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Britain steps up its campaign to force a Libyan style regime change in Syria

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William Hague remembering the troops he killed for his own greed

Foreign Secretary William Hague is almost duplicating his tactics  like he did in Libya and it certainly brings a bad taste to ones mouth to see yet again our country on the brink of war.

It is the same game whereby he chooses the humanitarian aspects of this conflict and very carefully chooses words that are intended to brainwash the British public into believe that any action is clearly justified.

This week brings the withdrawal of all diplomatic staff from the UK embassy in Damascus and a suspension in services.  Hague gave the deteriorating security situation as the main reason behind this decision..

As one would expect the UN rights council condemned “systematic violations” against civilians by the Syrian regime and dear David Cameron once again used the same old spin when he said the UK is taking steps to build a legal case against President Bashar al-Assad for violently suppressing protests.

He said Britain is making sure that experts are available on the Turkish border and elsewhere to collect the evidence. “There will be film evidence, there will be testimony, there will be individuals, there may well be information from the cameraman who recently escaped from Homs,” he said. Cameron went on the say the aim was to “build a picture that can then make a case that these are crimes against humanity” and that the Syrian president “must be held to account”.

What he meant to have said was the fact that his Special Forces are currently operating within Syria with the help of other secret service units and that he his providing the arms and finances to disrupt the infrastructure of Syria. What he also didn’t tell you is the same snipers that were in Libya are now taking out selective targets in Syria and once again all the evidence will be rigged with false statistics from the rebel army and from the heavily infiltrated charities that now work on his behalf……..this same situation occurred in Egypt with many arrests taking place of double agents who were operating within such charities.

Cameron wording was just like a good Shakespearian play:  “I wish we could do more but we have to be realistic about what we can achieve. But holding them to account, gathering the evidence, using that case to build a case in international law that he can never hide from – that we can do.”

Cameron said Britain must be realistic about its capacity to intervene directly, insisting the situation was different to Libya………what was that he said “Different to Libya”? “Come on David stop pulling the wool over our eyes, it’s exactly the same as Libya” !!

The Foreign Secretary William Hague stated the UK supported the UN and Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan and that the country would continue to work with main opposition group the Syrian National Council……..can you see the same old story developing as it did in Libya only then it was the Libyan National Council working hand in hand with UN and the notorious Arab League who would sell their Grandmother for a few US dollars!!

Let’s just stop there for one moment and reflect on the situation that developed prior to the war on Libya…….oh sorry I used the wrong words there didn’t I?..….It was not a war but a humanitarian intervention to save lives and create a “No fly zone” that suddenly developed into a massive “Blitzkrieg” and allowed the US, UK and France to pepper the entire country with depleted uranium.

I have written many times about the secret operations that go on in many countries with Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad etc….we saw it in Egypt, Libya and now Syria with to some extent the same activity going on inside Iran.

We should recall events just prior to the attack on Libya when our country and Mr Hague were acutely embarrassed……let’s just take a snippet of news that was written by the Guardian on the 7th of March last year which said:

The foreign secretary, William Hague, has told MPs he takes “full responsibility” for the secret mission which left Britain severely embarrassed when an eight-strong team including Special Forces were detained after landing by helicopter at night.

It went on to say: He authorised the decision to send the team of MI6 officers and SAS soldiers, which was withdrawn after “a serious misunderstanding about their role, leading to their temporary detention.”……….what was that he said “a serious misunderstand about their role”…….oh Mr. Hague stop being so naïve……the west does this all the time……I have video evidence of special forces arriving by helicopter behind so called “Enemy Lines” directing air strikes against selective targets…..what a load of bulldust!!

Pressed on the details, he said “timing and details” of the mission had been “decided by the professionals” but insisted he took “full ministerial responsibility” for the operation and confirmed that the prime minister, David Cameron, had been aware in advance.

