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Over a long period of time I have been writing articles under the title of Pandora’s Box to reveal how the world’s economy collapsed back in 2008 and how it continues to waver on the bring of a financial catastrophe.

What you the British public do not understand is that the true “Axis of Evil” is right here in the City of London and in the bowels of Westminster. Many of our very senior politicians are at the helm of massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion amounting to billions if not trillions of pounds and continue raping this country in the most arrogant and profound way.

This is how such scams work………..they form a virtual company and appoint their own directors who then devise a plan to buy a disused mine site or some far away oil permit, concoct false data, prepare a very convincing presentation and then go to various cities and start looking for potential investors. What the investors do not know is that the mine is an old historical redundant mine or an oil permit with no commercially viable oil. Once you part with your money it’s gone forever. The whole process takes about 5 years….they start feeding you promising results and then mid term start introducing bad news and by the end of the 5th year it is abandoned for a multitude of false reasons.

When one obtains an exploration licence it is simple just that…..the regulations in general state that you must drill at least on hole within the permit period and in some case that is exactly what they do…….can you imagine raising a couple of billion and only spending a couple of million……or that “Open pit mine” is just a spade hole in the ground etc etc.  


Before I continue with this expose I would ask you all to watch a wonderful Australian documentary that was produced by ABC 4 Corners and title “Bad Company.”

For the initial introduction go to:


Then to watch the documentary go to:


Select either broadband or dialup subject to the system you have.

This superb film forms the template for all major fraud, corruption and tax evasion that is going on all over the world and involves Prime Ministers, Presidents, Senior MP’s, Members of the House of Lords, US Congressmen, Corporate Executives and  Bank Senior Management etc.

The world’s financial meltdown was no accident it was a well orchestrated plan by the New World Order (with it Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionist heart) to asset strip many large corporate bodies, banks and financial institutions. In many cases it also involved common directors in moving money from one company to another, otherwise known as insider trading. These fraudsters have the power to take out any company or country and then install their World Bank/IMF puppets to run the country, as we have observed in Italy!!

In order to give just a few examples as to how corrupt our leaders are I will use evidence relating to three very senior members, Prime Minister David Cameron, the once leader of the opposition, Lord Michael Howard and a long toothed MP Peter Lilley all of whom are well and truly up to their neck in past and current fraud.

Let’s start with our current dear Prime Minister, David Cameron who in his earlier days (then aged 24) was a researcher for his mentor mother, Maggie Thatcher. It was David Cameron and the now retired Sir Kenneth Warren that went down to South Africa on a sanctions busting (highly illegal) trip to acquire three equally illegal battlefield ready nuclear bombs that had been designed and built by Israel and South Africa.


Using tax payers money illegally (through the private sector) the above two gentlemen, with the assistance of the late Dr. David Kelly, purchased three nuclear bombs, had them shipped without security to Oman and stored them in an insecure compound. The arms dealer, John Bredenkamp then stole them back and sold them onto the black market resulting in the Iraq War and the going conflicts to this day.

The private sector deal involved many very senior politicians and Maggie’s dear son, Sir Mark Thatcher. The result from this scam was that the above two managed to siphon of £17.8 million of tax payers money and put it directly into the then Conservative Party Funds. This is fact and is recorded in Hansard 22nd June 1993 column 197:.

Tory funding of their 1992 General Election Campaign – Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions

Many names have been bounced around some of those being:

Ken Clarke – Alan Clarke – David Wilshire – Jeffrey Howe – Michael Hesaltine – Malcolm Rifkin – Peter Lilley – Ken Warren. One could also add more names to the list, such as Lord McAlpine, – Stephan Kock – Robert Maxwell – Mark Thatcher and obviously the person who was directly responsible for signing the weapons off, Dr David Kelly. We must also add that evil man that sexed up the Iraq Dossier and screwed Dr Kelly….the notorious Alistair Campbell.


