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The Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – 9/11

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No Aircraft Hit Any Building on 9/11 


The art of deception – Computer generated images  – Both false     

Had you seen the image on the left on TV  then you would have believed it…….. right?

You did see the image on the right on TV and  you did  believe it……. right?

Such is the deception of the Zionist controlled media!!!


Has anyone actually been man enough to publically declare that not one single civil airliner hit any building and that any airborne impact would have been a missile with additional help from internal detonations – as described by escaping occupants and emergency services.


  Building Number 7 was not hit by any aircraft and in this picture it is about to be destroyed in a free fall demolition – why did the BBC and CBS make an announcement that this building had also collapsed before it actually did – “Rather bad coordination by the New World Order”!! 


The mongrel himself Larry Silverstein


The aftermath – A toxic cloud incorporating millions of nano particles that may have contained depleted uranium


Silverstein won a bid from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to construct 7 World Trade Center, to the north of the World Trade Center. Silverstein was interested in acquiring the entire World Trade Center complex (I bet he was!!), and put in a bid when the Port Authority put it up for lease in 2000. Silverstein won the bid when a deal between the initial winner and the Port Authority fell through and he signed the lease on July 24, 2001 (how very convenient just before 9/11!!).

Securacom received a contract to provide electronic security services for the World Trade Center in 1996. The contract ended on the 11th of September 2001!!

Kroll were responsible for revamping security at the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing.

What became clear was that a group of Zionist had total control of the entire WTC area – Larry Silverstein Property developer who took the lease of the WTC – Frank Lowy of Westfield Shopping Centre fame who leased the entire shopping concourse at the WTC – Lewis Eisenberg head of the New York Port Authority who authorised the above leases – Ronald Lauder Billionaire of the Estee Lauder Cosmetic Group who was the key lobbyist for the privatisation of the WTC. Add to this line up the Kroll’s and Securacom which is now called Stratesec (guess who was on the board Merv Bush the brother of the President!!)

So having now finishing with these questionable groups now lets hit some bullet points:

  • The aircraft are not structurally designed to fly at such speed or G Forces 
  • It was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon at the location of a major fraud investigation?
  • UA93 did not crash in the field but was believed shot down over a wooded area nearby
  • Cell phones do not work at altitude?
  • There are several ways of checking the progress of aircraft and the US Government lied?
  • Airline companies install ACARS to monitors their aircraft and the US Government lied?
  • Witness’s/Investigators gave tracks of aircraft that were totally different to NATSB final report?
  • Did you know that reliable witnesses near the Pentagon said the aircraft did not follow the track declared and one witness said a commercial airliner veered off and overflew the building?
  • Did anyone every challenge why a military aircraft was sighted overhead Washington?
  • Did anyone every challenged why a C130 aircraft was sighted overhead the Pentagon?
  • Did anyone ever challenge the small jet or missile that flew over Shanksville?

Whilst on the above topic ACARS….please allow me to explain:

ACARS network are remote ground stations installed around the world to transmit messages from ATC, the airline, etc, to the aircraft depending on its location and vice versa. The ACARS on the day demonstrate that the aircraft received messages through ground stations located in Harrisburg, PA, and then later through a ground station in Pittsburgh, 20 minutes after the aircraft allegedly impacted the South Tower in New York. It is therefore clear that the aircraft was still flying and certainly not in the New York area.

Yes folks you have all been duped and you have all swallowed the bait….hook, line and sinker!!!

The other Mongrel George Bush – “A great inside job guys” – “Now we can go to war”



I have decided to re publish this article I did some time ago with some additional information. I may also release again the other major false flag concerning the sinking of the South Korean Corvette to show just how far our warped leaders will go to achieve their own “Geo Political Agenda.” It should also be noted that 7/7 in London was also a false flag which I will cover another time.


Another anniversary for 9/11 will again pass this year and there will be mixed emotions amongst the relatives of those that perished. Many of those relatives and many other people around the world are still asking for a fresh investigation as to what actually happened that terrible day. Many experts covering almost every industry from Military – Aviation – Structural Engineers – Fire and Rescue are totally convinced that this was an inside job. Many believe that the US CIA and the Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) were involved with the latter playing the major role in conjunction with their Zionist counterparts in the US, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Mr. President himself.


I would also add that this cover-up must have been  known to all political leaders and senior chief’s of staff on both sides of the pond and in that regard that makes them also guilty of this terrible act of genocide in order to achieve  their own New World Order plan……..someone once said to me surely they wouldn’t kill thousands of people for their own financial gain………you got to be joking……they are genociding millions at the moment by way of wars/conflicts, using WMD’s/DU, GM crop, Vaccinations etc etc


As a person that has spent more than 50 years associated with both Military and Civilian Aviation I have to say that 9/11 was the biggest “False Flag” con of all time.


Before looking into the aviation aspect of the Twin Towers, Pentagon & Shanksville I would like to make a very bold statement and say that this was not the work of any Arab terrorist group. I would also extend this statement by telling the general public that “Al Qaeda” does not exist and that it is an invented pseudonym by the CIA and US Government to spread hysteria and fear and to maintain a continuous war against non existent terrorism.


 One has to understand that before you can blame anyone or take action against anyone you have to give them a name and so this fictitious group called Al Qaeda was created. Since its inception the US, UK and EU Governments have launched a campaign of mass hysteria in an attempt to bring fear into the hearts of our respective nations. It became clear that through their controlled mass media they could then create or invent many incidents or false flags and blame it on their new creation!! The final step came when they themselves initiated 9/11 and in doing so gave them justification to go to war!!


It is also a known fact that if one wishes to make significant changes to the law or to the existing national security arrangements one has to create an incident that will impact on the general public. Many false flags are thus created which then allows key political figures to rush such changed through Parliament or Congress resulting in major changes in the law, leading to what can only be described as the implementation of a “Police State” i.e. the Patriot Act in the US and the Anti Terrorist measures now in force in the United Kingdom.


The US is a classic example of such activity with many “False Flags” taking place on almost a monthly basis i.e. Attempted Detroit Airliner Bombing – Attempted bombing of Times Square, New York, the farcical “UPS Ink Cartridge Bomb”  and in the news today another underwear bomb foiled involving Yemen…….I guess you would ask why Yemen…..that’s an easy one to answer because that is where the US special forces/CIA/MI5/6/Mossad are focusing their attention and where their drones are currently carrying out many illegal strikes………Yemen my friends is one of the 7 counties listed back in 1997 and again in 2001 as a target country to be taken out i.e. forced regime change, just like Libya and the current Syrian situation.


I wish to point out that the west is pursuing a none existent “Axis of Evil” and is fighting a non existent group of terrorist that according to our leaders existed in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and many other places. However, from my perspective the true “Axis of Evil” is London.


We have to understand that all wars and conflicts, in more recent times, are nothing to do with world terrorism but all to do with imperialistic greed to acquire someone else’s natural resources or to capture vital resource markets….this all comes under the title of “Geo Politics.”


