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Fraudulent Prime Minster starts up “The Big Society Fund” – Part 4 – Giant Fraud

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You know what they say you can “Smell a Rat”

This should be renamed the “Big Ponzi Capital

You will recall that Gordon Bowden and I have been pulling our hair out for a few years now trying to force some sort of action against the massive fraudster that operate in this country from corporate executives to bank CEO’s to very senior MP’s  and the elite in the House of Lords.

Every asked yourself why the Serious Fraud Officer, Police or even “clean” (if we have any!!)  Members of  Parliament never raise such issues during Prime Minister’s Question Time?

I keep asking myself why is it that no one speaks out and brings these “Political Crooks” to justice?

Why don’t the Unions and their members take to the streets and hold a peaceful protest outside the House of Parliament, 10 Downing Steet or even at one of the many  “Boiler Rooms” in the City of London?

Why is everyone so afraid to reveal the very thing that has and continues to ruin the economy of the United Kingdom?

We have our Prime Minister telling us all that severe austerity measures have to be implemented in order to pay off this huge toxic debt that has been handed down to us from the previous government under Gordon Brown…….what a load of bullshit…..when are you the British public or should that be the “British Sheeples” going to open your eyes and see that you will always be screwed and always remain the underdogs as long as “YOU” sit on your arse and do nothing.

Why oh Why do we  see  a US congressional probe  into such fraud and yet two of the companies are British and operate out of one of those “Boiler Rooms” right here in the City of London at 788-790 Finchley Road, NW11 7TJ London?

How come we the British are not investigating the  massive fraud being carried out by  those two companies at the above address that were privileged to share in some of the $1.069 billion that have been handed out  in contracts? 

Gordon and I sincerely hope that this “Slime and Grime” in the US will eventually find its way over the pond and force our police or government to investigate our own companies or should I say “Virtual Companies” that operate out  of their “Plush Headquarter” in Golders Green as shown below.

You can bet that if and when  a massive police raid takes place on these premises one can expect a putrid smell from within as most of the companies and  oil conglomorates who are registrered here have never used the place…….having said that however one could expect the smell of jet fuel that should have been delivered to our boys in Afghanistan!!

I again repeat that our Prime Minister, David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband all form part of the problem in that they are all  either involved or all are aware of the extortionate rape of this country and the associated tax  evasion and do absolutely nothing about it!!

It is obviouse that David Cameron is not going to initiate such an investigation as he himself is implicated in some dodgy deals, not to mention the £17.8 million that he was personally involved in some years ago!!

Shakespeare’s  Shylock – The Jewish Merchant of Venice (Golders Green)

Believe me there are many more hidden away in the bowels of London

I remember so vividly taking part in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice as a schoolboy and some of those lines I guess relate to the boiler rooms of today that house many such characters as Shylock! Just listen to some of his spoken words and herein lies a message: “He hath disgraced me, and hindered me half a million; laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies; and what’s his reason? I am a Jew.

A liitle further in the passage he says: “ if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? This certainly became reality when they took down the World Trade Centre on 9/11 but that’s another story

Before delving into the bowels of this massive fraud/theft I would again repeat that this massive fraud/corruption and tax evasion is a world problem that forms the backbone of the “Zionist Run” New World Order”(NWO) …….this plays a major part into how that organisation is run and funded. It has the power to shut down any company or country anytime it so chooses. It is the NWO that is responsible for the “Arab Spring” and the current “Western Spring” and for the collapse of Ireland, Greece, Italy, Portugal and that other country on the brink of financial disaster, Spain. Believe me this is only the start and we are yet to see the second “Financial Tsunami” that will target mainly Europe and obviously will cause major implications for the United Kingdom as well as possibly taking out the Euro!!

In my last article (Part 3) I clearly put up pictures of some of those that are implicated and also pictures of those that know of this massive fraud and yet do nothing. If you understand politics you would know that when you, the people, elect an MP’s that MP is duty bound to represent you and the constituents whilst in office…….this is normal protocol and yet in the case of our two local members Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson this certainly is not the case and under Parliamentary guide lines should be struck off!!

You bet you did Margaretand it is recorded!!

You will also recall  in my previous articles  that we paid a visit to this “Boiler Room” that had links to our Prime Ministers pet baby the “Big Society Capital” and those two notorious designers Lord Wei (an apparent Christian and do good-er) and his fraudulent side kick Lord Cohen.

