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Standby for yet another US/Israeli/UK derived False Flag

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Great inside job guys, now we can go to war legitimately”


As we have seen in the past when the US, Israel and UK are not getting their way or are vetoed by other members of the UN Security Council they devise a false flag incident so that they can justify an action.

Historically speaking the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a classic example when the USS Maddox was apparently fired upon by three North Vietnamese Torpedo Boats and the US then went to war.

Declassified information has since been released that the true story was as follows:

“No attack happened that night in truth” “ Hanoi´s navy was engaged in nothing that night.”

Then we had the classic USS Liberty off the coast of Israel when the US ship was attacked by the Israeli Air Force with the full consent of the US…….they had hoped that there would be no survivors to tell the tale but that plan went wrong and some sailors survived to tell the story.

There have been so many false flags incident since this time: the US Embassy in Kenya, The Hotel in Kenya, the USS Cole in Aden Harbour, 9/11 New York, 7/7 London, The sinking of the South Korean Corvette that they tried to blame on North Korea, The attempted bombing of the airliner in Detroit, The British Shoe Bomber (another attempt on an aircraft).

One classic false flag in more recent times was that of the UPS ink jet cartridge bomb that  arrived at the East Midlands Airport near Derby, UK  via Germany and had apparently been initially shipped from Yemen  onboard a UPS aircraft…….this was so badly planned it became almost hilarious!

So what can we expect in the coming months from the above three countries to justify an action against Iran……whatever it turned out to be I can assure you that it will be a significant event and we are likely to see extremely swift action by the US, Israel, UK or NATO forces without any forensic evidence against Iran.

Obviously we are likely to hear of some activity just ahead of the incident such as an exercise (as was the case of 7/7 in London) immediately followed by the real thing.

The Olympic Games in London would be a perfect setting but somehow I think it will be some sort of naval action involving a submarine or some other underwater explosive device as was the case in Korea as it is so easy to do a cover up.

Another suggestion was an attack on the USS Enterprise (a nuclear powered US carrier)…….this vessel is due for retirement soon and being nuclear powered is going to be a very costly de commissioning and scrapping exercise……..it is said what better way of getting rid of her than to sink her in the Gulf with the loss of many lives and blame it on Iran……..not to mention leaving the reactors “In David Jones Locker” for someone else to clean up.

It is blatantly clear that the pressure from Russia and China will not allow the US, Israel or the UK to take first strike action and I can assure you that Israel certainly cannot carry out such an action without the assistance of the US.

The UK and Israel already have vessels in the Persian Gulf (including submarines) and believe me the use of tactical nuclear weapons would certainly be on the cards.

French Rafale Fighter take off from Istres with live nuke 

 It is also possible that the French Navy would also be assisting there partners in crime, just as they did in Libya.

I would also add that during the French onslaught in Libya, French Rafale fighter aircraft were seen  taking off from their Istres base with one tactical nuclear weapon slung under the centre of the aircraft (ASMP-A). These same aircraft were later observed during their routine in-flight refuelling with the same weapon slung under the aircraft………I must say that some explosions in Libya could have been possibly such a weapon and one must remember that the French have never live tested this nuke………the US also used live nukes in Iraq and Afghanistan the latter being the B61 (dial up nuke).

I would urge all normal intelligent people to watch the coming months extremely carefully and see how the CIA, MI5 and Mossad once again try to pull the wool over our eyes. Whatever happens one can be assured it will be swift with retaliatory action taking place without delay.

I would also hazard a guess that Israel/Mossad could well launch their own false flag against a US warship without telling the US and then with their huge control of the media via such Zionist as Rupert Murdoch assist the US in pointing a finger at Iran.


“If you believe this then obviously you believe a Boeing hit the towers”


No doubt some of you still believe that some Islamic terrorist group took down the twin towers……..I can assure you that having spent my lifetime in aviation that no Boeing aircraft hit any tower, no Boeing aircraft hit the Pentagon and no Boeing aircraft crashed into the field in Shanksville.

What you saw on TV was the greatest illusion ever with the high tech use of computer generated imagery, missiles, internal explosions and some carefully chosen witnesses and more importantly from the aviation perspective no proof of American Airlines or United Airlines aircraft parts wreckage that through there serial numbers could be matched to the maintenance log books of each aircraft.

Many witnesses that observed other unexplained events were never called to give witness and the same story applies to 7/7 in London………how could the apparent bombers in London for instance have been on the Tube when the train they were catching from Luton Railway Station was cancelled and the second train was running late?

They were not on the tubes as they were still in transit and did you know that these poor Muslims were actually hired as actors for an exercise that very morning prior to the real thing and when they arrived in London realised that the real thing had occurred and that they were now the scapegoats…….they immediately panicked and crossed the Thames to Canary Wharf where they were assassinated.

Many passengers also complained that they thought the bombs that caused the terrible death toll were implosions and not explosions i.e. that the bombs were actually under the train and not inside of them.

Don´t you also find it rather strange that little CCTV footage was available that day despite the fact that London is saturated in camera´s and the fact that the major security company was Israeli owned.

It is clear that this same scenario also applied to 9/11 with little footage being available apart from the well planned illusions that we all observed on that terrible day……..also keep in mind that it was an Israeli security company that looked after the twin towers security.

The fact is that many other false flags in aviation ( where people with apparent bombs have slipped through the system) had an Israeli owned airport security company screening the passengers.

In  the New York twin towers it was Kroll, the Israeli security company, that were responsible and it was this same company that was involved in some other very shady work in London concerning massive fraud at the Abbey National prior to the takeover by the Spanish Santander banking group……….an ex Kroll senior member of staff was involved and the result being the untimely death of Richard Chang…….but that’s another story.

We must all be alert and be sure not to be sucked into yet another false flag…….after all the next major incident could well lead to WW3 accompanied by massive usage of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” by the US, UK, Israel and possibly France.

If we the British public allow our Prime Minister, David Cameron and his evil sidekick William Hague to again pull the wool over our eyes we could well see extremely high levels of radioactive fallout (nano particles) in the skies over the UK which will be detrimental to the citizens of this country, especially the unborn foetus, babies and the very young………can we truly allow that to happen?

Below is a graph that prooves that as a direct result of US and  coalition forces using  WMD´s in Iraq and Afghanistan (mainly depleted uranium) the people of this country were put under tremendous risk . I would like you all to fully understand the implications of this contamination (note the baseline for normal background radiation) and then note the huge spikes in radioactive fallout that coincided with major bombing incidents ie Shock and Awe (Baghdad) and Tora Bora (Afghanistan)

Should we the British allow our country or any country to attack Iran I can assure you the contamination will be catostrophic for not only the Middle East but for the entire world

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant –8/2/2012

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