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When will British Military and Security experts start talking logic?

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The Olympic Games current potential weapons or even possibly another 9/11……a word of caution to the ladies do not leave your bra’s unaccompanied otherwise they could be removed and destroyed!!


It is clear that with the Olympics fast approaching it is time to hike up the “Islamaphobia Hysteria” and to make the international visitors feel safe and secure whilst watching the games.

I do not know where they drag these experts from or how they ever got into the position they are in as most of them appear to be totally and utterly “Brain Dead.”

Do they really feel that they are instilling confidence and safety into the hearts and minds of the British public and all those thousands upon thousands that will be visiting our shores!!

At the moment we have had scenarios off possible 9/11 attacks, fancy underpants bomb targeting US aircraft in and out of Europe and now the latest figment of the imagination of a possible small drone carrying Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) weapons etc etc.

Oh how I wish our media would start printing some authentic news or some TV or Radio channel bringing these idiots around a table and allow someone like myself to cross exam them.

When will they all realise that they are the problem and that no terrorist actually exist apart from those that work for the intelligence network with their Zionist overseers!!

It would appear that we now have a significant fighting force within the City of London that would make the Afghanistan contingent look small by comparison.


“Now listen here old chap, we in the RAF are good, bloody good, but you see all our aircraft are down in the Falklands. We have nothing left to defend our country, can we rely on the New World Order to chip in (NATO) and help us out……..don’t invoice us by the way as we have no money left due to our massive fraud and corruption  and remember we have already given all our gold bullion to you. Bye for now and see you at the next Bilderberg meeting” !!

Today we see all over the news the military showing off their respective missile launching platforms to the residents of the flats that will house them.

Just think we thought the US and NATO’s plans to place missile defence systems around the edge of the old Soviet bloc was something worth debating and now our experts are forming their own ring of confidence around the Olympic Stadium but for what purpose. No doubt there are a few back hander’s being handed out around the huge private security net.

Can you imagine someone arriving her in the UK and being faced with such might and then there are all those that maybe have second thoughts about attending the games with the distinct possibility of yet another false flag to justify some action against another  nation that are no so friendly towards the New World Order (NWO).

So again let’s just reflect on the latest comments by a top military commander:

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Fahy delivered the grim warning at a meeting intended to allay the fears of residents worried about the Army’s plans to place missiles on the rooftops of flats.

In his own words he said “We have worked up a comprehensive plan to protect against the potential hijacking of a commercial airliner down to slow-moving microlights or radio-controlled plane”…………”Oh My God” what absolute bullshit…….where did they dig this guy up from……maybe he was part brainwashed by the experts that radiate out from Chatham House or maybe he’s on a backhander from the Rothschild’s.


Chatham house (St James Square London) home to the New World Order Experts (deadbeats!!)

Ok so let’s take a look at this “Life of Brian Actor” and try to find out how he ticks and exactly what does he intend to do with this “Iron Curtain Style Missile Shield.”

Having been associated with the military, working at NATO HQ, years training in war games, aviation and having headed security at some major facilities I would like to ask Dear Brian….If say a Boeing wanders off course either inbound or outbound of London Heathrow and you possible suspect a (“False Flag”)  high jacking what are your “Pistol Packing Missile Men” going to do?……..take it out?……….I hate to imagine the aftermath of a large Boeing coming down in Central London, over a large area,  and God forbid if its ones of the older Boeing 747 – 200 Freighters carrying hug amounts of depleted uranium as ballast…….well Mr. Fahey do you know the consequences of such an accident……did they teach you that in your “Comprehensive Plan”……maybe you don’t remember the El Al crash into a block of flats in Amsterdam……Well Brian I certainly do.

El Al Cargo Aircraft crash into flats in Amsterdam – Aircraft had DU as ballast

This area was not  as heavily populated as central London 


Ok so let’s give you the benefit of doubt and take one of your invented drones that may be carrying Chemical and Biological Weapons………again this small target suddenly appears visual to your “Ack Ack Team” what orders are you going to give them Brian……”Take them out” ?…………..oh dear oh dear……what again will be the consequences of firing a missile overhead the City of London…….out pops the dreaded substance to rain down on the city below and then drift around London on the wind!!

You then have the audacity to add further panic into innocent minds by stating: “A drone could dump anthrax or another lethal substance on London”…..again it does not matter if you have the missile or not…….if such a threat existed (which it does not) then what will be will be………if you take it out with a missile the same will still happen!!

His comments became even more hilarious when he made the following statement: “If a protester was flying a microlight near the Olympic site they would not attack it, instead they would scramble a RAF helicopter with a sniper on board to check out the threat”…….oh really……if he was flying that close to the site he could launch his CBW or maybe drop his fully laden underpants onto the crowd below before you had him in your red dot laser sights!!  

