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Cameron again shows his “True British Grit” towards the Falklands

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The Three Musketeers – See Nothing – Hear Nothing – Do Nothing  for this country!!

Let me ask you all one simply question… “Haven’t you all had enough of  this warmongery bullshit” ?

We now see the passing of yet another war to remember – The Falklands War” – which despite our so called victory we also took a beating from the superb airmanship of the Argentinean pilots.

What I found remarkable was that we put our Royal Navy in harms way by boxing them into a small channel with little opportunity to fight their way out…….that was assuming they had enough notice anyway. The Argentinian airmen were relentless in their attack and took out many British vessel with remarkable ease.

For my part I have never agreed with the actions taken out by Britain of late and indeed the fight for the Malvinas  or Falkland Islands was no exception. I vividly remember visiting a dear man in Portsmouth who’s son was on-board HMS Sheffield. His son proudly took me around this very high tech warship ages before he knew they would become implicated in this senseless war.

HMS Coventry

Despite our technology and firepower we still got our arses kicked!!

The toll would have been much higher had some of the bombs gone off when they hit their targets and if that had been the case the outcome would have been reversed. Remember that the Argentinian pilots were having to fly much longer distances to reach their targets. If it had not have been for the Sea Harriers we would certainly have lost the war. The powers that be have since cancelled out the carriers for the time being and they have also cancelled the Harrier………makes you think what minds are running this country.  It is evident that Mr.Cameron and his Minister of Defence are dumber than dumb to say the least!!!  

The ship was called to duty and sailed down to the islands for what was to be the end of this ships young life. The madness of war quickly revealed that when you go up against any other country you are more than likely to incur heavy losses at the mercy of the weapons that were sold to your enemy by your allies…….yes folks HMS Sheffield was attacked by those gallant Argentinian airmen, who managed to penetrate all the firepower that our navy could provide and sent a French Exocett Missile into the side of her and soon she was gone with the loss of the dear young man who had taken me around the ship in Portsmouth……many other ships were also legitimately attacked as they were within the assigned “British Exclusion Zone)……such is war.

During this war another very controversial attack took place outside of the British Exclusion Zone as shown below:

Now we have yet another cat and mouse game going on between those two  ” British Warmonger” – David Cameron and William Haigh and that dear beautiful Argentinian President  – Cristina Elisabet Fernandez de Kirchner. One can clearly see that this smart lady has more brains than these two pompous British politicians put together.

Bueno, mi querido David y William – Así que usted piensa que el conflicto que viene va a ser fácil? – Sólo pido a mis amigos alrededor de América Latina – Oh, me olvidé que usted no tiene amigos ¿verdad?

(Translated means – Well my dear David and William – So you think the next conflict is going to be easy? – Just ask my friends around Latin America – Oh I forgot you don’t have any friends do you?)

Let’s take a moment to look at the “British Censored Media” comments on these remote islands and the absolute “Bullshit” that is coming out of the mouths of these two gentlemen. It is clear that David Cameron has some other hidden agenda in relation to these islands that form part of his massive ongoing fraud and deception which I will cover later.

As one would expect our leader puts on the usual act of bravado and compassion when it comes to remembering this event 30 years on……one can almost see him in his bathroom practicing that remorseful look when he remembers the loss of those killed or the handkerchief that remains on standby should a tear appear in the corner of his eye, which would be a miracle to say the least. Some of the media printed the following on the Falklands anniversary:

Cameron repeats self determination pledge – 

David Cameron is to mark the 30th anniversary of the invasion of the Falklands with a reaffirmation of Britain’s determination to uphold the islanders’ right to determine their own future.

Three decades after Argentinian troops seized the islands’ capital, Port Stanley, Cameron paid tribute to the task force sent by Margaret Thatcher to take them back…….note the emphasis to the Iron Lady who wrecked this country with her Neo Liberalism Policy – whereby the  “Rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer.”

Can you see how the media gets  a preemptive briefing prior to the actual even…… propaganda at its best wouldn’t you say? “We are rightly proud of the role Britain played in righting a profound wrong. And the people of the Falkland Islands can be justly proud of the prosperous and secure future they have built for their islands since 1982.”

Cameron went on to say – “Britain remains staunchly committed to upholding the right of the Falkland Islanders, and of the Falkland Islanders alone, to determine their own future.”

When it came to the day of remembrance he turned on the compassion once again with the following headlines:   

Falklands 30 year anniversary: David Cameron: “Argentina’s invasion ‘a profound wrong.”

This particular article once again gave reference to the oil finds in the islands when it stated: 

The island’s oil reserves, which remain untapped until now but which analysts predict could be worth tens of billions of dollars, have been a major source of tension between the countries since their discovery in 1998.

Argentina has also accused Britain of militarising the seas around the islands, and was infuriated when London allowed oil exploration to start in the surrounding waters in 2010.

