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The Hidden Truth Behind The News

Why does the British media continue to hide the truth?

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Who really runs our beloved Britain? 

Time and time again we see the BBC using the same old jargon that clearly shows it wishes to promote “Islamaphobia” around the globe.

I find it appalling that this public funded entity continue to paint the wrong picture in its mainline reporting with such headlines as:

Obama hails “New Beginning” for Yemen and then goes on to say the US would be “a steadfast partner to Yemen” in its transition to democracy.

My first question would be what democracy? It was the US that promoted and supported the previous President Ali Abdullah Saleh and gladly supported Saudi Arabia incursion into that country with back- up aerial strikes and the use of depleted uranium.

What the BBC is not telling you is the fact that when the crowds took to the streets the US decided it was time for yet another regime change and with the help of their allies in Saudi moved Saleh over the border for treatment and eventually flew him to the US via their other ally Britain!!

This same BBC report again distorted the truth by reporting Obama’s words when he offered US condolences for the deaths of 26 people in a car bombing in Yemen’s southern Hadramawt province………Do you really believe that Obama or the west care about such incidents that continue to happen in almost every trouble spot in and around the Middle East? The report clearly quoted that the attack bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda. 

Then we had the BBC reporting on the latest bombing in Iraq when 55 were killed in a predominantly Shia area. The report stated that Al-Qaeda in Iraq said it carried out previous waves of attacks in December and January.

Another story regarding Afghanistan again used the same punch line:

 “A decade ago, coalition forces arrived in Afghanistan with the aim of dismantling al-Qaeda and preventing its followers from using the country as a base.”

Finally we had yet another reference to al-Quada only this time it was in Pakistan when the BBC reported the following:

The authorities in Pakistan have begun to demolish the house occupied by the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden.

American special forces killed Bin Laden during a raid of his compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad last May.

Residents said bulldozers were being used to destroy the outer walls of the compound, which served as the Al Qaeda leader’s hideout for more than five years.

When one evaluates these reports it is clear that throughout the four main stories that covered Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan it was al Qaeda that became the main feature.

From my own viewpoint I would like to point out some other truths that you are not likely to read about in the British media and certainly not via the BBC and that is the fact that al-Qaeda have never existed and that this so called “War on Terror” does not even exist.

When one wishes to go to war you have to create either a “False Flag” or create a false illusion that a threat to our streets actually exist and in this particular case the term al Qaeda was invented.

We have now seen a decade of references to this group and its apparent previous head, Osama Bin Laden but what the British public did not understand was the fact that US Special Forces (Navy Seals) did not carry out an attack on his compound and he was not killed during that operation as the whole scenario was a well planned “False Flag Fantasy.”

You may be interested to learn that Osama Bin Laden had already died some years before from natural causes at the hospital in Rawalpindi!!

Maybe you should all cast your minds back to those earlier days in the mountains of Tora Bora, Afghanistan when US and coalition forces were combing the caves for signs of this illustrious rebel…….yes folks you were all convinced that this was for real but I am sorry to tell you it was all a false façade to make you feel unsafe in good old Britain and then they had the audacity to create yet another “False Flag” that is now referred too as 7/7……yes you heard right……yet another inside job!!

The BBC and most of the  entire British media is controlled, censored and funded by Zionist who try to convince you that terrorism is still a major threat to this country and that this threat is likely to come from some unknown Islamic group.

Don’t you find it rather odd that you have to go outside of the UK to either Press TV or RT to find out what is actually going on in this world?

One should take the time to listen to the late words of Aaron Russo during his interview with Alex Jones. This wonderful man had a strong friendship with Nick Rockefeller and revealed the workings of the Zionist controlled New World Order. I am sure you will agree that Aarun Russo was one of those special persons that have graced our planet. Here is the link 


I guess it would be most unfair of me to just blast away at the BBC when some of the other mainline newspapers are playing the same game in pulling the wool over our eyes.

Let’s take another Zionist controlled newspaper……The Times……again we see the same stance with he following headline: “Al-Qaeda backs Syrian revolt”…………..

The head of Al-Qaeda, the Islamic terrorist group, has backed the revolt against Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, ” Zawahri took command of Al-Qaeda after Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US.”

If one evaluates the true meaning behind these paragraphs one can see a hidden message that is intended to brainwash us all into believe that if a terrorist group, such as Al-Qaeda, is supporting the removal of Assad then the President of Syria must be very bad indeed……….come on folks get real……….this is pure propaganda to force a regime change which is what this stand-off is all about……just like Libya…..same old players at it again (US, UK and France).

Another classic headline by the Times reported the following: “Al Qaeda seize Yemen Town.” Al Qaeda militants have taken control of the town….cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was linked to Al Qaeda and killed in an American air strike in Yemen….year of mass protests against his rule. Al Qaeda have taken over several towns etc etc…..can you see the close connection between the wording by the BBC and those of the Times…..why you may ask?…….it’s simply the fact that both are influenced or controlled by the same Zionists backed finances and owners. Rupert Murdoch is 100% Zionist and I have a photograph to prove it!!! 

Another story in the Times read: UK terror suspects elude Kenyan police……… terror suspects wanted for plotting Al-Qaeda-linked bombings against westerners…citizens are training and fighting with Al-Shabaab in Somalia. The terror group, which is allied to Al-Qaeda, has been seeking to attract Muslims etc……

Add all of this together and one can read that Al Qaeda is strong in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and also Somalia. Again I repeat that Al Qaeda have never existed and do not exist to this day………it’s all part of their Islamaphobia and scaremongery  tactics to spread hysteria and panic amongst the citizens of this country into making them believe that the “War on Terror” must continue and at the same time changing our laws and making the UK into a police state in the same way as the United States!!

The final straw came again from the Times when they reported the following: Drone strike kills Al-Qaeda agent in Somalia – A British-raised al-Qaeda operative was killed in a drone strike…hundreds of foreigners fighting with the al Qaeda-linked Shabaab, including dozens…associate of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, al-Qaeda’s East Africa chief etc…

I am sure by now that you have all had a gut full of this “British Media Crap” and want to know what is really going on in this world and more importantly to hear and read the truth……..well as I have said before you can start with Press TV and RT or follow the many blogs around the world that attempt to reveal what is factually going on.

Before closing I again repeat that many incidents that occur in such places as Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq is the work of western Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6 and the Israeli Mossad etc. One should also mention the many militia or rebel groups are also funded by the west………they infiltrate deep within many countries and spread fear and destruction…….they plant many bombs and have their own snipers to take out selective innocent civilians etc…….including foreign journalist…….we then get the above media blaming such incidents on the respective government forces which is far from the truth.

I guess we all have to wait now for the next significant “False Flag” to occur that will spark of a war with Iran, Syria, Palestine and certain groups within Lebanon……..that is their goal and part of their master plan that was first planned back in 1997.

The true axis of evil is right here in the City of London and such people as David Cameron and William Hague continue to push for their own hidden agenda and war at whatever the cost!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant- 26/2/2012

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