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Do unions in Britain support their members – Absolutely Not?

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Do unions in Britain support their members – Absolutely Not?

Why do victims of fraud march when there unions do nothing?


Ever since the three fold hike in student fees I have been banging my head against the wall trying to explain to their unions, and most of the other unions, the reason behind the hike and also the reason behind massive job losses and severe cutbacks in the public sector.

I have just completed my second round of emails to many such unions and in both cases not one single acknowledgement or concern regarding the contents of my emails.

I decided to o go a step further and include some of the smaller political parties as they are normally thirsty for gossip or to read about someone else hanging our their dirty washing!

Let’s first look at the email I sent to hundreds of union representative up and down the breadth of this country. I have included some aspects of my email below.

Extract as follows:

Over the past year or so I have been particularly concerned at the every rising costs associated with University Education which as you well know is now three times higher than previous years. One could also add to this the tremendous hike in the general cost of living ie accommodation, fuel cost, parking co, public transport cost and the cost of all items associated with education. Lastly there is the question of the amount of students that can enter University and will it become a question of only the rich obtaining such education.

We also have the question of massive cutbacks and job losses in the public sector which is still ongoing with even more cuts on the horizon.

Gordon Bowden and I  have been investigating massive fraud/corruption and tax evasion around the world with a particular focus on the UK.

I can assure you that the above amounts to billions if not trillions of pounds that has been going on in the past and continues to this very day, despite the appearance that the government say it is not their fault.


Something the politicians like

The problem is now on such a vast scale it is almost impossible to weed out who is involved but I can assure you that we know most of the offenders and it involves many  senior corporate executives, senior bank executives and more importantly very senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords.

 It is of my own opinion that the financial woes of this country can be immediately turned around if only the Serious Fraud Office, the London AIM, Prime Minister and leaders of all political parties did their job correctly.

 They have all been informed, as have many unions, and local MP’s but to this day they continue to ignore our continued bombardment of emails with the appropriate evidence that can be proven forensically.

You may ask why am I writing to you all…….I think it is obvious…..all the student unions, staff of universities, colleges and schools are at the end of their tether and will soon once again take to the streets………the only problem is they do not know the true reason for doing so and what is behind the economic collapse in this country.

It is of my belief that there is still to come yet another financial tsunami that could be much bigger than the original 2008 collapse……this will be primarily in Europe and as you all know we have already seen the start of this cycle with the collapse of Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and possibly more to follow…………….once again this is not a naturally occurring event.

Obviously if my assumptions are correct once again the students, pensioners and the underprivileged will be the victims of this self made “Toxic Debt” and needless to say the public sector will be once again severely hit with cut backs and job losses etc.

My challenge to you all is to “throw down the gauntlet” and allow my associate and I to give you a full briefing by way of a lecture/Power Point Presentation followed by Q&A etc.

In the event you do not take up this challenge I will assume that any future campaigns or protests have some other hidden political agenda, which for your information is not the case from our perspective being non political towards any of the parties.

So there you have it and I look forward to not only receiving your acknowledgement of this email but more importantly your response.

End of extract.

It is only my assumption but would you not think that the heads of unions and their respective regional representatives would be interests to learn the reason behind their members job losses and cut backs or the reason why we are all suffering from these massive austerity measures that are crippling this country?

Wouldn’t you agree that all the union senior management and representatives that are paid by their members have a duty of care to investigate and report back to those that put them in office?

Surely there are a few decent people left in this world who really care and who want to do the right think or are they all part of the same giant ponzi scheme that has wrecked out economy?

I could print all the names of everyone who received this email but then it would make this article incredibly long and boring but at least I will go part of the way and disclose just a few of the unions who have been advised which are:


Remember they are supposed to work for you and secure your status

UNISON – The Public Services Union with over 1.3 million members

PCS – The Public and Commercial Services Union one of Britain’s largest union with around 290,000 members.

ULU  – University of London Union  Home of University of London Students and Union with a huge membership.

OUSU – Oxford University Student Union with a huge membership.

 NUS – National Union of Students with a massive membership

These are but a few of the unions contacted to date. However, I have also sent emails to almost every government department representatives and attempted to explain this situation to the TUC itself.

It also so happened that I sent emails to many representatives of  Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) who aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations or should that read unemployment relations?


And guess what they also did nothing  – Why because they are part of the problem!!

I would also add to this the fact that every political party has been emailed on a regular basis both nationally and locally, including the leaders themselves but not one has acknowledged receipt or commented on the contents……….what does that tell you?

Two MP’s full of lies and deceit Beckett and Williamson!!

At a local level Gordon and I have hounded Chris Williamson MP and Margaret Beckett MP our two local members who have refused to raise our issues in the Houses of Parliament which is clearly in breach of their responsibility and duty of care towards their constituents and in my opinion should be struck off for their deceit and lies.

