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The UK aged and the poor being hit by a totally corrupt Government

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The bulk of the British public are unaware that many representatives of the Houses of Parliament and The House of Lords are totally corrupt and ripping the system off to the tune of billions of pounds each and every year.


This massive fraud and corruption has been reported to the Serious Fraud Office in London and to all the main line leaders as well as local Members of Parliament. The corruption is on such a vast scale it is almost totally out of control and impossible to stop.


We repeatedly see severe austerity measures being applied to the poor people in this country but no one is addressing the main cause of the problem.


Many of the more senior members of Parliament and the House of Lords have their fingers in this very lucrative pie and in almost total arrogance dare us to catch them. Below are just a few of the culprits

King Blair one of the best con men around


You may find it hard to believe that our own current Prime Minister, David Cameron has much to answer for as he himself was involved in siphoning off 17.8 million pounds of tax payers money along with many other senior members when they illegally purchased three “Battlefield Ready” nuclear bombs from South Africa with the help of the Israeli´s and had every intention of using them in Iraq.


Don´t you find it ironic that or government is attempting to cause conflict with Iran over such issues and yet were more than prepared to drop them on the Iraqi People and in doing so also contaminate their neighbour Iran and all the people of the Middle East and beyond.


It is time that the world woke up to this cat and mouse game of “Geo Politics” and fully understood that wars are good for the economy and also in raising the price of a barrel of oil which also funds their greedy pockets.


When one adds up this massive fraud and corruption and these forced regime changes we can at last see the “true axis of evil” and how the forced mass genocide and extremes of poverty really do not play any part in their warped mind!!


In my opinion Iran should be allowed to become a major player in the Middle East, after all the land and its resources belong to them all and not to that of the west.


America appears to being taking most of the blame for this aggressive foreign policy but do not be deceived because behind this evil false facade lies the “New World Order” with Britain, France and Germany playing a major role in stirring up the trouble.


Maybe we all have a very short memory when it came to Libya with David Cameron, William Hague and President Sarkozy right in there with the best and again now secretly trying to force a NATO style “No Fly Zone”………add to this David Cameron’s aggressive approach towards Somalia and the fact that yet again he his calling for another summit to be held in London in February this year. One can clearly see another intervention on the horizon!!


I believe that apart from his protégée Maggie Thatcher I believe that David Cameron could be considered to be not only the most corrupt Prime Minister this country has ever had but also possibly the most dangerous when it comes to being a hard line  “Warmonger.”


As an associate of mine (Gordon Bowden) has already pointed out fraud plays a major role in the financial support of not only senior MP´s but also their respective parties. Add to this the massive financial support from Israel via their Friends of Israel groups and their associated conditions and one can see that fraud and corruption is here to stay.


Gordon Bowden and I have always believed that if our Serious Fraud Office raided all the properties of senior MP´s, their partners in crime in the corporate sector and the executives of the many banks and financial institutions this country would be well and truly back on track for a full economic recovery.


What we are seeing now is that instead of the police recovering the money, properties and luxury cars under the Proceeds of Crime Act they are carrying on with business as usual whilst implementing the current austerity measures to fuel their own corruption.


More than half of those involved in Social Support Organisations, such as Help the Aged etc are saying that the current government’s welfare shake-up is now a major obstacle for people seeking assistance. Add to this that the level of poverty for children is not racing totally out of control. Personal debt has now become a major issue as unemployment rises and people find themselves unable to keep u their mortgage.

Many organisations have slammed the UK government agencies, dealing with the benefit system, such as the Department for Work and Pensions and Job Centres for being “incompetent” and “disorganised”. They also condemned the government’s tax office for being “aggressive and unhelpful” and “very slow” to responding to advisers.

The many Citizens Advice Bureaus (CAB) are now struggling to cope with demands in keeping the general public informed of their rights and what is available to them.
“This year’s survey shows that the reforms being made to the benefits system are really hitting the most vulnerable and staff around the country now believe this is by far the greatest problem they see being brought to the CAB…..even to get an appointment is now a major task as people flood the system in order to get help and advice.

I guess by now you are asking what is this corruption that I keep referring too and how does it work?

It’s relatively easy because it is now an accepted part of politics and only recently we have our PM running the gantlet with the Argentinean President over the Falkland Islands……..what I found very interesting was his comments about protecting the British Oil Companies that have found significant reserves in the offshore area.

This significant find is in actual fact a non event to which David Cameron is well versed. What the general public do not understand is that the reserves do not exist and have never existed and the two oil companies are raising risk capital for a none even……..the poor investors do not even realise that the moment they part with their money it is gone forever……..the companies are called virtual companies….ie Rockhopper and Desire Petroluam who operate from what they call “Boiler Rooms”……basically a building full of nonexistent companies who only have directors on their staff and who carve up the wealth acquired amongst themselves.

Our gallant PM is very much aware of this big time corruption when he himself went to India and tried to get the Indian PM to rush through a US $9.8 Million deal involving his good friend and major donor Sir Bill Gammell of Cairn Energy in Edinburgh.

“Now come on dear chap lets close this multi billion dollar deal with Cairn Energy so that I can get a cash injection”

This was insider trading and asset stripping at its best and involved another rogue in London who was the CEO of Vendatta……between them they sold part of Cairn India to Vendatta India who both had common directorships………Gordon Bowden and I tried desperately to protect the investors and stop this scam from going through and all our communications were actually delivered to the India PM but to no avail!!

The deal has now taken place and millions if not billions of dollars have now been progressively siphoned off, not to mention the massive tax evasion.

One must understand that next time people take to the street of London they had better understand the true reason behind their protest and instead of carrying out a protest in Trafalgar Square or in Whitehall adjacent to Number 10 Downing Street it would be in their best interests to protest outside two of the biggest boiler rooms in London……that being Arlington Associates, 22 Arlington Street London (next to the Ritz Hotel) and at the premises of Lonhro 1st Floor 25 Barkeley Square London both organisations are raping not only the UK but also many poor third world countries by operating their virtual reality companies and involving many executives of many shell companies, the banks and very senior politicians such as Lord Michael Howard and Peter Lilley MP etc etc.

Let´s show you some more pictures of fraudster who have ripped off the British Economy, many of whom have since received Knighthoods for their arrogance and ability to deceive. The photographs also include those that were advised by Gordon Bowden and I at a political rally in Nottingham last year and did nothing about it……this therefore implicates them as co authors of the crime and their inability to serve those that put them in office.

Lord Michael Howard

Peter Lilley MP

These austerity measures we are seeing in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy etc are all false flags and are covering up the true picture of major fraud by our respective governments.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 5/1/2012


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