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Cameron’s old buddy – Egypt’s ex PM Ahmed Shafiq banned from election

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You know what they say you can “Smell a Rat”

London should be renamed the “Big Ponzi Capital

“Ahmed, if you see my driver you will find a bag of hard cash in the boot…..spend it wisely as we are a bit cash strapped at the moment” !!


David Cameron in Cairo last year brimming with confidence that the existing agreement would continue to safeguard the security of his funders – Israel!!!  

It would appear that we could well see true democracy return to the Middle East after the failed attempt by the US and UK to oust the man they supported and install their own puppet government.

The west has been trying desperately to gain more time by keeping the military regime in power until they can find a suitable “Western Friendly” candidate but this very carefully orchestrated plan has failed and the  people of Egypt continue to turn out in mass in opposition to military rule.

Now we see a front runner emerge from the Muslim Brotherhood who is obviously going to outrun the opposition and possible take up government. Mohammed Mursi, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) appears to be in the lead with Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh running a close second. However with  Ahmed Shafiq out of the way there still appears to be one puppet hiding in the closet, that being Amr Moussa who just so happened to be Mubarak’s Foreign Minister and in my opinion should also have been banned as he will obviously succumb to US/UK bribery .

Our Prime Minster is saying very little at the moment but you can be rest assured that should Moussa end up on the back burner, Cameron will again swing into action to make sure that Israel get’s a fair deal!!

Mr. Shafiq was barred by the electoral commission on Tuesday under an amended law that prevents senior officials from the Hosni Mubarak era from standing. This very tactful move has now spread panic in the bowels of Westminster, across the pond in the White House and more importantly spread absolute fear in the Israeli Government!!

It was only last year that William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, called on Israel to move forward on Middle East peace negotiations and drop the negative posture it has adopted in response to the turmoil in Egypt. Needless to say it fell on deaf ears because Avigdor Lieberman, in his usual arrogant way, has always felt that Egypt is an enemy.

Sometimes the arrogance of Israel is hard to understand when it is Egypt who contributes significantly in the supply of natural gas for the power base in Israel…….I would also add that it was Mubarek that sold Egyptian gas to Israel at well below market price.

I have always been critical of this shameful deal when the people of Egypt are bleeding from poverty and the extremely rich society in Israel are raping them of their wealth…..I guess to the average Israeli it doesn’t matter because they are also stealing the natural gas from offshore Gaza……the UN know about that but do nothing!!

It was also interesting to not that William Hague visited Egypt after Cameron with what was referred too as being a visit to support Egypt during its transition to a democratic and stable state………what planet does our dear “Willey” live on? Is he aware that democracy will not take place until such time as a government is elected by the people and not by the US and UK Governments?

As they say a new year has now emerged and once again William Hague passed comment on the opening of the Egyptian Parliament: “ Britain will continue to be a close friend and strong partner to the Egyptian people as they consolidate the country’s transition to democracy.” …….do you really believe this crap when he talks about the people of Egypt…….dear Willy doesn’t give a shit about anyone……however, lets give him the benefit of doubt and see if he holds true to his word if the Muslim Brotherhood get in office!!!

I thought I would add some spice to this article by looking at Egypt from the New World Order’s perspective. Many of you will recall that I talk about the “Axis of Evil” being right here in the City of London. One such arm of the NWO is  the Royal Institute of International Affairs otherwise known as Chatham House in London, Much like its counterparts the CFR or the Trilateral Commission they manipulate the minds of politicians and guide the country along a path that fits in with their long term Zionist programmes.

I thought I would just have a snoop around as to what this organizing is saying about Egypt because at the end of the day the current interference by the US and UK is all about protecting Israel….especially when it comes to the control of the border crossing with Gaza!!

In case your memory slips you the US/UK/Israel managed to bribe Mubarek into securing a deal to safeguard Israel in return for big bucks and military aid. As a direct result of that deal Egypt lost sovereign control of its own border with Gaza.

Now the west and Israel have gone into panic mode in an effort to secure or maintain this same arrangement…….while this is all going on we have the gang of three Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy pushing again for action in Syria which is a diversionary tactic by three failing leaders who hope to show their metal before they get kicked out of office!!

So what is this little know organization saying about Egypt and what influence do they have? Believe it or not this group held a workshop in Cairo in February 2012. To bring together a group of legal experts, political leaders, activists, business people and academics with a focus on the issue of corruption in Egypt. 

I really could not stop laughing at their punch line as I know that massive corruption lies centre stage of Corporate, Banking and Political Sectors here in the UK…….This corruption is on the scale of billions if not trillions each and every year and no one is better experienced than our own Prime Minister, many senior MP’s and many members of the House of Lords whom I have named and shamed in many of my articles time and time again……….as they say it takes one to know one!!

So off they go (this gallant group of shysters) to that far away Land of the Pharaohs to teach them how to maintain their level of corruption and how to make even more people enter the realms of absolute poverty…….No doubt they took with them a tap to reopen up the natural gas pipeline to Israel that was so abruptly turned off……..maybe you would ask why?……..simply really….. Because Mubarak had been selling gas to Israel at below market price!!

The groups master plan was to initiate this meeting with strict guidelines and thus  in order to address this problem in a meaningful way, all levels of society, participants agreed that these political elites must display the political will to do so. Oh boy, how come the “Chatham House Boys and Girls” did not attempt to do this right here in London before they left so as to set an example…..oh well another missed opportunity lol!

This trip formed part of what they called “Egypt Dialogue” a project run by the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House otherwise known as “How to stick your nose into someone else’s affairs.”

This conniving mission was to increase political inclusion, drawing previously peripheral or suppressed voices into national and international policy debates …..Sounds rather posh don’t you think?…….what this means in the true sense is how to run your country like a police state and allow our expertise to help you…………that is after I have brushed your palm with gold…………oh sorry didn’t mean to say that….…I forgot this is an anti corruption discussion!!

It was this next reference that blew me away which I took out of their post report:


Lessons from experience of other countries


  • When seeking to combat corruption, governments benefit from having a strong mandate to do so. Nationwide acceptance that this should be a political priority, sometimes at the expense of other important issues, is therefore crucial.


  • Although outside assistance can be useful, it is vital that domestic actors taken ownership of their fight against corruption.


  • Freedom of information legislation enables the prosecution of previous cases of corruption as it sheds light on the details of the transactions involved.


  • A bottom-up approach (creating a culture of shame around corrupt activities) is necessary if corruption is to be tackled in the long term.


  • Independent media outlets can represent an important force in the fight against corruption, highlighting its prevalence and alerting citizens to their legal rights.


As my readers would know Gordon Bowden and I have banged our heads against a brick wall trying to get the Serious Fraud Office, Police, Local MP’s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson and all political leaders and their parties to address this very problem that has ruined the economy of this country.

Over the last month I have sent masses of emails to all the trade unions highlighting the fact that the current austerity measures and cut backs are as a direct result of this fraud and corruption…….I even sent it to all the Police Federation heads and representatives who are holding a mass protest in London on the 10th of May 2012 (I bet they won’t be kettled in!!) and not one of the above replied……oh sorry two people did respond in a very arrogant way….one being  David and his comment:

“I have told you on previous occasions to stop sending emails to this email address, please stop. I am a union official and do not need to be reminded of what my responsibilities are.”

The other came from another official in Liverpool who secretly sent and urgent message to all her union friends not to respond to me and flag me on their computers etc…..unfortunately this woman sent a copy back to us and got caught out.

So there you have it folks……..such is the state of our country and such is the state of all the trade unions who are paid by their members to do absolutely “F… All”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/4/2012




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