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The New World Order spreads it tentacles into the UK and EU

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Have we in the United Kingdom ever given any thought as to who caused the world´s economic meltdown or who is still nibbling away at our economic foundation?

The New World Order (NWO) has its own hidden agenda in controlling the world’s finances and also in controlling the world’s natural resources.

For some time now they have been progressively collapsing the economy of many countries not only right here in London but also in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy etc.

The structure of the NWO is extremely complex but some of the major players are right here in the heart of the City of London, EU and over the pond in the United States (which so happens to be controlled from London).

Who are they and how do they fund this vast organisation in such an arrogant way in total defiance of the law and with the full knowledge of our own Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

The NWO infrastructure is well known to most people and consists of many “Zionist Groups” such as  The Rockefeller´s, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve Bank,  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),  The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Israeli Friends of the US and Senior Freemason etc.

Here in the UK and EU is has direct links to many EU Royal Families, The Rothschild’s, The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), The Bank of England, City of London Bankers, The Pilgrims Society (UK and USA), Israeli Friends of Conservative Party, Labour and Lib Dems and Israeli Friends of the EU and also Senior Freemasons.

 It is clear that the main aim of the international bankers it to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. The system works by allowing the central banks of the world to act in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences such as the Bilderberg Annual Meetings etc.

So you may ask how do they generate vast sums of money to support this huge organization (NWO)? Here in the UK they manage to siphon off hundreds of billions of pounds each and every year by way of corporate and bank fraud in conjunction with very senior political figures. This massive fraud and tax evasion has been brought to the attention of the Serious Fraud Office, the Prime Minister (an expert in his own right), the Deputy Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and many other Senior Minister and local MP´s who have done nothing about it!! Why you may ask?……….it´s simple, because they have all become part and parcel of the fraud and corruption:

No doubt your next question is how does it work?……..again it is rather simple but again complex:

Let’s just say for this exercise I am the CEO of a large company (on paper only) or a yet to be formed company who wants to make big money fast but without the overheads. First of all I need a place to register my virtual Oil, Gas or Mining Company etc and allow someone to act as administrator for it. I may choose to get other non executive  directors to come on-board, or an influential politician such a President, Prime Minister, Minister, MP or House of Lords representative and then the scene is set to rip the system off and at the same time destroy some elderly investors life!!

 My virtual (fake) company may have 6 Directors but will not have any other staff as all calls are handled by the boiler room (administrator). All I have to do then is collect some old data from a previous active gold mine (now derelict) or some old oil well that has since be plugged and abandoned and then make up a very impressive video to show to my potential investors!!

 So the next exercise is to decide how much money I want to make for myself, my non executive directors, the CEO of a bank or financial institution and our dear not so Right Honorable Members of Parliament or House of Lords….two such members that come to mind are Lord Michael Howard and Peter Lilley MP to mention but a few.


“Come on dear chap lets clinch this US$ 9.8 billion deal so that I can get a share.”

“I know this is insider trading and both companies have common directors!

(Cairn Energy – Cairn India – Vedanta Resources – Vedanta India)


When it comes to a phased development of a mine or the exploration of a potential oil or gas field we are talking millions and frequently billions………so let’s just pull a figure  out of the hat and select $6 billion……or alternatively it could be for the purchase or takeover of another company.

 The scene is now set to put on a wine and dine event followed by an impressive video or power point presentation for my potential investors and by the end of the event “Hey Presto”……. I have acquired my billions and unknown to the investors their money has now gone forever…..lost into a paper trail of none existent companies and connected entities.

This massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion I could talk about forever but one has to put things into perspective in order for the public to try and take it all in.

Please understand that this scam (directed by the NWO) has intentionally forced a progressive collapse of the world´s economy.  The EU is currently being brought to its knees and it is during this time that the other NWO  organisations takes over ( World Bank and IMF) and force them into unsustainable loans with severe austerity measures attached.

The current “Arab Spring” and “Western Spring” all form part of their master plan to disrupt the economic stability of those countries they seek to control as they continue to carry out their own fraud, corruption and tax evasion.

