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Press TV may be closed down but it´s still very much alive and kicking

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Press TV may be closed down but it´s still very much alive and kicking



Is David Cameron Intentionally Depleting The UK Armed Forces?


“Hurry up Liam we have to tell them all about the cutbacks and that they are dying for nothing”

“Please do not mention that we are both guilty of massive fraud and deception”


Despite the decision by the British Government Agency – OFCOM to close down Press TV in London the Iranian flagship continues to sail on with an even wider international audience of people that only seek the truth.

Many friends of mine are disgusted with our governments decision and are letting all their contacts know how to continue to watch Press TV….it is normal for ordinary sincere people to react in such a way as they cannot tolerate censorship or any government controlling mechanism that attempts to tell them what they should or should not watch.

In true Press TV style we again bring you yet another eye opener that the British public may not be aware of and believe me what Cameron is doing to our country is not only an act of treason but is also attempting to take away  the very foundation of our country based on the ancient Magna Carta, the Bill of Right and out Constitution.

The above clearly states that no control can be handed over to another country and thus two of our Prime Ministers are guilty of treason. Gordon Brown for signing over our country to the EU in Lisbon and David Cameron for signing over control of our elite armed forces to President Sarkozy of France.

Let´s therefore just for one moment reflect on what has occurred in more recent times and what is currently happening to our nation’s defence mechanism.

Back in November of 2010 we saw the first sign of the breakup of our forces especially the elite SAS, SBS and Commando´s etc. It was our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron who signed a pact with Nicholas Sarkozy which basically means that Britain will be totally dependent on France and France on Britain for its defence. It is also believed that the control of the above elite forces now rests in the hands of the French.

The new treaty was to pool nuclear technology, naval power and ground forces, In David Cameron´s own words “This is the start of something new”……..one must ask the question what is this all about………..is this just an extension to the New World Order´s (NWO) master plan to bring the UK and Europe into one United Europe that will be totally dependent on NATO for its defence……..maybe the public are not aware that NATO is the military arm of the NWO.

Since this pact we have seen David Cameron, William Hague, David Osborne and Ken Clarke all do there bit at Chatham House which is one of the NWO´s administration outlets in London and is totally run by Zionist. It was in this building where these politicians and many others have pledged their allegiance to Israel ahead of their own country!!

We now see dramatic cuts occurring to the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Army. It was just before our war with Libya that Cameron started to axe vital segments of our defence………we saw the end of the Harrier Jump Jet and the Tornado both of which had played a vital role in areas of conflict and it was only during the war in Libya that they realised that the new Typhoon fighter was totally out of its depth in such a role and some very crude modifications had to be made in a hurry.

It was obvious that in striking a deal with the French that they together would be the aggressive instigators (with the US) to take out Libya in such an inhumane way.

 It was Cameron and Sarkozy that continuously pushed for a no fly zone and then abused the very principal of human rights by blasting it with depleted uranium for many months.

Back in early 2011 our military commanders were begging Cameron not to enforce these cutbacks but in his usual arrogant way stood by his decision to axe 11,000 jobs. Later that year a further decision was made to change that figure to 17,000.

The decision to scrap the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and the Harrier jump jet fleet has undermined the armed forces’ ability to mount crucial operations, leading military leaders warned. Tanks would be cut by 40% and heavy artillery 35%. The total number of frigates and destroyers would drop from 23 to 19 by 2020.

Ten retired army and navy chiefs have written a private letter to the prime minister calling for an urgent rethink of the plans but again to no avail.

Jim Murphy, the Shadow Defence Secretary said “What’s the purpose of an aircraft carrier if not to carry aircraft? And I think to leave our country without a single fixed-wing aircraft able to fly off our aircraft carriers for a decade is a very worrying decision.

Dr Fox, MoD said there would be a range of helicopters and unmanned aircraft which would still be able to fly from them. You will note that emphasis on drones that have caused untold deaths of innocent civilians and that also have a very high fail rate!!

Fox went on to say “At least one of the new carriers will be redesigned so that it can deploy normal fighter aircraft that do not need a Harrier-style vertical lift capability – allowing strike fighter aircraft from allies like France to land on UK aircraft carriers, and vice versa.”

One can clearly see that again this shows a total dependency on France who incidentally are also cash strapped but have a significant Fleet Air Arm and rely on their carrier operations for coastal support in areas of conflict.

If one adds to this that the current government totally miscalculated their defence needs and found what the Ministry of Defence officials had calculated that the department is at least £10 billion short of what it will need in the coming years. The financial “mismatch” is larger than all the defence cuts announced in last year’s Spending Review, and has raised fears of another round of painful reductions in the Armed Forces.

It was very interesting that one paper stated the following:

A defence source said that Mr. Cameron must either deliver on his promise of more money, or accept more defence cuts. “The Prime Minister doesn’t like it when defence cuts are all over the front pages, but he doesn’t resolve this, he’s going to get a lot more of that,”

I can assure our PM that Press TV will certainly promote his shortfall and idle promises and will also continue to expose the massive fraud that he himself has been involved in and the disgraceful way he helped steal 17.8 million pounds of tax payers money in the illegal purchase of three South African/Israeli nukes that his dear Tory Party then lost……….yes Mr. Cameron you may have shut us down in London but we are very much alive on the international scene to continue to reveal your corrupt and fraudulent ways of running the UK.

So I guess by now you are asking could there be any more cutbacks……you bet!!!….we are now learning about a British MoD plan to cutback £2 bn. As Press TV previously reported:

 The ministry has already announced it will fire 40 percent of its civil servants and the fresh cuts would reduce total civilian staff numbers from 80,000 to 45,000 by 2015.

The department is also considering letting the axe fall on the long term equipment projects including the Future Rapid Effects System (FRES) to supply hundreds of air-portable armoured vehicles to the armed forces.

The military staff, however, seem to be at last ring-fenced from the fresh cuts after they suffered a 32,000 reduction across the three services.

From my perspective we should not be fighting wars in far away countries that serve no purpose but for the elite to fill up their own wallets. We continue raping many Islamic countries of their natural resources and despite all that has been said above Cameron is still on a war footing with Syria, Iran, Palestine, Somalia and with Argentina on the back burner.

It is very clear that these massive cutbacks will force us to totally depend on France and NATO to continue these pointless wars of pure greed. I will remind you once more of the NATO motto “An attack on one is an attack on all.” One can imagine that by them simply creating yet another false flag we could have a full scale WW3 this year

In my opinion it is the likes of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy and those two evil puppets of Clinton and Hague that now make these leaders the most dangerous we have ever seen……..they are the true “Axis of Evil,”

We must all insist that we stop these wars, bring our troops home and just keep a defence force capable of self defence and for that purpose only. There is no threat from any Islamic country and Al Qaeda does not and has not every existed.

The British public must understand that the threat lies from within our own Parliament and secret service and not from some distant land. The sooner we get our country back on an even keel the better. The money we save on the existing war effort can then be redistributed to bring our country back into credit and at the same time start to earn international respect as a good trading partner as opposed to be a country that rules by the “Iron Fist.”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/1/2012

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