The elaborate corporate headquarter situated at 788-790 Finchley Road, Golders Green, London has in its time housed some massive and pretty impressive companies ranging from Truck Sales – Oil/Gas Companies – Administrative Services etc and yet the investors and potential clients of these companies did not realise that this building is simply a “Boiler Room of Virtual Companies” that have only one ambition in life and that is to take investors money, avoid taxes and run. I am 100% sure that after our articles start bouncing around the world the occupants or should I say the lack of occuptants in this building will abondon ship and re emerge under a different name in yet another boiler room somewhere else!!

It should also be pointed out that the London Borough of Barnet, who monitor this protected “Heritage Listed Building,” allow the ground floor to look so appalling when the premises adjacent to this corporate empire are complimentary to the period and decor. I will send them a copy of my article and who knows we may find some dramatic changes taking place here before long…….I am sure they would not want their treasured Borough to be tarnished with such massive fraud that has become the centre of a major US Congressional investigation………….what they and other councils are blind to is the fact that many other boiler rooms exist down the length of this road and that there is even more associated fraud also coming out of this same address but with a difference postal address and  another almost next door…..I think by now you are starting to understand that this and many other boiler rooms are ripping this country off to the tune of billions if not trillion of pounds and still we do nothing   

Now it is time to look into the two British  companies involved and you will see how accurate and authentic our investigations are…..many times Gordon and I have been asked to show evidence…..a sort of “Put Up Or Shut Up Mentality”….well folks as Gordon and I have repeatedly told you so many times before (in our Pandora’s Box Series) that we have the forensic evidence and the fact that the US Congress is investigating these two British companies is proof of our efforts……here is that story:

It was so interesting to read the comments by a well known journalist and Zionist, James Kirchick who gave reference to the centre of this fuel scandal, Kyrgyzstan as being “A former Soviet republic once known as the “Switzerland of Central Asia” because of its relatively strong civil society, Kyrgyzstan had suffered in recent years under Bakiyev from grinding poverty, widespread corruption, and government marred by cronyism and contempt for political opposition and independent media. And yet the United States remained a reliable supporter of the regime.”…..I guess its the old story over and over again….western imperialism bankrupts every country it enters, rapes it of its resources and then leave them for dead with extremes of poverty….not to mention poor Afghanistan that the west has nuked! 

I have to give this guy Kirchick due credit for making that statement towards the end that the US was and still is  a strong supporter of the totally fraudulent government. However I also find it slightly hypocritical based of the fact that the New World Order is controlled by his own Zionist backed empire which clearly shows up in some of his published articles…..especially those that appear in Israeli newspapers!!

I should also add that our dear ex PM Tony Blair has been sniffing around there on behalf of the British Government for some time trying to stitch up some lucrative oil/gas deals and despite his Labour background is more that happy to represent the Conservative Party……he and David Cameron make a perfect pair of “fraudulent gangsters.”

Kirchick wrote:  “Rumors have long persisted that Bakiyev profited from the base through financial interests in Mina Corporation and Red Star Enterprises, the sister companies that supply jet fuel to Manas, and that officials in Washington might have known about these activities. After the president’s ouster, the controversy became so problematic, with the new Kyrgyz government repeatedly bringing it up in meetings with American officials, that the majority staff of the House National Security Subcommittee commissioned an investigation into the fuel companies’ contracts. But the final report, which came out just before the winter holidays, offered a surprising conclusion: There is “no credible evidence to support the allegation that President Bakiyev, his family, or affiliates were financially linked to Mina and Red Star.”………we all know that is total bullshit!

Imagine – two British companies are ripping of fuel supplies to our forces in Afghanistan!!

Again we see a classic case of our troops dying in a war that serves no justification other than simply lining the pockets of the elite fraudsters some of whom are connected to very senior  MP’s and Lords in the UK!!