You must understand our leaders are pulling the wool over our eyes in particular that of the US, UK, France and Germany. We are truly in dire trouble and one cannot imagine where this will take us…….maybe there is a NWO hidden agenda that has a master plan for us all i.e. “The United States of Europe and loss of sovereignty. 

One must be prepared because this next collapse is going to be spectacular or as my expert has stated “A massive financial collapse as the western world drowns in an ocean of debt unlike anything the world as ever seen before” the epicenter will be Europe and the financial experts can see it coming and can do nothing about it”

There is a distinct lack of leadership in the US, UK and Europe that is adding to the problem and their own involvement in these “under the table deals ” fraudulent activities is accelerating the collapse of our economies……..we should all insist that our respective Police Fraud Departments do their job and arrest these villains and then under the Proceeds of Crime Act recover their billions, their houses and up market cars and get our country back onto its feet again……….can you imagine that if they do this alone our economy will bounce back and the pensioners, ordinary people in the street and the students will stop having to pay for their greed.

No doubt you are all aware of the current “Occupy Wall Street Movement” which believe it or not does have some very genuine people but has been high jacked by one of the NWO key players……..that being Mr. George Soros who just so happens to be one of the highest paid conmen in the business.



It was George Soros who very cleverly saw an opportunity to spread unrest around the world and indirectly funded the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” that as we all know was and is firmly embedded here in the City of London and around the world.

The New World Order can close down any bank, financial institution or company whenever it so chooses and can also bankrupt any country as we have seen here in Europe. It is at such times that we see the World Bank/IMF (Who are the New World Order) fly in and offer a rescue package with strings attached…….this forces the respective governments to cut back on the public sector and increase taxes (what they call austerity measures)…..and many other compulsory conditions……once achieved that country remains in debt to the WB/IMF for an indefinite duration if not forever.

Companies continue to fail or are themselves forces to reduce their staffing levels, jobs continue to go, food prices and fuel continue to rise and the value of our wage packet drops to nearly half……..whilst all this is going on they are acting out their own geo political plan to fuel dissidents in many countries and to force regime change……it is at this point that the Arab Spring came into being, the Western Spring and the current Occupy of Wall Street Movement.

Please understand that behind this facade lies many actors that have infiltrated into the groups and crowds in order to stir them up and create civil unrest………in the meantime the Author of the unrest (the funder George Soros) takes advantage of this unrest to apply pressure to remove those in government they choose to blame………they also hope that the protest do get out of hand, create civil unrest and damage property etc as this plays into their plan.

George Soros, who on face value appear to be one of the crowd, has ulterior motives and his intention is to get his own handpicked men (members of the NWO) into office and then carry out mass arrests of those that were protesting genuinely. It is people like him and organisations such as the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller´s who encourage conflict and wars as this is not only good for business (Arms Trade) but also keeps up the price of oil to which they directly benefit.

I must emphasise at this stage that the only way the genuine activists can win against this evil plan is to demonstrate peacefully and not allow things to get out of control.  

Activist  should research who are behind these financial meltdowns and make sure that these  hard line activists amongst their ranks are not working for the New World Order (NWO)……this is what they want…..disrupt the police, damage property resulting in mass arrests. When this type of action takes place it plays into their master plan and allows them to put their puppets in office, create more security measure and place the country into a total “Police “State.”

They must check and double check that those amongst them are genuine and not there to add fuel to the fire or allow a political party to take over their cause for their own purposes……..a good example of this was the last big union rally in London when Ed Miliband stole the show.

Can you imagine if Ed Miliband and Labour took over we would be handing our country over to Israel and no doubt his brother David would come out of the closet to hold a senior position and hey presto job done!!!

Unfortunately many peaceful protests only formulate in Trafalgar Square and then do their traditional march down to No10 Downing Street in London…..what they fail to understand is that the true axis of evil, that has caused them to take to the streets are the many boiler rooms that house “Virtual or Non Existent Companies.”

They must understand that if all political leaders and their respective parties, union leaders and police have been informed of this massive fraud and do nothing, and then they themselves have failed in their duty of care. Protest organisers should ask questions of their respective unions as to if they are aware of this massive fraud and corruption and why hasn´t there union applied pressure on those responsible.

