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British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli Airport Security

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Part Two (Amsterdam) – False Flag – Abdul Mutallab the “Underwear Bomber”

Delta/Northwest aircraft involved in the incident

Abdul Mutallab – Underwear Bomber

I wonder if he’s in the same luxury five star hotel as Richard Reid…Sorry I meant Prison!!


As you know from my previous article (Part 1) that events leading up to apprehension of Richard Reid “Shoe Bomber” were so far fetched each statement made by officials just became more and more absurd. I can assure you that the same applied to Abdul Mutallab the “Underwear Bomber” but in this case it became even more comical as each chapter unfolded.

I guess the first thing that came to my mind was the incredible distance this guy had flown with a crotch full of so called explosive powder. I guess the first observation would be that he would have walked like he had just had a long hard ride on a stallion without a saddle!

Let’s break his journey down a little and carry out an analysis on each segment and not only see the security shortfalls but also how this man ever got to board the final segment in the first place. Indications right from the start alerted me to yet another “False Flag.”


The long journey made by the guy with “Hot Pants”


Abdul was enrolled on a course in mechanical engineering at University College London between 2005 and 2008. After this course was completed he told his family he wanted to continue his studies in an Arabic country and so his parents sent him to Dubai for a post graduate degree in business management.

Abdul abandoned this course and moved to Yemen as he had found an alternative course and settled down for his apparent 7 year study programme which was free of charge!!…..no doubt there will now be a rush from cash strapped British students that cannot afford an education here after the governments three tier hike!!

He told his parents that even if his Nigerian Passport expired during this period he would be able to get a Yemeni one……..I must remember to keep that in mind….didn’t know Yemen was so flexible!!

What would stop this man obtaining a passport from Yemen is the fact that according to Yemeni officials he was recruited by Al Qaeda whilst in London (which UK officials denied) and therefore one would assume that if this was the case a passport certainly would not be forthcoming and he would have been removed from the country……..but hey anything goes in Yemen!!

With Richard Reid’s hilarious story still in the back of your mind you are now going to see yet another even more hilarious story unfold as the masters of the media spin even more ridiculous lies and deceit in the hope that you, the gullible public,  take it all in!

After he had settled down on his new course in Yemen he told his mother not to contact him again as he had a “New Life” and there were no longer any ties with him…….such an ungrateful boy don’t you think!!………basically his family had not heard from him since October…….what was so interesting here was the fact that according to US officials he had left Yemen and headed for Nigeria via Ethiopia and Ghana…….boy I bet those underpants were pretty hot by the time he got to Nigeria!

Now comes the juicy bits…… according to these same officials he was on their terrorist data base but not on the short list of people that were banned from flying or subject to additional screening?…….do you really believe that……a person on the terrorist list would not be subject to extra security?……oh well to move forward with the story…..He was able to fly from Lagos to Amsterdam and then board a flight to Detroit…..interesting don’t you think?

According to Abdul he obtained his explosives in Yemen and reported this fact to US investigators….can you imagine having these plastic explosives with you and transiting Yemen – Ethiopia – Ghana – Nigeria – Netherlands – USA……what a farce!!

Let’s also add into this equation that Adbula’s father had notified the CIA of his son’s intentions two weeks before the event………let’s just hold it there one moment…… “His father had told the CIA of his son’s intentions”…..to be more specific the statement reads as follows: His Father reported the extremist views of his son to Nigerian security agencies, as well as to the U.S. embassy in Abuja, yet no attempt was made to prevent the radically-inclined Nigerian student from boarding the plane in Schiphol……however, one must remind ourselves as to what his mother said earlier: “they had not received any communications from him since October”…..something rather strange here!!!!…….then we understand that an updated no fly list was sent to Amsterdam but we understand the list arrived too late……..Oh really…how very convenient!!!!  

This story really is becoming something that even the best spin doctor could not produce……so now we have this man leaving Lagos with the CIA knowing about him from the father and having plastic explosives stitched inside his underpants that have been there since God knows when and having transited via so many other countries security systems totally undetected.

Now he arrives at the airport that is supposed to have one of the best Israeli security systems in the world and despite being a transit passenger he would yet again be subjected to another security check.

Passengers bound for the US are given an intense grilling by the Israeli security firm.  My question is how did this man get to board this flight when he had travelled such a great distance prior to arriving in Amsterdam with obviously no proof whatsoever? Oh and guess what the body scanners which had been in use for two years just so happened to be switched off that day…..not as they are any good anyway!