It is Chris Williamson who spends most Saturdays in Central Derby bleating loudly on his megaphone about what the Conservatives have done to this country and to stop such things as the Bombardier cutbacks or contracts going to Germany etc and he his normally accompanied by one local councilor Ranjit Banwait who obviously does not live on this planet and is badly informed as to what is truly going on in this country

Chris Williamson stands there on his soapbox and gets hundreds of passing shoppers to sign a petition to stop a contract that had already been awarded, signed sealed and delivered and he does not reveal to those same shoppers that it was his government that signed our country over to the EU courtesy of  Ex PM Gordon Brown at the Lisbon Treaty and who also gave most of our Bank of England Gold Bullion to the EU at below cost price!! Why doesn’t Chris Williamson understand that since this event the tenders now have to go out to the EU and as in all tenders the best man wins……..all I can say about this man is don’t cry when its too late!……no doubt the list made up by those signing has a better application in recruiting potential supporters of the “Not So New Labour.”!!

I decided to try an experiment with  these two men who are full of their own self esteem as opposed to truly looking after this city. I had been informed some time ago that the locally based airline BMI (which had previously been  taken over by the German airline Lufthansa), was again in difficulty and was up for sale……..this was known months ago and over the last month the British Airways owners IAG had made a bid and were basically awarded the purchase……but again subject to EU Approval.” ……………Needless to say such people as Richard Branson of Virgin objected to this sal.e saying it was creating a huge monopoly and would cut out fare competition etc………the other issue was that Branson thought as did many others in the industry that BA were only after BMI slots at Heathrow which is what most of us believed…….this meant that unless someone else won the bid that BMI (mainline section) could cease to exist. This would entail the loss of thousands of jobs and not to forget that their HQ is at Donington Hall, Castle Donington, Derbyshire and thus would have a major impact on Derby and the local East Midlands Airport who’s very existence was partly due to this famous award winning airline and who had previously won the  Queens Award to Industry.

It also so happened that I had  been aware many months ago of another offshore deal concerning Rolls Royce one of the major employers in the city. It came to my attention that RR intended to move 50% of its engine manufacturing and production to Singapore which was obviously a cost cutting exercise as the manpower in Singapore is much cheaper than Derby. However RR stated this was not the case as they could have built a purpose built facility in Singapore to do a much better job……which was total spin as there are many empty RAF fields dotted around England….some very close….with huge hangars and much space to build whatever is required.


Ranjit Banwait a not so well informed Derby City Councilor

“Who is BMI he may ask”

I’am only a Councilor my arse!!

So armed with this information some weeks ago I went to see the above two gentlemen in the hope I would catch them out…….unfortunately Chris Williamson was continuously bleating on his megaphone I could not get near him so I approached his underdog Ranjit Banwait whom I had spoken too many times before.

I asked him what is he doing about BMI…..his reply was who is BMI!!!!!…….I then told him and he said yes ok so what’s the story…..my response was that if you don’t know then what’s the point in discussing this with you.

My next question was….what are you doing about Rolls Royce…….again he said what is happening at RR……my response was not the sort  of thing you can repeat in an article. I explained that is exactly the problem with you and Chris you have know idea of events before they happen and then suddenly you start bleating……..he replied “But I am only a Councilor”…….which is the same response that he has used before when Gordon and I disclosed the massive fraud being carried out by government………what this man did not realise is that when such things happen it causes major problems within the city, including his ward of Boulton as many of the employees of both BMI and RR live in his area……how thick can you be……not to mention the downturn in the local economy and the local shops that suffer under such measures.

The statue of Bonnie Prince Charles in the heart of this Industrial Revolution City.

It was Derby and its people who turned back the army of Bonnie Prince Charles! It was Derby where their arrogant chiefs ordered accommodation for its army in a small pub and who got thrown down the cellar for safe keeping….such was the strength and determination of the proud people of this city……….where has this spirit gone?……are there only a few of us left to fight these “EU Traitors” or the mismanagement, fraud and corruption that exists in government, the banks and the corporate sector……don’t rely of Chris Williamson MP or Councillor Ranjit Banwait as they are clearly out of touch with reality and are obviously part of the problem. Conservative local member are clearly up to the same game as their superiors in Westminster and as far as the Lib Dems go we have our own very timid Lucy Care who really does not care!!……where do you go from here…..god only knows!! 

The foundation city of the Great Industrial Revolution – Derby, England – The first ever Factory

The remnants of that most famous  factory is now an Industrial Museum but even that could soon be under attack!! – Just think all the Politicians, all the Political Parties, all the local MP’s and all the Unions allowed this to happen – That in my opinion is gross neglect on their behalf and truly lacks their  duty of care !!