Ok so I am going to just hold it there for one moment because this is where David Cameron applies his own hidden agenda into the equation. I have written many articles on this man’s thirst for his own pocket and his parties, especially his fraudulent trip to India last year in an attempt to twist the arm of the Prime Minister of India into accepting an extremely fraudulent deal between Cairn Energy – Vedanta (two British companies) and their subsideries in India amounting to around $9.8 billion and also that equally fraudulent deal for Vodafone.

In the case of the Falkland Islands he’s at the same old game again in promoting private sector development of these so called massive oil finds in the deep south but what the media is not telling the public is that this is yet another scam involving virtual oil companies or shell companies that with the help of our dear PM get maximum publicity for there highly fictitious and newly found potential oil reserves!!! 

David Cameron paid a trip to the US recently and now the Americans are looking at this so called massive find in the Falkands with the following statement:

 An American energy giant with links to the Pentagon is poised to spend at least £1billion on the British oil rush in the Falklands. 

A deal would transform the political stand-off between Downing Street and Argentina over the future of the islands.

Four executives from the Houston-based Anadarko flew to Port Stanley last week to meet with Rockhopper, a UK explorer that’s struck 700 million barrels of “black gold” off the Falklands’ north coast.

The private jet landed Wednesday and parked at the military airbase.

Sources claim Anadarko made a provisional offer to invest in Rockhopper’s mammoth discovery and develop it.

One told The Sun: “A deal has been tabled.

“Anadarko has got approval to do this from the highest levels in the US.

“And they’ve been reassured the British will stand by the islands.”

The US giant’s board of directors include Kevin Chilton – a former commander of US Strategic Command. Another, Preston M “Pete” Geren III, was in the US Department of Defence for much of the last decade.

If the deal goes ahead, American involvement would be a hammer blow to Argentina, a huge coup for David Cameron and change the lives of the Falklands’ 3,000 islanders.

Can you now understand how the UK and the US deceive us with this huge scam by telling the British people about these false finds and very carefully pull the US into the UK – Argentina argument.

As my dear friend and fraud investigator Gordon Bowden would say “Its all about Oil and Gas and the mining of a derelict pile of useless shite or to appear to be  drilling for that invisible massive oil field that simple does not exist” !!!!

With the help of dear David the share price goes up and the companies involved rake in even more “Dumb Investors” who are willing to part with billions of dollars of  “Risk Capital” or should I say “Very High Risk capital that simply disappears into thin air the moment they part with their money!!  

Some of the companies involved are Rockhopper, Desire Petroleum and Falkands Oil and Gas…….sounds pretty impress hey?……..what a load of bollocks is what Gordon would say……virtual companies with many directors and many politicians siphoning off billions if not trillions of pounds  and with equally as high figures in tax evasion.

It is such events and our thirst for continuous wars that has made our country into what it is today – heavily in debt, loss of high tech companies to Europe or other overseas locations, massive cutbacks, loss of jobs resulting in loss of homes and massive cut backs in the public sector with very little in return for the high price we are all now paying…………for my part I would say “you can stick the EU right up your New World Order Bum.”

In actual fact we should not be paying anything because if our Serious Fraud Office and Police did their job correctly – under the proceeds of crime – we could recover all of this money, their very expensive house and luxury cars and pop it all back into the government coffers and not into the back pocket of such people as David Cameron or even Lord Michael Howard and so many others who spread their greed throughout the bowels of Westminster!!

So back to the Falkand stand off:

We are looking down the barrel of something that could turn out into an action that would far surpass that action that occurred 30 years ago…….then it was only Argentina but this time that lovely lady in Buenos Aries has gained the support of almost all the major countries in South America, including one of the richest nations in the world, that of Brazil. I guess my words to the PM, the British Government and to the people of this country watch out because if it happens you are again going to incur heavy losses. I have just returned from 3 months in Latin American and they are not only totally united they are also backing up Iran, especially after his recent visit whilst I was there……..we really do need to pull our heads back in….stop these wars and bring our soldiers home where they belong.

Do we really want our country to embark on yet another conflict not to forget the current stand off with Syria and Iran which believe it or not also would involve Lebanon and Palestine etc……..how can we the British public sit on our arses and allow these New World Order puppets to wage war whilst at the same time committing acts of fraud to line their own pockets?

Do you want these bombastic politicians to send our much smaller military to the slaughter in some far away location and also understand that we no longer have a carrier to support them or the superior jump jets that claimed that victor. Come on you blind sheep wake up and see them for what they really are (or at least what many are), a pile of self important selfish war mongers who are also highly fraudulent in both houses in Westminster….not to forget those who are also Freemasons with links to paedophilia….such people as that pitiful pervert, Lord Robinson (the ex Head of NATO) who had his finger in the “Dunblame School Massacre Pie” when all those poor innocent children perished at the gun of a paeodphile and who was aided on his evil mission by the person who helped him gain a gun licence….yes folks again Lord Robinson who has now managed to put a lid on any investigation for at least 100 years…..obviously he will be long gone by then,,,,,makes the soul shudder hey?

So back to the current time and this over the horizon potential conflict:

We now see that the headlines have changed for the worse with the following news:

Rioters Attack British Embassy In Buenos Aires

Demonstrators have attacked the British embassy compound in Buenos Aires on the 30th anniversary of the 1982 Falklands War.