We also have to remember around this time that US Special Forces and US military aircraft were operating within Yemen and so all the media hype at the time was focused on Yemen being the new centre for terrorism and Al Qaeda etc. It is possible that the US was again looking for a good excuse or justification to maintain its stance in Yemen? It is obvious that a very strong emphasis has been placed on this so called terrorist having come from Yemen and that is where this wonderful so called bomb came from. I guess the CIA would enter this incident under a file titled “Al Qaeda Knickers Brigade.” One security comment at the time read:  PETN (plastic explosive), either in shoes or strapped to any part of the body, cannot be detected by airport scanners. A chemical test is needed.

There is no chance that chemical tests can be introduced for every passenger. Hence we reach our first tentative conclusion: that the billions of shoes that have been scanned at airports since 2001, and the billions of pairs of underwear that will henceforth become objects of official scrutiny, have and will have had nothing to do with airport security or preventing terrorism. 

It is fact that security companies are making much money out of this and with such scare tactics security is truly a very big business both in airports and  in personnel security. What makes it even more meaningless is the fact that nearly all the attacks or false flags reported have not been carried out by so called “Islamic Extremists” at all but have been inside jobs with direct links to Mossad…..the very people running airport security screening……as they say it takes one to know one!!  

We had the Head of Homeland security ducking for cover when she identified that this so called terrorist was known to them. We also heard on the grapevine that he did not have a passport or permission to travel to the USA and had been escorted to the departure gate by a rather well dressed gentleman by the name of “Shylock “ the Jewish Trader from Shakespeare’s – Merchant of Venice……sorry just had to throw that one in!!

Let’s just take a moment to see how such a person could ever board a flight with his background. Almost every aspect of his credentials or should I say lack of credentials were out of order and in normal security protocol he would never have got past security in the first place…..this starts at check in, then to passport/security control and finally the boarding gate and in all cases this man failed the test.

We have heard so many times of similar CIA/Mossad type operations that have taken place whereby members or their respective cells orchestrate such activity and plant there stooge onboard an aircraft…..especially when you consider Mossad controls the Israeli security companies at many such airports….not forgetting they also have contracts with the airlines themselves…..how very convenient!!

From my perspective I would simply ask one question – why would a terrorist engage in such activity at the end of a Tran’s Atlantic flight, especially when the aircraft had commenced it descent and approach to Detroit. Everyone knows that this is the most active time for everyone onboard the aircraft. The crews are going through their descent/arrival checks, the cabin crews are extremely active in the cabin preparing the aircraft for landing and everyone is extremely alert.

We are told that he had this compound in-between his legs and that he had a plastic syringe strapped his leg which was up against the aircraft cabin wall by a window seat…..ok so how did he access the syringe?…….did he drop his trousers?……. then we had that heroic passenger that carried out a feat that even Superman would have had difficulty pulling off when he flew across the top of several seats to get to the bomber and apprehend him!!

One thing for sure is we have had explosive shoes, explosive underpants so watch out ladies its going to be bra’s next…..they would have to have a very large cup size to pack in all those plastic explosive….boom boom!!

My next story will cover the El Al Cargo aircraft that crashed into a block of flats in Amsterdam with some very serious security flaws that aroused much suspicion around the aviation world.

Oh and remember don’t fly El Al as their aircraft are never checked by airport authorities or security…why?…..because they frequently carry explosive materials!!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/4/2012

6 Responses

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  1. What was in the syringe? Don’t they have metal in them? The only liquid that will detonate is nitroglycerin or any of its derivatives. They are all super sensitive. Strap that to your leg and you will lose it (leg) just by walking.

    John P.

    April 20, 2012 at 01:20

    • Hi John

      I did not go into the syringe story as I had run out of word counts etc but yes the story is beyond comprehension and one would assume the needle was metal…….really looking forward to the next false flag!!!

      Peter Eyre

      April 20, 2012 at 04:39

  2. […] […]


    April 20, 2012 at 10:01

  3. There seems to be among the general public, a feeling that a major false flag is arranged for what is increasingly becoming known as the “Rothschild Olympics”. Have you any views on this?

    I must say that were this to be the case, that ugly masonic tower construct would be a grand place in which to set off a nuclear device (thinking here of the missing cameron south african devices).

    The only true terror is state terror.

    Life is a journey: Government the road block…Dave Stanley.


    April 20, 2012 at 11:48

  4. ZfPyP8 Really appreciate you sharing this article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

    Social Bookmarks

    June 17, 2012 at 20:28

  5. sZ6BmB Looking forward to reading more. Great blog article.Thanks Again. Want more.

    Contextual Backlinks

    July 10, 2012 at 02:56

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