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Ex British Prime Minister Forms Charity – But is it?

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Tony Blair


Gordon Bowden and I have been investigating corporate fraud, corruption and tax evasion for some considerable time and one person featured in our investigations was Tony Blair, the ex Prime Minister.

Massive fraud amounting to billions of pounds is being siphoned out of the system each year. This fraud involves corporate and bank executives and many members of Parliament.

Lord Michael Howard, Peter Lilley MP and many more have very sticky hands when it comes to money!!

This fraud operates from boiler rooms such as Arlington Associates at 22 Arlington Street London (next to the Ritz Hotel) and Lonhro on the 1st Floor of 25 Berkeley Square London.

Boiler Rooms house many nonexistent companies known as virtual or shell companies. Senior executives embark on their path of mass deception by first  registering a nonexistent mining or oil company, hire someone else’s property to run their business and  act as administrator. Step two is to create a very convincing port folio for the company and decide how much money they need to raise and carve up between yourself and your other nonexecutive directors. The next stage is extremely easy because all you need is a remote location for your gold mine, obtain historical data from a disused mine site and then  give a full presentation to your potential victims (the investors).

Finally you wine and dine your investors and show them a very professional video or power point presentation of your intended project explain the progress to date and your development strategy and expansion programme.

Oil, gas and mining is a very expensive business and so it is normal to raise millions if not billions for their fake companies. What the investor doesn´t realise is the fact that the mine does not exist. The company has no staff and only exists with a small nucleus of Non Executive Directors who then slice up the money raised and siphon it off into many unknown entities. Basically it means that right from day one the investor’s money has gone forever!! …..I guess this adds new meaning the term “Risk Capital.”

Potential investors do not know that the open pit mine can be just a spade hole in the ground at some very remote location with a fence around it and a couple of cheap transportable buildings. I once saw such a company that had displayed a picture of large dumper trucks against a backdrop of hills that apparently contained vast reserves of gold or copper……what they didn´t realise is the fact that the scenery was artificial and the shadow of the trucks was on the backdrop…..clearly showing it was a literally a staged event!!  

Tony Blair is a frequent visitor to 22 Arlington Street in London and is known to be involved in fraudulent activities. His position as Middle East Envoy allowed him to find a new way to make money.

In Iraq he was rewarded extremely well by a South Korean company for his services involving oil and gas. Blair arranged some very lucrative deals for the South Korean Company. I believe at one stage he was an advisor for a nonexistent company who paid him some very large amounts of money for his advice.

Now we see some strange happenings on the horizon as Tony Blair introduces his apparent “African Charity” that is now operating via a registered company i.e.:

The Tony Blair Governance Initiative, trading as the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative and also as AGI (company limited by guarantee 06779669) and a charity registered with the Charity Commission (1132422). The registered office of The Tony Blair Governance Initiative is 50 Broadway, London .


A “Charity” and a “Commercial Company” do not mix, especially when the charity is run from the same office in London’s Grosvenor Square as his business empire, the Office of Tony Blair.


Both share the same registered address in Paddington in St James’s Park. The  address is also shared by Cherie Blair’s Foundation for Women charity.




Operating in:






Sounds good don´t you think, especially those African countries that are so rich in natural resources.  I can a recall a documentary I watched in Australia that was called “The Rape of Sierra Leone”……..does it mean that for the second time this country will again be raped by the British?


A secret DfID document seen by The Mail on Sunday shows Mr. Blair’s name on the list of those who have applied for ‘Lot A’ of the DfID governance portfolio.

If successful, his charity would then be on a list of organizations eligible to bid for contracts as they came up!!!


International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell last night confirmed that Mr. Blair had applied to be considered for DfID cash ‘The Tony Blair Governance Initiative has applied . . . to be eligible to compete for a contract on public sector governance.  ‘Their bid will be treated like any other and judged on value for money and effectiveness. All DfID contracts operate under strict rules designed to get the best for British taxpayers and deliver help to the world’s poorest people.’ Mr. Blair has entered a three-stage tendering process in which he must show he is fit to run a major overseas aid project with public money.


Naturally he has all the acumen in qualifying for such a slice of British Tax Payers money don´t you think? Let´s list some of his achievements that qualify him for this position:


  • For taking us to war with Iraq illegally and for the death of over a million innocent people.


  • For benefitting (at a private level) in the wealth of its oil and gas compliments of a South Korean Oil Company, who´s directors had already been accused of fraudulent activities.


  • For operating out of a known “Boiler Room” at 22 Arlington Street in London.


 There is just one small chapter in Mr. Blair´s life that almost went unnoticed when he received one million pounds from the Formula 1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone (that was disguised as a donation from a tobacco company) as a thank you for not talking about another 17.8 million pounds of tax payer´s money that David Cameron and Sir Kenneth Warren had siphoned off for the illegal purchase of three “Battlefield Nuclear Bombs” from Pelindaba, South Africa that were then moved to Oman (without any security) and then stolen by the same arms dealer who had sold them


I would challenge if Tony Blair is of good standing and worthy of siphoning off more tax payer´s money via the DFID. Maybe he will qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize or some other high title such as Lord Blair ( a common practice for a den of thieves) or maybe President of the yet to be formed “United States of Europe”


Soon members of the EU will succumb to forced debt by the World Bank/IMF and  their puppets will take over those countries with severe austerity measures and demand the surrender of their sovereignty!!


Mr. Blair is thought to have made about £25 million since leaving office, but the opaque way his finances are structured makes it almost impossible to establish the true size of his fortune. It is known that his property portfolio contains seven homes, worth £14 million.


The office is funded by Windrush Ventures, into which much of his  £7 million-a-year income is funneled. This income is derived from his commercial consultancy, Tony Blair Associates, JP Morgan consultancy, the Swiss insurer Zurich Financial Services and speaking engagements that can earn him six-figure payments.


Blair divides his time between the charities and his diplomatic role as Middle East peace envoy for the ‘Quartet’ of the UN, Russia, America and the EU.

Critics argue that much of his charitable work helps him to establish key political and commercial contacts around the world.


Sierra Leone illustrates how Mr. Blair could be open to claims that his business and governmental links could lead to a conflict of interest.


 AGI is working to end the nation’s dependence on aid, and has helped the government there to push through reforms, including fast-track commercial courts and easier financing from banks to small businesses…


I have to put in my own words at this stage and say what they are trying to say here is to fast track fraud and corruption!!!!


Meanwhile, JP Morgan has business interests in the country, including a stake in mining company Titanium Resources Group.


DfID gave £45 million in aid in Sierra Leone in 2009/10, of which £18 million went on ‘governance’.


Mr. Blair’s AGI has come under fire from some quarters for advising Rwandan leader Paul Kagame, who has been accused of running a repressive regime,. He has also advised Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on how to copy his style of running a government with a ‘strong centre’.


Mr. Blair has already passed the first hurdle, which had the 51 applicants whittled down to 41. These will be reduced to ‘about a dozen’ who will be eligible to bid for future DfIF contracts.


Well I am sure that by now you have a clear picture as to the acumen of this man and if you feel he’s worthy of managing such huge amounts of government money……..for my part he´s a fraudster of the highest order and more importantly (in my opinion), is a “War Criminal” and should end his days in solitary confinement.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/12/2011 








Written by Peter Eyre

December 18, 2011 at 01:51

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