Riot officers forced them back before some demonstrators launched missiles and flares at police, who returned fire with rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas.

In the minutes prior to the attack, extremists had set fire to a Union Jack flag and an effigy of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Speaking to Sky News Online, Quebracho leader Fernando Esteche, said: “The burning of the flag and effigy symbolised our disgust at this British invasion of our national territory.

“This includes Britain’s monarchy, which is directly responsible.”

As we all know by now that our Government drafted Prince William down in the Falklands as a sort of slap in the face towards Argentina….such is the arrogance of our deeply flawed foreign policy.

One Argentinian veteran put everything into true perspective when he said “We will never give up our land. These islands belong to Argentina and always will,” 

Then we had the reaction from our illustrius gevernment: “ UK condemns Falklands protesters”

The Government has condemned violent protesters who attacked the British Embassy in Argentinian capital Buenos Aires on the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War. 

The violence came after Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner stoked the diplomatic battle between Buenos Aires and London by describing the UK’s control over the Falkland Islands as unjust.

However, David Cameron said he remained committed to upholding British sovereignty over the territory and insisted that the islanders must be allowed to choose their nationality status.

The report went on to say – Argentina’s complaints – including to the United Nations – of “militarisation” by the UK will be heightened by the deployment on Wednesday of the Navy’s most advanced warship for its maiden operation.

Destroyer HMS Dauntless will set sail from Portsmouth for the Falklands in what the The Ministry of Defence says is a “pre-planned and routine” six-month deployment in the South Atlantic. It comes after Argentinian hackles were raised by the “provocative” six-week deployment of Prince William to the islands as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot.

Don’t you find it incredible that with all the turmoil that we ourselves have created the the most advanced ship just so happens to be sailing down to the Falklands…….yet another outright cock and bull story from the good old MoD.

Then we had that master of verbal diarrhea, William Hague, showing how easy it is to be so two faced with the following headlines that came from the Buenos Aires Herald: Hague “UK won’t negotiate overs island’s sovereignty but still wants to work with Argentina”

Hague also defended the islanders right of self determination by saying that “as long as the people of the Falklands continue to express that view, the UK will defend and support their right to do so.”

The official regretted what the UK has been calling an economic embargo to the islands, but highlighted the islanders have prospered despite of the difficulties.

“In the face of a sustained Argentine effort to prevent them from doing so, the islanders have developed a thriving local economy, with a responsibly managed fishery, growing tourism based on their unique natural environment, and the beginnings of a commercial hydrocarbons industry,” he said.

Notice yet again the strong reference to “The beginning of a commercial hydrocarbons industry” which we all know is a total scam involving massive fraud and tax evasion……..no doubt dear William is in the back pocket of our Prime Minister, David Cameron!!!

Oh well I guess Rockhopper, Desire Petroleum and Falklands Oil and Gas had better get moving on this virtual oil field…….let’s make a suggestion to cut down on their costs…….they could hire this oil rig made up of Lego Bricks to do the job…….just think David and William how your donations could increase by using this cheaper version of high technology……….do you think they can make the oil flare out of Lego…..maybe hey?…..just think of the heat on those plastic blocks LOL!!!  

“Keep drilling you guys – we are down to two feet already and look at the oil and gas blow out” !! 

As Shakespeare would say “All’s well that ends well”………the only problem is that we the British do not know when to call it a day and bring our troops safely home………we get deeper and deeper into the mire which results in us all suffering for our countries greed or should I say our politicians greed and end up with yet another hike in petrol prices as the conflicts multiply……that then brings up the price of all commodities and more people here and around the world go further in poverty……..someone in India once change the wording associated with Global Development – “The Trickle Down Effect”……….in the rural districts of India where I spent much time they call it “The Piss Down Effect”………so very true don’t you agree?

So there you have it folks…………you can continue watching your X Factor or your favorite soapy and simply watch the world go by or you can get up off your arse and stop these perverted  imbeciles ….the choice is yours….whatever you decide just simply think about your children or grandchildren s future first!!!

 Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 3/4/2012


34 Responses

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  1. Absolutely brillant Peter. I see there’s still people that is not brainwashed on the UK, thanks God, there’s still hope. Kind Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Martin Ezcurra

    April 4, 2012 at 01:36

    • Thank you Martin….yes I feel that wars are very bad and we in England are at war somewhere all the time and there is no point at all……..I believe that Britain took many countries by force and another big issue is that of Gibralter….the Spanish want it back and so there will always be bad feelings…….one think for sure is that if we again go down to the Falklands in conflict it will not be easy for the British as now Argentina has the support of Latin America……it is time to negotiate a solution…….and the funny thing is there is no oil and gas it is all one big con….take care and bless you

      Peter Eyre

      April 4, 2012 at 03:33

      • Thanks for your response Peter. Currently, Argentina lacks of armed forces because of the revenge policy the current president and the former one has been applying on our country. During the seventies, these people were extremists and during a democratic government they commited a lot of crimes. That is the reason there was a coup d etat on 1976 by the military. They fought the subversion as instructed by the USA (our so beloved Henry Kissinger was behind this). During this dirty war, 1976-1983, there were lots of people dissapeared (almost 7000, but the leftists claims it was 30000), so, when the Kirchners assumed the presidence of our country, they promised to destroy our armed forces and so they have done it. Currently, we are not a danger for anybody, so, I am impressed on how the british media panics the people on UK by telling that Argentina may repeat what happened on 1982. Besides that, let us not forget that what happened then, was a trap made by the british inteligence and our military were so idiots to do what they were expected to do. The only way to retain the Malvinas was to assure them by the force, so, it was what happened as we all know.

