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Whoever fires the first shot carries out an act of war!

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Nanoparticles of radioactive dust travels far and wide and is in violation of the Geneva Convention

With tension between the US and Iran at its highest level one must ponder as to how the US (with the help of Israel and the UK) will initiate the first action.
We can clearly see a progressive build-up of both US and UK naval vessels in the Persian Gulf not to mention their silent partner in crime Israel who has in the past been known to have surface vessels and German built submarines in the area.
As I have previously pointed out Israel fully intends to participate in both an air strike and marine strike but as we have seen in the past the methods of warfare are no longer an act of pure bravado between two forces.
Since the Gulf War – Afghanistan War and the Libyan War the first assault is normally made many many miles away and in this case it would be logical for surface vessels to be positioned not only in the Persian Gulf but in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It is highly likely that both the US and UK submarines will play a major role in firing many of their cruise missiles (whilst submerged) with the addition of Israeli submarines that can carry nuclear warheads. The US Air Force have on hand two very powerful bunker busters that were specifically designed for use on Iran both of which are considered to be WMD´s……..Israel does not have any aircraft that would be suitable for these weapons as they are normally carried by “Stealth Bombers.”
The first strike I am convinced will certainly not come from Iran who in actual fact has never attacked another nation so the US – UK – Israel are going to have to devise yet another “False Flag” incident that that are very good at doing!!
We have seen this done so many times before with some of the more classic “False Flags” being Pan Am 103 Scotland 1988, US Embassy Kenya 1998, USS Cole Aden, 2001, 9/11 New York 2001, Hotel Kenya 2002, 7/7 London 2005, South Korean Corvette (ROKS Cheonan) 2010, Bin Laden killing 2010 (a non event) and many much smaller attempted incidents such as the Shoes Bomber, Times Square Car Bomb, Detroit Airline incident, UPS Ink Jet Cartridge Bomb, UK ………all being inside jobs involving the CIA, Mossad and MI5 etc
So how would this go down here in the UK if the British Public knew that all of the above incidents were inside jobs that were intentionally design to spread mass hysteria or fear amongst the public or to generate Islamaphobia?
How would the British Public react if they were told that there are no terrorist, no Al Qaeda and that the street of the United Kingdom are as safe as houses apart from our own self induced acts of terrorism or those with connections to Israel?
What if you told them that the so called four Islamic Terrorist that were supposed to be responsible for the 7/7 London Underground bombing were not even on those trains as they had not only had their intended train cancelled but the second train was running late and they were not there in time for this event……..would they be shocked if they were told that these innocent actors suddenly found themselves in London for what had become a real event and that they were now the hunted……..did our citizens know that they panicked and fled over to Canary Wharf (on the south side of the Thames) where they were gun down and executed by our own people……did they know that the star witness on the London Red Bus, who knew there was no terrorist involved was not even interviewed?
Perhaps by now you are seeing a very clear picture emerge that proves that we are fed propaganda by our Israeli (Zionist) controlled Media and that such outlets as Press TV (who reveal the truth) are having their London studio closed down by our government……..such is the current state of this country and all our leaders and senior politicians now swear allegiance to Israel rather that to the country they represent.
The City of London has now become the true “Axis of Evil” and if there is going to be World War III you can rest assured that our Prime Minister, David Cameron and is deadly partners in crime William Hague and Philip Hammond will be lying through their teeth to convince the British Public that we should go to war with Iran to make the street of the UK safe for all………what absolute tripe!!
We will all see, yet again, that this once great country will be forces into another war and all of the above senior politicians will be right in there stirring things up as they did in Libya and now Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Iran!!
What will be the consequences for the normal citizens of the United Kingdom and how will this bring about our final economical demise with untold major medical problems for each and every citizen?
The first notable change will be a fuel hike just ahead of such an event followed by another hike as the conflict increases. It will require a massive response in military manpower all of whom will succumb to the western weapons that will be used, including tactical nuclear weapons with a dial up value of 5kts.
If there is such an attack it will race out of hand into WW3 but with catastrophic effects on the people in the Middle East who will be radiated by both radioactive nanoparticles from the many Depleted Uranium Weapons and also the conventional fallout from the Tactical Nuclear Weapons that will be used……just think about this for one moment the US, UK, EU and all NATO partners do not want Iran to have its own nuclear weapons and are against Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and yet they have for some time all had plans to use WMD´s on Iran……as they did in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen and Somalia!!
The contamination will spread around the Middle East with 4 days and into UK, Europe and the rest of the world within 10 days or so………..the attached chart I have made up clearly shows how this is done and the Top Secret Graph also proves that radioactive particles hit an area close to London during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars………as they say the proof is in the pudding!!

