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British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli Airport Security

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Final Part Three (Amsterdam) – EL Al Cargo Flight LY1862 crashed into block of flats 



El Al cargo (4X-AXG) – Flight LY1872  New York – Amsterdam – Tel Aviv

Actual aircraft landing at Schiphol 1440 Local Time 4 October 1992


Scene – deeply flawed avoidable event with Israeli Government/Mossad involvement 


Having been associated with aviation all my life I find this particular disaster “stuck out like a sore thumb” as it was not only totally avoidable but was a series of massive cover-ups regarding aviation/airline/airport  security breaches  by the Dutch Government, Schiphol Airport Authority, Dutch Investigation Team. Israeli owned Airport Security (ICTS International), Israel Government, MOSSAD and El Al Israeli Airlines.

Firstly let’s review the details of this crash:

EL AL Boeing 747 Freighter aircraft LY1862 from New York via Amsterdam to Tel Aviv.

The aircraft concerned had previously flown from Cologne airport in Germany where it had to be refueled for its onward flight to New York (JFK). According to a report by some airport workers there had been an incident with this aircraft when a collision occurred with an apron ground vehicle. If this had been correct one could clearly see that this was an accident waiting to happen especially the fact that the engines are mounted onto the wing pylons and are held in place by what we used to call sheer pins or fuse pins. If the engine suffers severe vibration or whatever they are designed to break and allow the engine to fall away…..hence the term sheer pin……..one could guess that if an engine was struck it could cause a weakness in the pin concerned. The aircraft continued on its journey to JFK and then turned around for its return flight to Tel Aviv via Schiphol.

The freight aircraft left JFK bound for Amsterdam and landed at 1440 Local Time with an estimated departure time of 1730.

After take off and during the climb out the crew called a “Mayday” saying they had lost number three engine…..on the second call the pilot advised they had lost three and four engines that was soon followed by control problems as the aircraft lost height after turning back towards the airport. For a while the Captain (who had taken over the controls) managed to get the aircraft to respond after increasing the power on the two left hand engines (1&2) and applying full opposite rudder.

After preparing for his emergency approach back to Amsterdam the Captain prepared his aircraft for landing by reducing his power with a slight nose up attitude and it was at this moment that the aircraft again veered off and down to the right as one would expect with power only being on one side. Unfortunately this standard move to prepare for landing was fatal and the aircraft then went into a partial dive with the right wing down.

In its flight path was a massive complex of mufti story apartments and the aircraft continued to loose altitude and sliced into the building at almost 90 degrees. The crew and many occupants in the apartments died but there was something difference about this crash that would eventually cause many emergency workers and other people on the ground to become very sick.

The actual Air Traffic recording of the disaster can be heard on this link:


There has always been a shroud of secrecy over this flight and it became clear that both the Dutch and Israeli authorities had apparently organized a cover-up. Most documents taken from El Al officials had disappeared. Police audio tapes and 42 videotapes taken by the firefighters were shredded.

At one stage they also denied finding the black box but obviously that was not correct as one of the investigators (Frans Erhart) gave reference to it being found and although it was damaged it was sent to the US and vital data was recovered. It also appears that much of the aircraft was recycled within a very short period of time and thus any secondary inquiry could not take place.

It was soon to be revealed that this aircraft was carrying some highly sensitive illegal freight which consisted of the following:

Hydrofluoric Acid – Isopropanol – Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonatel (DMMP) which are used for making Sarin Nerve Gas. This shipment was approved by the US Commerce Department. The chemicals were ex Solkatronic Chemicals Inc, Morrisville, Pennsylvania (who at the time were owned by Solvay Brussels).

The chemicals were destined for the Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) Inness Ziona, Tel Aviv which is reported to be run by the Israeli Military and a front organisation for the Intelligence Communities in the development, testing and production of Chemical & Biological Weapons (CBW).

A former IIBR biologist stated “There is hardly a single known or unknown form of Chemical and Biological Weapon which is not manufactured at the Institute. In fact it was the IIBR that provided the poison and the antidote used in the attempted assassination of a Hamas leader in Jordan in 1998.”

Once combined the chemicals on El Al flight 1862 could have produced 270 kg of SARIN, sufficient to kill the entire population of any major city.

During the crash hearing in 1999 it was learnt that since 1973 El Al aircraft are never inspected by customs or the Dutch Safety Board and that security at Amsterdam was a branch of MOSSAD the Israeli Secret Service!!

It was discovered that every Sunday evening a very mysterious El Al cargo flight would arrive at Amsterdam from New York JFK en route to Tel Aviv and that flights are never recorded and flight documents are processed in special unmarked rooms.

What was so strange was the fact that over a thousand residents living nearby became sick with respiratory, neurological and mobility ailments with a hike in cancers and birth defects. 

The aircraft crashed into a very large apartment block in Bijrmeer killing 39 on the ground and the 4 crew. Since this crash over 2,000 residents and emergency crew suffered from loss of hair which is normally linked to radiation so what else was on-board this ill-fated flight?

Dutch Transport Minister leaked information to confirm 190 ltr of DMMP, 4 Ltr of Isopropanol and Hydrofluoric Acid were on the flight. But it became obvious that there was much more onboard than the above.!!

Before proceeding I can assure you that having been a Dangerous Goods Referral Officer in the airlines that this aircraft was indeed in breach of International Air Transport Association (IATA) rules which clearly state that such chemicals for CBW’s is illegal, even despite the fact that the US signed the CBW Treaty. It was also obvious to me that the procedure for such shipments and the rigorous checks normally carried out were by passed for this very illegal flight.