        We in Argentina dont want more wars. We can live in peace and there is no need to kill or to hate other people. We want our islands back, yes, that is true. And we feel angry when they talk about self determination…What self determination did the Captain Oslow take in account when invaded the islands on 1833? They threathened the people that were living there (about 200), and raised the union jack flag. Then, a decade later, UK did put more than 30 families from Scotland to live there…

        Do you know that in Argentina there are more than 300.000 english people living here? Also, my own ancestors were from Scotland. There are populations from :

        Jewish & Muslims (living in peace!)

        And all latin american countries.

        Our Constitutions prays that we must accept everyone that wants live in argentine soil and so our country did since it was created.

        You may wonder…Why the argies hate the british? (in the case that you may think such a thing)…UK invaded two times our land. They were defeated in 1806 and 1807. UK wanted our lands to for the crown. But they failed. So, they took the islands on 1833. There were very little resistance there because we had a little population. With the help of USA (ship Lexington) captain Oslow with ship Clio took the islands.

        Again, in 1845 the british tried to invade us togheter with the french. They were defeated.

        My question is this and has been the same during my 42 years of life: Why UK cant stay on its own borders and let us live in peace? Now, UK is threathing us again with ships and nuclear subs, enforcing the Malvinas as we were going to disembark again? Stay at home dudes, dont waste your money but dont steal others countries resources!

        One last thought: When talking about the SELF DETERMINATION, why dont you read about the Chagossians on the Diego Garcia islands? Ask your Queen why those people lost their home. Ask her for self determination.

        Kind Regards and God bless every man, woman and children of good will

        Martin Ezcurra

        April 4, 2012 at 14:03

  2. Actually to be historically specific as to the turning point of the war, it was the Americans meeting and transferring the Sidewinder 2 missiles to UK.

    This from one of the top Argentinian pilots. And yes they were and are very proficient pilots.

    Does Argentina now possess SS-N-22 or like?


    April 4, 2012 at 03:52

    • I Cannot agree with you totally……….many of the run-ins to the vessels had to be aborted because they were low and fast with little time in such a confined space to mark their target….many weapons hit but did not go off because of the timing, which was eventually corrected after some time…….had those bombs gone off the loss would have been much higher…….that would have including one of the only two warships that had the capability to protect the entire fleet…….one remained with the carrier all the time and the other nearly got taken out but the bomb did not go off etc……..had they found the carrier and carried out an attack from all sides the entire outcome could have been different…….certainly the Sea Harrier proved its worth……..believe me should we go in again we will have much more to contend with as the whole of Latin America now stands firm with Argentina and lets face it…..the havoc that their pilots caused to our fleet was significant and only luck….yes pure luck….allowed the final victory……..one must blame the British Government and the MoD for all the many shortfalls in the equipment our vessels had or should I say not have……..these were not simply teething problems they were design errors…….having also worked radar myself that was another issue because when you place all your ships at one location in a confined channel surround by higher ground you cannot get a good ping back….many times I came across this problem were a fighter would hug the coastline at zero feet behind higher ground ie between you and the aircraft and by the time you got a return it was too late………..considering the superiority of our forces compared to theirs it was a dismal victory and yes the British public should be more than concerned at doing this all over again without a carrier, without AWAC and the Harrier!!!! No doubt now the Typhoon will again revealed its incapability to carry out a multi task role…..just at it did in Libya…..

      It is time for our government to stop these (No purpose) on going wars and bring them all back home to safety…….at the end of the day many conflicts are purely for their own prestige and survival (as was the case for Maggie Thatcher) who still lost the election despite her strong bravado…..then we have the question about the Argentinian Cruiser who was outside of the British Exclusion Zone and heading out not in…..that was a most cowardly attack by a most sophisticated submarine…..gone are the days of being seen and standing your ground…….enough said I think!!! Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 4, 2012 at 04:28

  3. Peter Eyre you area fucking treasonous idiot. Those Islands belong to Britain period they were never a colony as there was no people inhabiting the Islands when they were occupied. The Argentinians have no claim to the Islands. the UK has more right to the Falkland Islands, than all the non indigenous folk in Argentina because that was colonised,the Falklands were no colonised from inhabitants living there!

