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Fraudulent Prime Minster starts up “The Big Society Fund” – would you invest?

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 Come on dear David your run in office is over, simply give up and leave with grace and cut out this  bullshit otherwise you will end up just like your mother mentor Maggie Thatcher….up the creek without a paddle!

So here we go again with yet another “Rip you off” idea from a Prime Minister who has clearly lost his marbles and is frantically hanging on to his future existence!

 David Cameron has said a new £600 million Big Society fund would be used to help tackle the country’s “deepest social problems”.

Does this man live on this planet?

Is he aware that deep social problems are caused by very high unemployment and the austerity measure that his government have implemented is simply adding to the problem?

Or I could say that this trend was started by New Labour (under ex PM Gordon Brown) when he sold our country to the European Union at the Lisbon Treaty and then gave most of the Bank of England gold bullion to the EU at below cost price!!

It reminds me when I attended a meeting to form a group that would help unemployed people better understand their rights and wrongs in relation to what they were entitled too and to act as a sort of shoulder to cry on! On reflection I realise that such a system is already in place – It’s called the Citizens Advice Bureau and the various Government Social Care departments…….it became apparent to me that this was purely a sort of political footballs that was being used to promote the local Labour MP in conjunction with the various unions and had nothing at all to do with the more compassionate of genuinely helping those unemployed, on low income or medically handicapped in some way.

So what is this new gimmick all about?

The Prime Minister claimed the money would help “smash away” the “patronising assumption” that small charities cannot do big things.

Oh ok so now we know it’s a piggy bank for the many charities around the UK to apply for funds…….but hang on doesn’t that system exist already and doesn’t the European Union also release funds to local government to use for such project?

One fund that comes to mind was funded by the EU and allowed small tranches to be given to various projects to improve social cohesion and help east social problems……it just so happened that the fund was (as one would expect) laced with fraud.

It basically allowed developer to buy run down properties, at give away prices, renovate and rejuvenate the deprived areas and then having spruced up these large houses and subdivided them into very small flats created an even worse social ghetto than before. Then they put their newly renovated houses onto the market to reap in huge profits at the expense of the tax payer!

It was over a year ago when David Cameron set out details of how a Big Society Bank would fund voluntary projects. It was around this time that he made a big push to get people working in the voluntary sector…….naturally he would because they do the work that some government department do and at the same time the volunteers are not paid. He went on to say “We do need a social recovery to mend the broken society and to me, that’s what the Big Society is all about.”………..so what about your more than severe austerity measures that have gripped this nation and caused much more hardship and poverty……..is that your interpretation of mending a broken society?

His parting words on this particular day were:  “What this is all about is giving people more power and control to improve their lives and communities.” Ok David let’s just hold it there for one moment…….did you say more power and control?…….I thought that you had taken control of our lives with the increase in surveillance and now the snooping of our emails etc……It now appears that you will have the power and the control don’t you think?…..maybe he meant building a “Big Empire” based on his mentor mother, Maggie Thatcher who really knew how to screw up this country.

It is very clear that these government cutbacks would allow small charities to take over some of the government’s role with a voluntary workforce. No doubt the unions are getting wise to his tactics by now……having said that however I have emailed most of the unions about the massive fraud at MP level and they do not appeared to be interested.

Before being too critical we have to look at the foundation of this “Big Society” dream by David Cameron and see the infrastructures that are behind this “Big Society Fund.

This idea first hit the headlines back in 2010 and was the flagship in the Conservative Party Manifesto and it is backed by both Conservative and Lib Dems. We must also remember that the main thrust of David’s dream is to “’to take power away from politicians and give it to people’…..come on guys do you really believe this crap?

We have the “Big Society Network – Big Society Capital – Big Society Bank – Big Society Fund” what does all this mean apart from smothering you with verbal diarrhea and not being able to figure out what it is all about……….just like all government paperwork hey?

