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What has happened to the UK´s Foreign Policy?

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So you thought Nuclear Weapons were bad…………….Depleted Uranium weapons beat them hands down!!


Shock and Awe Baghdad where thousands of tons of DU were used that came back to the UK to haunt us!!


As they say what goes around comes around and the UK got “Nuked”


Why oh why has our country gone into a spiralling decline and we have become a nation that is more concerned about the next episode of the X Factor than the state that our country has become.

Since the days of the “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher we have seen our country (that was once the pride of technology) diminish into a nation that appears to not be concerned about the self induced wars and conflicts that we have created and certainly not concerned that since we joined the EU we have seen the pride of this nation ripped apart.

The UK and many other countries around the world took pride in being an independent sovereignty and having the ability to show off all our technologies and trade with other nations in a fair and balanced way.

One would have to ask the question as to why the UK (like the US) has progressively become a nations that always wants to be at war with someone……..we have seen our once proud industries gradually collapse as major contracts are taken from our shores and given to other EU countries or the companies concerned being taken over by non British concerns.

Maggie Thatcher herself was at the helm of this sinking ship and at the moment of her decline started a war in the Falkland Islands to try to impose her authority and improve her popularity. It was this same lady that sent her butler, David Cameron, then 24 years of age, down to South Africa with Sir Ken Warren to illegally purchase three South African/Israeli built nukes with the intention to use them in Iraq.

When one looks at the concerns shown by Britain on other countries having nuclear weapons and yet hypocritically  they themselves were quite prepared to use them in Iraq…..add to this that the US did use nuclear weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan and one can see a clear double standard foreign policy developing.

Since the days of Thatcher we have had a progressive leadership of warmongers who try to brainwash us into believing that such action is required in order to keep the streets of the UK safe from terrorism…..my question would be what terrorism?

There is no threat from any “Islamic Nation” and Al Qaeda does not and has not ever existing…………the terrorism is our own governments who carried out 9/11 in New York and 7/7 here in London…….that is the true “Axis of Evil.”

Since Tony Blair took office this false facade has now accelerated out of control with Gordon Brown also jumping on the bandwagon and now David Cameron being totally responsible for the attack on Libya and now seeking action in Syria, Iran, Somalia and yet again the Falkland Islands…..when will we the public tell our government to stop this aggression, bring back our troops and start peaceful trading?

When will the British people understand that the decline of this country and other countries and the financial meltdown was self induced by those that wish to deceive us?

When will we understand that billions of billions of pounds and dollars are being siphoned out of the system by company/bank CEO´s including very senior MP´s in all parties including the current PM himself David Cameron by operating virtual companies or shell companies that do not even exist?

Did you know that our dear Prime Minister himself siphoned off 17.8 million pounds when he went on an all expenses paid trip to South Africa or did you know that he violated government protocol when he went to visit his counterpart in India to fast track an illegal take over involving two British Companies and two of their subsidiaries in India to the tune of $9.8 billion……..I wonder how much Sir Bill Gammell (the CEO of Cairn Energy) paid him for that favour?

Cameron is now full on with Argentina over the Falkland Islands which originally belonged to the sovereign state of Argentina except to say that now Brazil and other Latin American countries are also against us……why oh why are we continuing down this aggressive road and allowing our country to get the same bad name that now belongs to the US?

Did you know that Cameron has said that two British Companies have found substantial oil/gas reserves in the Falklands….absolutely untrue….there is no oil and the two companies he names Rockhopper and Desire Petroleum are virtual companies that bleed the investors of their life savings and never find the oil…..starting to get the picture yet?

The New Year 2012 is now upon us and this could well be the most decisive year as far as our survivability on planet earth!!!……why are you the British Public so blind and show no concern?

Cameron wants to go to war in at least three countries – Syria – Iran and Somalia with Argentina ticking away in the background…..when will you all switch off your TV.s and realise what is happening to this wonderful planet?

Are you aware that a slow progressive genocide is taking place with one of the main ingredients being the use of Depleted Uranium?

Are you aware that your daughters are almost being forced to have a vaccine for HPV and could become sterile?

Are you aware that the annual flu vaccine now incorporates the swine flu vaccine and basically serves no purpose?

Are you aware that 9/11 and 7/7 were carried out by the CIA/MI5/Mossad and are you prepared for the next “False Flag” to occur which could well be during the Olympics and could take us to war against those countries listed above?

I beg you all to watch this interview with Aaron Russo ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nD7dbkkBIA ) who used to be a very good film  producer in revealing the truth…..he has since died from Lung Cancer or some say assassinated…….the New World Order tried to get at him via Nick Rockefeller to join them and stop making his eye opening documentaries….this interview was just before he died…..he had nothing to loose……what a truly wonderful person to grace our planet…….you will see how the NWO thinks…..how it wants to carry mass genocide (which has already started) or mass infertility……add to this the HPV vaccine currently being given to almost every young girl……add to this the fact that mercury is used as a preservative in most vaccines in third world countries and that mercury is highly toxic to humans….especially babies and young children…….add to this the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) in areas of conflict etc etc and you can see their evil ways.

It would also be of interest for you all to see the War Crimes Report that was submitted to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission by Ms Leuren Moret and I …………..this was the initial document that was first filed and is currently being improved upon to a very high academic level……..never has anyone covered such a vast area of this complex mass genocide.

The link for the initial complaint which is in parts is as follows:


Unfortunately it didn´t work out so well as even though Bush and Blair were found guilty….they were found guilty of a lesser charge……this then prompted me to write another article about the scam which is shown at the below link:


Pay particular attention to the contamination chart that shows how DU arrived in the skies over the UK close to London and was kept out of the public eye….not the normal base line of normal background radiation and note the hike that followed as a result of our bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan…………also keep in mind that the same thing happened more recently when the contamination from Libya did the following:

Libya was blasted with over 500 cruise missiles and many other DU weapons including Hellfire Missiles, Bunker Busters, JDAM Bombs and rounds from the Apache Helicopters etc……..

 It only takes about 50 tons (45,359 Kg) of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people and I would estimate that the Coalition Forces fired off well in access of 175,000 kg. I would also like to emphasise that this contamination did not just simply stop at the Libyan border.

I studied the upper wind charts during one particular day when the US, UK and France fired off hundreds of Cruise Missiles and found the airflow actually took these radioactive nano particles on a very long journey………the fall-out passed over Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and another airflow took this same contamination over Spain, Portugal and then out into Mid Atlantic before doing a 180 degree turn back over the UK and Europe………..as they say “What goes around come around.”

My understanding is that any use of WMD´s is in clear breach of at least 5 articles of the Geneva Convention and yet as we have seen this action met with the full approval of the United Nations, the very organisation that is supposed to uphold peace…..it is blatantly clear that Bank Ki-moon himself should be tried for “Crimes Against Humanity” along with his partners in crime Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy!!

Take a look at my many articles on all topics covering war, mass genocide, massive fraud etc and then finally read this article and understand you are all being duped


Come on world wake up and stop this trend.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 21/1/2012

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  1. “Embargo Surveillance Centre” 05:45 into 1st video by Craig Murray

    Torture in NI apparently confirmed 06:45 into 2nd vid

    7 in total



    January 22, 2012 at 20:28

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