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The BBC relishes in distortion of facts – US Navy Seals did not kill Bin Laden

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“OMG this is so gruesome to watch”  “It gets better Hilary watch how they fake his death”

“Hey Admiral Mullen did you see the huge splash as his body hit the ocean – boy that was something”


We are currently seeing the good old BBC trying to hit the headlines over sensational stories that have suddenly emerged on the first anniversary of Bin Laden’s dramatic shootout in North Pakistan last year.

I guess most Brits used to be proud of our once respectable and once professional BBC but that has long gone since they came under the same Zionist control as all the other media outlets in this country.

Believe it or not the BBC had a reputation for presenting the facts as they unfolded but know we are seeing news that can only be described as third rate and certainly  far from the truth!!

Let’s look at a couple of stories they are bouncing around the world at the moment:

This was published on the 2nd May 2012 with the headline:

Osama Bin Laden: The night he came for dinner by M Ilyas Khan – BBC News, Islamabad.

The first paragraph absolutely bowled me over with laughter when it stated:

What happens when your surprise dinner guest turns out to be the world’s most wanted man? A year on from the death of Osama Bin Laden, two men tell how they came to host the then leader of al-Qaeda.

My first comment would have to be “no doubt he had the appearance of a ghost” ……..which I will explain later.

This sensational story went on to say – Late one night in the summer of 2010, on the fringes of the Waziristan region in north-western Pakistan, half a dozen men of a local tribal family waited nervously for the arrival of a guest whose identity they didn’t know.

They had been alerted to this visit weeks earlier, by someone they describe simply as an “important person”. They were not given any names, and the exact time of the guest’s arrival was conveyed to them just a few hours in advance.

At about 23:00, when the world around them was in deep sleep, they heard the rumble of the approaching vehicles.”A dozen big four-wheel drive jeeps drove into the compound,” recalls one family elder who agreed to speak to me about it. “They seemed to converge from different directions.” One of the 4x4s drove up close to the veranda, and from its back seat emerged a tall and frail-looking man. He wore flowing robes and a white turban. The waiting men couldn’t believe their eyes. Standing before them was none other than Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world.

My first humorous comment would have to be rather late arrival for dinner don’t you think!!

This is where this story really becomes even more fanciful:

There was a slight commotion among the guards when one of the hosts requested that his 85-year-old father be allowed to see Bin Laden. “Consider this to be his dying wish,” he pleaded. The message was passed to Bin Laden, who agreed to see the old patriarch. Four armed men escorted the son home to fetch his father. The old man was only told about Bin Laden’s presence once they were back inside the compound. They said the old man spent 10 minutes with Bin Laden, pouring out his admiration and prayers for him, and offering time-tested advice on tribal warfare, all in his native Pashto language, which Bin Laden apparently didn’t understand.

Oh my God just imagine this old man wanting to see this high ranking terrorist before he died…….I can assure you that had this meeting ever taken place he would have died from shock when you get to understand the truth behind Osama Bin Laden!!

Let’s now look at yet another BBC “Flight of Fancy”

Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar has said that the government of Pakistan and the armed forces played a huge part in the killing of Osama bin Laden, adding that a mobile chip was used to locate him.

He gave this statement on the first anniversary of Bin Laden’s killing during an interview to the BBC in their Urdu news service:

According to BBC correspondent Aijaz Meher, the defence minister said that Pakistan had an agreement with the US that whenever Pakistan retrieved any material in Arabic and English, it will be given to US and if the US found any material in Urdu, it would give it to Pakistan.

“I do not know how big a leader Osama bin Laden was,” said the defence minister. Time will tell how positive his contributions to the Muslim countries proved to be.”

He said that materials recovered from Osama bin Laden’s residence were with the army and investigations were underway.

Finally we had another overstated review on BBC Radio 5 Live on the 1st May 2012 with the title: 

Is the world a safer a year since Osama Bin Laden’s death?  

One year ago a team of Navy Seals attacked a compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan, killing Osama Bin Laden.

President Obama appeared on television later that night to announce the news to the rest of the world, in which he outlined that the fight against Al Qaeda was not over. The BBC asked former US Ambassador to Pakistan William Milam, and former CIA officer Michael Scheuer, if the world was a safer place since Osama Bin Laden’s death. Both were involved in the hunt for the al-Qaeda leader. Here is their response:

The ex Ambassador stated that the main structure of Al Qaeda has gone and although some aspects still exist it is no longer a threat in Afghanistan. He went on to say that a new way to look at our struggle in Afghanistan and Pakistan and a way to begin I think, the withdrawal of our forces from Afghanistan because Al Qaeda , the core Al Qaeda, is not the major enemy, the one we went after its not  probably our major enemy any more.