I have been watching a couple of videos over the last month or so, showing the pain of relatives who lost their loved ones in the Twin Towers tragedy. I noticed one particular old gentleman, by the name of Bob McIlvaine, who lost his son that day. He said he couldn’t understand why the National Guard did not shoot the aircraft down before they hit the building. What Bob didn’t understand was that no aircraft hit any building and that the whole scam was a well orchestrated illusion………I would also add that we believe UA93 was taken out by missiles!!


What we all saw that day were computer generated images of aircraft hitting building and witnesses that were well placed by the perpetrators to substantiate that what we saw actually happened. What I find amazing was that everyone got sucked into this illusion, including myself who watched it live on TV with an American friend and we both shed tears together……”Oh what a Sham.”


Having been in aviation most of my life and having the knowledge to understand what aircraft can and cannot do, having made up flight plans, having fully understood the procedures applicable to Air Traffic Control (ATC), having full knowledge of the ATC radar system and the transponder system (Squawk Code), having full knowledge of the airlines own ACARS system, having full knowledge of aircraft crash scenes…….I can categorically say that this was 100% a “False Flag” inside job.


The task of watching the many videos and sharing the pain of the relatives (who lost their loved ones) and looking at all the evidence has caused me to write this very controversial article. I have spent months, freeze framing every video clip and looking at 9/11 from the aviation and military aspect. I have now concluded that this incident was as a direct result of missile attacks and internal explosions both of which involved weapons that contained uranium components, hence the speed and total destruction (pulverised) of the WTC.


There is a web page in the US   http://www.nyccan.org/ that explains the many concerns and also where you can see some of the relative’s video messages etc. This same web page has been attempting to open up a fresh investigation into 9/11. Another wonderful and very professional web is the Pilots for 9/11 Truth in which the guys that flew such aircraft speak out…….it is also the web that I myself fully understand after serving my time in aviation….take a look http://pilotsfor911truth.org/ 


One other web that is also very good is http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=6133


After watching some of the relatives speaking out I decided to drop the support group an email as follows:


First of all please allow me to pass my condolences to all those in your organisation and outside your organisation who lost relatives and friends in the WTC…..I at the time was watching events live with an American friend and we cried together. However, much time has passed by since this tragic event and during this time I have carried out extensive studies and research.


I have been in aviation all of my live and was at one stage an aviation consultant. I am now retired but have now found time to look at events from the aviation perspective. I found Bob McIlvaine video very upsetting in the loss of his son but also picked up on his comments about why didn’t the Air Force shoot down the aircraft before they hit the WTC.


This aspect of his comments caused me much concern because I have to say that no aircraft hit the WTC, no aircraft hit the Pentagon and no aircraft crashed into the field.


The whole exercise was an inside job with the help of the CIA and Mossad. There is no independent video footage and what was shown on TV was computer generated images. When I freeze framed each video second by second one can see so many flaws and at the same time see some very unusual events such as what appears to be a missile missing one of the towers. The angle of approach of the so called aircraft also appears to have been doctored.


My own thoughts on this was that the towers were hit by missiles and the explosion is certainly showing the initial signs of a uranium type explosion…..it is also clearly evident that explosions are going off below the collapse. This has been confirmed by emergency services who repeated many times that they heard multiple explosions. We finally come to the question as to why was the lobby of the WTC was totally devastated by what would appear to be an internal explosion……this was confirmed by people trying to escape from the floors above….they made transit via the lower floors with no damage and suddenly on arrival in the entrance it was a scene of total devastation.


On the aviation front what the public generally does not know was that each schedule flight appeared to be duplicated and leaving from different gates and certainly needs investigating. Point two is that each aircraft is given a transponder code, otherwise known as a four digit squawk, which once initiated by the aircraft, shows up on the radar screen for tracking purposes. In addition to this Air Traffic Control (ATC) System there is also the airlines own ACARS system that feeds data from and to the aircraft concerned. My question would therefore be why the airline ACARS system shows the aircraft at a different location than that of the ATC system.


With the Pentagon…..even with the best pilot in the world it would have been almost impossible to fly an aircraft of that size in such a tight descending turn and certainly would not have been possible by these novice pilots. Again the Boeing was flying at zero feet, or so they say, before impact and yet there were no engine scrape marks on the grass and very little wreckage. A picture does show FBI/CIA agents dropping bits of wreckage on the grass after the impact. Again I have freeze framed the only clip and it certainly was not a Boeing but rather looked like a cruise missile.


The Boeing in the field was certainly a non event as there was little or no wreckage…..this is impossible even if the aircraft was diving vertical at top speed……..many parts in the engines are made of titanium and many turbine parts would have been found as well as main structural parts upon impact……the crater looked like a missile/bomb crater…..one should also remember a witness said she saw a small executive type jet flying around…….people also witnessed aircraft flying over the White House, Pentagon and also over New York.


The aircraft were identified as a command post type 747, a C130 Hercules and the Lear Jet type aircraft that flew over the field etc.


It would be almost impossible for the WTC to be so pulverised from aviation fuel and why was there no significant outside wreckage when these so called aircraft hit the towers…….non of this really makes sense and this adds fuel to one big major cover up or false flag which is typical of a secret service type plot……..they needed an excuse to attack Iraq/Afghanistan and therefore they created 9/11 to justify the cause.


 I did at one stage believe the entire story having watched it live but on reflection you only see what they want you to see and most of that was a well orchestrated programme of illusion.


Kind Regards


End of email.


Top picture show agents moving wreckage around and below agents actually planting some wreckage


Having lost aircraft in the past I know the procedure for securing the scene of an aircraft crash or disaster. The first thing that must happen is the scene has to be secured by the police and other experts. This is done for one very good reason…… to make sure everything is left as it happened so that in the forensic sense the scene can be inspected and an analysis carried out. No one is allowed in or out except those approved to do so i.e. fire fighters, rescue staff, medics and those responsibly for such analysis …….nothing can be touch or moved……..at some future time the wreck is mapped and all items are removed to a suitable location where they attempt to piece it all together again.

In the above two pictures you can see agents at the top moving wreckage around and below the agents are actually planting the wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon……..I wonder why?………you already know the answer to that!!! 

 The first think I would have done is to identify these people and ask them who gave them the authority to do whatever they were doing……I very much doubt if these people are still alive as it is normal in the Intel services that anyone associated with an assassination or perverting the course of justice is taken out!!

Another actor hired for this farce was a taxi driver who stated that the aircraft hit a lamp pole which then came down and hit the windscreen of his taxi. The taxi was close to a bridge overpass which had a distinct design….when the taxi driver was interviewed his statement was full of lies…….a film crew explained to him that his statement just did not add up and that the location he explained was not the location the film crew investigated……..he did explain off camera that he was just a simple man doing what he was told to do……..unfortunately for him the hidden camera was still recording his words etc… You can see one such video that explains the scenario and remember this is a vital witness at ground level, outside of Pentagon, just prior to impact…..note that despite this pole being hit by a so called Boeing travelling at high speed how little damage has been done to the actual car itself and only the windscreen!! I wonder if Lloyde is still alive?