Proof of  radioactive contamination reaching the London area from Iraq and Afghanistan

The above highly sensative document was intentional withheld from the British Public

This contamination, when it does eventually come down to earth, during periods of rain or snow will contaminate the earth for a half life period of 4.5 billion years and can never be cleaned up. There will be a massive progressive rise in many forms of cancers, birth defects and also in diabetes etc to name just a few.
My question would therefore be do we the British Government allow our politicians, who are there to serve us, to go to war yet again and bring this humanitarian spin off to the UK?
Have we become a nation that no longer has a voice and like sheep will allow ourselves to be deceived yet again as we were during the Gulf War.
Would you be shocked to also learn that key politicians are part of the New World Order and have every intention to depopulate in whatever way is required and that is unimportant to them if you and our armed forces are written off with a cocktail of very serious medical issues?
We should also all be mindful that the US, Israel and the UK will also be giving full support for additional action against Syria, Lebanon and Gaza……..Israel is well in advance of setting off yet another “Cast Lead” style operation and maybe again you do not know why………the geo political answer is easy…….Gaza has vast reserves of natural gas, which Israel is currently stealing and also the west want to strike at the Palestinians and the Syrians at the same time to intimidate Iran……got the picture yet?
Meanwhile the President of Iran is doing his rounds in Latin America which also so happens to be my location at the moment. There is a distinct mistrust of the US down here and I can see the Iranian President striking up some very good deals especially with Chavez who also happens to have the President of Peru with him.
When you consider the support for Iran at the moment any action would have to be well thought out with a pre “False Flag” incident to start things rolling along.
You also have Russia and China on the side of Iran and countries such as China, Japan and India refusing to accept the US led sanctions against Iran and wishing continuing to buy crude oil from Iran………India has rubbed more salt in the US wound by not buying the oil in dollars.
So there you have it folks…….the US are totally bankrupt and losing its power at a very fast rate…….we have the UK economy also in a big mess and the EU and the Euro in a state of total collapse!!
Watch this space and hold on tight because soon you will find some significant event occur that could well turn the tide of history and bring this New Year into some catastrophic war………what will be the False Flag to spark it of is unknown……only we the people can stop this progression towards war by taking to the streets and demand that the governments of the west back off.
Compared to the aggressive foreign policy of the west, Iran has been and still is a very peaceful nation………we are looking for war while its President is trotting around Latin America doing trade……Chavez has cancer but continues to hold firm against the US……he has just signed up a Petro deal with Peru and between them the whole of Latin America could do very well without any involvement from the US or UK…….in the meantime we in the West have no money but want to wage war to sell very lucrative weapons of mass destruction and at the same time up the price of fuel………who do you think has got it right?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/1/2012

8 Responses

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  1. You forgot. the West coast of the US i.e. California has six nuke power plants very vulnerable to Chinese stealth subs and cruise missiles, take these out and America is a radio active desert in a week or so.

    John Marsh

    January 11, 2012 at 03:49

    • John

      Yws naturally any country is as vulnerable but this story is focused on the current US/Israel v Iran threat and not that of a threat that does not even exist at the moment…….Iran has never attacked another nation but the US,UK and NATO have been at war continuously for over a decade……..when one considers that the US 9/11 and the UK 7/7 were both inside jobs one should fear the enemy within and not some far away country…..we have to change the way we thing…..there is no Al Qaeda and there is no war against terrorism……its a self induced conflict created out of fiction!!!

      Peter Eyre

      January 11, 2012 at 10:57

  2. The title is simply incorrect.

    There are accepted “rules of engagement”.

    There are certain things, *other* than firing the first shot, that simply should *not* be done, both in naval warfare and in air warfare.

    In naval warfare, for example, an *attempt* to cross the T.

    In such situations, there is a right of self-defense; which is considered an “act of war” *only* if
    the political decision is made to *transform* it into an act of war.

    And that, in this particular instance, is the *problem*: the political context in which any
    military incident would be interpreted.