The BBC then asks Michael Scheuer if he thought Al Qaeda was a diminished force. The ex CIA responded: “if you look at A Qaeda as to where it was in 20o1 on a map you will see that there only large logistical base, their base for recruiting, their base for planning and their base for storing munitions was Afghanistan. Today there still supporting the Taliban inside of Afghanistan. There active throughout Pakistan, there very active in Yemen in fact they own territory there. There active in Somalia in support of Al Shibab. There active across the rim of Africa, from Tunisia over to Mauritania reaching south towards Nigeria, Niger and other places. There active in Palestine and they have recovered to great extent and are causing havoc in Iraq and of course their  lone wolves here in North America and Europe where that are very active . So I think the place to start discussion on this issue is not pivoting off Bin Laden death but looking where the organisation is and what its up too at the moment.

As you can clearly see there is a continued emphasis that Al Qaeda is very much alive and spreading around the world and yet very little reference to the fact that Al Qaeda is almost none existent in Afghanistan and that the Taliban (their new enemy) is flourishing and continues to controls almost all of the country………It was clear by this interview that an exit strategy was desperately being sought and that in actual fact the war had totally failed and had not made any headway in bringing democracy to the people of Afghanistan. I believe that once again the Taliban will take over the country!! 

On the issue of Al Qaeda I again repeat what I have said so many times before that Al Qaeda does not and has not ever existed and it was a US devised name to spread hysteria into the hearts of people in an attempt to justify an action or to force their own hidden agenda into law and at the same time continue with their well known Geo Political Plan.

So now let’s look at this pathetic approach by Obama to glorify the apparent dramatic death of Osama Bin Laden and the not so tough decision he had to make…….. I can assure you that  what you read and watched on TV  about this incident was far from reality……..one could just see Bin Laden laughing in his grave from all this attention…….which is where he had been for some years previous!!

What you saw pan out on the big screen was nothing more than what can only be described as one of the best cover up events ever and just to think this was all to make President Obama look good as his popularity waned!!

The timeline for his final year alive was as follows:

In the first half of 2001 OBL’s health started to continue on a downward spiral as he had been suffering from many serious illnesses. He was very tall (6 feet 5 inches) and suffered from Marfan Syndrome – a range of expressions, from mild to severe. The most serious complications are defects of the heart valves and aorta. It also affect the lungs, the eyes, the dural sac surrounding the spinal cord, the skeleton and the hard palate to name but a few!!

For Bin Laden the main areas of concern were clearly major heart issue, kidney and the fact he was a diabetic.

In July 2001 he flew by private jet to Dubai and spent one week in a US Hospital in Dubai with kidney problems and was in actual fact operated upon on the 4th July 2001. The CIA denied that this event actually occurred despite the fact that they visited him several times, including a visit by the CIA Station Chief, Larry Mitchell on the 12th July 2001 as well as members of his family.  During his stay in Dubai he was treated by a British doctor. Still very sick he flew back to Pakistan (a private jet) on the 14th July 2001 for recuperation and was not heard from again for some considerable time.

On September the 10th 2001 he again appears at the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi for kidney dialysis with full military protection. You will note that this is the day before 9/11 and he was reported to be very sick at the time. 

On the 12th of September 2001 a Pakistan newspaper reported that OBL had denied any involvement in 9/11.

OBL assistant gave the following message from OBL on 16th September 2001 “I categorically state that I have not done this” and also that he had an agreement with the Taliban not to be in such activity.

20th September 2001 President Bush blamed OBL for 9/11.

22nd September 2001 OBL again made a statement to a Pakistan newspaper that he was not involved in 9/11.

23rd September 2001 Secretary of State Colin Powell stated he would produce evidence re OBL and 9/11. Powell talked about this many times but no such evidence appeared.

24th September 2001 a letter from OBL urged the Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan to stand firm against aggression from the “Crusaders.”

It was around this time that the Taliban responded to a request by the US to hand over OBL. They stated they would be happy to do so if evidence oh his complicity in 9/11 could be produced. The offer was declined by the US.

1st October 2001 the Taliban offered to put OBL on trial in an Islamic Court in Pakistan which met with OBL approval. This idea was vetoed by the Pakistan Government and within days the bombing started.

Tony Blair the British PM at the time stated the following:

“I have seen absolutely powerful and incontrovertible evidence of OBL’s link to the events of 9/11. It was evident this statement related to the “Bin Laden Dossier” a few days prior to the bombing. The dossier was at the time referred too as “Little more than conjecture, supposition and assertions of fact.” This original document is no long available!!