Lieutenant Colonel Fahy made it absolutely clear when he said “It is the politicians who will decide whether we fire surface-to air missiles at a potential threat” thank God we do not have idiots like Lord Mandelson  around, however who could you recommend because I cannot think of anyone with the ability to think logically under pressure!!

I hope Lieutenant Colonel Fahy that you fully understand that if such a threat actually exist (which it clearly does not)……you will end up with the same consequences whether you leave it or take it out….the latter obviously spreads the problem over a much greater area.

Oh and I forgot to ask you seeing as you are obviously part of “Al Qaeda Hysteria Team” did you get a briefing on how to detect these new “High Tech Underpants” bombs that some guys are alleged to have carried in the past or maybe we could see maybe some lady coming into the stadium in her “High Tech French Knickers”!!

It is truly time for these Presidents, Prime Ministers and their senior staff to stop playing this pretend game of “War Against Terror”….its time for the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad etc to stop inventing so many “False Flags” they are becoming so farcical now its beyond a joke……..oh and Mr. Brian maybe you should pay a visit to the East Midlands Airport and get a first hand briefing on how to deal with an “Ink Jet Cartridge Bomb” that may arrive from that next area of war/conflict called Yemen!!!

Oh I forgot you don’t know about that either……..well let me brief you……..it arrived on a UPS Freighter from Germany and was not placed in a secure area of the airport as per normal (pending a bomb squad inspection)…….the aircraft was not impounded awaiting forensic investigations……other commercial flight were allowed to taxi past it en route to the runway for take off and the actual flight continued on its way to Chicago after a short delay…….well Mr. Brian I can assure you as an expert in this area this was in total violation of standard bomb threat practices…….maybe you are asking why?……I can tell you why Mr. Brian……because it was yet another fake “False Flag”….just like the hysteria people like yourself and others are spreading around this country…….no doubt we will be hearing many more fake incidents in the build up to the Olympic Games.

Oh and I forgot to thank you for your other aviation advice when you said: “For the duration of the Olympics anyone flying into controlled airspace is to file their flight plan with the Civil Aviation Authority”………sorry to have to tell you Brian that is normal procedure with or without the games.

Finally to all those experts that profess to know the current security levels (as I used to know) perhaps you should warn the public to look out for those special operatives that exist in almost every country. You know the ones that carry out what I call the 3D’s plus C…..which means Deceive, Disrupt, Divide and Conquer……you know what I mean….you are all very good at this having had field practice in New York (9/11) and in London (7/7) and with additional “Battlefield Experience” in Libya and now in Syria!!

So to you all the game is up because we the “Joe Blog Public” know what you have done in the past and we also understand how you all want to keep the “Imaginary” war of terror going….especially after your “Imaginary” attack on Osama Bin Laden last year when he had been dead since the 14th of December 2001 and your continuous assault of your “Imaginary” Al Qaeda……….the public are now fully aware of the New World Order and that the true enemy lies within……..just take a trip to Chatham House….you should be able to find a handful of so called experts there that are funded by the Rothschild’s.

In closing we all watched the downfall of Sarkozy and the emergence of Hollande as the President elect and no doubt one is looking forward to some dramatic changes…….sorry folks he’s a Zionist the same as the ex President. No doubt we will see the same change occur in this country when David Cameron bows out (which he will) and Ed Miliband slips into office…….sorry folks the same situation will occur we will be under the thumb of yet another Zionist leader which will enhance the current New World Order plans to hand this country totally over to the EU and for the “False War on Terror” to continue with maybe an even harder approach towards Islam, like I said the Crusades have never stopped.

I hope and prey that the Olympics goes by without incident but somehow I think the NWO and their cohorts in Intel have something up their sleeve………Rumours exist as to the possibility of a small dial up nuclear weapon…….it was reported in Veteran Today (US) that a small Dolphin Class German Submarine, which was loaded with a 500kt nuke, has gone missing…..these submarines are provided to the Israeli Navy and so no one knows how or why this major incident occurred or where it has gone……someone even suggested it could come up the Thames but I very much doubt that a submarine could transit the Thames and remain hidden for some time before popping the pill!!!!!



Shalom Uncle Netty….we are stuck in the mud under Tower Bridge with this 500 ton baby onboard can you arrange with our “Zionist Political Puppets” to have them deliver 50 Kosher meals for the crew whilst we wait for the opening event….boy is this going to be some firework……what did you say you want me to light the Olympic Flame……don’t worry Netty this will light up the whole of London.

Lets hope that should there be any incident at the Olympic Games that it is only a small pair of underpants and it blows their you know what away!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/5/2012

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  1. Peter Eyre, ah just luv’s yer. The truth down to the last letter.


    May 11, 2012 at 07:05

  2. Interesting, well written and full of satire.

    Great : Picture Maker

    Picture Maker

    May 11, 2012 at 17:16

  3. There has been an update on VT Peter:


    Love the article. Thank you. This sham war on terror has gone on too long already.


    May 11, 2012 at 21:35

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