Add to this the fact there were many other reliable witnesses that were outside the Pentagon or adjacent to the Pentagon. Many of them interviewed were senior and reliable police officers………this proves beyond doubt that everything the US Government stated was a total cover-up as these guys were actually there!!

 You can look at reliable evidence and watch all the interviews with the police and the taxi driver etc on this link: http://www.citizeninvestigationteam.com/nsa.html          ……..just click on the right hand photographs to start each phase etc…..they all start off initially the same but than focus on one aspect etc…..be patient and you will be rewarded!!

If you are really interested into digging deeper into this false flag then go to this link:





Incoming cruise missile


I myself freeze framed the security camera footage and came up with the same conclusion that it was a cruise missile and not at Boeing that hit the Pentagon. When you observe the perimeter trees in the far distance (in order to get a scale comparison) and then imagine a Boeing in the foreground or a cruise missile (which you can see) it becomes easy to come up with your own verdict!!  


C130 over the Pentagon – 9/11


To finish off this article the aircraft that was seen over the White House (which was a no fly zone) was clearly a Boeing 747 – E-4B “Top Secret Command Post” otherwise know as the “Doomsday Aircraft…….no one to this day has ever accounted for this sighting that was observed on camera……..likewise a military aircraft was also observed over the Pentagon, that was believed to be a C130 Hercules aircraft and another aircraft was sighted over Shanksville which was believed to be a small executive jet type aircraft (Lear Jet type), a possible cruise missile or some other military or CIA aircraft.


The top picture shows the actual aircraft as seen in the video flying over of the White House

The picture below it is what it actually looks like


This is a video of the B747 – E-4B that they thought initially was another hija

cked aircraft about to attack the White House. It is my opinion that this was an airborne command post coordinating the entire “False Flag” 9/11 scenario:


 Then we have the story about the heroic struggle on board UA93 of passenger wrestling with the hijacker and other passengers on the cell phones ringing home. The initial reports indicated that the aircraft had made an almost vertical dive, possibly inverted. Photographs were released of the crash sight with little or no wreckage and in their words you could make out the shape of the wings and the fuselage shape in the ground.


If UA93 did crash inverted like this then their would be tail section markings opposite to those found 



Again this does not agree with the above picture because had it crashed inverted then the left wing and right wing  would  have been opposite …….also note the clean apparent outline of  the  Boeing…this would not be applicable with a high velocity impact 


Now take a look at this much older black and white photograph of the same location taken by the US Geological Survey in 1994…..you can clearly see the same trench and all that needed to be done was to make a hole in the middle to resemble the fuselage…………this could be done with say a cruise missile………you can compare the old and new photographs that have been inserted.




We must now go to an eyewitness report made by Susan McElwain who was very close to the crash scene on that day and allow her to describe what she saw………this again is vital evidence that there was no Boeing in the area at the time of impact and what she saw appears to be a possible a cruise missile. Pay particular attention to the fighter jets she noticed high overhead and remember there was a military exercise taking place at the same time of 9/11. You can see the link right here:  




Finally go to this webpage and see it from someone else’s perspective: 




There are far too many grey areas and cover ups in the US Governments account of events that day and certainly the people of the US and the countries who had staff in the WTC should not ask, but demand, that this inquiry be re opened as a matter of urgency.


If you want my opinion. I believe that one or more aircraft arrived at Cleveland and that all the passengers were then possibly removed to some other location or were loaded back onto United Airlines Fl UA93 and then that aircraft was shot down (missile)  in the vicinity of Shanksville but not at the crash site shown to the public. I can recall Donald Rumsfeld himself making a mistake and actually said a plane was shot down over Pennsylvania (UA93)…take a look:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcR2MGzmn3o     


Then we had Tim Roemer the former 9/11 commissioner who also on camera said a missile hit the Pentagon take a look:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmjCO8fuup0


Having been in aviation all my life and some of that time being involved in  aircraft disaster,  I can assure you that the pressure one endures and the stress level is unbelievable. I could just imagine the above two clowns making such a mistake when you are surround by the media……what happens is that the sub conscious mind knows the truth and suddenly it simply comes out…..you can call it a slip of the tongue or whatever but I can assure you what you heard is their sub conscious mind telling the truth………this happens so many times when you investigate false flags at the level that I do and remember when you have an incident take place on this scale with actors all over the world someone gets it wrong or says something they were not supposed too………the announcement by the BBC and CBS regarding building 7 collapse before it actually did is a classic example!!!!


It is time to stop this false charade, stop the wars and more importantly prohibit the use of any weapons that contain uranium components.


I would also go as far as to say that London’s 7/7 followed exactly the same line and was also a false flag……..one has to be very strong in making such statements but we all have a duty of care in bringing out the truth. I truly feel the pain of the relatives that are left behind and so to make such claims is even more distressing for these poor people. We owe it to the victims to bring about a new inquiry and to bring the true terrorists to trial…..in doing so their souls will then rest in peace.


My question continues to be ……..give me one example of an Islamic Terrorist Attack on the west……no doubt you will say – The Attempt on the airliner at Detroit, or the Times Square Car bomb in New York, or the UPS Inkjet Bomb Scare at the East Midlands Airport, UK , the Madrid Train Bombing etc etc…..sorry folks they were all “False Flags”……….I could go into the Pan Am Flight at Lockerbie but I think there is more than enough to chew on at the moment. 


Today’s headlines again show the same old propaganda with the announcement of yet another very sophisticated underwear bomb being found in Yemen……no person involved and that no aircraft was at risk….all they said it was a plot to bring down a US aircraft…..it would appear that the “French Knickers” are now in the US under careful examination………what a load of crap (not in the knickers I hope lol!!)…….do these idiots in the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad  really think that we the public believe them…..they even had the audacity to give reference to the other previous “Smelly Pants” and the highly hilarious “Ink Jet Cartridge Bomb” at my local airport that was a “Pathetic False Flag”………oh well I guess it served a purpose for them all  in keeping the “Islamaphobia”  going……..it’s time such people as Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz and Clinton etc were punished in the same way as in medieval days – Hung, Drawn and Quartered for their crimes against humanity.


Such is the evil world we live in today……..most of the above has Zionist control, involvement or backing but hey you are not allowed to talk about that are you!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 9/5/2012







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  1. Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    This all started with 9/11 and the wars and killing have never stopped.


    May 9, 2012 at 15:13

  2. As always, informative and succinct info – ideal for the ‘almost believers’ to get their heads round – I’ll definitely pass it on. The biggest block to acceptance of false flags, I find, is the disbelief that a government can commit such criminal, callous acts of murder and injury against its own people – as in 9/11 and 7/7 etc particularly 7/7 in the uk. Thanks for a great article and useful links.