According to those in the know, OBL’s communications were intercepted by the Intel of Pakistan, Saudi, US and Egypt up until the 14th of December 2001 when they ceased.

OBL’s funeral took place in Pakistan on the 16th of December 2001 as reported in both Pakistan and Egyptian newspapers.

A four page will dated the 14th of December 2001 existed.

A posthumous video was released on the 27th December 2001 (His final broadcast) but this was a Pentagon fake.

It is clear that he died on the 14th of December 2001 and that the story of the epic mission last year was a total fabrication……..being an aviation consultant I can assure you that the entire helicopter operation that was supposed to have taken place from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to OBL hideout and the subsequent return and onward flight to a US Carrier in the Arabian Sea is a figment of the imagination.

The US Navy Seals team 6 who were involved, identified and praised by the President himself are all now dead. The media did mention about a helicopter striking the fence when going in to the compound and that the seals actually survived that crash and then lay charges and blew up the wreckage. However this statement is incorrect for two very good reasons:

Witness’s in Pakistan say a helicopter lifted off and blew up above the fence line and that their were no survivors….bodies were everywhere and secondly the relatives of the deceased claim they have information that not only confirms this story but also the fact that the surviving team 6 members were either assassinated or died in another Chinook aircraft that was shot down with 22 US Navy Seal Team 6 on-board!!  

The other mystery about the Chinook crash is the fact that all these people were all on one helicopter that belonged to the National Guard which generally is a no no as US Navy Seals always fly in either Navy or Army special ops helicopters.

It should also be noted that publicity regarding the death of any US Navy Seal is not normal, they are the unsung hero’s and normally die without any recognition for obvious reasons. It became clear that much publicity was used in this case as it allowed the President to show not only his ability to run the military but also to show the compassionate side of him……which he certainly does not have…..he even was there to receive the bodies back.

It is a known fact that if anyone takes part in an assassination, especially a high profile one such as this, the government take them out in order to remove any witnesses to the event. One can only hope that the relatives of the deceased and other Navy Seals decide to talk as it became clear to them all that Bin Laden was not at this location……..which I knew anyway as he died back in December 2001………one could imagine the fear within the White House, especially Obama if this had leaked out……which it has now!!  

Ranger Pat Tilman believed murdered

One could go on forever with other incidents and false flags such as the possible murder of Ranger Pat Tilman or that dramatic rescue of Jessica Lynch the young private who was rescue from a hospital in Iraq….the US Navy Seals broke down doors, put holes in walls and extracted her in such a spectacular way……..but it was all fake…..she did not end up in an heroic gun battle that caused her to be shot and with two broken legs etc………she had been in a truck accident and the US Government seized an opportunity to make a sensational story out of it……..reporters returned to the hospital much later to learn she was treated for a broken leg and the doctor said the US Forces broke in and pointed a gun at him….he commented that they didn’t have to break in….just simply ask and he would have let them in as there was no Iraqi military at the hospital. 

One could write a book of many other murders and assassinations but enough is enough……..at least I hope you now believe that Osama Bin Laden passed away naturally many years ago……..oh and he was employed by the CIA!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 6/5/2012

29 Responses

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  1. Reblogged this on Iwans3t1awan's Blog.


    May 6, 2012 at 04:25

  2. the bbc should look back through their archive and re-show the Benazir Bhutto interview with david frost where she states that osama was murdered…and she names who murdered him…..
    unfortunately she was murdered shortly after,and the interview was edited.
    But it still exists all over youtube.


    May 6, 2012 at 12:13

    • Hi….please make sure you spell Eyre International correctly I note you have made a mistake at the into….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 6, 2012 at 13:11

      • My hoppo’s spelling is now corrected.

        Both the Telegraph and the Daily Mail have troubled themselves by perpetuating the Bin Laden myth this week with a selection of stories and of course new and exciting plots. To judge by the quantity of this bilge there must be an orchestrated effort behind the scenes committed to propagating this nonsense. The pick of the bunch being this in the mail.

        “Revealed: How bin Laden plotted to bring down Air Force One to kill Obama and replace him with ‘totally unprepared’ Biden”

        The basis of these articles seems to be directed towards bringing us the “revelations” within the trove of faked up documents found in his imaginary lair bizarrely including his ratings of an assortment of media outlets.

        I presume the PTB are attempting to keep their options open re further false flag operations attributable to the legend of Al Qaeda care of the muthers of invention.