So I guess you are asking “Am I Pissed off”….you bet I am because this high tech country called Great Britain is going down the drain in a big way as more and more contracts go offshore into Europe and more importantly the City of Derby that once was the pride of the world is now falling into ruin……..can you imagine that the Industrial Revolution started here with one of the first ever factories……it was the home of Qualcast which has now long gone…….the Railway Technology Centre for the UK and in some regards the world….now reduced to a barren landscape……..the massive area owned by BMI may now be sold off and reduced to a smaller admin…..that is assuming that BMI Regional and BMI Baby will survive……one thing for sure is that BMI mainline will go.


Now we have that brainchild called Rolls Royce the pride of Derby and the pride of the UK and 50% of its production about to go overseas.

So why am I pissed off?…….because the Conservative Government started this slide under Thatcher and the  Labour Government finished it off in Lisbon…….now we have the Conservative party siphoning off tax payers money to cover up their own major fraud at the highest level within the Houses of Parliament and in the House of Lords….even our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron is head of the pack…..not to mention the other two side kicks William Hague and  George Osborne who were making money for their party.

Am I right in saying that all are civil servants? Am I right in saying that all their properties are state owned? Am I right in saying that all visitors both domestic and international to their offices do so free of charge in order to perform the normal duties for the good of this country…..then why do they charge people to attend functions and pass that money (£250,000 or whatever) into the government coffers and not their own private party funds?


So to date I have had only one reply from UKIP and this was the most arrogant response one could hope for. It came from their Administration Manager – David Challice at their Head Office and read as follows:

Mr. David (Typo) Challice


From: UKIP Head Office mail@ukip.org
Subject: Re:  Revised Cameron Scandal
To: peter.eyre
Date: Wednesday, 28 March, 2012, 15:39


Dear Peter Eyre

Thank you for your email.  Forgive me, but If you want recipients to take you seriously then I suggest that you “bcc” your emails to them, rather than openly blasting them out into the big wide world, so that everyone’s email addresses are exposed to all sorts of Spam and other hazards.  This is something that gets people REALLY annoyed, and I don’t blame them.  It’s entirely possible that a lot of them haven’t responded to you because they have already added you to their “block senders” list.  Which of course means that they no longer even receive your postings, and never will do so again.

Whilst I am writing I’d also take exception to your accusation that everyone in receipt of your postings is “doing absolutely nothing”.  It’s certainly possible thatsome of them might be doing absolutely nothing, but by adopting such a broad-brush accusation, you risk getting the response: “Who does Peter Eyre think he is, and what makes him think that he knows what I am doing, or not doing?”

I have clicked on your eyreinternational link at the bottom of the page, because I was rather interested in learning who actually does fund political parties in the UK.  But I found the presentation very off-putting.    To be honest you need to take a MUCH closer look at it, and clean up the numerous typos and other errors within the text, which impart a (possibly unjustified) lack of professionalism.  As I say, if you wish all these recipients to sit up and take notice of your message then you are shooting yourself in the foot before you even start.

I am quite happy to receive your posts here at UKIP Head Office but please do not again openly send me everyone else’s email addresses (I don’t want them) and please tidy up your articles so that I can concentrate on reading your message without being distracted by lazy typos.


David Challice
UKIP Head Office


It so happened that by now I was really fired up as I work my butt off  for no reward doing what I do and make stupid typo’s (as he put it) all the time!!! He on the other hand gets paid by the people of this country for doing nothing and chooses to ignore massive fraud……..I wonder why?  So this was my reply:



Subject: Re: Revised Cameron Scandal
To: “UKIP Head Office” <mail@ukip.org>
Date: Wednesday, 28 March, 2012, 17:15

Dear David Challice

First of all much of my article came from another source and as you well know you cannot change the wording of a brief written by another third party.

I had tried to look for direct email addresses but many of the political parties do not show them and had I found such source I would indeed have used them i.e. bcc..

On the question of if anyone was or was not attending to the issues raised it still does not excuse a simply acknowledgement of such an email when this was requested……..one can pull any article to bits on typo mistakes but what about common courtesy?

In relation to the article itself I would not expect you or others to fully understand the way the financial fraud takes place…..at the end of the day that is where the Serious Fraud Office and Police come in but certainly those up to scratch with the AIM and the Stock Exchange would fully understand and I can assure you that the contents do get bounced around the various financial blogs.

So putting aside your comments in regard to my typo mistakes, or someone else’s, maybe you could look on this matter in a much more serious way.

If someone in opposition to the current party came up to me and said I can expose massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion with quote “Forensic Evidence” wouldn’t one not be interested, considering the terrible state of our economy?

