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“I want war and by Jove I will get war you can mark my words”

Well Mr. Cameron you can mark my words that your aggressive mannerism will certainly lead to your decline and you will never again be in office after the next general election. Hopefully you could well see yourself in jail for massive fraud and for being in breach of the “Nuclear Explosions Act” for your involvement with Sir Ken Warren in the illegal purchase of three South African/Israeli nuclear bombs that your government then lost!!

Do the people that run this country really believe that the British public are so dumb that we accept their daily spin?

Do we the public really believe all the concocted stories that keep radiating out of the bowels of the BBC?

Let´s first take a look at some BBC headlines that clearly show the same propaganda that we saw during the build up to the attack on Libya:  Syrian forces “in Homs massacre.”The first paragraph of this article read as follows:

“Activists say Syrian forces killed more than 200 people in Homs in the worst violence since anti-government protests began, but the government denies it.”

What the BBC did not tell you is that the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad are operating with Special Forces and hired Militia within Syria to disrupt/destabilise the country and also that these hired thugs also include snipers who also operated in Libya.

Have you ever wondered that in this world of high technology one can always get very clear pictures of such incidents and yet as we saw in Libya all we get is a very poor quality and very jerky image taken from a mobile phone that according to the likes of the BBC cannot be verified.

The British public are getting sick of this third rate “Zionist Controlled “coverage that is a repeat of the same old pack of lies. It also adds insult to injury the very fact that our government makes us pay for the privilege.

It is so kind of our government to freeze the current licence fee when they announced the following: The Government has frozen the licence fee at its 2010 level of £145.50 per year until the end of the current BBC Charter period in 2016……….and can you imagine that if you are blind you get a 50% discount…….how very nice of them…….this stealth tax is totally illegal.


Let´s take another headline “Afghan civilian death toll rises” – “Why are the Taliban so strong”? – “Who are the Taliban”?

My first observation would be that this report states (according to the UN which is another Zionist run empire) that for the fifth year there has been an increase in civilian casualties that is as a direct result of insurgents.

Perhaps one should remind the BBC that the very high death toll is as a direct result of highly inaccurate and indiscriminate bombing many of whom have fell victim to coalition drone attacks and the heavy usage of depleted uranium which continues to kill both on and off the battlefield.

I also noticed that the BBC failed to report to the public the very high death toll of coalition forces that is spiraling totally out of control. Any newspaper or media outlet should paint a balanced picture of what is truly going on so let’s give you some true statistics :



What I find extremely annoying is the BBC´s terminology i.e. Why are the Taliban so strong and who are they?………….after decades of fighting maybe the BBC think that the good old British Public are not aware by now!

Why doesn’t the BBC tell you that the Taliban was created by the west and at one stage they were very strong allies with the US and were attempting to carry out a joint venture pipeline ( the TAPI pipeline) with none other than the Bush family and that other “Zionist Rogue”-  Dick Cheney of Halliburton fame.

The US invited all the Taliban tribal leaders for a lavish week in Houston but the Taliban rejected the deal as the terms were unacceptable and they then became the enemy.

The BBC report asked “Why are they so strong”?……….maybe they also forget to tell you that Afghanistan has always been under their control since the war started and apart from some small areas the Taliban continue to control this vast country.

Maybe you are starting to understand why David Cameron and the British Government closed down Press TV in London. This very unique channel painted a totally different picture from that of the BBC and frequently exposed not only the truth but also the lies and deceit of the British government. Press TV almost became a liability for David Cameron and many other Zionist backed politicians and it was clear that our government had to do something rather drastic to stop the truth from coming out. What they didn´t calculate was the fact that the people of this country are even more determined to watch what they want to watch and now watch Press TV via other links.

You can all continue to watch Press TV  by going to the  following website to obtain the appropriate networks etc despite the British Office of Communications (OFCOM) removing the channel from the Sky platform. Go to the following for information:    http://www.presstv.co.uk/

Politicians continue to pull the wool over the eyes of citizens of this country by repeatedly feeding us false information about the risks to this country.

Let´s now take a look at some comments made by our own PM recently with the following headlines in The Telegraph “David Cameron accuses Iran of supplying Syria weapons” ……….so Mr. Cameron who sent Special Forces into Libya and who got caught? Who sent arms to Libya before the war kicked off and continued to do so? Who authorised the same activity within Syria and also continues to supply arms to the opposition and train the rebels with the help of his chum Sarkozy?

One can clearly see a two pronged attack against Syria and Iran that will obviously continue to build up until our dear Prime Minister get´s his own way (just as he did in Libya) and we will again go to war only the consequences this time will be catastrophic to say the least!!

Yet again we have William Hague blowing the war trumpet when he said in the same paper that a Syrian resolution was “Long overdue”………these same two are again nibbling away at the UN and no doubt we are likely to see yet another no fly zone in Syria, even thought there is no airborne activity in Syria! It was also interesting to note that the PM also quoted the following:  “People should also know that Hezbollah is an organization standing up and supporting this wretched tyrant who is killing so many of his own people.”

