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David Cameron “Immensely proud” of action in Libya

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HMS Liverpool fires a shot in anger


I was shocked to read the BBC´s story regarding David Cameron´s new umbrella stand at No10. The headlines read as follows: “Navy shell fired in Libya lands in Downing Street” The shell was presented to David Cameron by the crew of HMS Liverpool, at a Downing Street reception for 120 servicemen and women to honour the armed forces actions in Libya. Mr Cameron said the shell casing was now his “proudest possession”.
When one reads such statements it sends shivers down the spine knowing the truth behind the war in Libya. This forced regime change was meant to save live after a fictitious report by the so called “Rebel Army” had apparently stated around 6,000 dead as a result of Ghadaffi´s onslaught on his own people which we have since learnt was a grossly exaggerated figure.
Why would any person with a balanced mind thrive on such propaganda knowing that as a direct result of our actions in Libya more than 50,000 have now died with many thousands, if not millions, now being contaminated with radioactive nano particles from the weapons used!!
The report went on to say:
He praised all those who had taken part in the military campaign for showing “incredible courage, professionalism and bravery”.
Mr Cameron also stressed the significance of the operation for the people of Libya, helping bring democracy and freedom to the region.
Let´s just hold it there for a minute and analyse these two statements:
I do not consider “Incredible courage, professionalism and bravery exists when British Forces, along with coalition forces bombarded Libya with what we call “Stand off Weapons”……..these are weapons that are released many miles away from the actual conflict area. These standoff weapons can be fired any distance from say 10 miles up to hundreds of miles such as Cruise Missiles, JDAM´s, Bunker Busters and Air to Ground smaller missiles etc. In the case of our submarines….the Cruise Missiles are launched from underwater and totally out of sight, or as in the case of a surface naval vessel, they can be fired from over the horizon or at a range that is invisible to the enemy!! I do not consider therefore Cameron´s statement as being anywhere near to the truth i.e. “incredible courage:”
On the statement regarding democracy and freedom to the region is an understatement………..this forced regime change was certainly not democratic and we will see a similar aftermath as to what happened in Egypt with a temporary “western friendly” government holding office for an indefinite duration until a later rigged election takes place.
It is very clear what Cameron had in mind when he blasted hell out of Libya.
• To stop Ghadaffi from nationalising the oil companies and thus kicking out our own interests and that of the US and France.
• To (through his “cut and burn strategy”) bring many billions of dollars in rebuilding the country he destroyed.
• To implement control of the Libyan oil and gas industry to his own economic advantage and that of the US and France.
In a nutshell we the British have now raped Libya in much the same way as our previous governments had done in Sierra Leone and many other Commonwealth countries.
Having served my time in the Royal Navy I can recall many such incidents that I found distressing when it came to brute force and fire power.
We appear to have lost the ability to fight conventional wars (that is to say if wars are necessary) and have now reverted to using Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD´s) that are fired many miles away from target and create devastation at a level that is sometimes beyond comprehension.
Just imagine that if you fire off a few Cruise Missiles from under the sea at some distance land your weapons can create what can only be described as “Mass Genocide.”
It only takes about 50 tons (45,359 Kg) of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people and I would estimate that the Coalition Forces fired off well in access of 175,000 kg. I would also like to emphasise that this contamination did not just simply stop at the Libyan border.
I studied the upper wind charts during one particular day when the US, UK and France fired off hundreds of Cruise Missiles and found the airflow actually took these radioactive nano particles on a very long journey………the fall-out passed over Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and another airflow took this same contamination over Spain, Portugal and then out into Mid Atlantic before doing a 180 degree turn back over the UK and Europe………..as they say “What goes around come around.”
My understanding is that any use of WMD´s is in clear breach of at least 5 articles of the Geneva Convention and yet as we have seen this action met with the full approval of the United Nations, the very organisation that is supposed to uphold peace…..it is blatantly clear that Bank Ki-moon himself should be tried for “Crimes Against Humanity” along with his partners in crime Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy!!
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/12/2012

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December 26, 2011 at 14:54

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