    They cannot even develop their vast interior which is rich in mineral resources. They just smell easy money from oil! In fact I learned more about the history from an Argentinian educator who lives in Buenos Aries and firmly told me Argentina have no right to the Islands and never have and they know it.This Zionist face-lift phony Kirchner is a woman soon on her death bed and is trying to go out with a glorified bang! This woman is also a corrupt land and property thief from her so called people who spends the countries money on Hermes bags that cost thousands of dollars and fashion that most other politicians and movie stars could only dream of!

    Besides if Anything the people who live on the Islands have a right to self determination, and that’s what they are even more scared of. Because once they are big enough they can defend themselves if they want to go down that route.

    Oh as for the Argentinian pilots give me a break! You clues git this was a well planned attack and they had the excocet missile. The planes they had were very capable and the British scrapped together a task force! And as for technology the Argentinians only took it on when the UK had just scrapped the big carriers and the other ships had no time to fit the new technology such as goal keeper! SO the British got a sidewinder missile if this was not in their agreement UK would have developed its own,just like the cruise missile was taken on to reduce the cost of making their own and they the Argentinians had the French excocet! The Harriers are non supersonic aircraft and they were operating in treacherous seas to boot.

    What the British armed forces did was heroic with old saplings.

    You know NOT what you say and are an obsequious enemy arse licking treasonous piece of slime.


    April 4, 2012 at 05:17

    • Benny

      Understand for one moment I did not say that our forces were not heroic….they are among the best in the world and I was proud to be part of that mechanism…..however times have changed considerable and we are now fighting wars away from our shores that have no purpose ie Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and soon maybe Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somolia and possible Sudan……………..what you also failed to mention is the fact that we are using depleted uranium in almost all modern weapons which is killing our own troops……..maybe you are not aware that in the US there are over one million who have been contaminated and only the Italian Government have the balls to admit to this and pay compensation to its gallant men etc.

      On the issue of the Malvinas or Falklands…….the Islands were at one stage adminstered by the French were they not?…….didn’t the French hand them over to the Spanish?……come on this is a very complex issue and someone has to sit around the table and thrash this out.

      You talk about Zionist leader or whatever…….well I do not support Zionism in any shape or form…..my comment is the fact that this President has more guts than most of our Zionist backed senior MP and obviously the PM himself……they are funded and their parties are funded by the Zionist to whom they pledge allegiance ahead of their own country…….I have those pledges in writing and on video………

      So lets put things into perspective and whilst you talk about resources in Argentina and their lack of extracting them or whatever….I have been in the oil gas and minging industry for many many years and have watched many so called western environmentally caring companies come in and totally destroy the environment…..one very good example was the OK Tedi Gold and Copper mine in PNG when they polluted the entire length of the Fly River and down into the Great Barrier Reef.

      On the question of who had what in the Falklands…..my issue is that all the ships and or aircraft and weapons that we were up against had been given to them by ourselves or our allies and so one can clearly see that war is an investment for not only the US but for also Britain and France etc…….I lost a friend to an exocet on HMS Sheffiled….get my point………..stop promoting wars and lets forget all this shit about democracy for Iraq or Afghanistan etc…….its all a pack of lies……..the arms industry is the best export business in the world and wars hike up the price of petrol which feeds the greedy Presidents, Prime Ministers and many senior Politicians who are non executive directors……

      As for being a traitor as you say…….do you know our current PM purchased three tactical nuclear weapons illegally from South Africa using tax payers money via the private sector……most of the money was siphoned off to the investors in that private company who were mainly senior British MP’s ie Lord MacAlpine, Lord Hazeltine, Sir Mark Thatcher the list is endless…….and our dear PM took £17.8 million for his own party funds…..those nukes were shipped to Oman without any security and stored with any security and the Zionist Arms Dealer – John Bredenkamp stole them back and sold them on the black market……that was part of the reason why we went into Iraq………and what about 9/11 and 7/7…both were inside jobs………so please do not lecture me with your badly informed information…….the problem lies within government and its all deception…..they are currently robbing this country of millions if not trillions via their own virtual scams……which planet do you live on Benny?…….have a nice day as they say……Peter Eyre

      Peter Eyre

      April 4, 2012 at 05:49

      • Benny

        Also I would like to add that there is no or little commercially viable oil or gas in the Malvinas/Falklands……its all a con of deceit and fraud by Rockhopper, Desire Petroleum and Falklands Oil and Gas……they are what we call virtual companies that raise billion of pounds from the investors for a pile of useless shit………the PM is involved in these scams as he was in India and gains many backhanders from those he supports and in this case the above three companies are bogus companies……..makes you so proud to be British hey?

        Peter Eyre

        April 4, 2012 at 06:39

    • Dear Benny: what sad your life must be with so much hate. It is not about oil. It has never been. The first ones to conduct searching on oil was UK on 1981 and maybe earlier. We have been claiming for our sovergnity since UK took the islands on 1833. I know all of this speech is useles with some one like you who speaks of treason to another british people for thinking different! How democratic you are, I can see. You are a very basic human being, why dont you put for a second in the other position? We in Argentina knows perfectly that the Malvinas are argentine and will never decline the soverignity. Dont you think it is a very high price to nuke a country with 40 million people just for 1500 islanders that want to remain british? And talking about that…We ALWAYS have respected the right to keep on being british…Has anybody heard that Argentina wanted to take them out their british citizenship? And just another thing for your poor memory or hability to read more books…When Oslow took the islands, there were almost 200 argentine people living there (including some englishmen working for Buenos Aires government!). Read just a little more and try not to spit so much hate, you will grow older fast!