Another report stated: Red Star Enterprises Limited was given a multi-year contract to deliver fuel to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan from 1 September 2008 to 31 August 2011. The contract was extended for 6 months. In early March 2012 Defense Logistics Agency extended this contract again for Two Months with an Option for an Additional Two Months (Justification and Approval  for Other Than Full and Open Competition to Extend Contract SP0600-08-D-1017). For 2 months we are talking about 27 million gallons. The cost?  Good look if you can see it in the document, most of which is painted with black. If it continues like that exception will become a rule. Mina and its affiliate, Red Star Enterprises, were the subjects of a US Congressional probe into contracting practices in fuel supply to the Manas Transit Cente) in Kyrgyzstan, a logistics hub for US and NATO forces serving in Afghanistan

Obviously this was yet another cover-up and failed to carryout a proper  investigation and it became evident that President Bakiyev was deeply connected with the two British companies…….I would even hazard a guess that Tony Blair had something to do with this as he himself operates out of another London  boiler room known as the HQ for Arlington Associates  at 22 Arlington Street with many other highly suspect companies.

Just to rub salt in the wound this virtual company then came out with the following press release:

Mina Groupt press release 7th March 2012 “Mina Corp has successfully completed deliveries of jet fuel to the Manas Transit Center (MTC) in Kyrgyzstan under a United States Department of Defense contract.”

Do they think we are all dumb skulls? ……well yes some of our politicians most certainly are as they continue to hide the information we have passed to them………well to those that sit on their hands in the house….I can assure those illustrious MP’s that you would be lucky enough to even fill your lighter up with fuel from this massive scam!!

Let’s now pick up another article that was printed on the webpage of  EurasiaNet.org who are based in New York. This web is recognised internationally for its openness in revealing the truth which is exactly what this blog is all about….as my title implies “Bringing you the news no one else wants to bring you”

The headlines in the above were: ” Deconstructing Manas Fuel Suppliers Corporate Structures”

It went on to say:

Red Star Enterprises Ltd. and Mina Corp Ltd., companies that are now the subjects of a US congressional probe into potentially improper fuel contracting at the Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan, created an opaque financial structure across three business centers on two continents. Red Star is among the US Department of Defense’s top 100 contractors, and in the Defense Logistics Agency’s top 10 having won more than $1.069 billion in contracts. The Manas Transit Center, located in a suburb of the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, is a key logistics hub for the war effort in Afghanistan.

I find this extremely disturbing to know that once again our troops are dying in this highly illegal war who’s only purpose is to  helps fuel the wallets of the New World Order, the global elite and  certain members of our government. One must also add to this the other purpose which is to protect the massive opium crops that is so vital to NWO’s economical growth.

The report went on to say:

The National Security and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform initiated its probe into Manas fuel contracts on April 12, shortly after political upheaval in Bishkek caused the downfall of former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s administration.

Then the big crunch came when it said:

In London, Red Star and Mina Corp’s official address is a former public housing complex that now leases office space to a multitude of small-time companies, escort agencies and business advisory services. Red Star Enterprises registered in London with an address at 788-790 Finchley Road on January 27, 2004 and dissolved five years later on May 5, 2009.

You will remember the statement Gordon and I have made so many times “Cut and Burn” or “Abandon Ship” and this is a classic case of just that. You can rest assured that these fraudsters will only re emerge again in some other part of the world or even maybe back here in London and no one will stop them…..such is the level of fraud and corruption in this country and elsewhere

What I find extremely upsetting is the fact that the governments of the world crack down on protesters like we have seen here in London or in Greece with such brutal force and then ridicule them via their highly censored media as being an out of hand bunch of thugs or whatever.

The problem is that this unrest is what the NWO wants……..it helps them break down the infrastructure of such places as Greece or Italy and then allow their agent (The World Bank or IMF)  to take over the reins of that country and force even more austerity measures onto the multitudes of ordinary people who were not responsible for this forced and highly orchestrated collapse of their respective economies!!

It is so important for me to show the exact words as given by Eurasianet in order for you to see the magnitude of the probem……it also confirms some other locations that Gordon and I had previously uncovered that link into the City of London, Politicians and other third parties we have already exposed in past articles….the report continues:

Judd Fischer, an US citizen, was listed as a company director but resigned on January 1, 2005. On January 7, 2005, a Russian national, Konstantin Tron was named as a director. He resigned on January 20, 2006. Thereafter, a British consultant, Mary Stephen, is the only listed director of Red Star.

On June 3, 2005, Euroasian Capital Corporation, a Swiss entity, held one ordinary share worth one British pound.