In more recent times the Prime Minister again became involved in the private sector when he went to India in 2011 in an attempt to push another fraudulent deal through and met with the Indian PM. This particular scam involved the part sale of Cairn India to Vedanta India to the tune of $8.6 billion. It was a British company Cairn Energy PLC located in Edinburgh ( Sir Bill Gammell being the Non-Executive Chairman)and  its subsidiary Cairn India and another company in the UK called Vedanta located in London (Anil Agarwal, Chairmain).


“Come on dear chap lets clinch this US$ 9.8 billion deal so that I can get a share.”

“I know this is insider trading and both companies have common directors!

(Cairn Energy – Cairn India – Vedanta Resources – Vedanta India)

The deal was fraud at its best resulting in asset stripping/insider trading and the fact that Cairn India and Vedanta India had common directors. According to Sir Bill Gammell the money was required to prop up Cairn Energy exploration programme off Greenland which is yet another scam. All our briefs and articles were sent to the Indian PM’s office but all to no avail.

It is also interesting to note that David Cameron was also dealing with two other deals involving Vodafone and Centrica and again a very strong fraudulent link.

Don’t you find it curious that Sir Bill Gammell (who is extremely rich) is a major contributor to the Tory Party Funds and no doubt Anil Agarwal (who is a billionaire) may also supports our dear PM.

Maybe the dear shareholders should look a little deeper into Cairn and Vedanta…..especially now that there is a push to buy more Cairn shares at a give away price…….or so the story goes….take a look at this…..a typical promotion for yet another scam:


The Greenland project in my opinion will again rip off the investors and turn out into yet another non event……..only time will tell who is right!!

16 Berkeley Street London HQ for Vedanta

Now we have the potential conflict with Argentina over the Malvinas otherwise known as the Falkland Islands and once again David Cameron is telling us all something that is totally untrue.

He talks about the two British Companies that have found substantial amounts of oil, Using this as a template for  his argument he flies to America to gain support…..not from the US Government because they dare not go down this road because of their close commercial ties with Latin America but with other US oil companies………can you see how he very carefully pulls in the US into this oil deal and no doubt in doing so any conflict that may come about would mean the involvement of the US to protect its citizens working on the project……..however there is one hitch!!

The companies involved Rockhopper and Desire Petroleum are basically virtual companies or shell companies and there is no oil of commercial value to drill for and produce…..then there is Falkland Oil & Gas yet another fake company……..basically with all this promotion by our PM the value of their shares rise and no doubt they also get many more investors coming forward to loose their money…….millions if not billions!!

Even during his visit to the US he again used this scam to raise support when he said the following:

  Britain said on Thursday it supported the rights of Falkland Islanders to exploit their oil reserves after Argentina said it would take legal action against companies involved in energy exploration around the South Atlantic islands.

“Hydrocarbon exploration is a legitimate commercial venture and the British government supports the rights of the Falkland islanders to develop their hydrocarbons sector,” a spokesman for Britain’s Foreign Office said.

“This right is an integral part of the right of self-determination, which is expressly contained in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” he added, referring to a United Nations’ treaty.

What absolute “Codswhallop”……

If we can recall it was 30 years ago that we went to war with Argentina and they certainly gave us an initial thrashing even though we won……the difference today is that Argentina now has almost every major country in Latin America supporting it and so the outcome, should conflict occur, could well be different…..plus the fact that our dear Mr.Cameron has now downgraded our military to a totally unacceptable level with no aircraft carrier which is so vital for such an isolated location.

What we have here is our PM once again jumping on the commercial bandwagon and no doubt getting a back hander from the oil companies involved (who are not real oil companies in the true sense) and also telling the British public a pack of lies….so what’s new?  Just think the PM’s crackdown on benefit fraud appears miniscule compared to his own fraudulent dealings……there is more in his closet but this will do as a starter……life is tough at the top don’t you think?

Now it is time to turn our attention to another very senior politician who was at one time also running for the Prime Minister job……..thank god that this fraudster didn’t make it!!