    PS the Abel Danger website has interesting angles on 9/11


    May 9, 2012 at 19:49

    • Thanks for you input and comments….take care Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 9, 2012 at 21:21

      • http://sunniship.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/channel-4-programme-review-911-the-lost-tapes/

        If the aim of the recent Channel 4 documentary “The Lost Tapes” was to help the general public to better understand what happened on 9/11/2001, then it has failed miserably in doing so – The official story only raises more unanswered questions. Are we seriously, in all honesty, meant to believe that the best job American national security could do to protect American lives, (having spent billions from the defence budget), was to fly fighter jets in the wrong direction, and at the wrong time, all because the entire security infrastructure was dependant on the proper function of a planes “transponder”? And that no-one in American superpower defence (with all their expert years of training) could ever envision that a failed plane’s “transponder” would turn their most advanced air defence system into total uselessness. Couldn’t someone have invented another means of tracking flights in the air? So how could cave dwelling terrorists see this problem beforehand, but not anyone in American national security? So the billions spent on fighter jets and fighter pilot training was a total waste of money, all because of a measly failed “transponder”, so that the fighter pilots are left to become sitting ducks, chasing “phantom planes” and wasting valuable time, whilst thousands of people are being killed in the resulting chaos and confusion.

        Sunni Ship

        May 10, 2012 at 02:24

      • What other ways can a plane be tracked other than by the plane’s transponder?

        Peter explains: Having been in aviation most of my life and having the knowledge to understand what aircraft can and cannot do, having made up flight plans, having fully understood the procedures applicable to Air Traffic Control (ATC), having full knowledge of the ATC radar system and the transponder system (Squawk Code), having full knowledge of the airlines own ACARS system, having full knowledge of aircraft crash scenes…….I can categorically say that this was 100% a “False Flag” inside job.

        On the aviation front what the public generally does not know was that each schedule flight appeared to be duplicated and leaving from different gates and certainly needs investigating. Point two is that each aircraft is given a transponder code, otherwise known as a four digit squawk, which once initiated by the aircraft, shows up on the radar screen for tracking purposes. In addition to this Air Traffic Control (ATC) System there is also the airlines own ACARS system that feeds data from and to the aircraft concerned. My question would therefore be why the airline ACARS system shows the aircraft at a different location than that of the ATC system.

        Therefore, the Channel 4 Programme “The Lost Tapes” was inaccurate in telling us that the fighter jets could not track and bring down the planes due to failed/inactive plane transponders.

        Sunni Ship

        May 14, 2012 at 00:35

      • There are many backup systems in place and manual overrides etc…….one cannot say in the field of conflict that aircrew do not have the ability to find a target but if the command centre instructs them to stand down then that is another matter…..which appears to be the case with NORAD…..However UA93 did not fall into that sphere and was taken out by two sidewinder missiles and came down in an adjacent forrest and not at the crash location given

        Peter Eyre

        May 14, 2012 at 11:43

  3. “If there were no planes,
    Then there were no passengers.

    If there were no passengers,
    Then there were no hijackers.

    If there were no hijackers
    Then there were no Islamic fundamentalists.

    If there were no Islamic fundamentalists,
    Then the whole “war on terror” has been a complete charade.”


    May 10, 2012 at 05:14

    • Like the comments….howoever lets turn this list upside down and start from the bottom up:
      Yes you are correct the entire “war on terror” is a total and utter charade.
      Yes there were no Islamic fudamentalists but there are people fighting in their own countries to rid the parasites that have taken over their country….they are not called “Terrorists” they are called “Freedom Fighters.”
      Yes correct their were no hijackers.
      I beleive there were certainly passengers but how many and on what flight is of some confusion.
      There were planes and you may find it hard to believe that two aircraft, with the same two flight numbers and two gates had been assigned with different departure data.
      The solution to the problem may well rest with the people that were on duty at Cleveland airport that day.
      Finally we have the fact that when aircraft are a total write-off or total loss as in an accident they are de registered……so why did it take so long when this is a normal formality all associated with legal requirements and insurance etc…..the aircraft registered with United Airlines ie UA175 and UA93 were not deregistered until 28/9/2005 why? and with American Airlines AA11 and AA77 were de registered 14/1/2002
      Whatever is the truth or whatever may be fact the uncertainties certainly should demand a full and open inquiry…thanks for your input..Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 10, 2012 at 06:13

    • Peter says: “It is truly time for these Presidents, Prime Ministers and their senior staff to stop playing this pretend game of “War Against Terror”….its time for the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad etc to stop inventing so many “False Flags” they are becoming so farcical now its beyond a joke….”

      Sunni Ship

      May 13, 2012 at 00:40

  4. Hi Peter Slightly off topic but have you read the intell report on Veterans Today ( gordon duff ) about the Nuke attack on London on the forthcoming olympics. Its gives co=ordinates for the hit. Any thoughts on this ? Keep up the good work. Thanks Liz


    May 10, 2012 at 12:06

    • Yes I am aware of this situation……it was in my opinion one of the German built Dolpin class subs and possible one of many purchased by Israel……so now we have almost every type of false flag lined up for the Olympics….from a 9/11 type scenario – Chemical and Biological Weapon via a drone or ultralight aircraft and now a nuke……..either way it is certainly a threat, if it exists and certainly cannot be stopped no matter what measures they take….time will reveal if its going to be a false flag in London or in the Gulf with the Enterprise or whatever……hopefully the next one will not suck us all in!!

      Peter Eyre

      May 10, 2012 at 12:30

  5. Dear Peter. I have great respect for your reporting, and it is wonderful to have you onboard regarding 9/11 truth and the other false flags you mention. I have been convinced 9/11 was an inside job since early 2002 and have been actie in researching all I can on the subject ever since. It grieves me however to see you accept the most classic disinformation which has damaged our progress in the eyes of the gullible public from almost the outset. This is the assertion that no planes were involved in any of the buildings. As an explosives expert the explosive destruction of the 3 WTCs is undeniable, of course they were destroyed with explosives, however there are several reasons why it is foolish to deny the likely use of planes in the twin towers, even though these need have had nothing to do with the actual collapses. One which stands out is the clear pictures of the strike on the South tower which show the steel collumns bent INWARDS at impact point in the shape of a boing. This could not have been caused by a cruise missile and there is no practical way it could have been falsified by other means, as far as I can determine. Explosives would have driven them OUTWARDS, it is this simple. Not even charges placed on the outside could have done it, as these would have just cut the collumns if strong enough or released their energy away from the buildings otheriwse, due to the absense of counter force in that direction. Think about it, this is a physics impossibility. As clear cut as the impossible collapse times. (impossible with demolition charges)

    The other reason I doubt the no planes scenario i because it would have been much more complex than using planes, since with so many cameras pointed at that patch of sky by the second strike any absense of a plane would be sure to be caught, or at least the risk would have been unnacceptable. There exists no convincing footage from the right angle which shows an absence of planes and no convincing eyewitness testimony to this end either. There just is no reason to not use planes, since this was such an integral part of the story and so much simpler than not using any. But the hole in the side of the tower is a clincher. Also exmaine the actual people who created and perpertuated this “no-planes” scenario and you’ll find one debunked charletan/disinfo agent after another.