 Gordon Bowden and Myself have approached them so many times, been to their meeting, sent messages to the Students Union and they do not even answer…….can you imagine thousands of jobs being lost, student fee hikes now triple and yet they choose to ignore the fact that hundreds of billions of pounds are being siphoned from the system and do nothing…..wouldn’t you as a student start asking questions of your union?

George Soros is a key player in all the New World Order groups and is part of The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations. It was so interesting to hear him say “I can sympathise with the ongoing protests on Wall Street, which have spread to other US cities.” Let’s also look at some of the other not so glossy comments made about this fraudster:

“A bad week for the financier of American progressive politics got a bit worse. A North Carolina-based cargo airline claims George Soros and one of his partners designed “an elaborate shell game intended to defraud,” and are using it to duck a $ 39.4 million judgment. The company, Tradewinds Holdings a subsidiary of  Coreolis Holding say they hold a legal judgment against C-S Aviation Services, and seek to pierce the corporate veil to hold George Soros and Purnendu Chatterjee responsible”.

“George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, has failed in his latest attempt to overturn an insider dealing conviction handed out in France 23 years ago. The European Court of Human Rights rejected his argument that French law on insider trading was not sufficiently clear to provide grounds for a conviction”.

“He said he understood the anger at the use of taxpayers’ cash to prop up stricken banks, allowing them to earn huge profits”.

The Occupy Movement was initiated in Vancouver Canada in July 2011 by the Adbusters Media Foundation….a not for profit organization….On the 17th of September a group of around 500 protestors descended on Wall Street……this turnout was very carefully over exaggerated by the media when they announced thousands had turned out in Wall Street!!!

The Mayor of New York obviously knew about this event just prior to the occupation when he predicted “riots in the streets if economy doesn’t create more jobs.”…..how did he know this…..because it was planned by those that had infiltrated the movement and Blomberg was informed……..it is also fact that the police also so happened to have staged a dummy riot on Brooklyn Bridge with various actors and again this was used as part of a propaganda tool by the media and one could assume the same when the activist attended the NYPD building etc. Did you ever ask the question how come this movement became so international in a very short time frame and how come the media, especially Fox and Sky, so enthusiastically falsely report it?……..the answer is simple….it was all a well orchestrated master plan by the New World Order with none other than George Soros at its centre.

Money for the so called activist came also from the Tides Centre with direct connection with George Soros who is directly connected with the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and is a key player in the Bilderberg Group which is notoriously connected to the NEW WORLD ORDER……there is also a connection to the Ruckus Society which all leads back to George Soros…….it would appear that George Soros  pumped in around $4.2 in 2008 and has since this time continuously support dissident groups…….Through George Soros and the New World Order he has also supported dissident groups in Egypt, Libya and Syria……..so far Egypt has fallen and is still pending a new puppet government,  Libya has fallen and is also pending a new government (NWO).

Syria almost went but managed to hold themselves in tact although the UN (who also belong to NWO) want the international community to take action (they mean NATO).……..the final goal is naturally Iran…….however with the latest false flag (plan to take out the Saudi Ambassador) the US have not been so convincing…. LOL!!!!!  

It would appear that the final showdown is now on the horizon that could well initiate WW3 with catastrophic consequences in the nuclear sense.

I would encourage you all to take a look at the following article which puts our dear Mr. George Soros under the spotlight and take note of the reference to Marc Rich, The Bush and Clinton families and Bernard Bernanke and then draw your own conclusions…..that is assuming the story is true:


Oh and before I forget for those that do not know the location of the many boiler rooms in London (well over 300)……here are but a few that represent “The True Axis of Evil”


Arlington Associates, 22 Arlington Street (Next to the Ritz Hotel)

 Lonhro, 1st Floor 25 Berkeley Square (in the Cadbury Schweppes building)

180 Great Portland Street

44 Southampton Building in Chancery Lane

55 Baker Street

55 Gower Street

68 Upper Thames Street

788 – 700 Finchley Road


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 27/1/2012





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