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British Police Federation ultimatum to the Prime Minister but did it go far enough?

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Massive fraud exists here in the UK involving senior executives from the corporate/ banking sectors, senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords.

Gordon Bowden and I have spent many years trying to bring this to the attention of the British public as being the root cause behind the global financial meltdown that is crippling Britain and the World.

We have repeatedly lobbied and emailed all the political parties, trade unions, including the Police Federation. Each time we approached a political meeting or approached a group of protestors the officials really did not want to know.. We have both even stood in from of our Local MP Christ Williamson with placards highlighting the main problem that is causing this massive downturn that is resulting in thousands of job losses across industry and the public sector.


All of these knew and did nothing

Many times we have both hounded members of Parliament by attending their regional promotions………as was the case in Nottingham when all the key figures from the opposition assembled for a major event. No only did we hand them some of our vital forensic evidence but also took photographs of this information formally being handed over as one can see from the above photographs and yet still no action was taken.

At the last event that took place in the centre of Derby (one city that has been badly hit with job losses and cut backs) I actually followed one of the delegates when he walked through the streets asking him why he and others are not addressing the root cause of our demise……….His comments were “we have over a million members and he has to focus on looking after all their needs.” My response was “if many more of your members loose their jobs you will not have any members and that he himself would become unemployed”

It became clear to me that all these politicians and union officials have their own political agenda that certainly has nothing to do with representing those members who put them in office and who pay their salaries

Time and time again I keep repeating the same question: “If I could prove to you that billions if not trillions of pounds were being siphoned out of the British economy and that it was this alone that is causing the problem, would you be interested in allowing Gordon Bowden and I to come along and give you and your members a full presentation”……..the response was beyond comprehension and in some cases was rather pathetic.


Ranjit Banwait a not so well informed Derby City Councilor who also did nothing

I approach one local councillor Ranjit Banwait, whom I have approached many times before and repeatedly told him of many issues and his last response was I am only a councillor and represent the Boulton Ward……….this man was so far removed from the realities of life I found his knowledge base to be almost non existent!!……he did not even give any thought to the fact that two major companies in Derby were either closing down or moving some production overseas , despite the fact that many of those workers actually live in his district……..such is the state of politics in this country.

I found this letter that published in the Police Oracle dated 14th May 2012 by Nic Brunetti:

 The march on May 10 culminated in the Police Federation of England and Wales handing in a letter to 10 Downing Street to outline its concerns about government austerity measures and the Winsor Review. A federation spokesman said the letter was more than just a gesture following the march – as the government itself seemed unclear on the Fed’s position.

Dear Prime Minister,

We write to you as the statutory representatives of 135,000 police officers in England and Wales to inform you of the morale crisis amongst our membership.

In recent months we have been inundated with telephone calls and correspondence from police officers who are angry, dismayed about their future, and completely demoralised. Through the introduction of the Winsor reviews they feel they are being

treated differently and more harshly than any other public sector workers. They accept that the police service must share some of the financial burden of the economic crisis but feel they have been unfairly singled out and targeted by your Government.

For decades, successive Governments have respected the fact that police officers have restrictions on their private lives and work lives; whether that is restrictions on where an officer may live, the requirement to intervene in incidents when off-duty, or

the fact that their hours of duty, rest days and annual leave can be changed or cancelled if operational reasons dictate. Your Government has broken this ‘covenant’; pushing ahead with the Winsor recommendations demonstrates a view that that there should be no protection of police officers’ terms and conditions or recognition of their unique employment status as holders of the office of constable.

In addition, proposed changes to privatise core policing functions will transform the British police service from one based on policing by consent, and that is the envy of the world, to a body of officers unable to develop and deliver policing skills other than the use of coercive force. Your ministers have given us assurances that they agree with us that the independent Office of Constable is the bedrock of policing; however, that independence is threatened with the proposed introduction of compulsory severance whilst the privatisation of policing will expose the public to an unaccountable second-tier of law enforcement.

Today thousands of police officers have taken a day’s holiday to come to London in their own time to make their voices heard. Many say they feel so under-valued that they are seriously thinking about leaving the police service.

This is an important and challenging year as we embark upon the biggest policing and security operation we have witnessed in this country; the 2012 Olympic Games. We are genuinely concerned that public safety will be jeopardised in the future if large numbers of police officers leave the service.

We would welcome an urgent meeting with you to discuss what we can do to avert this national crisis.

Yours sincerely,




However, as I have already pointed out all the politicians and unions are totally ignoring the main problems that are causing these austerity measures and massive cut backs and job losses and I have to say the Police Federation is no exception.

There is an answer ……if the Serious Fraud Office  did their job correctly all the missing wealth of this country could be returned under the Proceeds of Crime Act which gives the Police the authority to recover all the money, luxury homes and cars etc from these fraudster and put that money back into the countries bank account. 

Can you imagine that the US sent $15 trillion in three tranches to the HSBC in London who then sent it to the Royal Bank of Scotland and it simply went missing!!!

Prime Minister, David Cameron managed to siphon off £17.8 million of tax payers money and that is even recorded in Hansard and no one to this day has had to account for it………now you can see how openly arrogant these fraudster have become.

One must also state that it is every Unions responsibility to represent their union members in looking after their best interests and more importantly preserving their wages and jobs and it is clear that this is certainly not the case.

So back to the massive police protest march on the 10th of May 2012 and what the marchers did not know was the fact that their leaders and all their regional representatives were clearly told of the true reason of their woes and did absolutely nothing about it……..just to prove my point here is one such email I sent to some of the Police Federation delegates and representatives who did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of my email.