      Martin Ezcurra

      April 4, 2012 at 14:18

    • I find it hugely and amazingly enjoyable that the piece of Tory propaganda above has been posted by someone nicknamed “Benny”. Benny writes.

      “Those Islands belong to Britain period they were never a colony as there was no people inhabiting the Islands when they were occupied”

      I am an Argentinean. I agree with Mr. Ezcurra’s comments on many substantial points, certainly on most as regards the sovereignty rights of Argentina (a case can be made to show that in fact they are rights of at least all of Indohispanic America) on Malvinas. I don’t agree with him on other points, quite substantial too, but it won’t be on this British blog that two Argentineans should debate their differences.

      I stress this, however, because what I want to signal is that this dissent on issues of substance is what people usually call “democracy”, and to establish that this is exactly what you cannot find in Malvinas today. Actually, in British Malvinas you can debate anything on Earth or in Heavens. Quite democratic, or so it seems. But this “democracy” has a single, too meaningful, exception: no dissidence at all is allowed on the basic issue of the sovereignty of the islands. Those who don’t abide by the official British view are expelled.

      That is, the permanence of the British state on Malvinas IMPLIES a strong criminalization of dissidence as to that permanence itself, and a migratory policy based on such discrimination. This, of course, implies to anyone without blinds that “democracy” is something British rule on Malvinas has always denied to the residents, denies them today, and cannot but deny in any foreseeable future, oil or not oil. If you live in Malvinas, you can believe whatever you want -provided you don’t contest the British military presence there. The core of any democracy worth the name, is absent in British Malvinas BY DEFINITION.

      And this is where “Benny” comes to play. Because local residents in Malvinas have always been an object of derision by British “propers”. For long decades before 1982 they were second class citizens in the Empire, and they were derided as “kelpers”, that is collectors of algae. In 1982, as a result of the Arg attempt to reoccupy the islands (so that they owe us that, at the very least) the former “kelpers” were admitted into full British citizenship, and many left the place. The word “kelper” was banned from politically correct language.

      But language mirrors facts, not otherwise. The fact is that British “propers” still are overwhelmingly “more British” than the former “kelpers” or their offspring. So that the troops sent to “save” the “kelpers” for “democracy” ALSO DERIDED THE LOCAL POPULATION. And they started to call them “Bennies”, as for the idiotic farmers in the Crossroads TV Show that was popular in Britain in those times. Duly warned not to call them that way by their commanders, they turned to call them “Stills” (that is, “still Bennies”). Warned again, they turned to the current nicknaming “Andies” (“and you are still a Benny”).

      So that having a “Benny”, a “Still” or an “Andy” preaching for the Britishness of Malvinas as a spoil of war is simply an insult not just to democracy (because the presence of those who deride the locals is a necessity of the system) but also a matter of social, racial and personal discrimination.

      Yes, it is very nice to see that “Benny” signature.


      Since the times of Jacky Fisher, British determinacy and obstinacy in keeping Malvinas British has always had to do with sea lanes, geoestrategic interest and an eventual assault on Antarctica. Not at all with the local population that Britain has always derided. But all of this requires South American allies. This is gone for ever. Unless Britain wants to bring the West as a whole to a confrontation with South America, then it would be wise enough to accept Argentina’s modest request to simply sit to conversations on the future of the islands.

      Our “Benny” here “is Still a Benny”. Or an Andy.


      April 9, 2012 at 17:14

  4. It’s is interesting to see the British government so concerned about the self determination of a group of people living on an island in the shadow of a larger more powerful nation. If the British were really serious about these matters Ireland would be one country, untied and free.


    April 4, 2012 at 10:44

    • Steve….Good comment and certainly has value………our government does not care about anything other than their own greed and agenda……Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Libya, Falklands where next Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan…….then when all that is cleaned up they will start to take Africa…….it certainly instills pride into being British!!!!

      Peter Eyre

      April 4, 2012 at 10:54

      • It seems as if the US never separated from the UK. We are but a vassal state of the UK. Why is BP in the Gulf of Mexico? Was there no US oil company able to exploit that resource? Why did George HW Bush care about Kuwait? Our ambassador to Iraq gave Hussein tacit approval to settle a border dispute with Kuwait. It wasn’t until Bush got his marching orders from the queen did he suddenly care. Why were Reagan, GHW Bush, Collin Powell, and Schwartzkopf knighted by the queen? Isn’t the knighted subordinate to the monarch?

        Every presidential election cycle there is bound to be an article about which candidate has the greatest ties to the royal family.