    I also hope you know enough to realise the fallacy of the aluminium is too soft to cut through steel argument started by the fraudster Ryan. It is not a relative hardness matter but one of force and force is measured using mass and velocity/acceleration, whilst the hardness of the materials is not part of it, once the needed force is known. This is why water leaks in deep sea diving subs can cut through steel and lead bullets can penetrate concrete and steel too with enough velocity. Consider these matters please and maybe revise your opinion for the public as your endorsement of the no-planes story is not good for us actually. Sure the planes may have been substituted and sure no plane hit the Pentagon, but in New York there appears to have been two aircraft anyway, if only just for show.

    • Sorry a few typos, but I am rushing as I’m in Pakistan right now and internet as well as power is intermittent and sketchy. I meant “impossible without demolition explosives” obviously

    • Hello Muhammad, Firstly let recap on the South Tower only one shot was made available and that was the one at ground level with the fireman checking the hydrant which from the onset was extremely suspicious…….secondly the sound of whatever it was did not sound anything like an airline with fanjets on full power…….no way……it did however sound like a missile………when an object is flying at conventional speed one can freeze frame it down and capture it in slow motion…….one cannot do this with a missile or at least you may be luck to get it twice……….I can also confirm that that aircraft was recorded on ACARS down the airways some 20 minutes after it should have hit the tower….so South Tower is certainly in question. North tower when you freeze frame again you can see it enter the building like it was a ghost passing through a wall ….from another angle you can see the aircraft actually moving inside the building as a sort of overlaid image and then what appears to be the nose coming out the other side……..I think that whatever they used was certainly a missile of some sort and then the explosian on impact looks like that of depleted uranium…….when a DU missile hits such a complex it generates heat in access of 5000 c and with the explosive force could cause significant inwards explosion……..some other shorts that I froze clearly shows an actor on the pavement etc etc…….I am still standing by my comments and I can now confirm that UA93 was taken down by two sidewinder missiles…..all four flights were not under the control of the pilots and that in the case of UA93….their was no heroic fight between the passengers and the hijackers because everyone on board was out cold and there were no hijackers onboard…..etc etc…I think Cleveland airport could be a major clue as to what happended that day ….thanks for you input…..by the way I operate independant of everyone for obvious reason and just simply share my own experience in aviation and thoughts……..had these Boeing’s performed in such a manner one would challenge how they managed to dramatically exceed there structural speed with the appropriate G forces etc without breaking up in flight….they would have encountered wing flutter as a minimum and when that happens the engine pods free fall with their fuse pins, which are designed to do just that………if the US Government were so confident that this was an Islamic event then they would have opened up all the available evidence and with the aircraft wreckage tried to piece it all together which is normal crash protocol……all was covered up and the minimum that should now happen is to open up another inquiry with independant experts and the “Truth Media” to cover it…..Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 10, 2012 at 13:49

      • Thanks for the response Peter. OK, in deference to my respect for your opinion, I will have to look more closely at the towers and planes but I still fail to see the logic behind not using planes. I agree the explosions are not like one would expect from plane strikes, too Hollywood and special effects was my profession once, but assumed explosives onboard did this. I also know about the recordings which showed the actual flghts eslewhere but mere substitution would explain this. Yes the flight 93 was taken out by missiles fired from an air national guard F111 I think and the pilot (A Major or something) even got a medal for it. Just one of the glaring anomalous facts which failed to ever get MSM treatment. How could the perps be sure they could contain all video and photo footage of the towers on the day? Even if they did, how could they have planned for this? The early report about WTC7 collapsing would be hilarious too, if it were not so ominous. Frankly given the incedible level of denial of so many otherwise intelligent people over the 9/11 rubbish I have been despairing of the future of our race for years now. It seems there is no limit to the wilfull blindness of our fellow earthlings when it comes to facing up to stark and horrible truths. God help us, because it doesn’t look like any help is forthcoming from our very human natures.

        I imagine you’ve come across the info on the white vans and goings on at the towers in the weeks beforehand too? Not even hard to put all the pieces in place if we wanted to. By the way, here in Pakistan, most people know that OBL died in Islamobad in late 2001 of kidney failure. The Mosque bombings here are known by all to be US agents. We can’t go to our nearest Mosque because we know it has been targetted by the USA for bombing and my family worry for me as a Westerner in Pakistan. The Abbatobad farce was just that and so transparent as to be attributable by this means alone to the usual suspects. Are they laughing in our faces with these weak as piss scams? “See how stupid the sheep are”?

        By the way, it is tragic to see this broken country being kicked by the USA like it is. It is just like a big tough bully kicking a crippled man lying helpless on the ground. Here is one step short of hell on earth, I can barely comprehend how people can cope in the other hell holes like Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh and a friend who works for an airway based in Kabul assures me the so called Taliban is now fake and in bed with the Karzai government and the NATO goons. All are in it for the Heroin action. The Talibanis are actually MOSSAD, most of the NATO troops are being killed by MOSSAD. The few actual resistance fighters are disorganised small groups and indiviiduals usually who’ve lost family. The fighting as we hear about is mostly staged and meant to jusitify continued troop presence. Is there anything being reported in the “News” these days which is true, I wonder? Cheers and thanks again.

  6. The original truth movement was a disinfo campaign to deflect attention away from the botched WTC7 collapse. WTC7 was the smoking gun. Scientific evidence and expert testimony could prove that controlled demolition brought WTC7 down and that evidence could have been delivered to every congressman for review and petition to launch a new investigation. You had them at WTC7. Loose Change was a mixture of truth and disinfo, red herrings and straw men to muddy the waters and take attention away from the WTC7 smoking gun and it worked like a charm. 11 years later and you still have nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theories that will never lead to a new investigation. The no-planes-hit-the-towers was pure disinfo to discredit the real truthers and stop them dead in their tracks. Public opinion would never allow such a theory to be taken seriously even if there were some truth to it. Aircraft did hit the towers but not the alleged passenger airliners. Most likely they were remote controlled drones. As Muhammed pointed out after plane #1 hit, all eyes and cameras would be focused from all angles on both towers thus capturing what will strike the second tower. At minimum a remote controlled drone that looked similar to a 757 was used. Thinking as a perpetrator I would not risk an amateur photo or video capturing a hole forming on the tower without a plane present. If such an image was captured by an amateur then it would be game over for the perpetrators. Such a possibility must be eliminated, thus real aircraft were used to strike the twin towers.


