same week, and  Anthony Lake – Foreign Policy Advisor for Barack Obama,  Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, White House National Security Advisor White House Nation Security Advisor  during the Clinton Administration (1993~1997) and  Director of Policy Planning under Jimmy Carter (1977~1981).

This list is endless and covers many high profile figures such as Ambassadors and even involved a representative from the United Nations……..not as that makes any difference anyway as they all form part of the New World Order that is totally responsible for freezing the assets of Islamic countries and ploughing that money into their own totally corrupt schemes………..come on world when are you going to wake up to these planned attacks on many Islamic nations that was orchestrated some 20 years ago……..?

Remember money frozen from Saddam, Ghadaffi or now even possibly Assad of Syria belongs to each country and not to the likes of that War Criminal and Master Fraudster, Tony Blair………I rest my case

Oh and before I forget Lonrho Plc have jumped ship from 22 Arlington Street and have since relocated in the Cadbury Schweppes Building, 2nd Floor 25 Berkeley Square London where they continue to run a massive boiler room………and guess what another fraudster has just abandoned ship there namely Sir Richard Needham…this is what Gordon had to say about this new devils den!!

 DAVID ANTHONY LENIGAS and his Cabal, director of 147 Companies. “All financial disasters.” Yet the FSA, SFO and SOCA all turn a blind eye!!

Companies with Common Directors playing “Musical Chairs” in “Virtual” Director only smoke & mirrors cash shells.

Funny, if your £20 in the Red for a few months, the Bank will call you in!

Leni and the Cabal raise £Billions, cash burn it and “No-One investigates.”

No doubt Sir Richard Needham and his power house Grandee’s like Ambassador Frances Dee Cook who line their pockets to the tune of £Billions are now looking for the scape goat like asset stripped  DRD Gold & JCI’s Assassinated BRETT KEBBLE(LENIGAS) is going to be the ” sacrificial lamb”



Ambassador Frances Dee Cook and her BOD affiliations to:
aka the 100% subsidiary of:
aka the 100% subsidiary of:
BMARC you know,

But most people will have forgotten.
Ambassador Frances Dee Cook and Geoffrey White
where Directors of:
You know, linked to the covert ARMS TRADE, BLOOD DIAMONDS and fronting “Terrorist Groups” and funding & arming SIR ROBERT MUGABE’s military ZDF
in the DRC in return for Cobalt, Coltan, Gold, Uranium Mining Claims

“Follow the Money” – SIR RICHARD NEEDHAM – Abandon Ship – Games up.

Gorden sent this stop press to me to add to the above which shows how people in high places destroyed the industrial base of this country:

Sir Richard Needham quits LONRHO.
It’s a pity, people like Corrupt Derby Labour Politicians Rt Hon Chris Williamson, Margaret Beckett and Williamsons tag-along “Puppy” Ranjit Banwait don’t use their Mega-Phone at the Derby “Ram” and spout a few facts about “Bombardier”
Facts like: Sir Richard Needham ( ex Conservative MP )
Pushed for a massive factory development in MALMESBURY.
A large DYSON Factory “Top of the List”
Then, When Sir Richard Needham retired from front line Politics, Sir Richard Needham was given a Directorship with:
Yep, your right, DYSON.
Then, guess what, DYSON  moved their main production facility to: MALAYASIA. DYSON is no longer a UK Product.
But, it gets better, on a local DERBY concern, lets recover a little RECORDED History.
Sir Richard Needham was once the Conservative Party Sec to Northern Ireland working with, I believe:
Maybe Rt Hon Chris Williamson, Beckett and Banwait can remember SHORTS of BELFAST.
Back in 1988, (When SIR JOHN ALEC BIGGS-DAVISON strangely DIED) Loyalists (Directors) working at the Factory
attempted to sell parts, information and knowledge of a new missile system to the APARTHEID Government of South Africa.
This was linked (Recorded) to a large ARMS shipment in 1988 which was then divided between the
In April 1989, three Northern Irish men: NOEL NYTTLE, SAMUEL QUINN and JAMES KING were arrested in Paris.
Also arrested were Arms Dealer DOUGLAS BERNHARDT and South African Diplomat DANIEL STORM
(Source Wikipedia)
Here’s the Best Bit: (Also from Wikipedia)
In 1984 SHORT BROTHERS became a Public Limited Company in preparation for privatisation, then.
In June 1989 The British Government sold SHORTS to BOMBARDIER for £30m.
But it came at a price.(Handy for the Taxpayer)
The British Government also agreed to write off £390 million of the Companies accumulated losses.
But that’s not all.
The British Government then injected another £390 million to recapitalise the Group and cover current and future losses, capital investment and training.
In 1993 with the company under the Chairmanship of SIR ROY MCNULTY Bombardier Shorts and Thomson -CSF formed a Joint Venture: SHORTS MISSILE SYSTEMS.
In 2000 Thomson. CFS bought Bombardier’s 50% stake to become the sole owner.
One of the Directors. ROGER FREEMAN just happens to be the consultant and Chairman of:
PriceWaterhouse Coopers in London
THALES GROUP formed a J/V with RAYTHEON  the USA Defence Contractor which had acquired BEECH AIRCRAFT CO
which I think became and also known as:
But even better:
RAYTHEON is DIRECTLY Interlocked with:
ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS with projects including Interceptor Booster Engines
and of Course: AMBASSADOR FRANCES DEE COOK was, until I exposed her, was a Senior BOARD DIRECTOR of:
SIR RICHARD NEEDHAM  .    Oh Dear ! I hope not related to:
You know:
METOREX LIMITED ( After massive financial losses-Dissolved in the UK on the AIM L.S.E.)
Employing  Convicted BANK and MINING Fraudster NICO SHEFER and Accountant MR DOUW VAN DER MERWE VILJION
I Billion Rand in Debt: propped up by the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK.
CHARLES NEEDHAM  with his common Directors also directors of:
COPPER RESOURCES CORPORATION (After massive financial losses- Dissolved in the UK on the AIM)
Common directors of:
PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES (The Mine with the FAKE  AIM 26 Docs Photo’s of the 4 tier 1 mtr deep Spade Hole Mines)
“Follow the Money”