On November 10, 2005 the shareholders were listed as Euroasian Capital Corporation with 499 shares, and Temple Secretaries Ltd., of 788-790 Finchley Rd, London, a business services company, also with 499 shares. As of January 31, 2006, Red Star’s “net assets” were declared to be 1,000 shares worth 1,000 British pounds, according to company documents filed with Companies House, the British government’s register of companies incorporated in England and Wales.

On January 15, 2007, another Companies House filing stated that Euroasian Capital Corporation had disposed of 500 shares and the shareholders were listed as Temple Secretaries Ltd., and the British Virgin Island-registered, Unified Energy Ventures.

A filing on Jan 27, 2008, lists Temple Secretaries Ltd., and Unified Energy Ventures as the shareholders with 500 shares each.

Mina Corp, of 788-790 Finchley Road, London, was incorporated on May 8, 2003, and remains active. Centrum Secretaries, of 788-790 Finchley Road, are listed as the company secretary and Mary Stephen was appointed director. On February 1, 2004, Iryna Tsenzharyk, a Ukrainian national, was appointed company secretary.

On March 15, 2007, Mary Stephens held 9,500 shares; Euroasian Capital Corporation held 10,000 shares and Iryna Tsenzharyk held two shares. According to abbreviated accounts filed for year ending May 31, 2008, the authorized share capital for the company was increased from 1,000 British pounds to 100,000 British pounds. Mina Corp’s “net current assets” were valued at 8,390 British pounds.

On May 9, 2009, the shareholders were listed as Mary Stephens with 10,000 shares and Unified Energy ventures with 10,000 shares. Euroasian Capital Corporation disposed of 500 shares on August 8, 2008. A total number of 20,002 shares were valued at 20,002 British pounds.

Euroasian Capital Corporation was until May 6, 2005, known as Mina Capital Corporation. It is registered in Switzerland. Paolo Corbi, a financier specializing in fund management and the structuring of Swiss corporate entities, is listed as the director. Euroasian Capital Corporation is involved in “trade and investment in Petroleum products and their derivatives, particularly in the countries of Europe and Asia,” as was Mina Capital Corporation which was incorporated on March 24, 2005.

Mina Corp and Red Star Enterprises also share registration at the same address in Gibraltar. Red Star has won Department of Defense fuel contracts with company registration in Toronto, Canada. In London, despite having official addresses at 788-790 Finchley Road, both Red Star and Mina Corp maintained offices at 20 Conduit Street.

Stephen MacSearraigh, an Irish citizen, and former director at Mina Corp, denied he had any current ties with the company when contacted by EurasiaNet.org late last year.

Chuck Squires, the director of operations of Red Star/Mina Corp declined to answer any questions from EurasiaNet.org on April 19 and referred all inquires to a Mina Corp email address.

According to contracting information from the US government’s Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), Mina Corp has 350 employees and annual revenue of $160 million. Red Star has 25 employees and annual revenue of $45 million.

You will note the references to Toronto and Gibraltar which are known to Gordon and I as being a safe haven for many such  “Boiler Rooms” with the City of London being the “Icing on the Cake.”

On the question of our credibility and to show that we have forensic evidence to prove our claims I would like to let you see a communication that has just be sent to another large organisation in France who is also investigating such scams. In this communication Gorden reveals more information for them  to add to their files and also gives reference to the fact that Gordon is currently helping another  French investigation team with their inquiries…..obviously the name of the organisation has been removed for obvious reasons…….here is that email:

Friday, 13 April, 2012 14:31

 From Gordon Bowden
To ID Withheld
Cc Peter Eyre
By way of a short intro.
I am an ex British Royal Air Force Engineer.
University Facilities Engineer
ex South African Ultra Depth Gold Mining Engineer.
Recruited In 1982 from the RAF by GOLD FIELDS OF SOUTH AFRICA. GFSA
My extended service career with the above has enabled me (for 10 years) to easily uncover the fake mining and Oil and Gas fraud front “Virtual” EXPLORATION companies operated by this interconnected network.
For accreditation, I have also been assisting the Investigative Contractor Company, covertly instructed by sections of  the AREVA BOD regarding the massive French AREVA Nuclear Fuel Company, defrauded out of $2.5 Billion in a worthless Namibian Mine fraud, URAMIN. I have should you wish to inspect, correspondences from the Company MD that congratulate me for my excellent assistance in providing forensic corporate details that are at this time being structured into a report for presentation for possible High Profile criminal Prosecutions.
It is good to communicate with others who have identified International Organised Crime networks and trust me you have, albeit on an Individual Family and their interlocked common Directorship Companies.
I read you are being harassed. After you understand the contents of this e-mail you can further protect yourself, family and corporate officers you represent by presenting the forensic details to your nearest Police Serious Fraud Squad Department and INTERPOL Offices.
You also need to understand WHO and HOW big the extended International network the FUCILLA family are running with.
First, the scale of the Criminal Fraud and Money Laundering they are involved in.
This Article covers the 2010 US Congressional probe into Phantom Aviation Fuel deliveries by contracted UK registered Companies to the MANAS Transit Centre in Kyrgyzstan host to US, Allied and UN Military Air Force and Army Forces.
The Article identifies further their registered Corporate addresses and Secretarial services.
Here lies the COMMON corporate relationships to the FUCILLA entities.
Initially you can provide the Authorities with this information on just one Company that should show COMMON association to further a Police / Criminal investigation and Investigative Journalist Editorial coverage. This expands the protective screen to yourself and those you operate for in (Name withheld) Group.
You also have to understand, FUCILLA, his direct family and his “Musical Chairs” Director associates are experts in listing corporate Entities using many variations of their names, like MR, Miss, “missing or adding Middle names and titles like DR, LORD, SIR, RT HON that further provide a “Smoke & Mirrors” ability to hide all their listed Companies.
Here is one simple detailed recovery for interlocked Companies affiliated to the US Congressional probe.
Company 05497670
Registered Address: The COMMON Interlock to many internet references of Criminal Corporate Fraud, money laundering and International Scams.
However, WHARF RESOURCES PLC have 51 filed Companies House Corporate Documents.
It is these that offer a detailed insight to the migration route, administration, Directorship change interlocks, “G” Office Changes and founding Capital, worth, and “Birth” registration details of the Company.
WHARF RESOURCES PLC is affiliated to and interlocked with KAPPA OIL SERVICES in France ( I have the full Details)
This is the “EVIDENCE” that cannot be refuted, it is forensic legal evidence, that can be presented for Police/ Criminal Prosecution evidence and accreditation of Company Management, Financial Administration and accountability.
So, from evidence recorded within those 51 filed Documents, it is recorded: on 20 th October 2008
The administrative Corporate Directors of WHARF RESOURCES PLC terminated the Listed Secretaries:
Within my 7 years of Dossiers: They are fronted by, among others:
These in turn front
also changed their “G” Office from yet another known “Boiler Room” Suite office:
The recorded front “Boiler Room”
788 – 790 FINCHLEY ROAD       (as you will read from the URL Reference above)
NW11 7TJ
In an effort to reverse the threats made to yourself and your group, I recommend you forward this e-mail and or sections to the Police Authorities and Cc all those from whom you have received Phone Calls or e-mails of threat.
I think you will find that many RATS will start to “Abandon Ship”
The above is but one small example, I have EVERY Corporate Document of Every Company they are or have operated, Trust me, they should all contemplate long custodial sentences in MANY Countries.
Should you want more, just ask.
Kind Regards
Gordon Bowden
His email then attracted yet another inquiry from France as follows:
From: ID Hidden
To: Gordon Bowden
Cc: Peter Eyre 
Sent: Friday, 13 April 2012, 19:34

Hi Gordon and Peter, thanks for your help on this. Would it be possible to have access to those 51 filed documents showing that WHARF RESOURCES PLC is affiliated to and interlocked with KAPPA OIL SERVICES in France?

Given that we are in France, can link the companies owned/directed by Fucilla et al. directly to the main University in Toulouse, and have already begun proceedings with the public prosecutor in Paris, it would be useful to have anything you have on the French side of their operations, since I presume you are already doing all you can from the UK.

The name of the person associated repeatedly with the Fucilla et al. companies and who appears to be their biggest financial donor (other than the scammed investors) is Bruno Denantes. Have you come across this name? He is allegedly a big oil veteran (Total) going back decades and is the alleged owner of a company by the name of DNI Srl based in Paris.