    May 10, 2012 at 15:21

    • I repeat again if an aircraft is flying at “Conventional Speed” one can freeze frame it frame by frame…..one cannot do that with the South Tower so I repeat again it was not a commercial aircraft which is what I have said….it must have been and certainly sounded like a cruise missile or similar…….if one on the other hand freeze frame the North Tower aircraft you can see it moving within the building which would indicate an overlayed image as per my statement a computer generated image………I guess there is no point in arguing this point because it still comes down to the fact that a Boeing did not repeat not hit any of the towers….what it was is of little consequence but I can assure you that the explosion appeared to be one that resembles a DU explosion…….oh and having been in aviatin all of my life can you explain that even had it been a Boeing how come that much of the wreckage would have been outside upon first impact…..engine pins are design to sheer off and alloy wings v this massive structure would have stopped them dead in their tracks and fallen to earth……its all very complex but one thing for sure the flight that was supposed to hit the South Tower was still flying 20 minutes after impact….not the mention the duplicate flights and gates at Boston…….take care…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 10, 2012 at 15:46

      • You are wasting your time playing detective as the whole truth movement is a farce. There is nothing to argue. Neither of us knows exactly what happened. So both of us are wrong to some extent. Only a genuine and thorough investigation will reveal precisely what happened. Our goal should be to devise and implement a plan that will lead to a new investigation. I would focus entirely on WTC7. A computer model can be created that would prove that WTC7 could not have collapsed like it did without a controlled demolition. Many controlled demolition experts around the world can be interviewed and their expert opinion documented. This evidence can be brought before congress and the general public and would be a slam dunk win. However the perpetrators control both sides leaving the real truth seekers with no where to turn. I have no stake in this topic anymore. It’s old news for me and I have left the USA for good. I just wanted to make a point after reading your article. Good luck trying to save the ship. IMO it is sinking hard and fast. If the perpetrators can get away with 9/11 then they can get away with anything.


        May 10, 2012 at 19:58

    • Gordon my take on it was the no-planes scenario was planned from the outset and fake footage may have been deliberately used to help make it seem plausible. I am shelving my certainty again though as Peter is no fool and he seems to have considered it well. I also still think the illogic and risk of not using any sort of aircraft against the WTCs was too great even for what appears to have been a fairly flawed operation. Yet the flaws are explainable as Peter has done, too many people, too much pressure and too complex to pull off perfectly. But then given the gullibilty of the News watching public, not such a problem after all. Then we have the many more who do not even make the token effort of watching the News or reading their lying Newspapers. For myself I’ve only used Rense for my news for over a decade and not much seems to get past one that way.

  7. Peter, just a minor correction on a technical matter. Prior to about 2007, it is true that cell phones did not work at altitude. But during the years since, some airlines have experimented with giving the capacity for passengers to connect their mobile (cell) phones throughout the duration of their international flights. This has been a controversial move as of course no one wishes to sit next to someone yapping endlessly to his or her family through a long-haul flight. What makes the connection possible is a relay telemetry system carried on board the aircraft which beams the signals to/from the moving aircraft via orbiting communication satellites. Back in 2001, this technology was only available to the military.

    Let us assume (for the purposes of illustration) that passenger aircraft were indeed flown into both WTC towers, as officially claimed. Coming in at a relatively low altitude, any one seeking to connect their mobile (cell) phone would be too low to connect to a satellite, and moving too fast (relative to the ground) to form a successful connection with any of the many cell towers it was flying over. So, in short, the ‘government’ claim (backed up by Hollywood fiction) that hijacked passengers were in tear-jerking contact with loved ones shortly before their grisly deaths, is a complete fiction, and a callous and evil one at that.

    Those responsible for this fiction deserve to be hanged until dead (from strangling – just as those at Nuremberg were macabrely hanged) and preferably from a lamp-post in a very public place. Meaning they will likely dangle alive for about 15 minutes before the strain of trying to stay alive becomes too much. During this short interval, their lives will play before them, alongside the jeers and the audible contempt of the crowds reverberating around their desperately struggling bodies. Those in Israel, the USA, and Britain who conspired to create the bloody theatre that was 9-11 (and 7/7) deserve the most horrible punishments and a death absent dignity or compassion. No one should care one iota what fancy titles or honours any of them hold. They should all be treated as one would normally treat dangerous vermin.

    Anglo Saxon

    May 10, 2012 at 15:22

    • Hello….Thank you for your input…..yes technology is now available that can patch your phone into the aircrafts system like a sort of Wi Fi but it was not on these aircraft and has only been looking at in more recent times………your comments are good ones and I appreciate your time in placing it here on my blog….take care…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 10, 2012 at 15:38

    • I recall thst he FBI admitted in the M Atta trial that there was no phone conversations from Flight 93. They admitted there was one attempt to connect which lasted a few seconds, but nothing else. The truth is in plain ssight and always has been.

      • Yes phones work just like VHF and UFH line of sight only but when a phone is encapsulated inside a tube of metal it simply doesn’t work….you also get this in some shopping centres with a shrouded metal roof…….my background is also communications so I thing we are on the same frequency LOL!!

        Peter Eyre

        May 10, 2012 at 15:51

      • Oh and I forgot to mention what is also so sad is that North Pakistan and North India Punjab have had their fair share of down wind DU……this is mass genocide and just check the hike in cancers and birth defects in the Punjab and one can see this is truly a war crime against innocent people and that even extends down into Delhi

        Peter Eyre

        May 10, 2012 at 15:55

      • Oh by the way UA93 was taken out by two sidewinder missiles and the aicraft was from the North Dakota Air Guard – 119th Fighter Group a F16 and the pilot was Lt Col Rick Gibney who with other members of the guard were awarded at a ceremony on the 9/11/2002 by the Governor of North Dakota etc etc……the occupants were all out cold when the missiles hit, no hijackers were onboard and none of the 4 aircraft were under the control of any of the pilots…hence the sighting of overhead command aircraft etc……the plane came down in the forrest and not in the field shown…..it almost totally demolished one house which was surrounded by body parts and wreckage etc

        Peter Eyre

        May 10, 2012 at 16:06

      • Although I put an emphasis on a DU type missile of some description along with internal charges etc I do not dispell the use of a low yield nuke both of which could pulverise the structure etc etc….either way the entire area was full of nano particles that will show its legacy over the coming years…..just to think they also used some of the original structure to form the current monument……if its DU its going to be active for a half life of 4.5 billion years

        Peter Eyre

        May 10, 2012 at 16:10

      • Hi Peter. Sorry we lost electtricity and net last night, as usual and I didin’t get to respond. Yes I am aware of the DU problem and it is why I got my wife out of here as soon as I could, even to the extent that I had to forego the usual cultural niceties and snatch her out of the country and park her in a safer SE Asian one whilst we got immigration sorted for Oz. Now we’re back mending fences with family and the next plan is to get them out asap. With three more sisters, all young, my obvious thought is for their reproductive futures. God knows I am not comfortable here in Lahore in the Punjab as you mention because I knew already when we first met she was in a hot zone and even being here a few weeks as we are now is potentially dangerous. It only takes one hot particle. I’d say nothing as hot as the hell which awaits the human scum who have unleashed this filth upon the planet though. Thanks mate and all power to you and your reporting.