        What is encouraging are the highest rated readers comments the mirror of illusion is cracked.


        “No body no photo’s SEAL team 6 all dead if you believe this c**p you are beyond saving he’s been dead ages long before obama came on the scene”

        “in a word P R O P O G A N D A…………………or another word B U L L S H * T”

        “as false as the photos released last year ha ha ha and you lot still believe the words of our leaders”

        “Since his death in December 2001 of natural causes, OBL has been a very busy man.”

        “DM why bother with these fantasy tales. No ones buying it anymore.”

        According to a partner at the American hospital in Dubai, Osama bin Laden was in the American hospital in Dubai in July 2001.

        Osama bin Laden Osama’s doctor in the American Hospital in July 2001 was, reportedly, Dr Terry Callaway.

        And the CIA station chief who met Osama in hospital in July 2001 was, reportedly, Larry Mitchell.

        This video is a French TV report on Osama’s reported stay in the American Hospital.


        May 6, 2012 at 15:00

      • Hello ….Not sure what you are trying to say here?…..that you agree with me?……I have printed everything you mention in the lower part of your response so I assume you have read my account and agree……..the other controlled media are just creating stories of fantasy as to what they themselves want us to believe to keep the war on terror going……the only problem is there is no terror!!!….the terrorist are those that did 9/11 – 7/1 – and all the many many false flags…..thank you for your input….Peter

        Peter Eyre

        May 6, 2012 at 15:56

  3. http://911truth.org/


    Where have you been the last 20+ years’

    Why are you still on about Osama bin Laden?

    bob has given you a lead and I have given you leads, not least including about how the BBC lied.


    May 6, 2012 at 12:53

    • He Gerry I am well aware of all the web pages etc etc……it is the anniversay and for that reason we have to keep it alive and keep printing it until such things as 9/11 and 7/7 are further investigated…..not as if the current investigations mean anything……not sure what you are trying to tell me…..I have been around for an awful long time and around the world both in wars and in peace etc so seen it all first hand etc

      Peter Eyre

      May 6, 2012 at 13:13

      • Fair enough. I just didn’t know why you went to such a length.


        May 6, 2012 at 16:43

  4. What is holding you up?

    Here is a lead into how everything is going, more or less, according to PNAC plan:

    http://www.newamericancentury.org/ … nothing secret. Up-front pure arrogance/chutzpah,


    How much more info do you need?


    May 6, 2012 at 13:02

    • Know all about the PNAC and the NWO and even more because we have also exposed how they are funded etc etc……so as I said this is to keep it alive…..I do not need to ask anyone as I do my own research and investiations

      Peter Eyre

      May 6, 2012 at 13:15

      • Sure. I respect you.

        It is worth mentioning, though, that most of the 99% won’t/can’t read much more than a couple of paragraphs; as you are probably aware.


        May 6, 2012 at 16:53

      • Sorry to have been rather dismissive. A fault of the internet is that one comes across others – not least kindred spirits – void of any background; so knee-jerk is all-too common.

        Turns out that we’ve both “been around” in similar ways, though only once did I attempt a blog, web page, or whatever: http://gerryhiles.hubpages.com/hub/Natural-Philosophy-Science

        And that fell rather flat.

        I haven’t looked at it myself for over a year, but have a look if you so wish. BTW I would no longer bother with such stuff. Since I wrote what I did there has been the possible “global extinction event” of Fukushima, the destruction of Libya (where I lived for a couple of months, 1991), the repeat of Libya with Syria and the possibilty of WW3, along with global economic collapse … all within the space/time of about two years.

        My essay into philosophical matters is rendered irrelevant by such as those (psychopaths and largely zionists) who plotted the PNAC.

        Marx had them pinned 150 years ago … to paraphrase from his Communist Manifesto … “All that is holy melts into air. All that’s left is Free Enterprize and naked self-interest.”

        And, “In the end, humans will have to face their real relationships with their kind.” A key concept of Marx was ‘alienation’. Both he and Engels noted that in the 1850s London, people in crowds ignored each other.

        Well here we are and alienation is rampant.

        Our species now communicates, if at all, via such impersonal media as Facebook, Twitter and innumerable other ‘sites’; with hardly anyone bothering to explore beyond face-value/appearance.

        OK I have tried to go beyond that with you and I apologize for being initially dismissive.


        May 7, 2012 at 05:30

      • Hi Gerry……as they say “All is well that ends well”…..thank you for your input and words…Peter

        Peter Eyre

        May 7, 2012 at 05:48

  5. A very dramatic photo of the US war room, it’s just a shame they forgot to turn on their laptops (or is it they don’t know how to?).


