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The British Government denied the use of DU in Libya

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The British Government denied the use of DU in Libya

The Mod said that DU was safe

All comments made by our PM and MoD were lies!!

Two JDAM bombs exploding in Libya with a third on the way in.


Do you think we will again use these WMD’s on Syria and Iran?…………you bet and they will also throw in the odd tactical nuclear weapon (up to a yield of 5kt) to spread even more radioactive fallout around the entire Middle East and the World beyond………. our leaders are so thoughtful and compassionate in trying to save lives on humanitarian grounds!!!!

I just so happened to be reviewing the post war effects on Libya and found some incredible information that proved beyond a shadow of doubt that our government lied to the British media and to the citizens of this country.

It was last year that The UK Uranium Weapons Network and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) called on David Cameron to seek assurances that coalition allies would not use DU munitions during the aerial bombardment.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson said: “Depleted uranium weapons are weapons of indiscriminate effect – the cancers and birth defects they are thought to cause cannot be ‘targeted’ at troops.

“Using them in built-up areas in effect targets civilians. This runs counter to everything the coalition has claimed about protecting civilians.”

My note on the above is that using such weapons (which are clearly WMD’s) is also in violation of at least 4 chapters of the Geneva Convention.

The report went on to say: However the Ministry of Defence has claimed there is no reliable evidence that DU has a hazardous effect to health.

Hey David don’t get upset with me just because Liam sent that letter


I have a letter from the previous Minister of Defence, Liam Fox address to Dr.Bill Wilson of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh which shows that he was aware of peoples concerns on the question of DU and associated health problems but claimed there was no evidence to support this was due to DU.

The letter on MoD headed paper and dated 22nd February 2011 clearly revealed the state of Liam Fox’s confused mind and read as follows:

Thank you for your letter of 8th February about the health of Service personnel and civilians exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU) and for the list of reference material.

I remain very conscious many people are concerned there is a link between the use of DU ammunition and medical problems such as cancers and birth defects. This is an issue taken very seriously by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The causes of illness reported in places such as Iraq are extremely distressing especially when they affect children. However I must stress that DU has not been shown to present the health or environmental risks suggested. Non of the inquires to date, including those quoted in your letter, has documented long-term health or environmental effects attributed to DU munitions.

On the basis of reports by the Royal Society and others, the MoD does not consider DU is safe, it is hazardous (making the acceptable health and safety distinctions here between a hazard and a risk). As a heavy metal (like lead) and with radioactive properties, DU use, storage, handling and the environmental considerations are governed by the Radioactive Substance Act 1993 and the Ionising Regulations Act that came into effect on 1 January 2000. These are part of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 enforced by the Health and Safety Executive.

The precautionary principle you advocate is manifest in our in our approach to managing risk on the balance of likelihood and consequences.


On the issue of Service personnel health we have conducted investigations into the effects of DU. Some 3,400 Service personnel attended the Gulf Veteran’s Medical Assessment Programme under which no evidence of ill health due to DU exposure has been found.

The UN General Assembly draft resolution you refer to calls for action by the Secretary-General and UN member states, based on the alleged harmful effects of the use of DU munitions on the health and the environment. The UK does not support resolutions that presuppose that DU is harmful.

The draft resolution requests states that have used DU in armed conflict to provide information about its use. I hope you will be reassured to know that the UK has already provided details of this nature to inform studies and the work of the UN, but it is up to each state to provide data at such a time and in such a manner as it deems appropriate.

The Governments policy remains that DU can be used within weapons, it is not prohibited under current or likely future international agreements. UK  armed forces, use DU munitions in accordance with international humanitarian law. It would be quite wrong to deny our serving personnel a legitimate capability.


I hope this information is useful to you


Yours Sincerely




The RT Hon Dr Liam Fox MP


One can clearly see that the MoD under the command of Liam Fox was not accepting any health risks and that his Government would continue to use DU……even thought Cameron said we would not!!!

In more recent times suddenly this did a 360 degree turnaround when the current Armed Forces Minister, Nick Harvey made the following statement on Monday the 14th of November 2011:

 The Armed Forces Minister has been forced to apologise over misleading statements he made regarding the legality and dangers of depleted uranium weapons.

Nick Harvey admitted that he had inadvertently misled MPs about a Ministry of Defence  review that he said had concluded the weapons were permissible on humanitarian and environmental grounds under the Geneva Conventions.


It subsequently emerged that the review had never happened, and Harvey has apologised for the error, which he said had been made “in good faith”. He has ordered that a review into the weapons’ legality be carried out by civil servants. The department is facing calls for the weapons to be suspended until it is completed.

As you can clearly see the government on two occasions have been caught with their trousers down and been forced to backtrack on misleading information…….in other words they lied!!

During the UN security council debate on a no-fly zone Mr Cameron said: “We do not use those (DU) weapons and are not going to use those weapons.” The only DU munitions Britain possesses are for the Challenger II tank and it is not suggested that British forces have used DU in Libya. But the Ministry of Defence has confirmed that “DU anti-armour munitions will remain part of our arsenal for the foreseeable future.”

Let’s just hold it there for one moment and again prove that this is yet another lie from the power that be.

DU forms part on many weapons in the British arsenal……..it can be in the form of a penetrator, a shaped charged liner or in the form of ballast……..in many cases it is all three. Weapons that contain DU are the armour piercing shells as carried by our tanks, Cruise Missiles, JDAM bombs, Bunker Busters, Hellfire Missiles and many other munitions including the rounds for the attack helicopters………one can clearly see from the many photographs and videos that were taken in Libya that DU was overused by the US, UK and France. They can be clearly identified by the intensity and colour of the explosion and the sparkler effect that radiates out from inferno as portrayed in the timed sequence shots below:

The lower two shots show the sparkles radiating outwards – typical of DU  

I also have evidence of French jets departing their base and carrying a nuclear weapon (slung on their central pylon) which was again identified during their in flight refueling over the Mediterranean.


French Rafale Fighter take off from Istres with live nuke bound for Libya


Labour MP John McDonnell said he had written to the PM “asking for his assurance that he will do all he can to persuade our allies to refrain from using this weapon in Libya.”…… “what a load of codswallop.”


Can we in the UK see the insanity of this war when our economy is bleeding and there appears to be no end in sight?

Can we see the suffering that exists around the world because of our countries determination to remain at war no matter what the cost?



I think the above array of photographs sums it all up…..at the top we see the true victims of depleted uranium, then below we see how wars create excessive povert, below that is a man sweeping his devastated home that has been nuked by DU in Gaza and finally the casualties of war…….the good looking guy in the middle has since died having been DU’d by his own US government.

It is time to stop our respective governments in their tracks and demand an end to any more conflicts and to make sure that we keep our hands of Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen and Somalia…….not to mention Sudan which they also aim to attack some time in the future…….this have nothing to do with humanitarian concerns or nuclear weapons its all about “Geo Politics” that was first planned back in 1997 by Paul Wolverwitz and again after 9/11 by the Pentagon who pledged to take out 7 Islamic countries within a time frame of between 5 – 10 years……..believe it or not they are currently on track!!

I hate to imagine what high tech WMD’s will be used against Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine (Gaza) on the next round of confrontations but you can rest assured they will be as nasty as they come!!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 7/3/2012

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