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British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli Airport Security

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Part One (Paris) – False Flag – Richard Reid the “Shoe Bomber”

Richard Reid – Shoe Bomber

I find it incredibly amazing that an Israeli company has repeatedly failed in maintaining a high level of security at two of Europe’s busiest airports – Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol.

If one could read between the lines it is clear that had all of the incidents been genuine and not “False Flags” the company concerned ICTS International would have been given “The Grand Order of the Boot” a very long time ago and yet they continued to run the security at these two wonderful airports.

I myself have been associated with aviation all of my life having started with military and then civil aviation right up to the current time. It was during this long service in aviation that I managed the security at a large International Airport. It was whilst at this airport we showcased a very high profile event that also happened to coincide with many high level security alerts.

The work despite being very demanding was also very interesting, especially when mixing with some very interesting celebrities and some of the “Upper Crust” in society with their own private jets etc.

It also so happened that later in my career I also ran what they call an “FBO” which is a VIP jet handling facility which again attracted many large VIP aircraft including Royal Flights and Military VIP etc. This particular FBO required very high level security, especially as it was during the 9/11 period and needless to say such VIP’s required assurance that their safety would be maintained. On one such occasion it was Princess Anne who had cancelled her flying visits because of the above but after some in depth discussion and with my assurance did pay a visit in her beautifully painted Royal Flight Helicopter.

With my background out of the way I would now like to cover some of these “False Flags” that have occurred at both Schiphol and Paris and in particular the tragic disaster when an Israeli El Al Cargo aircraft crashed into a block of flats after taking off from Schiphol with engine problems……I will cover that story in another article later in the series

Lets first look at the notorious and highly amusing story of the “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid who is now spending life in a five star hotel……oh sorry I meant a US Prison for his apparent attempt to blow up American Airlines Flight AA63 en route from Paris to Miami.

When you look at the history of this guy and what he had done prior to his arrest you will see just how pathetic the entire story is…….not forgetting it was the same Mossad run ……..sorry I meant Israeli run security company ICTS that also looked after Amsterdam.

One must also keep in mind that this “False Flag Incident” was soon after 9/11 just to keep the “Islamaphobia Hysteria” going and to draw attention to that non existent group the US calls Al Qaeda.

Richard Reid was a giant of a man 6 foot 4 inches or 193cm and I am sure that when he got  sentenced to life, in his five star hotel, a suitable bed would have been a problem…..sorry excuse my humour!!

Reid was a British citizen who had, prior to this event, travelled to some very interesting places which in itself would have drawn attention to him had it all been true!

It was so interesting to learn that he had been advised by his father that it would be better to convert to the Islamic faith as they get better food in prison (to which Richard was accustomed)…….and it get’s better…..it also so happened that after his conversion in 1996 he attended the same mosque as the famous anti – American Cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri.

There is even more of this unbelievable story yet to come when Richard spent time in Pakistan from 1999-2000 and trained in an Afghanistan terrorist camp!! Reid was then believed to have attended  an anti-American religious training center in Lahore, Pakistan and met up with Saajid Badat another shoe bomber……..its a wonder the British company Clarks Shoes didn’t hire them both in a promotion for their world renown shoes!!

Reid like his counterpart Badat both obtained duplicate passports via British Consulates abroad (good advert for British Security) and apparently returned to various locations in Europe. To make this story even more dramatic he frequently communicated with an address in Peshawar, Pakistan……wait for it…..a city known for its Al Qaeda connections!!

By now you are probably saying wow and how come he wasn’t arrested?….it gets better folks because Richard flew to Israel passing through El Al’s very tight security network and apparently was a test by him to prove he could pass through high level security anywhere…….LOL!!!

He eventually returned to Europe and lived in Amsterdam ( August – November  2001) and apparently both he and his other shoe bomber side kick moved back to Pakistan and crossed over into Afghanistan to take delivery of some top designer  “Shoe Bombs” and Quote  casual footwear adapted to be covertly smuggled onto aircraft before being used to destroy them Unquote.

Both pair then returned to the UK separately in early December 2001 in their “High Heel Shoes” packed with plastic explosives (that cannot be detected by the X-Ray machines).

Reid then went to Belgium before catching a train to Paris where he attempted to board a flight from Paris to Miami……….his boarding was delayed because of his apparent disheveled physical appearance which basically means he appeared to have some mental issues………obviously a perfect candidate to use for a “False Flag.”