        May 11, 2012 at 21:24

      • At least you are making the effort and hopefully you can escape and reduce your intake by maybe 75% or more but you know it simply drifts on the wind…..all you can do is hope all will be ok for you your wife and family……I am also Australia so maybe we will cross paths one day…currently in the UK….Thanks Peter

        Peter Eyre

        May 11, 2012 at 22:16

      • Yes Peter the DU has been uppermost on my mind since I first met my wife, who is from Lahore, ie: East Punjab. She’s a young woman and as soon as we agreed to marry I felt driven to get her out of here asap. Ignoring cultural traditions and protocol (which doesn’t accept love marriages anyway, we eloped and I parked her in a safer SE Asian country in a friend’s hotel whilst I organised immigration to Oz. We’re back here a year later mending fences with her lovely family and thankfully all is going well. My next priority is to get them all out now. She has three unmarried sisters too, all of whom like her are chid bearing age, so my concern for them is highest. People here struggle to survive from day to day just with food and a shelter so to be honest any talk of DU is of little concern to them, it just does not register. However I am seeing likely first effects in anecdotes of increased birth defects and still births amongst their neighbors daughters.

        Life here is very harsh and such things don’t seem out of place to people who’ve long gotten used to a life which would make most Westerners despair. When I see some brainless scumbag Brit or Yank whining about “all the money they send to Pakistan” as if they are doing any favours by paying money to the corrupt regime running the place I feel like getting violent. These clowns just don’t get what they’ve done to this place with their “War on Terror” shenanigans, impoverishing a nation which actually was not doing too badly until a decade ago and paying the most corrupt bastards I’ve ever seen in any government to keep the place dysfunctional so they can make their show of a war against a concept. You can just walk outside and see that not a dollar makes it into improving things for Pakistan as a nation. The Chinese offered to fix the electric grid (power is off 2 out of 3 hours in even Lahore which is better than most cities here) and the puppet government said no thanks, since that would upset their puppet masters in Washington and London. Besides which, a nation with functioning el grid could also have a thriving business community and education system which would lead to people having time to pay more attention to the corruption. The average Pakistani longs for a military takeover. They remember their military governments with fondness as that’s the only time things here worked well. Cheers.


        May 12, 2012 at 11:43

      • Oops, sorry I see my comment yesterday did go up. I didn’t think it did so repeated it. Power here keeps going off without warning the last few days. Not even orderly load shedding.

  8. The entire photographic and video record to include all private, media and government images should be gone over with a forensic fine tooth comb to establish all the facts surrounding of the staged events created by criminal elements within several governments, individuals and complicit media on 9/11.

    This will shorten the time where we can get the real criminals arrested, face tribunals and be executed swiftly for treason, mass murder and crimes against humanity.


    May 11, 2012 at 11:35

    • Absolutely spot on Paul and thank you for your input….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 11, 2012 at 13:41

  9. It was a short video about WTC 7 titled “BBC caught red handed” that first opened my mind that the official story was pure fantasy. I agree with an earlier comment that Building 7 is the best starting point for launching any kind of future investigation. As I researched more, including many hours of frame-by-frame viewing, it seemed to me that the second plane was most likely a holographic projection. But once I was exposed to the idea that no planes actually hit the Twin Towers it has become the most plausible explanation. There are many good videos around that explain this in unambiguous detail, just search for video with the words “no planes”. So I would like to back you up and repeat – no airplanes hit the Twin Towers.

    After the disturbing reality of the whole macabre event sunk in, I then went step-by-step through my own thinking, starting from the moment I first heard the news that a “small plane” had crashed into the Twin Towers. This gave me tremendous insight into how the brainwashing worked (repetition, omission, ridicule, disjunction between words and images, and so on.) This has really helped me to see precisely how the mainstream media continue to use the same techniques to brainwash me about all the events going on in the world, to the point where I now do not believe a word served up by the mainstream press about anything.

    Then reflecting a little deeper still, I came to the big question – what does this say about the level of consciousness of humanity on this planet? How did we as a civilization get to the point that something like this is even possible? This has taken me on a very fruitful path of research over the last five or so years and the conclusions I’ve reached have really shuttered my whole conception of what it means to be a human, what is “civilization”, “science”, “technology”, “history” and so on. Eventually I hit bedrock: Is ANYTHING I’ve ever been told actually true?

    Nowadays I like to label myself as a “truth seeker”, but I have only a little bit of hope that I’ll ever find what I am seeking.


    May 11, 2012 at 13:32

    • I guess we are two peas in a pod……..yes at last you have found the truth….it does not matter how it was done but the fact that it was done by a combination of New World Order operatives, CIA and maybe FBI, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the unlitame gangster being Mossad…….Almost everything today is a false flag, including 7/7 in London, New York Times Square, Detroit Airline bomb, Shoe bomb etc etc…………….I hope and pray that all those excited people coming to the Olympics do not end up as a statistic………thank you very much for your response and take care….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 11, 2012 at 13:46

    • Maybe more than two peas in that pod then, because my journey has been similar. Thanks Shokdee. By the way, I recently returned to religion, (converted to Islam) and can say that it is my lifeline to sanity now. If I didn’t have a belief in God, I’d probably feel inclined to give up honestly knowing what I do now. It is not the final answer to what is going on, but I find most history which has any importance and certainly all the bad stuff, seems able to be laid at the feet of a certain cult/tribal mentality which likes to pretend it stems from the Middle east but which only really gets its Talmudist filth from the PHarisees whoc once infested the place. If you want to know who the “They” we often refer to are, look no further than the so called Jews. Islam teaches us they are nobody’s friend and never will be. I see them as demonism incarnate and a likely entry point of all the demons from hell into our plane of existence. It was actually the realisation of the nature of Zionism that made me reconsider my feelings about religion. It is hard to ignore when such a complex and distinctive pattern of group behaviour on a global scale could be predicted over a thousand years ago. Christianity has long been hijacked by them and only Islam seems to stand in their way. That was enough to have me looking closely at the religion given to us by the last prophet. SAW

      PS: Peter I noticed in Oz that “Western convert Muslims” are a new source of concern to our lickspittle Zionist puppet security and top cops. It seems that we’re of concern because we look just like “normal people” and don ‘t behave in overtly different ways. Gosh, they mean we’re just like them, except for our religion? so a new task force has been suggested to target us. Pretty funny stuff if it wasn’t so Orwellian. Fact is all our Mosques are infiltrated by ASIO and we know it. We know exactly who the agents in our midst are in the local Muslim community in Perth.