    May 6, 2012 at 19:05

  6. Wonderful article, Peter; thank you for writing it. I’ve read articles in Jeff Rense’s website about Osama bin Laden’s years of kidney dialysis treatments in a number of hospitals – including one in Saudi Arabia and in the US – and of his subsequent death from complications of his disease in Pakistan in December, 2001. You know; in his condition, Osama was in no way able to plan anything as complex as the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, much less give the authorization for the attacks.

    I knew that once I heard the anchorpeople give their reports on the raid on the compound in Abottabad in which an older man was shot dead and that his name was Osama bin Laden. You probably heard similar stories on the network news. It came back to me instantly. The murdered man was not Osama, but a double; or, why would the body be taken straight to a Navy carrier and simply dumped into the Indian Ocean? Also, why would those six Navy SEALS who participated in that raid die in a helicopter crash shortly afterward, if not to ensure total silence? Dead men tell no tales, the saying goes. And, now, a year later, the Obama Regime commemorates this raid and the death of an unknown Osama double. Go figure.

    Eileen Kuch

    May 7, 2012 at 03:10

    • Hi Eileen……Thank you for your kind words and support……as you know most of what we see today is purely a figment of the immagination of some person who has his or hers own hidden agenda…..it is both evil and satanic and would should seriously challenge their mental state of mind. We now know that 9/11, 7/7 and many other incidents are all false flags and god knows what we may see over the next year….its it going to be the Olympics or an attack on the USS Constellation or whatever……..killing people in mass to justify their geo political cause doesn’t even cause them to bat an eyelid…..the New World Order exists….it has a strong Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionist heart and we must attempt to stop it…….its intention is to wipe out milliions of people, especially the unborn baby or young children and act in a godlike manner to do whatever it so chooses via its evil genocidal programme ie GM crops, chemical and biological warfare, WMD’s which it uses each and every day, vaccination programmes – especially in the third world etc etc…..thank you again for your comments….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      May 7, 2012 at 05:56

      • Just a nit pick.

        Perhaps the USS Enterprize … a warship due for a VERY expnsive scrap yard?

        USS Constellation?


        May 7, 2012 at 06:08

      • Hi Gerry….Boy you are sharp this morning and yes I made a mistake….I meant the USS Enterprise……however so as to be sharp in response it is Enterprise with and S nor a Z lol!!

        Peter Eyre

        May 7, 2012 at 06:35

      • Eileen…..Sorry I made a slight mistake it should read the USS Enterprise which is due for a very expensive retirement……especially to remove the ships reactor etc……so to sink it in the Persian Gulf would be good for their evil minds!!!

        Peter Eyre

        May 7, 2012 at 06:37

  7. Hi Peter,
    re my earlier post yes I am in agreement with you. The point I was hoping to make was that the PTB are becoming increasingly outlandish in their scenarios and that a greater proportion of the British public than ever before are expressing doubt re them hence the cut & pasted comments.

    Today brings us a new exploding pantie plot roping in Bin Laden Iran and Yemen.

    Also the NATO Deputy Secretary General on RT today attempted to perpetuate the myth that Iran had “threatened to wipe Israel off the map”

    “AV: There is legitimate debate that we could have maybe, if we had more time, can Iran, a regime that has a radical ideology that has pledged to wipe a country not far from its borders off the map, whether it could really be contained. But yes, the threat today is not as bad as we think it would be five, ten years ago. So we do have time to work this out. “


    May 8, 2012 at 15:35

    • I am not sure if time is on our side……lets wait until after the Olympics and then see what the new year brings etc…….the current hot pants prank is beyond a joke…..what it does tell you is that the next action outside of Syria and Iran is obviously Yemen which was planned back in 1997 anyway……..I read another report today that the guy who appears to be the mastermand behind the Yemeni bomb making (which is a joke)….his brother became a suicide bomber with a bomb inserted up his rectum…..thats how far these idiots want to go with their Islamaphobia

      Peter Eyre

      May 8, 2012 at 18:01

  8. You missed the point! the trillions in frozen terroriist accounts couldn’t be released and confiscated/plundered until his death was announced! Get the scam now?

    You Know who :)

    May 8, 2012 at 16:18

    • Yes I understand that aspect which was also the case with Ghadaffi and many others……now we have another underwear bomb….what a farce

      Peter Eyre

      May 8, 2012 at 17:57

  9. Please help us to develop our movie about the BBC phantom, and how he manages to seduce even our leading Muslim western scholars:


    Sunni Ship

    May 31, 2012 at 00:45

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