We begin to see something emerge from all of this confusion and it became clear that this was clearly a handover of existing government departments to the private sector, otherwise known as privatization a typical form of “Thatcher Style neo-liberalism” that our dear David loves so much (including Thatcher herself). Basically it involved handing over up to 25% of public service contracts to the private and voluntary sector.

Soon after the formation of his “Big Society” one could clearly see that naturally it made sense from the governments perspective to allow normal government work to be sub contracted out to the voluntary NGO’s as volunteers do not require salaries…….wow oh wow……starting to get the picture?………there is another name for this its called “Slave Labour.”

I personally am not sold on this idea and believe it to be a very well planned and highly suspect conniving scheme that will take away paid public sector jobs and hand it over to unpaid volunteers…….so my question would be how can this improve social cohesion when it takes away the livelihood of civil servants and puts them out of work and possibly out of home…….hence more social problems don’t you think?

What I find incredible is the mastermind behind this scheme was Nat Wei who is now Baron Wei the youngest member of the House of Lords at the tender age of only 35. Don’t you find it incredible that we keep seeing these titles being handed out by both parties and most of the time it goes to those that have either done something terribly wrong, know too much or who have become masters at ripping someone off. I guess by now you have to realize that in addition to the above four “Big Societies” we now have a fifth which is the Shaftesbury Partnership……….confused yet?…….don’t be as there is more to come!!

The brainchild behind this “Big Society” worked closely with Francis Maude MP and Nick Hurd MP. It was also our Prime Minister that Wei would be appointed a life peer. In order for Wei to take up his new position in the House of Lord’s he had to relinquish his involvement with Shaftesbury Partnership –  ACT Network  Charity – ARK – Big Society Network.


Lord Wei in his own words said his voluntary work is getting in the way of him having a life. However, I believe that this has now been substituted by his involvement in the “Big Society Corporate Sector” which has the potential to take up even more of his time but for a much higher reward!

Wei stepped down as Government Advisor on the 24th May 2011 to take up an apparent voluntary role with Community Foundation Network to help drive his brainchild into the community…….I am not saying here that something is wrong but why would a guy who came from nowhere, take up a major role in the above organization, become a life peer suddenly dump everything and become a volunteer……..or did he?

It also so happened that this same year he visited China and made the following statement- “of particular personal interest to me as a British citizen with a Chinese background: how Chinese companies as they globalise could build businesses and brands with partners in places like the UK that are more environmentally and socially conscious.”

What I find interesting is that this also shows similar trends as our ex PM Tony Blair who is pushing his so called charity around Africa via his private sector company…….to me the two should always remain separate as one can benefit from the huge funds available from sources such as the DFID, the EU or even the UN and can lead to fraudulent ways……..I am not saying this is the case for Lord Wei but a person involved in the voluntary/charity sector should not be involved in helping Chinese companies establish themselves in the UK.

Suddenly we then see a dramatic change from being a super duper charity minded individual who volunteered his services free of charge (and being rewarded as a life peer) into becoming a possible corporate mogul!

In June 2011, Lord Wei was elected as the Treasurer to the Chinese in Britain APPG and joined the All Party Parliamentary China Group.

In September 2011, Lord Wei was elected as the Chairman of theAll-Party Parliamentary Group for East Asian Business.

Boy of boy what a turn around hey? 

Up to the current time this group has been more than hyper-active and we were to see the following headlines on March 9, 2012: CKGSB to Serve as Secretariat to Newly-Formed United Kingdom Parliamentary Group for East Asian Business – A newly-formed All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for East Asian Business was launched last Wednesday in London’s Houses of Parliament by international leaders from government, industry and academia. The purpose of the group is to facilitate the development of relations between businesses in East Asia and the United Kingdom. It will do this by bringing together members of the UK House of Commons and House of Lords with executive leaders, entrepreneurs and related interest groups

Presiding over the February 29 launch event were: Lord Green, the Minister of Trade and Investment to the United Kingdom; Lord Wei, Chairman of the APPG for East Asian Business; Simon Henry, Chief Financial Officer of Royal Dutch Shell and Xiang Bing, Founding Dean of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB).