Before moving on I would also like to let you all know that in many aircraft there exists depleted uranium (DU), which is used as ballast in the wing. I have really never understood the logic of this apart from the fact it is denser than lead and is given away free of charge by the nuclear and weapons industry as a waste product. It is clearly understood why…..because to store nuclear waste is not only expensive but also very unsafe!! 

From my own knowledge of DU it is very unstable when it comes to temperature and is pyrophoric i.e. it ignites as low temperatures of around 170C so if one can imagine the temperature at a crash scene of being around 1100c one could see another disaster on the horizon. The older aircraft of this size can carry up to around 800kg and when that burns it obviously releases millions of nano particles into the environment……hence the acute level of sickness in the area. Whilst on this topic they were even talking about using DU for counterweights on lifts and on overhead cranes…..that is how insane the industry has become.

It is also evident that soil samples were taken at the scene which revealed something more could have been on-board this flight such as  Nuclear Weapon Technology concealed as a secret Israeli military shipment of weapons-grade plutonium.  If one could image just 27kg of plutonium ending up in the inferno could have caused a nuclear emergency for the whole of Western Europe!!

It was also reported after the crash that a black coloured helicopter (Black Ops) arrived at the scene and that many English and French speaking men, dressed in white chemical protection clothing were all over the wreckage and were seen to carry away a heavy box that was covered.

It was later revealed that Dutch Security Officials allowed the Israeli to make secret military shipments via Amsterdam since 1950’s. The shipment falls outside of the Atlantic Alliance Military Treaty which states aircraft normally should be refueled at a NATO airbases but this was a special commercial operation!!

Amsterdam appears to be immune to any IATA or normal airport regulation or safety procedures with the fact that security at the airport is Israeli owned and thus MOSSAD pulls the strings. I have always believed that Amsterdam is a hub for Israeli Intelligence.

The Dutch Government said it has no jurisdiction over Israeli activity at the airport according to one of the investigators ……obviously a law unto themselves.  

It would appear that whatever was being shipped that day had almost certainly been shipped before. The El Al freighter did this same run every Sunday. The Israeli bound cargo was always placed inside a vacuum controlled chamber in an underground bunker to test for possible bomb equipment and checked for any possible altimeter triggers. This type of testing is extremely rate and very unique so why only El Al flights?

There was also a rumour going around that a photograph of this aircraft was showing an engine not being centred correctly and may have been the one that it was alleged to have collided with a ground vehicle at Cologne!!

It would appear that number three engine on the right hand side had become detached by the obvious failure of the sheer pins and that engine instead of freely falling away actually struck the outer number four engine which then also detached. Both engines fell into a nearby lake.

Whatever the circumstances leading up to this terrible disaster is the fact that all the normal airlines safety procedures had been totally violated including the standard airport security checks and in that context the blame for this crash rests totally on El Al in regard to their maintenance  safety checks on such vital parts as the “Sheer Pins”,  The Dutch Government, Schiphol Airport Authority and the Israeli Security Contractor (ICTS International)    for not maintaining the normal high level  checks for “All Flights.”

Finally I feel the ATC frequency was rather cluttered at times and almost resulted in not receiving vital communications from the aircraft in distress….this would have added to the crews stress level!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/4/2012




6 Responses

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  1. I have always wondered how a six ton engine that shears off in flight could float along the wing edge and then impact the other engine hard enough to break it entirely loose. If number 3 broke loose, wouldn’t it have headed straight down?

    Sam Smith

    April 23, 2012 at 00:54

    • Hi…..Yes I must admit this situation has always been a hard one to follow as you say the weight of the engine alone would allow gravity to do its work which is what the pins are for…….. to stop further damage to the air-frame…..based on the nature of the cargo one could even look at it being a missile but who knows what exactly happened…..I am sure the crew would have reacted totally different had that been the case …..whatever did cause the crew to put out the “Mayday” will never be known but obviously when they lost power to No3 the No4 occurred almost immediately afterwards……then there was a section of the wing tip also found …….they certainly removed the evidence very quickly which was was highly suspect……the main point of the story was to be critical of procedures that were side stepped and the lack of airport security and government cover up……..thanks for your input and yes I thought exactly the same……..Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 23, 2012 at 01:19

      • Hi Peter – I have no aviation knowledge, but I notice the double engine failure is schematically explained away in this you tube video from about 5.45 in * …http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbwUubnvqGI Whether it is disinformation or not, I am not qualified to comment. What is your feeling? (* based on paint evidence)


        August 26, 2012 at 05:15

      • I have viewed this video many times and agree with its content……..my criticism of this entire event is the failure by the Israeli security company to screen what comes into the airport and out of the airport and what was onboard this aircraft which added to the disaster and clearly.

        It clearly reveals that the security at Amsterdam allowed many major incidents to occur including false flags and that is the basis of my articles…thanks for your comment

        Peter Eyre

        August 26, 2012 at 06:21

  2. Thanks Peter, 3 very good articles. Christopher Bollyn has very good news on Judge Hellerstein.
    (…) 9-11 Judge is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad Culprit ICTS (…)


    Ellen Mariani, the 9-11 widow who filed the first wrongful death lawsuit, is the last one standing in what can only be described as a judicial war of attrition against the 9-11 relatives. Mariani is still fighting for justice and accountability. She is the last 9-11 relative standing who has not settled out of court. On April 19, Mariani filed a motion in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that brings out Judge Hellerstein’s conflict of interest in managing the 9-11 tort litigation in which the key defendant was the Israeli company International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) NV.

    So in combination with the courtcase filed by the White Dragon Society of which former Forbes Asia/Pacific
    Chef Benjamin Fulford is spokesman it sounds Justice is on its way.


    CIA O


    April 25, 2012 at 16:02

    • Thank you for your compliment and also for your valuable input….take care….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 25, 2012 at 16:12

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