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David Cameron´s New Year Resolution – Wars, Wars and more Wars!!

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I guess by now you are sick of the UK´s stance in promoting armed conflict under the disguise of “Humanitarian Assistance.” David Cameron is once again on a war footing with Somalia now becoming one of his concerns whilst Syria and Iran still remain at the top of his hit list.
From my perspective I feel it would be so good to hear our government make a commitment to bring all our troops home without delay and to start off the new year with “Peace” being of paramount importance……….such a resolution I guess is wishful thinking!
Cameron has described Somalia as “a failed state that directly threatens British interests”…………..don´t you think it is time for us to ask our illustrious Prime Minister what does he mean by making such a statement and what exactly is the threat?
I already know the answer because Somalia is rich in natural resources and also so happens to guard the main shipping lane between the Middle East and South East Asia – Europe and the US via the Gulf of Aden – Red Sea – Suez Canal.
Historically the west has always attempted to take control of this vital waterway with Aden at one point being a British Protectorate…..this however failed when a local uprising forced the British to pull out of Aden.
Since this time the United States has also expressed an interest in establishing yet another US base on the island Socotra which guards the approaches to the Red Sea and would give any western power the ability to switch on and off supply via this vital trade route. I can assure you that the west is already in control of the seaward approaches to the Gulf of Aden under its current anti piracy patrols which are used as an excuse to maintain its military presence in the region. Socotra Island actually belongs to Yemen and sits very close to the NE extremity of Somalia which is commonly referred to as the “Horn of Africa.” The west has for some time been propping up the Government of Yemen but this very unstable country is not totally at ease with their possible long term intentions.
David Cameron has already made it clear what his “New Year’s Resolution” is going to be and intends to convene a summit in London in February to bring together the countries currently active in the Horn of Africa. A number of key decisions are expected to be made there, ranging from humanitarian aid to military missions……..obviously the latter has always been on his mind.
Currently Cameron still has a thirst to clean up Syria but unfortunately he has not had his way on this issue and is now looking further afield for his next “Geo Political Triumph.” after his oil supremacy war in Libya.
I found it incredible that Mr Cameron is concerned about tourists and aid workers from the UK being attacked and kidnapped, the rise of piracy and the potential for the East African country to become a place of extremist indoctrination for increasing numbers of young Muslims from the UK……..do you really believe this spin?
What he is not telling you is that Somalia has always been one of those countries that does not have a user friendly government towards the US, UK and Europe and is considered to be one the many targets listed by the Pentagon and their allies for over two decades. It is also fact that nearby Sudan also features on their list but so far they have only been able to split that country with the formation of South Sudan which retains a strong Christian element. It is ironic that the theme of the “Crusades” still lives on in the hearts of some of our more senior politicians, as does the “Cold War.”
MI5 head Jonathan Evans warned that Somalia has become the next destination after Pakistan for terrorist training due to the presence of al-Shabaab, an extremist group with links to al-Qaida. The would-be jihadists are not just of Somali background, but include those from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen and North Africa, resident in Britain. There is a real risk, Mr Evans has stressed, that returnees from Somalia could carry out bomb attacks in British cities.
I get extremely frustrated to hear our own secret service once again spreading mass hysteria about Al Qaeda when in actual fact they do not and have not ever existed…….it all forms part of the ongoing “Islamaphobia” to frighten the population of the UK into believing our country is under threat from an attack which is far from being the truth………….I want to remind you that 7/7 was not an attack by some far away Islamic Terrorist group but was an inside job……otherwise known as a “False Flag.”
I would ask the question of MI5 if they would be kind enough to tell me where has any attack ever taken place that involved any “Islamic Group” and what is the foundation of their intelligence? We are fighting an imaginary war on terrorism that in actual fact does not even exist and almost all such threats have been masterminded by our respective secret services i.e. the attempted Detroit airline bomb, UPS inkjet cartridge bomb, Times Square attempted car bomb and the icing on the cake being 9/11 and 7/7 all of which are known “False Flags.”
It is clear that another Libyan style campaign could well be on the cards with British officials stating that it is time to help the Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG).
The Independent newspaper made it clear in its own article when it stated: A number of other countries are already active in Somalia, led by Turkey, whose Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently visited Mogadishu, Qatar and the UAE. Mr Erdogan’s visit is seen in diplomatic circles as another example of his mission to recreate the influence of the Ottoman Empire following trips to North Africa and the Middle East. The Qatari intervention is the latest in a series into states in conflict after supplying arms to the rebellion against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and backing the Syrian uprising. It is clear that the foundation blocks for yet another conflict are well underway with the same players involved.
The London conference will be attended by the TFG, countries in the region and neighbouring states including Kenya and Uganda as well as aid agencies. It should also be noted that the US is a major contributor to the AU force in Somalia. A senior US diplomat said: “We are fully behind the London conference.”
It is common knowledge that many aid agencies are now infiltrated by operatives from secret services of western countries (including Israel) who obviously have their own hidden agenda and frequently provide us with a grossly exaggerated picture as to what is actually going on at ground level…….many of the statistics provided could certainly be questioned!!
It would be an opportune time to refresh out memories of the last US failed confrontation with Somalia between 1992 and 1994. During this time it was stated that this was purely a humanitarian intervention. However, others believe it was an attempt by the US to find out what had happened to at least three nuclear SRAM missiles that had to be dumped in shallow waters of the coast of Somalia when a B52 experienced catastrophic electrical problems whilst on one of its missions overhead Baghdad and was forced to head back to Diego Garcia.
The crew had to jettisoned these very unstable “Nukes” off the Horn of Africa in an attempt to try and get the aircraft back safely……..unfortunately the aircraft did not make it and crashed into the sea killing three of its six crewmembers.
One notorious arms dealer Billy Rautenbach, who through his diving company smuggled many arms to Somalia, happened to find the US SRAM Nukes and sold them on the black market for around 8.5 tons of gold bullion. If one adds to this list the three South African nukes that Britain illegally purchased with the help of our current Prime Minister David Cameron and Sir Ken Warren (who then allowed them to be stolen) we can see a string of events that not only bordered on gross neglect and corruption but also caused this country to go to war!!
Back to the war in Somalia………..one has to remember that Somalia has many opposing militia with many equally brutal war lords and as the US were soon to find out that despite their overpowering firepower and might they had no choice but to retreat and pull out of Somalia.
For several decades now the US, UK and Europe have been planning the takeover of at least 7 Islamic countries with a view of creating instability in an attempt to force a regime change……….it is clear that once again these same warmongers will be applying pressure to the United Nations to intervene by sending in ground troops or alternatively in creating yet another “No Fly Zone” all in the name of humanitarian intervention.
One must also keep in mind the strong US force known as AFRICOM who´s main priority is to again destabilise the African continent and place strategic bases within Africa to secure the natural resources that exist in such places as the DRC etc for their own “Geo Political Master Plan.”
It would certainly appear that the same “Deadly Trio” (US, UK and France) will be long embroiled in military conflicts at many locations and it is clear that their ultimate goal is to attack Iran and in doing so draw them into retaliatory action that could eventually turn the entire Middle East into World War III.
One would have to assume that this plan would be initiated by Israel (with the assistance of the US) who would then become the sacrificial lamb by being the prime target for any Iranian retaliatory action. Such action by Israel could well see the end of the Jewish State.
I still find it incredible that the United Nations continues to play along with these aggressive trouble makers and instead of attempting to maintain peace actually endorses war which is the very opposite to the ethos behind their initial formation!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/12/2011

Written by Peter Eyre

December 26, 2011 at 15:25

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