Best wishes

ID Hidden

Needles to say this was a relatively easy request for Gordon who has a mountain of such evidence that he has accumulated over a period of around 10 years…..he reply was as follows: 
Saturday, 14 April, 2012 10:09
From: Gordon Bowden
To ID Hidden
Cc Peter Eyre
Re: Robert T Joseph Fucilla Bruno Denantes Wharf Resources Yellow Energy 

 Message contains attachments
6 Files (3336KB) |
Hi ID Hidden
Yes, as I said, for me it’s simple & easy, they are all like peas in the same pod.
Yes, of course, you mean.
Joe, Lets try and keep this simple, it works like this:
To steal £millions, that’s the easy part, the hard part is hiding the theft and laundering the loot.
They try, with the aid of “Boiler Room” experts, complicit Accountants and Auditors to generate a maze of “Smoke and Mirrors” dummy cash shells, fronted mostly out of criminal network “virtual” Offices Businesses, Post Box drop addresses, shared suites in Large City “Posh” area’s, dingy residential flats, or blocks of Flats.
I have the Dossier records on most of those COMMON addresses, accountants and Auditors, built up over 10 years and then I interlock the routing, EASY !
(2)  I have included for you, 2 sets of attachment.
1 a (RNS Press release) that relates to a COMMON Director interlock “Musical Chairs” Company YELLOW ENERGY
and COMMON interlock Director ADRIAN JOHN EYRE with the rest of the CRIMINAL GANG
The second set of attachments, in 2 sections regarding WHARF ENERGY PLC
Section 1    2 pages which outline the Company registration, latest address, latest list of Company Directors
Section 2    5 pages, the skeleton of the 51 Corporate Company filed Documents to Companies House.
These are the important archive overview of the transition, addition or resignation of Company Directors, record of movement from administrative Company Addresses, de-list, Rename, Dormant or liquidation details.
So, the COMMON Modus Operandi of this group operate. When you want to Divi up (Share out)  the stolen Cash assets, Company Bank loans, Private Investors Shareholdings of the Registered Fake, Fraud Oil & Gas, Mining Company they move it to those same Companies they are also Directors off, Simple.
It is clear.
Looking at the 1st attachment, you will identify they are ALL COMMON with the same bunch of conspiring Directors.
They then conspire to launder £Millions out of their Interlocked Companies under the guise of “LOANS” for “EXPLORATION DRILLING Programmes or Joint Venture Costs, Write – Offsor the Purchase of Worthless Assets, that when researched are nothing more than piles of junk, or mineral Claims rights bought for a few dollars in the middle of no-where and actually owned by themselves.
I hope this helps you understand what you are dealing with, how to further confront, expose and bring to justice those who are nothing more, nothing less than Thieving Scum.
Ask and I will provide whatever assistance I can.
Once again you can see the fine efforts being made by Gordon and believe me we are only just touching the surface…….. needless to say we will  have to write yet another article about other very special none existent corporate empire that abide in the good old London Borough of Barnet!!
No doubt we will turn up many more Shylocks in the Golders Green area to add to “Slime and Grime” that is pushing this country down the preverbiable  toilets!!
I thought I would also let you know that our police force will be taking to the streets of  London on the 10th of May 2012 in protest at the cutbacks being made within the force. I have sent the Police Federation the following email in the hope that it will help them understand as to why they are in this terrible position of cutbacks etc…..here is that email:
Friday, 13 April, 2012 
From Peter Eyre
To  All Representatives of the Police Federation (list withheld)
Cc Gordon Bowden
Re March in London – 10th May 2012  

Police Cutbacks


My name is Peter Eyre and I am a Middle East Consultant and Political Analysis.


I suppose one could also call me and Investigative Journalist and Independent Activist.  


I carry out extensive media work – TV, radio, write articles and have my own blog etc.


Historically I once acted as an advisor to a political candidate with an emphasis on the demise of the police infrastructure and procedures, administration, changes to the way crime was being reported, police numbers ie cutbacks and to some degree the replacement of those serving members by PCSO’s  and the added news that they want to make them into operational beat officers etc and all the associated difficulties in the implementation of same.

I have in the past served in the military and spent much time in a training role and also worked at NATO HQ collecting Intelligence. After this I  worked in senior management roles in many industries and  also worked within the force overseas at a major HQ in a sort of regional coordinators role and so had my own hands on experience with police and the control systems etc.

During my time in the above I have attended many Police Authority meetings in Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire as an observer, interviewed many police officers  on the beat to get their gut feelings about the demise of the force and more importantly spoken with many members of the Police Federation and also long standing ex members now retired.