        April 4, 2012 at 12:47

    • Yes, you are right Steve…I am gonna tell you something…Did you know that prior to 1982 the islanders used to go to our hospitals in the continent? They also used to send their kids to ours universities (we always have had public education on our country) and also, the only TV signal they received was argentine (canal 7). They also used our regular flights to the islands to travel…We always took care for the islanders…When we disembarked on 1982, the military sent doctors and food to the interior of the islands to see if they were in need of something. The military governor had forbidden the soldiers to disturb the kelpers and instructed them also to show them respect as if they were argentines, because, for us, they are malvinenses.

      What you say about Ireland is very true. Here in Argentina we have a very big Irish community. Also, we have people from Wales, Scotland and England that live very happy and have raised their children in peace.

      Ask the Queen, what happened to the people of the islands of Diego Garcia, the chagossians. Did they receive a similar treatment? Did they have the choice of self-determination? No! The islands were going to be rented to the americans, but free of inhabitants!

      That is what I call hipocrecy…

      My best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

      Martin Ezcurra

      April 4, 2012 at 14:32

      • I was disappointed that Reagan did not invoke the Monroe Doctrine. Instead he allowed British ships to come to the US for repairs. The Anglophile Reagan had his head so far up Thatchers ass he didn’t know if it was day or night. Was Argentina not also our friend?

        I had high hopes when it seemed Obama was trying to dampen the “special relationship” of the US and Britain, but it seems he has changed his mind.


        April 4, 2012 at 16:42

  5. This is quite an explosive piece: Thank you for that Peter.

    There once was a report; Drafted by the usual fascistic and Malthusian entities that dominate such things, called the Iron mountain report, released by the Hudson Institute think tank. I have not looked at the funding arrangements as these things are inevitably traceable to the Ford Foundation or the Carnegie Foundation, or perhaps a Rockefeller funded entity: You know the type, Soros, Kissinger etc.

    The report looked at ways to maintain power and control: Government.

    Here is a short extract…

    “…the war system cannot responsibly be allowed to disappear until…we know exactly what we plan to put in its place…The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power…The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers. War has served as the last great safeguard against the elimination of necessary classes.”

    This is exactly what we seeing. Accelerated as people begin to see the obvious: That “life is a journey, Government, the road block” … (dave stanley).

    How true.

    The report gave theoretical scenarios in which the control matrix that we all are in thrall to might be maintained indefinitely. We are seeing these experimental scenarios enacted within the “Liars” wars ongoing around the world.

    One such experiment was negative population growth. Depleted Uranium: That atrocity that kills both the offensive and defensive forces involved in a conflict, along with the civilians, largely the Elderly, the women and the children. Fallujah in particular is a demonstrable crime of prodigious applied evil.

    I have read that 75% of US gulf vets are dead or dying of “Gulf War Syndrome” aka radiation sickness from the DU munitions.

    Brit troops will likewise suffer from this evil applied by our governments in their fawning obedience to the madness of corporate avarice. Londons square mile: The city of London. The same is true of Afghanistan I have figures for the tonnages of DU used in these arbitrary genocides. Gaza to has been irradiated by the Israelis using DU. As you say, Somalia, yemen, (not forgetting the toxic dumping off of the coast of Somalia that has destroyed the fisheries). And on and on.

    When the Gulf war kicked off, troops reported being asked whether, if ordered to do so, they would fire upon their own citizens in the event of unrest. I have theory that the 75% reported dead or dying replied: NO! The other 25% re routed back home to stand by.

    Keep it coming Peter: These madmen have got it coming.



    April 4, 2012 at 11:32

    • Hi Harry

      Its nice to hear from someone on the same frequency and I agree with you totally…..there are around 1 million vets currently on the sick list and that is only in the US………the figures are being kept secret.

      What is also under lock and key are such places as Kuwait where the Gulf War Started and they denied the existence of DU in the early dates until an accident at Camp Doha sent a huge amount of DU rounds up into the atmosphere…..the soil at the camp was extremely contaminated but the good old US of A said its only depleted uranium ie low level radiation and left it at that until the Kuwaiti Government made them ship out 7,000 kgs of top soil back to the US……not as that did any good anyway………the hike in cancers, especially in children is going through the roof as it has in Iraq, Afghanistan, Southern Lebanon, Gaza and indeed in Israel itself because when the IDF blasted Gaza with DU and other illegal weapons they nuked themselves.

      God knows what the eventual spin off will be in regard to civilian casualties in all these countries……it certainly will be a slow mass genocide and now we can add Libya to the list which got DU thrown at it in mass…….oh I forgot the coalition went in there to save lives right????

      When will our military guys fully understand what our governments are doing to them……all the current wars have no purpose apart from their own hidden “Geo Political Plan” or New World Order plan…….to take over the worlds natural resources, control their markets and control the trade routes for those markets…….add to this the mass depopulation programme and the current vacination programmes and one can see what they are all up too……….Thanks again…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 4, 2012 at 12:21

  6. y’see thats what all the clamp downs and security is really for..
    to protect these politicians ,bankers and lords and ladies and their families from the other parasites around the world who also have armies and police and peasants to throw in front of them as they walk over this ball of earth we live on.

    greed and status


    April 4, 2012 at 11:41

  7. Yeah sure like we believe a single word of it. Let’s fabricate riots in Argentina so Cameron can air his bluster making him look the big man. Well timed of course after his traitorous new policy act of reading people private mail. Even his own party are rebelling over it, so this is just a distraction to take your mind off him taking our right of privacy away.


