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Whatever happened to the Ex Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa?

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Why did David Cameron allow this highly controversial man to leave the UK?
When high profile leaders or senior ministers are either captured or defect to another country they are frequently disposed of very quickly or simply disappear into obscurity.
Have you ever thought why many leaders or senior politicians in countries that are not so “western friendly” are named as a “War Criminal” by leaders such as Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy or their partners in crime the United Nations?
Don´t you find it odd that those leaders named above frequently demand that these war criminals be tried at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague and yet when they are captured suddenly are rushed through either a local “Kangaroo Court” or are executed/assassinated upon capture and never reach the ICJ?
Is it possible that this is really what the west want and only use the war crime ploy as a propaganda tool to wage war?………ever thought of another aspect to such scenarios whereby the victims, such as Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi, knew too much about the deals the west did with them when they were in power?
Saddam Hussein was a classic case when the west (namely the US and UK) not only sold him the technology for Weapons of Mass Destruction but built the Chemical and Biological Laboratories in Iraq that were later used on the Iranians during the Iraq – Iran War and also on the Kurds in Halabja. We can also add the nuclear technology that was also provided by the US/UK and the British made “Super Gun” that was to be used by Iraq to fire Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) projectiles into Iran and possibly Israel.
Don´t you find our respective governments are so hypocritical when it comes to ethics and morality?………when they accuse Iran of developing nuclear weapons and yet were providing Saddam Hussein with the same technology to do the same and also allowed/approved Israel to develop its own nuclear weapons when they sent their technicians down to Pelindaba, South Africa and made 10 “Battlefield Ready” nuclear bombs……………and then the UK illegally purchased three of those weapons, moved them to Oman (in storage) ready to drop on Baghdad if Saddam Hussein did not toe the line………how’s that for double standards?
The final straw was when we found out that our own David Cameron and Sir Ken Warren were illegally involved in this “under the radar deal” and allowed the three nukes to be stolen from their insecure compound in Oman…….it was this gross neglect that caused the outcome of the war with Iraq (the very country they had been supporting for many years previously!!! Not to mention the £17.8 million (Tax Payer´s Money) that was siphoned off into the Conservative Party Election Fund!!
Maybe now you are starting to understand as to why certain leaders are abruptly executed and not put through the International Court of Justice for a war crimes trial that could well reveal the inner workings and deceit that our leaders have carried out………that is what happened to Saddam Hussain and that is also why Muammar Gaddafi was also assassinated unceremoniously…….maybe people like Tony Blair and Jack Straw etc could throw more light on these terrible atrocities. We must also keep in mind the Pan Am Lockerbie cover-up.
So let´s just return to the case of Ex Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa who suddenly turned up on a VIP jet at Farnborough…..was warmly welcomed by the UK Government and then allowed to go to a Libyan Summit in the Middle East whereupon he never returned…….how very convenient don´t you think?…….was this another under the table deal for a so called named “War Criminal……I really do get an intensely sick feeling deep inside when I recollect what our ex PM´s and government have done and just how two faced they can become……..how dare they point a finger at Iran or anyone else when they themselves are so guilty of “War Crimes against Humanity.”
Moussa Koussa was once named and shamed by the BBC as follows:
His arrival in the UK on 30 March in apparent flight from the embattled government of Muammar Gaddafi contrasts sharply with his appointment as the colonel’s de facto ambassador in London in 1979.
The BBC report stated that during an interview with The Times in 1980, he advocated the killing of Libyan dissidents on British soil, telling the newspaper: “The revolutionary committees have decided to kill two more people in the United Kingdom. I approve of this”
Having separately professed admiration for IRA militants fighting the British state, he was expelled from the UK.
As Libya’s top spy, he was tasked with bringing a pariah state in from the cold, and played a key role in negotiating compensation for the families of victims of the Lockerbie and Niger airliner bombings.
On the eve of the Libyan revolt in February, Mr Koussa’s efforts to rehabilitate Libya internationally appeared to have paid off handsomely, with oil trade links established across Europe and doors open to Col Gaddafi in Paris and Rome.
But Mr Koussa’s work had also brought him in close contact with intelligence services in the UK, say correspondents, and he had also talked on the phone to British Foreign Secretary William Hague – perhaps explaining why the UK became his port of call once he decided to leave Libya.
According to an article in Britain’s Observer newspaper, a confidential profile prepared by British intelligence in December 1995 described him as the head of the “principal intelligence institution in Libya, which has been responsible for supporting terrorist organisations and for perpetrating state-sponsored acts of terrorism”.
However, he has never been formally charged with any of the attacks on Western targets attributed to Libya in the 1980s.
So what do you think about this man and should David Cameron and William Hague have allowed him to leave the country and settle into a life of absolute luxury in Qatar or placed him before the ICJ in The Hague?
I also came across this headline which highlighted some other aspects:
Moussa Koussa May Be a Criminal But He Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried. Will He Ever Be Prosecuted?
The report went on to say “The defection of the Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa adds some spice and immediacy to current arguments over universal jurisdiction. There’s probably good prima facie evidence that he was involved in criminal acts in Libya, Britain and other countries contrary to international law, so securing a warrant for his arrest would, in theory, seem like a natural step to take. At the moment, of course, it would be entirely unnatural given that his arrival in this country was clearly facilitated by the British authorities in whose hands he securely remains.” What was that last comment? “In whose hands he securely remains.”…….what a joke!!!
Moussa Koussa was intentionally moved to avoid any contact with private individuals or groups who could have possibly extracted highly sensitive information he had regarding the relationship with the British……as our government would normally say “It is not in public interest”……..maybe what they meant to have said was that it was “Not in the interest of British politics, national interest and the interests of the international, UN-mandated coalition enforcing Security Council Resolution 1973.” It was clear that their own interests into securing lucrative oil and rebuilding contracts trumped the immediate application of the principles of international humanitarian law!!!
Whatever the outcome David Cameron and William Hague have both given immunity to this apparent war criminal in order to cover up their own under the table deals? Moussa Koussa had a very long relationship with the British Government and also our security services.
The British Government has now changed the law to prevent private individuals from being arrested which basically means that such people at Israels Tzipi Livni are now free to come and go without any fear of arrest even though according to our own PM war criminals should be placed before the International Court of Justice, obviously this only applies to war criminals that exist in countries that are not western friendly (Sudan, Syria and Iran). Let´s see what happens to Saif Gaddafi…..he certainly knows too much and will never appear in The Hague!!
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/12/2011

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December 26, 2011 at 15:19

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