Nigel himself was very good at pointing out corruption within the EU so why would he not be interested in what Gordon and I have uncovered……that really does not make sense!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” because anyone of your constituents could approach you or other members  with vital information that may put you in a commanding position…….as you well know when it comes to an election everyone hangs their dirty washing out.

As a footnote I myself was a political advisor for a candidate in a midlands city and we were up against the mainline parties( and naturally UKIP)…….we came from know where and pipped you to the post so my typo’s could not have been so bad.

Stop nit picking and look at the offer on hand and do not be critical of a topic that you may not understand……to investigate what we have would be a much more logical way so that you can be fully briefed……alternatively you may keep to your criticism   “Who does Peter Eyre think he is, and what makes him think that he knows what I am doing, or not doing?” and bury your head in the sand like the majority of so called concerned politicians.

So good Sir the gauntlet is at your feet, dare you pick it up?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant


 Looking at Mr. David Challice’s past in UKIP it would appear there has been a little bit of forgery going on and possibly severe discrepancies in regard to submissions for the nomination of party members……maybe one could ask the police to look into this under the standard election protocol and certainly they would be interested if fraud/corruption or forgery existed. This is not the first time UKIP has come under scrutiny……I can recall minutes being taken at a meeting and recorded in the normal way and then the tasty bits were removed when it came to the acceptance of the minutes……..It is sad because I approached UKIP in a fair and balance way only to be arrogantly stripped down by this little upstart

Maybe now you are all starting to understand the lack of care by anyone in both Government and in the Unions that are supposed to protect us…….maybe now you can see the extent of fraud and corruption in this country and despite Gordon and I’s best efforts its like peeing into the wind. Before closing here is the line up of senior Labour MP that have been handed briefs directly by myself and Gordon as shown in the photograph below.

Those that are paid to represent you but who do nothing

One can only battle on and try to educate the greater public out there as to the truth and facts in the hope that some of the millions of sheep will do something about it…..I guess the question is who do you vote for……..the answer is find an honest politician and vote for him or her……so easy don’t you thing?………when you find one let me know!!

Stop Press – Our dear European Union have just made a decision on our behalf that the owners of British Airways – IAG have now been given the green light to purchase BMI !one of the best airlines in the UK)…..not to prop them up or save them but to take over their slots at Heathrow. The deal is they have to relinquish 12 of their own slots but obviously gain more in the take over……what an absolute farce.

This is a very sad day for me having been one of their initial team when they started up all those years ago……this is the last nail in the lid of the BMI coffin!!!!…….On reflection I always think about the ancient laws of this country – The  Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights…..in there it clearly states that control of this country may never be handed over to another nation otherwise it is an act of “Treason”…..so much for the constitution and our common law which still trumps statute law in this country…………This is the “New World Order” doing what it does best…….”The Rape and Pillage of a Company or Country.”

No doubt the two little Gremlins, Chris Williamson and  his nursemaid Ranjit Banwait will soon be down in the town centre again with their extremely load megaphone bleating about local job losses and blaming it on someone else………as they say “Politics Stink”……….the problem is these two are worse than a pair of “Skunks.” !!!

Oh and before I forget –  please forgive the typo’s LOL!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 30/3/2012

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  1. Following your expose all these people are linked to Kroll Associates which is also Arlington Associates http://911review.org/Sept11Wiki/KrollAssociates,Inc.shtml Keep digging


    April 1, 2012 at 10:09

  2. Yes I know.
    Sponsored by and affiliated to: LONRHO PLC
    Company now dissolved: Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear (RUMBLED)
    Company Number 06481885
    previously named ARLINGTON22 LTD
    Listed Original Address: ELGAR HOUSE. HEREFORD. handy for the “HE WHO DARES” MOB
    ex SAS Commanders:
    Aldwin J G WIGHT or as sometimes changed to WRIGHT
    Mark BLAGBROUGH or as sometimes changed to BLAGBOROUGH
    see ARTURUS Limited
    the biggest expose being the listed Director:
    Ambassador FRANCES DEE COOK and her board directorship of:
    ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS a 100% subsidiary of:
    ACCUDYNE a 100% subsidiary of:
    ASTRA the UK Weapons Company involved in Covert smuggling of WMD ARMS Sales to:
    The covert CONSERVATIVE PARTY Purchase of:
    3 X 20kt ARMSCOR Stock, Battlefield Ready Gravity Drop NUKES for the retake of KUWAIT.
    The ones they lost, Sorry, were stolen: from OMAN.

    So, summaryjustice, what’s your interest in the “HE WHO DARES ” Mob


    April 1, 2012 at 12:08

  3. http://callirrhoe1731.publr.com/ Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

    Walt Disney World

    April 3, 2012 at 14:08

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