    April 4, 2012 at 12:19

    • Thanks for you valid comment…..we need more of us to fight back and stop this invasion of our privacy….take care….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 4, 2012 at 12:24

  8. the last line ” get off outr arses and prevent them”

    HOW???? protesting is useless, go out and get kettled? someone (like RON PAUL) in England needs to lead, a modern day Watt Tyler (peasants’ revolt) if you will and march and take the capital by force, rebistribute the wealth. However will this happen? NO and why, because our society needs a ruling class as with every human society in the world, there are winners and losers and the next generation will be just the same, a perpetual cycle.

    a another

    April 4, 2012 at 17:17

    • I sincerely cannot answer your question as to how you make a change….all I do is educate via the media in the hope that change will come…..one thing for sure is that instead of holding a peaceful protest in Trafalgar Square or wherever….they should protest outside the premises where fraud is taking place or outside the office of an MP who is ripping the system off etc etc……..the same goes for any topic….target the cause and hope for change…….people in mass can and do make a difference but only if it is peacefully relentless……when it get violent is when the trouble occurs because that is what they want you to do so that they can implement more “Police State Laws”…….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 4, 2012 at 17:48

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  18. The sinking of the Coventry was hardly a heroic action by the Argentine pilots. All they did was approach the Coventry, lock on the missile at about 20+ miles release it and high tail it for home, at no risk to themselves. The pilots that attacked the fleet in San Carlos had to run the gauntlet of what was fired at them. That took guts and no one could deny them that,
    Do you also know that the Argentinian air force were planning to attack the QE2 when she left the Ascension islands.? This was long before the Belgrano was sunk and while the “peace process” was still underway. They had converted a C-130 to drop bombs and were hoping to inflict heavy casualties on the British forces and persuade them to call of any attempt to retake the islands. The same aircraft attacked and seriously damaged a tanker in International waters believing it to be part of the Fleet train. The bomb did not explode and the vessel came into harbour in Brazil but then had to be taken out to sea and scuttled.
    It has now also been revealed that the signals from the Argentine Navy were intercepted and the Belgrano’s mission was revealed. At the time of her sinking, the real reason could not be given as it would have let the Argentinians know that their signal traffic had been compromised.
    Although the Sea Harrier did a superb job, if we had had the “proper” carriers with Phantoms, then the Argentinian airforce would have been knocked out of the sky between the Falklands and the Argentine mainland. Also, the Argentine was planning to invade Chile just before they stormed into the Falklands.
    What a nice neighbour to have !!
    However, now we do not need carriers to protect the islands, the RAF can do this quite easily from the Falklands itself. The Typhoon could handle anything that was thrown against it.
    I am pretty certain that there will be no shooting war. No one in the UK wants it and I would imagine that the Argentinians do not want it either. All they have to do is talk to the Falklanders and come to some agreement. I am sure that some where down the line the Falklands and Argentina will come into some form of confederation but the more belligerent the tone from Argentina, the further away it will be.
    As to whole hearted backing from the whole of S.America,that remains to be seen. .Madame Kirchner seems to be going out of her way to alienate her neighbours with her economic policies.
    For a different perspective, clock into the Mercosur website and the Buenos Aires Herald


    April 23, 2012 at 21:16

    • Thank you for your input…..very good points obviously but one cannot say that the Argentinian pilots were not heroic or very good….they were good airman and there is no doubt about that……remember they were frequently operating on max range and minimum fuel with the payloads etc so things had to be very precise and rapid decisions made as they had no time to hang around…….yes I understand the lock on missile scenario but it still takes skill to locate, lock on and fire…..especially in some very bad weather conditions………and taking about heroic….what is the difference between a sophisticated nuclear submarine lying hidden below the waves and firing of its torpedoes or an aircraft locking on with its missiles……

      As I said we the British suffered terrible naval losses and there could have been much more had the aircraft had more time to increase height slightly to deliver their bombs as apposed to going in on the deck and throwing them into the vessels before the fuse had time to work etc……we could continue this chat forever on the question of if this and if that……….in regard to the Typhoon…….it could not carry out the correct role in Libya and had to be crudely modified if you can recall…….so without the harrier it could still be a challenge for them……..I still maintain that had they found the carriers and not the Atlantic Conveyor the whole scenario would have been different…….you give reference to the Island as a base……remember the RAF bombed the runway to render it U/S and that left them to use the carriers……this time they will not have them and likewise one would assume the Argentinians would take out the field you we will be F….. with a very big F………anyhow as you say maybe nothing will happen…….rumour has it by the way that Thatcher at one stage said they can have the Islands if they want them but then used the occasion for her own political gain……which is always the case……when you are loosing face…..start a way…….ok enough said and thanks

      Peter Eyre

      April 23, 2012 at 21:53

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