By now my mind is in overdrive when I see how such a simple Cameron “Big Society Idea” suddenly became a highly complex and very sophisticated corporate venture with direct access into both Houses of Parliament that could and probably will lead to yet another job for the boys with all of its associated offshore fraud, corruption and tax evasion!

The China-based CKGSB is acting as the Secretariat to the APPG for East Asian Business. The school’s main campus in Beijing and European headquarters in London will provide administrative support and advice to the officers of the group as they develop its programme of activities…………..interesting hey what?…… “What activities Sherlock Holmes asked Watson”……..ok did I read right that the Chinese group will be heading this blend of so called “Government Charity and Corporate Sector Development”?

Lord Risby and CKGSB Head Dean Xiang Bing 

CKGSB is China’s first non-profit, independent business school with a  mission to generate world-class insights on management theory and practice, and to develop business leaders for a new era of global business in China and beyond………certainly a “Big Society” !!

It should be noted some of the big names that were present for this “Charitable Occasion”?  Royal Dutch Shell CEO Simon Henry,  Lord Risby of the UK House of Lords, John Flint CEO of Global Asset Management at HSBC, Fenella Barber Director China-Britain Business Council, Robert Guy Executive Director Hong Kong Society, Ke Hua General Manager of the Bank of Taiwan, Joelle du Lac, Director of External Affairs at Cambridge Judge Business School and many other high profile people too numerous to mention.

I sincerely hope that Lord Wei does shape up to be what he first set out to be, a devoted charitable man and he certainly has  a very strong Christian background so one would hope he’s doing the right thing……..I am sure that my associate Gordon Bowden will soon find any flaws that exist in all of the above.

Ok so back to the “Big Society”……..lets kick off with the Shaftesbury Partnership…..who are they?……..there punch line is “to create and inspire trailblazing social reforms,”

The partnership has grown to have an income of over £ 5mn in 2011, employing over 60 staff and working with over 3,000 young people this summer. It continues to be the largest provider to the government’s National Citizen Service. 

Shaftesbury Partnership say they work across sectors, from the Royal Bank of Scotland to the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities, and from NESTA to Johnson. No doubt Gordon Bowden would have something to say as soon as the Royal Bank of Scotland appears on his “Radar Screen.”

Now we come to the Big Society Network which has many punch lines one being: “We are an incubator, connector and an innovator, discovering new ways for society to engage, communicate and share.”….ok so it sounds pretty impressive but does it relate to the grass root “Big Society Idea” that Cameron first launched with an emphasis “to help tackle the country’s “deepest social problems” and “”smash away” the “patronising assumption” that small charities cannot do big things” “to get people working in the voluntary sector” and “We do need a social recovery to mend the broken society and to me, that’s what the Big Society is all about.”……..are you sure about that Mr. Prime Minister?…….it appears to have swung around to a massive corporate sector joint venture between China and the UK!

“Now let me see who can I take out next? – Will it be Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Yemen, Somalia or my old mate Sudan……..must consult my Zionist funders…..somehow I think it will be Iran but maybe I have to wait until after Barak’s run for a second term in the White House…..Damn it I need a war to uplift my current popularity……..I remember my mum Maggie doing this in the Falklands but she failed so I have to create a really impressive “False Flag” to motivate the dumb f…… sheep in this country” !!

The Big Society Network appears to be genuine in many respects but underneath I can see a huge lean towards entrepreneurship leading into the corporate or business sectors and may certainly not touch base with the socially deprived or those they consider to be social outcasts…….again it is possible to see such a project be abused but that is not for me to say…… their new partnership with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks one would hope its on the straight and level ….again I am sure if something is amiss Gordon Bowden will pick it up.