    Michael Cecil

    January 11, 2012 at 13:20

    • Michael
      Your response is rather short and not self explanatory for those so well versed as yourself………maybe you could broaden your comments so that the general public can better understand……..one would expect such a complex response from a politician……….from my simple title it is the planned intention of the US/Israel to carry out a series of strikes on Iran´s Nuclear Facilities which are numerous…….thus in doing so is an act of war be it a cruise missile from a submarine or surface vessel……..should however the US/Israeli Air Force fire a stand off missile or drop a GPS guided Bunker Buster or whatever the result is exactly the same and one can then justify a suitable response from Iran (having been attacked)

      Peter Eyre

      January 11, 2012 at 13:30

      • Briefly, what I am saying is that merely to act in a threatening *manner*, without actually firing a shot, can be the act of war that causes a catastrophe.

        If the Iranian Navy were to approach the U.S. Navy in a threatening *manner*, and the U.S. Navy were to open fire, it would not be the fault of the United States Navy. It would be the fault of the Iranian Navy. And vice versa.

        Sending a spy drone over Iran was an act of war all by itself. For Iran to ‘fire the first shot’ of bringing that spy drone down was not an act of war, it was self-defense.

        The same thing can happen on either side in the Persian Gulf.

        In other words, the title is part of precisely what a “false flag” is all about; getting someone to ‘fire the first shot’ to then ‘justify’ a massive military response.

        Michael Cecil

        January 11, 2012 at 14:37

  3. Michael

    Thanks for opening that up a little more but one point I will correct……a drone flying over another Sovereign States is not an act of war but a violation of international law and is considered to be an hostile intruder…….the response can be that the nation concerned has the authority to take what action is necessary to protect its own security…..that does not mean firing a shot in anger or going to war with the owner of the drone etc but being able to bring the aircraft down by interception or destroying it…..had it been an aircraft with passengers on-board….that is a different matter and there are standard intercept rules to forces the offending aircraft to land with a military escort etc etc ..

    However, you will recall the shooting down of the Iranian Airbus……..that could be considered an act of war in that with the sophisticated radar and the civilian ATC Squak Codes there is no doubt whatsoever that you could confuse this “Heavy Slower Moving Airbus” with a potential enemy fighter etc.

    Basically the IATA Rules of the Air, the Military Engagement Rules, the Geneva Convention and UN rulings etc are today a matter of manipuñation by those that wish to change those rules to their own engagement….we clearly saw this in the Libya No Fly Zone……….so I think we are both right and in some cases both wrong!!

    Peter Eyre

    January 11, 2012 at 15:46

    • Some years ago there was a book, can’t remember the title, dealing with the catastrophic break-down of highly complex technological systems. It reviewed such things as the Challenger explosion, Three Mile Island and the shoot-down of the Iranian airliner by the USS Vincennes.

      At TMI, the computer printers were printing mountains of data faster than that data could be read and analyzed by the operators. And, by the time that they had read and comprehended what had happened 10 or 15 minutes before, the situation had radically changed to something else, and the conclusions they had drawn on what to do next were already *obsolete*.

      And this was also in evidence on the bridge of the USS Vincennes.

      The output of information from these computer systems has become so rapid that it quite simply exceeds the reaction time of the intellects that are required to make sense out of that data. And while, in the Platonization of the problem, it would seem quite *obvious* that an Iranian airliner is not an attack aircraft, that is an egregious over-simplification of the reality that was encountered by the officers on the Vincennes in what they considered, whether justified or not, to be the “heat of battle”.

      All of this is just a hair’s breadth away from a catastrophe which can destroy human civilization…


      And that is what concerns me the most: that the control of these highly complex technologies is, in fact, something that now *exceeds* human capacity; but that the people who claim to be able to control these technologies are either deluding themselves about the extent of their control…

      Or have a florid death wish.

      Michael Cecil

      January 11, 2012 at 16:46

  4. Hi Michael

    Agree entirely but having worked in NATO, Carrier Operations Room and as a Senior Executive in Civil Aviation (operations) it became apparent to me that no computer can replace the human mind. When one gets back to even the basic spy satellite technology and the existing ATC systems one could never mistake the squawk code assigned to a civil airliner and the fact that the aircraft was operating a standard everyday schedule service that would have been known to the US Military……..I guess the pure arrogance of being able to pull off so many false flags now proves that the US, UK and NATO can do exactly as they please ie 9/11 7/7, Detroit Airliner, Times Square, UPS, USS Cole, USS Liberty, South Korean Corvette etc etc……this is nothing to do with computer technology but the way they themselves interpret “Geo Politics” and what is at stage in their economical greed…….I think enough said so we can leave it at that for the time being…..Thanks for your input….Peter

    Peter Eyre

    January 11, 2012 at 16:56

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