Let´s once again put this statement into perspective……..what our PM is trying to say is that in the event of any potential conflict we are likely to see a series of simulated attacks against not only Syria but also Lebanon and even possibly Palestine with the ultimate target being that of Iran………..these few remaining nations have always been a thorn in the side for the US, UK and France as they continue to delay the west´s “Master Geo Political”. The master plan was designed well before 9/11 when the west planned to take over at least seven Islamic countries and I can assure you the evidence to support this statement is extremely sound!!

We now have our rather timid Nick Clegg, the Deputy PM, making his usual “Pro Israeli” statements when he made the following statement: “The Syrian president is as ‘irrelevant’ to the country’s future as Muammar Gaddafi is to Libya’s!!!

Instead the UK stood “shoulder-to-shoulder” with protesters in all Arab countries: “We believe in the same things these activists are fighting for: freedom, self-determination, human rights, the chance for people who work hard to succeed.”

He said while some regimes in North Africa and the Middle East had fallen, there remained urgent need for reform in Bahrain, while Yemen suffered a stalemate and Syria was in the grip of a single family which “continues to wage war on an entire nation”.

Have you ever heard such political spin before………he mentions Bahrain but if I remember the west sat on their hands and allowed the western friendly royal family to brutally control the majority Shia population!!

In regard to Yemen the west created the problem by supporting the “Pro Western Government” and when the crowds turned against their leader the west changed its coat and denounced him……..the very fact that this leader passed through the UK and onto the US is evidence of that support!!

Let´s also take a look at Egypt…..another user friendly leader and government that the west supported both militarily and financially and when the crowds took to the streets they turned their backs on Mubarak and insisted that he goes……..now we still have instability in Egypt as the western led military government continue to rule with an iron fist……….come on Mr. Clegg let’s get to the truth and not this “Bulldust.”

Clegg really started to show just how confused he was when he stated: “We went to Libya with a clear humanitarian mandate. And tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of lives have been saved since. But, we also knew that inaction would have threatened the Arab spring as a whole.”

OK Mr. Clegg let´s just hold it there for one moment……….did you say a “Humanitarian Mandate”………, where did your statistics come from on the question of deaths in Libya pre the war……….I believe the figures only came from the National Transitional Council and were well and truly doctored to paint a false picture. The Arab Spring was a western driven plot and not a natural event!!

We now have exactly the same “western deceit” as we saw in Libya with the west now only recognizing the Syrian National Transitional Council as the legitimate government…….. “Come on world when will you all wake up to this evil master plan.”

Our confused Mr. Clegg then expressed his concern that Israel was moving closer to a decision on a potentially destabilizing military strike against Iran and this was reinforced by  the British Government and the US who said that Israel may well take action into its own hands and initiate such a strike on Iran´s nuclear facilities.

Let me again make this statement:

Israel does not have the capability to carry out such an attack without the assistance of the US, its allies (possible NATO) and with the cooperation of Turkey, Saudi, Jordan and even possible Iraq.

Israel does not have aircraft suitable for such an attack and certainly do not have the extremely large “Bunker Busters” i.e. MOP and MOAB weapons that would be required.

It is clearly mass deception by the west to make you believe such an attack could be initiated by Israel when the US in particular will be clearly assisting with their “Stand Off Weapons” that would be launch outside of Iranian airspace or that would be launched from naval surface vessels and submarines. Alternatively we could also see US stealth bombers penetrating the Iranian defence system and launching their weapons undetected.

Once again it is Press TV that is bringing you the truth on such issues and also to warn you all that if such an attack ever took place Iran would have no choice but to defend itself.

From the world environmental aspect such an attack by Israel and the west would be catastrophic with massive usage of both depleted uranium weapons and also low- yield tactical nuclear weapons that the US used in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The radioactive nanoparticles would cover the entire Middle East from Turkey in the west to India in the east and from the Caspian in the North to Somalia in the south within approximately four days and the rest of the world within a month.

This situation must never be allowed to occur and we must all fully understand that Israel and the Zionist movement is entirely behind this master plan and it is they that not only fund the politicians named above but also control politics in the US, UK and EU.

It is the likes of Israel´s Defense Minister Barak who warned of a possible Israeli military strike against Iran´s nuclear program and rejected suggestions that the Jewish state would be devastated by an Iranian counterattack……such arrogance as one would expect from Israel when it is common knowledge that Israel alone could not carry out such an attack as explained above. For a more in depth coverage of the true scenario you can look at my own article:


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant –4/2/2012

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  1. Zahid Raja:- Useful Idiot ?

    Many readers will no doubt be familiar with Brian Gerrish and the newspaper UKCOLUMN. Brian recently gave a talk in Swansea on causes of suicides in young people in South Wales. Police and Swansea Local Council attempted to close the venue. Why?


    PS re posting the above article with link I assume you don’t mind.


    February 6, 2012 at 09:25

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