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Why are the British public paying for a highly censored BBC?

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I have always had so much respect for the BBC until the day that they censored me during their programme called “Question time” when it came to the City of Derby.

I was selected to be in the audience and placed myself on the front row in full view of the camera´s so that I could get my point across concerning massive fraud that was being carried out within the UK.

Included in this show was discussion on Libya and so I was well and truly fired up to launch my comments on this topic……….but sadly it was not to be!

David Dimbleby the compare of the show gave everyone a pre show brief and explained that after the initial warm up everything that was discussed would be televised but that was far from the truth.

The first question of the evening was in relation to the economic downturn and so David selected me to respond to the first question of the evening…….sitting on the panel was a local MP Margaret Beckett to whom I had approached many times on the question of massive fraud involving senior company executives, banking executives and many Tory Party MP´s.

I stated to the panel if they were aware of the current massive fraud that was taking place in this country involving the above and in particular politicians…..David Dimbleby was clearly taken back by my comment and put his fingers up to his ear piece…….it was obvious he was receiving some instruction from the TV control room.

The show was then basically stopped for a short duration whilst they moved onto the second question of the evening which was in relation to Libya……again throughout this time I held my hand up to participate in the debate but to no avail.

I later viewed the programme only to find that not only had the entire first segment been cut from the programme but also that it had been doctored to start at the second question of the evening regarding the current situation in Libya……David Dimbleby announced the start of the show with the first question being about Libya which was a total lie and cover-up!!

My concern obviously is the fact that the UK is in a dire financial crisis (as is the whole of Europe) and this type of fraud and corruption is rife, not only here in Britain, but also throughout Europe. Surely such a comment made on the BBC Question Time show would be in the public interest and be worthy of putting on air?

The British Public have to pay £145.50 for a TV licence. The money is used by the BBC to pay for its TV, radio and online services but maybe the British Public are not aware that much money is also provided to the BBC by the US and also from the Zionist sector.

Having lived in Australia I find this fee is a total “rip off” when one is subjected to not only censorship but also what we are allowed to talk about and see. It is clear that since the Gulf War the BBC has been leaning towards not only the US but promoting a type of propaganda that one would expect from a dictatorship.

One could clearly see during the coverage of Libya that not only were certain scenes being set up, purely for the camera, but the coverage was bordering on a sort of pathetic ritual on demonising Ghadaffi and his forces for atrocities as our forces blasted Libya with depleted uranium to “save lives.” The reporting eventually turned into a standard that could only be described as third rate and certainly did not justify the fee that we all have to pay.   

Now we see the BBC playing out the same scenario in regard to Syria with the same very jittery mobile phone images and extremely false reporting. They give no account of the true situation which is the fact that Special Forces, Mercenaries, CIA, MI5 and Mossad operatives are behind the Syrian lines stirring things up. They also do not cover the fact that the French are helping in training of combatants on both the Turkish side and in Lebanon…….not the mention the intense arms smuggling that is going on.

The west is hell bent on another regime change and the BBC is right in there doing its usual covert false flags reporting with such headlines as:

“Syria slowly inches towards civil war”

There are the usual comments meant to reach the hearts of the readers:

 “Assad’s armoured vehicles are coming and they have nothing to stop them.”

We joined the family for prayers in the mosque, men standing silently over the body, tears streaming down their faces. They were in no doubt that a government sniper had done this.

Note the BBC´s overemphasis on the comment above…… it is broadly known that unknown operatives infiltrate into such environments and take out innocent victims to create more unrest and such a statement is not only unproven but over dramatic to say the least!!

Then we again see another comment about creating a “No Fly Zone” with this statement below:

Lieutenant Waleed al Abdullah, one of the Free Army leaders in Homs, despite his junior rank, said that the regime would quickly crumble if there was a No Fly Zone in Syria, just like the one NATO imposed over Libya.

If we can recall during the war in Libya we had grossly exaggerated statements being made by the rebel army and again in this case the BBC published this comment:

“Seventy per cent of the army are ready to defect,” he told me, “whole brigades with their officers; even the Special Forces. But no battalion dares to move even 10m because they fear the Syrian Air Force will attack.”

Again we see the rebel forces, with the help of the BBC, placing another emphasis on the need for a No Fly Zone.

This is brain washing at its best……it has been proven that during the Libyan Conflict the same attention was paid to the humanitarian aspects which were grossly exaggerated and the fear of an airborne attack.

One cannot even imagine what tripe the BBC will be turning out over the coming weeks but for sure they will only manage to show one side of the conflict with a well written dialogue by the best PR people available.

One can see that William Shakespeare lives on in the BBC but without the sophistication that existed at the Globe Theatre.

As William once said “The evil that men do lives after them” and no doubt the BBC will become victim of its own well rehearsed propaganda and like all bad play acting the viewers will vent their anger when the ratings come out.

Shame on you BBC


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/12/2011  



Written by Peter Eyre

December 18, 2011 at 02:05

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