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The flagship of British propaganda again spins its misinformation

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Satanic City of London HQ of The New World Order

For the second day in succession we see the BBC attempting to convince the British public that action is required against Iran by again printing yet another “False Flag” story regarding the latest bomb blast in Thailand.

The headeline read “Iranian” bomber in Thai blasts……..note the word Iranian is emphasised which clearly shows yet another biased opinion and certainly anti Iranian!!

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera: “What the specific evidence for a link to Iran is has not been made clear yet”……..how contradictory is this statement in relation to the hyped up headline!! The rather amateur report went on to say:

A man thought to be Iranian has had both legs blown off after attempting to throw a bomb at police in the Thai capital, Bangkok, officials say. Two other explosions were reported in the same busy commercial district of the city, injuring four other people. Police said one blast took place at the house the injured man rented with other Iranians. One of those men also threw a bomb at a taxi in the capital.

Again this article gave reference to the other “False Flags” in India and Georgia and continued: Israel has accused Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah of orchestrating the attacks. Iran denied the allegations.

There is no sign of who the attackers in Bangkok might have been targeting, but the timing and the link to Iran will raise suspicions that this might be part of a co-ordinated campaign, says BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera.

All I can say is “God help us if this BBC correspondent is responsible for reporting on security matters.”


Zionist funded/ controlled BBC to which the British public have to pay a licence fee

Who should we the British public have to pay this stealth tax for a censured channel?

It is clear that both the US, UK and in particular Israel are hyping up mass hysteria against the Islamic world and at the same time one can now expect a significant “False Flag Event” to occur in order for the above countries to justify an action against Iran……..the unknown event could well be significant with a fake attack on possibly a US Carrier or even an attack on the Olympic Games in London………you can rest assured that this is building up to a major conflict.



 Whilst the “False Flag” in India is still clearly in our minds I would like to publish segments of a report by my Indian friend Arun Shrivastava who writes some very interesting articles. He also so happens to live in New Delhi and is thus more qualified to research and investigate such matters…….here are some of his observations:

The important thing about the attack on Israeli diplomat’s car [Number: 109 CD 35; blue number plate with CD meaning Diplomatic Corps] is that it happened within the square mile of sanitized Delhi that rules over 1.2 billion Indians. This is an intensely patrolled area; at every intersection you will find a fast police car with armed policemen to cordon off an entire street or several streets within seconds of any terrorist event.

Therefore, it is simply inconceivable that a lone rider on a motorbike stopped by the Israeli diplomat’s car, attached an explosive device, and scooted from the scene before the car blew up. And all of this within seconds. Either the policemen were sleeping-all of them, at the same time-at quarter past three; or something else happened. The lone eye witness who saw something being attached could have been any one, or anything, we don’t know.

On Aurangzeb Road, an address to die for, every hour 1500-2000 cars move. By counting the stately mansions on this road, you can arrive at an approximate figure of India’s current dollar billionaires.

You can see from Arun report that this prime real estate is extremely well guarded and it would be almost impossible for such an attack to take place and more importantly if such an offender did carry out this attack on a motor cycle he would not be able to evade the security cordon and the event would also be witnessed by many army, police and security personnel.

Arun went on to say: Within hours of the attack that injured the wife of an Israeli diplomat, the Israeli Government was spewing venom on Iranians. And within hours, an embarrassed Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna, recently back from his Tel Aviv sojourn, came out with a guarded statement that ‘investigation have started’ [whatever that means]. By evening the American Zionist lobby passed its judgment that India’s relationship with Iran is a violation of decent international behaviour.

You can see his full report on the following link:


His report is very impressive to say the least and Arun has much credibility in Delhi. You will note he also can see the same connection with the bombing of two Iranian scientists in Tehran which no doubt had connections to the CIA, MI5 and Mossad. I am sure after reading Arun´s account of this incident you will agree that it is a totally false story as is the one in Thailand and Georgia.

In the meantime let´s continue to look at the Zionist run BBC for more ridiculous hype and propaganda when they printed the following words of the Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak:

The explosion “proves once again that Iran and its proxies continue to perpetrate terror”, he is quoted as saying.

He said Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah were “unrelenting terror elements endangering the stability of the region and endangering the stability of the world”.

Mr Barak is on an official visit in Singapore. A statement issued by the Israeli defence ministry noted that Barak was in Bangkok on Sunday, AP reports.

It is also a coincidence that Edud Barak was in Bangkok and the Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna had recently returned from Tel Aviv……very well planned don´t you think?

The BBC report also came up with some more than spectacular wording in describing the Thai bombing………it quoted:

 Two men managed to escape the explosion that severely damaged the house, but a third man who suffered minor injuries tried to hail a taxi. When the taxi refused to stop for him, he threw at least one bomb at it.

There was a third explosion when the same man then attempted to throw another bomb at police, but missed. The man lost his legs when the device blew up.

He is said to be receiving emergency treatment in hospital. Thai media said that an identity card found nearby indicated the man could be of Iranian origin.

Note that once again, as in the case of 9/11; they just happened to find an ID card nearby that could be Iranian………how could this information leak out in the very early stages of investigations……….clearly another “False Flag.”

What made this story so pathetic was another sentence that stated:

A police forensics team was examining the house and reports said that police used high pressure water cannon to defuse another explosive found there. This highly dangerous new technique is something that our own Bomb Disposal Squad should take note of lol!!!

It was also interesting to note the BBC report on the USS Abraham Lincoln that passed through the Straits of Hormuz was approached by “Iranian Patrol Boats”….this is normal naval protocol for the owners of this sea space to patrol their borders…….that is what the navy is for and to say they passed within 2 miles is no threat but purely routine. I also noted that once again the British and French accompanied the carrier and clearly are flexing their muscles in the same way as they did in Libya.

So the scene is almost set for conflict and Russia believes it could be as early as summer this year………one can wait and see how this cat and mouse charade will pan out but rest assured if conflict occurs it will be the most catastrophic event ever experienced on this planet.

The US, Israel, UK and French will use massive amounts of depleted uranium weapons and also tactical nuclear weapons spreading contamination around the entire Middle East within 4 days and around Europe and the world within weeks.

Contamination from these weapons when added to the contamination from the nuclear plants in Iran will bring almost certain death to millions of innocent civilians covering an initial area of Turkey to India and from the Caspian down to the Horn of Africa…….this contamination will then severely contaminate the rest of the world with dramatic rises in many forms of cancer and birth defects etc.

We, the international community, must never allow this war to happen and apply whatever force is required to save “Mother Earth” and its inhabitants.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 14/2/2012





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