What came out of all of this experience was one very clear message that the force was under tremendous manipulation and interference by politicians and also that internal promotions were being handed out for political reasons and not based on merit or seniority of existing members etc etc.

However to put things into perspective and associate of mine has uncovered massive fraud in this country that basically has created the current economic downturn and continues to do so……the net result being cut backs in the public sector and the demise of the force etc.

Over the past year or so I have been particularly concerned at the ever rising cost of  living ie accommodation, fuel cost, parking co, public transport cost, heating (gas, electricity, water)  and the hike in all commodities. Lastly there is the question of the amount of students that can enter University and will it become a question of only the rich obtaining such education.

It is also apparent that a secondary financial tsunami is on the horizon that will have an even greater impact on the UK and EU resulting in even more austerity measures and cut backs.

Myself and my associate have been investigating massive fraud/corruption and tax evasion around the world with a particular focus on the UK.

I can assure you that the above amounts to billions if not trillions of pounds that has been going on in the past and continues to this very day, despite the appearance that the Government say it is not their fault.

The problem is on such a vast scale it is now almost impossible to weed out who is involved but I can assure you that we know most of the offenders and it involves many many senior corporate executives, senior bank executives and more importantly very senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords.

It is of my own opinion that the financial woes of this country can be immediately turned around if only the Serious Fraud Office, the Police and Politicians did their job correctly….having said that one cannot blame the police totally as financial constraints have made it almost impossible for the police to have the resources to carry out such work in the first place.

The extent of this massive fraud, how it all works and the interconnecting webs associated with this fraud has been passed on to the above but to little avail. The same applies to all the MP’s and senior union officials who have also been advised and ignored, despite forensic evidence being available etc..

You may ask why am I writing to you?…….I think it is obvious…..Your members are totally frustrated and extremely p….. off and soon you will be taking to the streets in your own protest but does the Police Federation and its members fully understand the cause of the financial decline and do they understand that it all can be avoided…….even under  the implementation of the “Proceeds of Crime Act one could recover vast sums of money!!

It will not be too long before the UK follows the fate of the rest of Europe ie the collapse of Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and possibly more to follow……once again this is not a naturally occurring event.

Obviously if my assumptions are correct once again the students, pensioners and the underprivileged will be the victims of this self made “Toxic Debt” and needless to say the public sector will be once again severely hit with cut backs and job losses etc.

My challenge to you all is to “throw down the gauntlet” and allow my associate and I to give you a full briefing by way of a talk/Power Point Presentation followed by Q&A etc.

I would suggest the best way of doing this is to hire a hall and openly invite as many Police Federation members as possible and allow us to prove to you all what is behind the face of politics and how this can all be turned around very quickly by correctly implementing existing laws.

Alternatively my associate and I would be prepared to address your members at the March in London.

I have not been able to email everyone as only phone contacts are available in some cases. However, I am sure if you feel there is something worthwhile in my email that could enhance your cause then no doubt you would communicate to all your members accordingly  

So there you have it, I look forward to not only receiving your acknowledgement of this email but more importantly your response.


Kind Regards    Peter Eyre 13/4/2012

As you know I have a wicked sense of humour and would ask you all to watch this protest march in London on the 10th of March 2012 and see if they will be “Kettled In” by the usual heavy handed members who caused so much trauma for the ordinary people who have the same “Gripe” as themselves…………I will watch this aspect with great interest……as they say “What is good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.”

Stay tuned for yet another awe inspiring article in the not too distance future with some equally tasty bits for you to feed on!!

Oh  forgot to mention this article will also be passed to the Lib Dems and others in opposition just to rub some more salt in their very exposed wounds!!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant –   14/4/2012

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  4. Now that George Galloway is an MP can’t he help do something to expose this corruption and fraud? You both work for PRESS TV can they help get all this great information out there?


    April 17, 2012 at 15:58

    • I appreciate your comments but I do not work hand in hand with politicians as this leads to many other complications about you being aligned with one specific party etc and in some case those that you thought you can trust also have some hidden agenda. Thanks anyway

      Peter Eyre

      April 17, 2012 at 16:05

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  6. We notice that an Adrian John Eyre is closely involved with Fucilla & Co. Any relation?


    September 7, 2012 at 17:04

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