      • Hello again. yes you certainly have everything accounted for and spot on with your analysis etc…….One think you can count on is the fact that they will keep creating these “Groups of Concern” that in actually fact are just normal people going about their daily lives…..the only difference is they are Muslims and suddenly those in power put a label on you………maybe we will catch up in Oz one day….take care Peter

        Peter Eyre

        May 12, 2012 at 16:04

  10. My two cents would be that I find this discussion refreshing in that issues such as the planes, no planes are being discussed in a mature manner. I´ve been trying to enravel that and several other knots for ten years now (the Pentagon for example). I think it is quite possible that sincere people can and do disagree on these technicalities – without being in any way dis-info agents, etc. The demonic minds who arranged this horrific spectacle left enough evidence to convict and hang. The Pilots For Truth study that analyses the air traffic control tapes leaves no doubt that AFA and Norad were intentionally sabotaged – plus of course we have the demolition of the three towers – and much more. My point is that we don´t need to eat each other up like Packman over technical differences. We all know it was an inside job, certainly in coordination with foreign “allies” secret services. NO version of events which points to “inside Job” is convenient to the National Security/Warfare State. Let´s march together and iron out disagreements along the way. Time is perhaps getting short.

    Dave Mann

    May 12, 2012 at 00:39

    • Thanks Dave……very mature answer and valuable input…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 12, 2012 at 05:01

  11. i can give you a far better one WHAT TIME DID YOU HEAR ABOUT 9-11 . ive spoken to thousands about this in the uk & abroad 9.30 am in the uk is the time the story aired here thats 4.30 am new york me i heard about it at 11 .20 but im a bit slow eh . go on ask people who listen to radios at there work .you will be suprised 2+2 is not 4 anymore


    May 12, 2012 at 04:02

    • For me the global brain-washing program, the 9-11 Psy-Ops Mega-Ritual – began with those images of people jumping out of the windows of the burning Towers, tumbling through the air. Those images have been self-censored and I’ve never seen them broadcast again. I think their main purpose was to shock the global viewing audience at the EMOTIONAL level. Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine details how this technique has been used historically. And in fact we only need to look at the Shock and Awe opening salvo of the Iraqi invasion for a recent VISUAL parallel. Big explosions make us scared, frightened, “terrified”.

      Now that they have the global viewing audience in a vulnerable state they can pull off the GREATEST ILLUSION EVER PERFORMED …. Our eyes can see that the buildings are //disintegrating// but we are unable to process that intellectually, the viewers have no capacity to make sense of it. The Towers collapse into their own footprint. But more then that – blown to //powder// .. those surreal images of people covered with greyish dust. Intellectually we can not understand what is happening. All those watching on TV have now been totally shocked and awed, emotionally shattered, we are in a hypnotic trance.

      And then the global mainstream media immediately starts to FILL YOU IN, they tell you what to make of the weird events that just transpired. By watching television for more information to help make sense of what has just happened, we allow ourself to be brainwashed and to take onboard whatever is presented to us, no matter how implausible. At some early point a hive mind takes over and collectively the majority agree to just accept the explanation offered and move on. Over time these ideas become fossilized so that the TV audience assume they are self-evident. Meanwhile the whole issue is really emotional because we were all traumatized in a profound way by the images. (Kennedy’s head exploding, and the horrific images from the Vietnam war had traumatized an earlier generation).


      May 13, 2012 at 15:01

    • I watched it go down as it apparently happened. This was just after 8 am PST.


      September 7, 2012 at 17:32

      • and yet i have spoken to a lot of people who swear that the bbc uk was reporting this at 9.30 think green screen . above top secret .com shut the 9-11 forum over this SMOKING GUN my user name is the same there & nobody has come back to play when told to ask about -strange that

        Geo Bro

        September 8, 2012 at 06:12

  12. Peter, I agree with the premise that the Twin Towers tragedy was an inside job. I absolutely believe that we created an excuse to go to war. I am sorry to say that your rambling speculation does more harm than good. Your eagerness to expose the scam is so fragmented that your credibility suffers. I believe you would be better served if you isolated one theory and supported it with facts. You throw out Acronyms and opinions so abundantly that all credibility is lost. Statements are not facts. One should reference expert testimony, documented testimony or forensic data or something to sink one’s teeth into. It is your belief that Jews control the media and dupe the American people. It is OK to believe that, as long as you state that it is your opinion….based on the ……..whatever. I prefer to read theories and hypothetical scenarios and then make up my mind. If you ever hope to convince anyone that matters, you must be more professional with your analysis and your presentation. They say that a resume should not be more than one page. Likewise, after about three or four paragraphs of your “report” I start skim reading
    I know you are sincere,

    dennis shook

    May 13, 2012 at 22:30

    • Hello Dennis

      I always accept other persons comments even if they may be against some of my own beliefs etc but not totally sure where you are coming from on this 9/11 issue…….on my analysis as a senior airline operational guy I know the working of the industry and what back up systems are used covering from ATC, to Ground Operations, Governmnet Statistics and our own systems for communicating with or monitoring our own fleet so if for example I say that the first aircraft was not at the South Tower and was in actual fact still flying 20 minutes after the so called impact then that is fact…….then the performance of such aircraft, their max design speed, the existance of fuse pins on the engine pylons etc etc also tell you that what was supposed to happen cound not possibly happen etc etc……..in regard to the Zionist aspect…..it is fact that Mossad agents were taken into custody near the scene and were released after 7 hours after they explained some of them were Mossad agents etc……I do not want to get into a long drawn out debate as I am a very busy man……maybe you could say I do rant on sometimes but that’s me I guess but in general what I talk about I can say is the truth……..I always leave others to debate and challenge…..so my question would be that if you doubt what I say is untrue then you tell me what aspect is not correct and then you can prove your version….I think that is fair…..Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 14, 2012 at 00:03

  13. I come across this post late after it went up. Your information is, of course, excellent.

    Did you know American Airlines and United Continental must face trial over a lawsuit in which the lease holders of the World Trade Centre allege that lax security allowed hijackers to destroy the Twin Towers? Silverstein and his buddies once again show outrageous greed. For years I have been posting on 911, exposing the lies but this chutzpah is beyond the beyond.

    Never forget that Netanyahu was quoted as saying that 911 was “very good for Israel”. BTW I hope you have also seen MISSING LINKS which is one of the most educational vids about this event ever.


    September 7, 2012 at 17:29

  14. This is without a doubt among the more appealing websites I’ve seen. It’s so easy to get jaded, but there is honestly some first-rate
    things on the internet, and I think your place is on the list!

    Shahana Golla

    October 23, 2012 at 01:27

  15. […] The story below is what I wrote in my own coverage of 9/11 –https://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/the-greatest-illusion-ever-performed-911-3/ […]

  16. […] The story below is what I wrote in my own coverage of 9/11 –https://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/the-greatest-illusion-ever-performed-911-3/ […]

  17. […] The story below is what I wrote in my own coverage of 9/11 –https://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/the-greatest-illusion-ever-performed-911-3/ […]

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