So there you have it 100% evidence that it is our government that cause the unrest in such places as Syria and it is our Special Forces that frequently will blow up a hotel or carryout a car bomb incident and blame it on someone else……..you all know the term by now it is called a “False Flag Incident.”

 I can also recall back in June 2011 another pathetic statement by our warmonger Hague when he made the following statement in the Telegraph: The Foreign Secretary says the war in Libya is cheaper than dealing with a humanitarian crisis created by Gaddafi killing civilians. If I remember correctly that pre war the false figures of deaths (as given by the rebel army) amounted to around 6,000 and yet after the bombardment by the US, UK and France that figure rose to well in access of 50,000………good humanitarian concept don’t you think?………not to mention the fact that Libya has been totally contaminated now by the WMD weapons used. 

That stupid statement from Hague actually had a more in depth meaning when he was challenged on the financial implications for this country:

 The Ministry of Defence will set out the most recent financial implications for taxpayers of the Nato-led mission in a written Commons statement on Thursday.

Pressure on the Government to reveal the cost mounted at the weekend when Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander said it would be “hundreds of millions”.

But Mr Hague insisted the cost of military involvement in the North African county less than the cost of dealing with a humanitarian crisis there.

“I have never said what the total would be. What I have said is that whatever we are spending on the operations in Libya, it is nothing like the cost of a humanitarian catastrophe,” he said.

When one looks at the financial state of the UK and how the government is raping its population of its hard earned cash by taking money off the poor and the aged and forcing students into an unbelievable debt one cannot fully understand where this “War effort money” is coming from. Add to this the enormous fraud and tax evasion going on in this country with fraudulent company directors who are in bed with equally fraudulent banks who are in bed with many very senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords and maybe one can understand the state of politics in this country……we are talking here about fraud amounting to billions if not trillions of pounds per year.

 Sorry I got carried away there for one moment…back to the topic on hand that of the similarity between events in Libya and in Syria. I can recall the same Foreign Secretary making a statement in March last year that he would consider arming Libyan rebels. It also so happened that a previous Foreign Secretary, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, also added his weight beyond such a proposal when he said that an  “open and urgent” supply of weapons to the rebels, to avoid repeating the “mistake” of the Bosnian war in the nineties was essential.

Little has changed since Libya and we again see the same language being used to force a regime change in Syria. It was William Hague who actually ruled out military intervention to protect Syrian civilians of the kind recently undertaken in Libya. It was Hague who admitted that British-backed efforts to agree a UN security council resolution condemning the repression in Syria  have run into difficulties. 

Hague was asked if Britain would contribute if the UN could be persuaded to back military intervention, Hague replied: “It’s so hypothetical that it is an academic question.” He also accused Iran of hypocrisy in supporting the Arab spring pro-democracy movements while continuing to back the Syrian regime……..what Hague did not tell you was the fact that the Arab Spring was itself a western derived plot to destabalise the entire Middle East as was proven in Egypt.

What is so hypocritical about our governments stance is the fact that during the Libyan War it was revealed that the UK were very much aware of unfolding events when it was stated back in November 2011 that Syrian rebels had held secret talks with Libya’s new authorities, aiming to secure weapons and money for their insurgency against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

At the meeting, which was held in Istanbul and included Turkish officials (our NATO partner), the Syrians requested assistance from the Libyan representatives and were offered arms and, potentially, volunteers.

”There is something being planned to send weapons and even Libyan fighters to Syria,” a Libyan source said, on condition of anonymity. ”There is military intervention on the way….. Within a few weeks you will see.”……..this further confirmed my knowledge of Libyan and Special Forces snipers being in existence in Syria.

Soon after William Hagues comment to the Associated Press our PM,  David Cameron and President Sarkozy met in Paris to discuss a possible increase in help to Syrian rebels.

Maybe now you can see how our country is hell bent on continuing war with Syria, Iran and now possible Yemen and Somalia……such is the sad state of Britain’s aggressive foreign policy.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 2/3/2012

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