Now we have the “Big Society Capital” …..wow this is certainly starting to becoming mind blowing…..why didn’t they just stick to one large organization call “The Big Society” or whatever……….its certainly showing signs that whatever money is made available to support this “Big Society Idea” its certainly going to be siphoned off into administration costs to support this “Cameron Nest Egg” or should that read “Cameron’s Golden Egg”?……I thought the whole purpose of  this highly publicised event was to get this money where it was most needed i.e. small charities to help the socially deprived or whatever?

The Big Society Capital’s punch lines are “to develop a strong, diverse and sustainable social investment market in the UK.” “we enable organisations tackling social issues to grow by encouraging investments made for social as well as financial return……not sure what exactly it means for financial returns, however to move on “intensive support in schools to deliver the best future for deprived children.”

The best punch line came from the Chair of the group, Sir Ronald Cohen (yes yet another knighted gentleman) – “Social investment empowers social entrepreneurs to help those whom our society leaves behind.”……..pretty powerful emotional stuff don’t you think?

Ok so by now you are hoping that we have heard all about the massive “Big Society Infrastructure” and that’s it……sorry folks there is more…….as they say the “Empire Strikes Back”……..we have to show you the entire structure and who is in bed with them:

The Big Society Trust

The Big Society Capital Ltd

The Big Society Foundation

Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group and RBS, collectively known as the ‘Merlin’ banks, also hold shares in Big Society Capital Ltd.

No doubt by now you are ready to carry out Japanese “Hari Kari”…….I think I must stop at this point otherwise I will have no readers left!!

Sorry I forget to ask you have you heard about the “Big Society Bank”…….don’t worry I am not going to spring that one on you but I can tell you that its funding will be made up of between £60 to £100 million of unclaimed assets…….. The Co-operative Bank, which is administering the process of reclaiming money from dormant accounts, had estimated that the bank is likely to have obtained only £60m to £100m of unclaimed assets by April.

What this term unclaimed assets means is left to the imagination, obviously someone else’s money that has not been claimed…….one would hope this does not include money that little old pensioners have forgotten to claim for or who don’t know how to claim etc…..sorry just had to throw that one in!!

More money for the “Very Big Society”


So by now you should now have the “Big Picture about the Big Society” and you could well be impressed?……….. but is their some hidden agenda that stirs up your suspicion as this possibly being a “Giant Ponzi Scheme” or could it be simply a case of “Rob Peter to pay Paul”?……..I take exception if that is the case as my name is Peter!!!

Now doubt over the coming days Gordon Bowden will investigate this vast empire and let us know……..wouldn’t it be a scoop if he confirms that something is rather strange about this newly formed empire and yet again opens up another large can of worms……time will tell. What if this is simply a Cameron move to get his hands on non government money…..after all he his highly trained into diverting money as we have learnt from:

Hansard June 22nd 1993 starting from Column 197 re £17.8 million being placed into the Conservative Party Account by an unknown sponsor relating to a deliberate fraud contrived  by the Conservative Party to overcharge the Treasury in the covert purchase in 1990 of 3 ex stock – Armscor,  Palindaba 3 X 20kt ” Battlefield Ready” – Gravity Dropped – Nuclear Bombs. as so ordered on a UOR authorised by the DTI and requested from Astra Holdings to Armscor, South Africa and signed by Margaret Thatcher on her last day in office and over signed by Sir Ken Warren (who was also accompanied on this sanctions breaking trip by the current PM David Cameron who was then 24 years of age). This covert operation was overseen by and under the watch of Dr. David Kelly.

In more recent times David Cameron with his partners in crime Barak Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy managed to take all the overseas assets from Gaddafi during the war with Libya…..such a talented gifted fraudulent moron don’t you think?

I have a gut feeling once again that all of this has a strong Zionist link that could well lead back to the “Axis of Evil” – being the Rothschild’s and the City of London….I will leave that to Gordon to investigate.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant –   5/4/2012

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