The security staff at Paris obviously were a little concerned as he did not answer the security questions (did you pack your shoes yourself?) and also did not have any checked baggage for such a transatlantic flight (only the original shoe box!!)……nothing unusual about that I have done it many times myself. The police also check him over and in this time he missed his flight……..it gets even better!!

He was re issued with another ticket and returned to the airport on the 22nd of December 2001 and boarded American Airlines 63. During the flight passengers apparently complained of a smoke smell after the meals service (maybe the roast chicken was overcooked!!) and one of the cabin staff thought she smelt a burnt match and walked down the aisle (incredible when one thinks of the size and length of the cabin!!!) and noticed Reid who was sitting alone (just happened to have a row to himself!!) attempting to light a match (I guess such a feat was difficult for such a disheveled looking person)……but just hold it there for one moment……… “.she thought she could smell a burnt match previously  remember”…….. “Oh sorry that was the first attempt”………so I can only assume that the matches were damp and he was trying to light his second match……..oh boy is this story so dramatic!!

The cabin staff warned him that smoking on the aircraft is not allowed and so he promised to stop. This same cabin staff a few minutes later noticed Reid leaned over his seat….she failed to gain his attention and asked him was he was doing……Reid then grabbed her and revealed one shoe on his lap, a fuse that led into the shoe and a lit match. She grabbed Reid twice but he pushed her to the floor each time…yelled for help and then ran for water……sorry I think that story is a little confusing because the flight attendant called out for help and water…..this then caused many passengers to hand back their drinks to put out the match……..not before he burnt his fingers and dropped it!!!!…..again please excuse my humour!! Then the highlight of this wrestling match ended when a doctor onboard just so happened to find a tranquilizer in the aircraft emergency kit and he was tied up securely and held by many passengers…….the flight then diverted to Boston (the nearest airport) and was escorted in by two US Military fighters…..no doubt a couple from the same squadron who missed the other “False Flag Airliners” during 9/11.

Now the big one……..they say that the bomb did not detonate due to the one day delay in Reid’s departure from Paris and that he had worn his shoes for more than one day and that the rainy weather and Reid’s accumulated perspiration caused the fuse to be too damp to ignite…………but hang on a minute I thought plastic explosives cannot be set off by only a fuse……it has to be detonated…….whatever possibilities exist this was truly a grossly dramatic “False Flag”……….

In my next article we will cover yet another incident involving the same Israeli security company ICTS but this time at Amsterdam and again an unbelievably dramatic story that was clearly another “False Flag.” This next story involved a so called “Underwear Bomber” instead of “High Heel Shoe Bomber” by the name of Abdul Mutallab. This national of Nigeria had already flown some considerable distance in his “Hot Pants” before things yet again turned into a rather comical Shakespearian play!!

Hope this funny story didn’t make you cry with laughter!!…here take my handkerchief!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/4/2012

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  1. Since you are an aviation expert hopefully more passengers of spaceship Earth wil open up.

    Yesterday I send a mail to all the Dutch MP’s. press etc. with the title: Headquarters Rothschild/Mossad run ICTS- 911 culprit- in Amstelveen. Near Schiphol. The title was a local label for the subject: SOLVING 911- the deception that changed the world- by Christopher Bollyn- now in print.

    24 december 2009 I put the the book The Boogeyman of the Dutch writer Peter Stuivenberg at the counter of the Police at Schiphol Plaza. Took the train to Brussel, read the book from cover to cover in sync with the poor peace of theater -a co production of the Mossad run ICTS ”security” and the very same police- of the underwearbomber&co.


    Mossad is absolutely above the Dutch law at Schiphol airport. In oktober 1992 they were the first one who appeared at the crash site, in white space suits. Not to save any survivors, but to clear the nuclear and chemical cargo of the El Al plane.

    9 years later 911. 911sraeldidit!! 10 years later Fuk U shima. Still leaking. Still evaporating. The earth is a real gaschamber now. Good that this week a US senator after visiting Japan urges the authorities to call in foreign experts. Mayday, mayday……..

    Again an Israeli ”security” company and the US/rael Stuxnet computervirus.

    Bottomline: these Purim pieces of s..t and their collabarators should be jailed for life. God will take care of them in the here after.

    CIA O


    April 18, 2012 at 13:54

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