Re March in London – 10th May 2012         sent via email 13/4/2012

Police Cutbacks

My name is Peter Eyre and I am a Middle East Consultant and Political Analysis.

I suppose one could also call me and Investigative Journalist and Independent Activist.  

I carry out extensive media work – TV, radio, write articles and have my own blog etc.

Historically I once acted as an advisor to a political candidate with an emphasis on the demise of the police infrastructure and procedures, administration, changes to the way crime was being reported, police numbers i.e. cutbacks and to some degree the replacement of those serving members by PCSO’s  and the added news that they want to make them into operational beat officers etc and all the associated difficulties in the implementation of same.

I have in the past served in the military and spent much time in a training role and also worked at NATO HQ collecting Intelligence. After this I  worked in senior management roles in many industries and  also worked within the force overseas at a major HQ in a sort of regional coordinators role and so had my own hands on experience with police and the control systems etc.

During my time in the above I have attended many Police Authority meetings in Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire as an observer, interviewed many police officers  on the beat to get their gut feelings about the demise of the force and more importantly spoken with many members of the Police Federation and also long standing ex members now retired.

What came out of all of this experience was one very clear message that the force was under tremendous manipulation and interference by politicians and also that internal promotions were being handed out for political reasons and not based on merit or seniority of existing members etc.

However to put things into perspective and associate of mine has uncovered massive fraud in this country that basically has created the current economic downturn and continues to do so……the net result being cut backs in the public sector and the demise of the force etc.

Over the past year or so I have been particularly concerned at the ever rising cost of  living i.e. accommodation, fuel cost, parking co, public transport cost, heating (gas, electricity, water)  and the hike in all commodities. Lastly there is the question of the amount of students that can enter University and will it become a question of only the rich obtaining such education.

It is also apparent that a secondary financial tsunami is on the horizon that will have an even greater impact on the UK and EU resulting in even more austerity measures and cut backs.

Myself and my associate have been investigating massive fraud/corruption and tax evasion around the world with a particular focus on the UK.

I can assure you that the above amounts to billions if not trillions of pounds that has been going on in the past and continues to this very day, despite the appearance that the Government say it is not their fault.

The problem is now on such a vast scale it is now almost impossible to weed out who is involved but I can assure you that we know most of the offenders and it involves many senior corporate executives, senior bank executives and more importantly very senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords.

It is of my own opinion that the financial woes of this country can be immediately turned around if only the Serious Fraud Office, the Police and Politicians did their job correctly….having said that one cannot blame the police totally as financial constraints have made it almost impossible for the police to have the resources to carry out such work in the first place.

They extent of this massive fraud, how it all works and the interconnecting web associated with this fraud has been passed on to the above but to little avail. The same applies to all the MP’s and senior union officials who have also been advised and ignored, despite forensic evidence being available etc…

You may ask why am I writing to you?…….I think it is obvious…..Your members are totally frustrated and extremely p….. off and soon you will be taking to the streets in your own protest but does the Police Federation and its members fully understand the cause of the financial decline and do they understand that it all can be avoided…….even under  the implementation of the “Proceeds of Crime Act one could recover vast sums of money!!

It will not be too long before the UK follows the fate of the rest of Europe i.e. the collapse of Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and possibly more to follow……once again this is not a naturally occurring event.

Obviously if my assumptions are correct once again the students, pensioners and the underprivileged will be the victims of this self made “Toxic Debt” and needless to say the public sector will be once again severely hit with cut backs and job losses etc.

My challenge to you all is to “throw down the gauntlet” and allow my associate and I to give you a full briefing by way of a talk/Power Point Presentation followed by Q&A etc.

I would suggest the best way of doing this is to hire a hall and openly invite as many Police Federation members as possible and allow us to prove to you all what is behind the face of politics and how this can all be turned around very quickly by correctly implementing existing laws.
Alternatively my associate and I would be prepared to address your members at the March in London.

I have not been able to email everyone as only phone contacts are available in some cases. However, I am sure if you feel there is something worthwhile in my email that could enhance your cause then no doubt you would communicate to all your members accordingly  

So there you have it, I look forward to not only receiving your acknowledgement of this email but more importantly your response.  Kind Regards    Peter Eyre

In closing all I can say is that I am totally disgusted with our politicians and union leaders!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/5/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

May 22, 2012 at 15:08

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5 Responses

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  1. Well said Peter, I admire your courage and intellegence. The journalist and author Chris Hedges says that the corporate state could collapse either in 10 years , or tomorrow. Either way, I am quite content (understatement !!) . Get these jackass psychopaths out of the way so that humanity has some chance of securing a future for our children. Yours, Oscarwiley


    May 23, 2012 at 02:35

  2. I have no reason to doubt that you are telling the truth, but I would like to see this “forensic evidence” of which you speak. Perhaps you have already published it and I have yet to find it – I only discovered you last week. If it is published may I ask where it can be found? If not may I strongly suggest you make it available to all to see.

    Barry St Anton

    May 23, 2012 at 09:00

    • I have done a massive series of Pandora’s Box etc with information on the connecting directors etc etc with many being simply boiler rooms for virtual companies…..I cannot repeat all this information again……some of the more recent stuff is shown under the Cameron articles I have done…..all information has been passed on to the police and the SFO etc………its nothing new……its in every country in the world Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 23, 2012 at 20:20

  3. Responding to say – thank you for e mailing consistently informative articles about the truly shocking state of affairs, not only in the uk, but globally. I don’t have much free time currently, but always make time to read, re-read and pass on your information. Your communications are much appreciated.


    May 29, 2012 at 20:01

    • Thank you for your kind comments….not many people can absorb everything but all I can do is try…thanks again….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 29, 2012 at 21:06

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