Lord Howard

Michael Howard is also high ranking in the fraudulent sector or to give him his full title Lord Howard of Lympne. This guy has strong Zionist ties and is a perfectionist when it comes to siphoning off investors money.

Let’s take a look at some of Michael’s fraudulent links to virtual companies (or shell companies) in the oil and gas sector:

Orca Exploration – Lord Howard of Lympne – Non-Executive Director

The first opening paragraph really does say it all:

Orca Exploration’s vision is to benefit our shareholders, employees and partners through the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in proven underdeveloped hydrocarbon basins.

Orca Exploration is an international public company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration, development and supply of natural gas in Tanzania, oil exploration in Italy and the development of high potential oil exploration and production opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Their Italy project is a classic example whereby they would have raised the investment money ahead of the exploration drilling and suddenly find themselves in a situation whereby they cannot drill……..any good company would have researched this well ahead of their first investors meeting……..I guess when they wine and dine you it is easy to sign away your money…..especially if you are half drunk!!

This is the story line and the excuse they gave to their investors:

During November 2010, Orca Exploration Group Inc. signed an agreement with Northern Petroleum (UK) Ltd. to acquire between 70% and 75% of the Longastrino Block in the Po Basin onshore Italy. This acquisition sees Orca’s second entry into Italy during 2010. In May Orca acquired a 15% interest in the Petroceltic operated B.R268.RG Permit in the offshore Central Adriatic.

Under the terms of the farm-in with Northern Petroleum, Orca will pay 100% of the costs of the Tosca-1 well up to Euro 4.3 million and 70% thereafter for the drilling phase of the well. If the well is tested and completed, then Orca will earn an additional 5% by paying 100% of the testing costs up to Euro 1.3 million and 75% thereafter. The Company will also pay back costs of Euro 0.6 million.

Earlier in 2010, Orca committed approximately US$13 million to earn a 15% interest in the Petroceltic operated Elsa discovery block and 11 adjacent licenses. The Elsa field has a large volume of known oil in place, and an appraisal well was planned for Q4 2010 to determine the quality of the crude.

However, recent worldwide concerns about offshore drilling caused by the blowout of the Macondo well in the U.S. Gulf has led the Italian government to pass a law that excludes drilling in the Italian seas within 5 nautical miles of the coastline and 12 nautical miles in the region of protected marine parks. In view of this Petroceltic has suspended drilling of the Elsa-2 well and further activity on the permit until such time as the Ministry of Environment issues a decree of environmental compatibility for the drilling program and the partners apply for the permit to be reinstated. 

From my perspective the shareholders will once again be screwed for yet another non event leaving them high and dry with the total loss of their hard earned investment…….it truly adds new meaning to the term “Risk Capital”…….in Lord Howard’s case I would say it is certainly “Very Risky Capital.”

Maybe I should do a more in-depth expose on dear Mr. Howard.

Remember if you want a Knighthood just splash some cash around the respective party funds or alternatively do something fraudulent.

Maybe you are thinking this cannot be true…….well take a look at the images below of some of those high profile political figures that have their sticky fingers in the pie.


So maybe now you are thinking wow what a bunch of thieves surely we cannot have so many leading figures in government doing all this fraud and maybe you could ask are there anymore?

I guess the bad news is yes there are many more and so just to wet your taste buds here below are a few more…….It would be wrong of me to show anymore otherwise you might just think that the entire Parliament is corrupt? I will refrain from passing further comment!!


Finally we have all those MP.s in the opposition who have all been handed forensic evidence of this massive government fraud (The pictures below show Gordon and I briefing them) and did absolutely nothing about it.  I would also like to place an emphasis on the two at the top who are Margaret Beckett MP and Chris Williamson MP (our local MP’s) who were specifically briefed  and refused to raise the issue in Parliament………this is in gross violation of their duties towards their constituents and should both be struck off!!   



I know that my friends over in Delhi are equally concerned at the lack of transparency within the Government of India, especially over the Cairn India partial sale to Vedanta India.


As they say “Corruption Rules”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/3/2012

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