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The Illegal Arms Trade – Iraq–Iran War 1980 – 1988 (Part 8 Final)

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Part 8 (Final)


Before finally closing this current series on the UK´s Illegal Arms Trade and the massive fraud and corruption that goes with it we must show how the British Government covered their tracks to protect those at the top.

Senior figures in London that  were known to the Asra Group and who were caught up in illegal arms trade and in particular the Iraqi Supergun scandal  deliberately referred the case to the wrong police department to avoid further embarrassment for the Government.

The DTI handed over a dossier on Astra to the Serious Fraud Office . However a very senior person in the know believes the case should have been referred to the Metropolitan Police fraud squad instead.





It was a known fact at the time that the Prime Ministers Office, DTI, MoD, MI5/6 and many very senior politicians were all in bed together when it came to illegal arms dealings………the list of those involved is endless but for sure involved decades of Prime Ministers and Senior Cabinet Ministers all of whom should be behind bars for the wars and atrocities that they have been responsible for.


Gerald Bull´s Super Gun became the central point of investigation and the DTI in its cover up announced that  there would be no criminal investigation into the events preceding the collapse of Astra, despite a highly critical DTI report, which found fault with the directors of the firm, its financial advisers, its accountants and the Stock Exchange, not to mention the Astra subsidiary, PRB, which was involved in making the shells for the Iraqi supergun project.


Super Gun Parts found on the dockside prior to shipment from the UK to Iraq




It was stated that the SFO was not investigating the case because the alleged fraud was too small, and that the DTI knew this when it passed on the file and that  the file should have been passed to the Metropolitan Police fraud squad, which would have been more likely to investigate. ‘There was a deliberate mistake made so that Gerald James did not get his day in court to make accusations about Supergun and to reveal Page 6 of company (Astra) spread sheets that would have revealed the massive fraud associated with this case and those involved……..The SFO would not say why it chose not to investigate Astra, and the DTI categorically denied the charges.


Two other major events occurred around the time of the Iraq War which not only revealed gross neglect by both the US and UK leaders and their governments but also would become a focal point in further conflict in the Middle East, not forgetting the assistance given to Iraq in their WMD/CBW programme. As a direct result of the west assisting Iraq, Saddam was able to use this western assistance to exterminate many thousands of innocent civilians both in Halabja (Kurdistan) and also on the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War.



The two major events that occurred was when a US B52 loaded with nuclear SRAM missiles had a full in-flight emergency and had to divert to the British owned Diego Garcia……during its flight further onboard electrical problems caused the crew to jettison its payload of fully operational nukes into the shallow waters off Somalia……the aircraft continued on to Diego Garcia but unfortunately was not able to make it and crashed into the sea.

Dick Cheney who was fully aware of the implications of having these nukes sitting on the seabed did absolutely nothing about it and the weapons were eventually recovered by the notorious illegal arms dealer Billy Rautenbach who then sold them on the black market, for which he received a payment of around 8.5 tons of gold bullion. The British Government were fully aware of this incident and who also took part in another nuclear scam that went terribly wrong. 

                                                                        John Bredenkamp                                    Billy Rautenbach



                   Our own dear Prime Minister, David Cameron also so happened to go down to South Africa, on a sanction busting trip to acquire three battle field ready nuclear bombs that unfortunately were stolen from there insecure compound  in Oman by John Bredenkamp, another shonky arms dealer who had only previously just sold them to the UK in an under the table deal with David Cameron and, Sir Kenneth Warren, many very senior politicians were involved……..these nukes were built by a joint venture between Israel and South Africa and the pay off for the Tory Party was 17.8 million pounds into their election fund…….this payment is covered in Hansard and to this day is still unaccounted for…………one could possible ask those shown below what was their involvement in this deal or  what  knowledge did they share?




One has to understand that the west thrives on wars and conflict as it is very good for business, especially in arms sales and in hiking up the price of oil, all of which makes such conflicts very lucrative.

What must be made very clear is that there are no terrorist, no Al Qaeda and no threat to the streets of the UK or US…….this is a war of propaganda that was created to allow the west to create its own “Geo Political Plan” in taking over the Worlds Natural Resources, to control the markets for those resources and to control the transit routes, sea lanes and pipeline route etc……..this master plan is the creation of the New World Order and involved many false flag incidents to spread the current “Islamaphobia” fear around the world……they themselves carried out the attack on the Twin Towers in 9/11 and they themselves blew up the London Tubes and the London Bus on 7/7…….such is their evil way.

On should take the time to see this wonderful interview with Aaron Russo who got very close to the “Axis of Evil” – The New World Order and was able to explain in great detail their evil plans….the link is:


If one adds up the total cost of all these illegal wars/conflicts and more importantly the millions of innocent victims that have fallen as a direct result of their greed one can see the true “Axis of Evil.”

You can rest assured that the current Chilcott Inquiry will turn out into yet another cover-up and release all of those implicated in illegal arms dealings……I would even go a step further by saying many of these war criminals and major fraudsters will actually get off  without charge and may even be given a Knighthood for their evil ways……..unfortunately that is the state of British Politics Today………..the images below show some of those that should be in prison for life and who currently enjoy the riches of their past!!


Before closing I would like to pay tribute to three people in particular who became a victim of their greed and who certainly became an obstacle to their future………..hopefully justice will prevail and one day we will see some if not all of these rogues behind bars. 



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/1/2012



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