It is clear that with such conniving MP’s as Williamson, Beckett and their page boy  Ranjit Banwait we are not likely to see them at the Derby Ram for some time…… after-all they raised their petitions purely as a means to get the name and addresses of potential party members and had nothing to do with saving Bombardier……..and where were they when the local airlines BMI was put out of business and why did they allow 50% of Rolls Royce production to  go to Singapore……….simply because they only work for themselves…..or as Mr. Banwait said to me “I’am only a Councillor what can I do”…..well Ranjit my advise to you is either get up to date with what  is happening in this country or resign……the latter would be my recomendation as you have done nothing for your Boulton Ward constituents!!

My note on this Kangaroo Court hearing is the fact that Sir Brian Henry Leveson is a devout Zionist and so one could draw up your own conclusion on the expected outcome!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 1/6/2012




Written by Peter Eyre

June 1, 2012 at 06:55

Posted in Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption, News

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  1. Peter , you are way over my head with all these names , but i will make this statement to the English .Being born English in the town of Emsworth i regret the situation that you are in but now an American and coming into new truth i must tell you that my warmeth for the British and the British Crown has turned cold . Wishing you all the best for you will need it !


    June 2, 2012 at 01:51

  2. Thank you, I am deeply gratefull, I know that honesty, truth telling, integrity are unatural conditions and should be considered illnesses, or are we just animals and anything that Humans do mean nothing, we are nothing and will eventually return the primeval slime we evolved from


    June 2, 2012 at 08:54

  3. Bloody good show. Yes, the Leveson is a grand charade where a proper grilling will just not happen. Apparently Dulux have some good offers circulating now, so i’m sure Leveson will get his evidence cheap. Carl, if you were the guy from the previous post regarding flying scorpions. It looks like you misunderstood me. I’m talking about other races outside this planet not demons. To the Americans what exists outwith earth is known. They have holograpic images which map the whole space, everything, other planets, other races, they can see what vessels are in transit, where they are going etc. Its not unknown as they claim. But consider the general public could never accept this, they can’t accept other religions or beliefs that differ from their own. At the moment it is not a problem for us. It will be in future.

    I’d be more worried about those $700 trillion in outstanding derivatives. Talk about pass the hot grenade. The global financial system is on its last legs, governments don’t have much in the way of ammunition left. I’d expect a TBTF bank to go down. Looking at the Chinese bank recapitalisation model is what the western model is loosely based on. I know i wrote the paper on the Chinese commercial banks back in 2000. Darling stole my idea, failed to understand what I told them and made a very bad job of it. Both they and the Yanks never had a clue until I mentioned it. I could not see it working for them as they just did not have the capital, my theory was based on private investment to recapitalise the banks and take the bad loans and sell them on to private investors, who could, or not, take charge over the firms assets to do as they wish.

    Peter, sorry for the hijack. Great article.

    Picture Maker

    June 2, 2012 at 11:16

  4. The reply.s are all on June 2nd, why? how do you know the information? the complexity of this work is audacious, how have you achieved this work, your inclusion of Bob Hawk, as a corrupt individual is from what I know of him, correct, from what I can divine all Australian Prime Ministers are the similar or playing the same game, the political leaders are puppets of America and Britain, both countries through generations or corruption are trapped for what now seems a eternity in Earth time.


    June 2, 2012 at 12:38

    • Thank you for you kind word….my associate has been doing this for many years and even now briefs the police from time to time……..I expect he will keep his secrets close to his chest…….for my part I suggested he starts up a company for potential investors to contact before investing…….in my opinion it would take the “Risk” out of “Risk Capital”

      Peter Eyre

      June 2, 2012 at 13:32

      • Thank you for your immediate response, can you elaborate on my, associate? you mentioned, if the associate person briefs the police, is he working for the police? I am interested in the proposed meeting at Holiday Inn, Birmingham, for what reason did SO6 police of Met fraud refused to attend?
        Can you say more on VIP operations at the jet base, known as FBOs, are these private individuals on contracts? or are they involved with police operations? seeing the pertinence of this work.
        Thank you for your help on this inquiry.


        June 4, 2012 at 09:44

  5. As always Peter spot on. Great article. Thank you.


    June 6, 2012 at 18:56

  6. […] https://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/leveson-protestestor-hit-the-nail-on-the-head-when… Rate this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← ‘Camnesia’ – Love It! […]

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