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Egypt Did Deal With Israel To Sell Natural Gas At Below Cost Price

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Part 2

Yes but the British found it first and Blair screwed it up!!


In my previous article (Part 1) I gave you a visual presentation of the situation that exists in offshore Gaza and to some degree that also off Lebanon. This article will now cover the time line of events and clearly show how British Gas, with the help of Tony Blair stuffed up in a big way in allowing Israel to dictate the terms and conditions that resulted in the huge natural gas fields in the Gaza Marine Zone still sitting there, untapped whilst onshore the people of Gaza are living in extremes of poverty and suppression.

It was my belief that had Britain, Tony Blair and British Gas ,stood their ground Gaza could have had a better deal and who knows maybe the gas could have come ashore in Gaza itself.

Part 1 covered the deception by Israel to try and take all of the natural gas from Gazan  Waters and pipe it directly into Israel…….the idea then was to allow the owners (Gaza) to import some of this gas from Israel…….this would also give Israel the control of the pipeline i.e. the ability to switch it on and off whenever it so chooses!!

What I found remarkable about this deal was the fact that Israel had a far greater slice of the “Financial Pie” than the rightful owners.

When the deal fell through the Israeli’s tried to then pipe the gas to El Arish (Egypt) and then pipe it via sub sea pipeline to Israel whilst at the same time carefully making sure the pipeline stayed out of Gaza’s Territory so that they would not have to pay transit fees etc.

The other problem for the Israeli’s was that they refused to accept natural gas directly from the Palestinians (arch enemies) and so in processing it via El Arish would allow them to say it was Egyptian Gas and not Gaza Gas!!!!………this reminds me of a similar situation when Israel refused to take crude oil from Iran (another arch enemy). The crude would arrive in super tankers at Rotterdam in the Netherlands, then the consignment would be re purchased by Israeli dealers and on shipped to Haifa in Israel so that they could then say it was Dutch Oil……..can you see how their evil minds work?….such is the game called “Geo Politics”……you may be surprised to know that the west also take oil/gas from Turkey (in much the same way) only to find that this product originally was piped to Turkey from Iran!!! 

In relation to the Israel – Gaza natural gas no doubt many people would  disagree with my findings but the evidence is clearly there with the two Israeli maps I revealed in my last article showing the physical plan for the pipelines.

What I now find totally unacceptable is the fact that Israel is now stealing or about to steal “Palestinian Gas” from other exploration fields whilst the United Nations sit on its hands……what do you expect…..the UN is run by the Zionists and the US anyway!!

You will find below the timeline of events concerning the original British Gas discovery:


History of Gaza Gas Field


It was the Gaza-Jericho first agreement in 1994 that first allocated the PA a 20-mile maritime zone off Gaza’s coast. But it was not until 1999, the year that British Gas (BG) gained its exploration concession on the field, that Israel agreed to “give” it to the PA. In exchange, the PA signed away “full security control” of the sea off Gaza to Israel.

It is important to fully understand the implications of that agreement as we now see the blockade of Gaza, which believe it or not is totally legal. It is important therefore to note that unless the Palestinian Authority reverse this we are not likely to see any freedom for Gaza or Palestine as this is the only way trade and commerce can enter Palestinian Territory, via the sea.

It was in 2005 that BG signed a memorandum with the Egyptian company EGAS to sell them gas. The deal was soon sabotaged by Tony Blair (Zionist) when he intervened on behalf of the  Israel Government, at the request of Ehud Olmert (a criminal in his own right), and pleaded with BG to let the gas go to Israel.

It became obvious at the time that there was some untoward wheeling and dealing going on between Tony Blair, Israel and the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) who maintained throughout that this was purely commercial. I found this to be totally incorrect as it became obvious that this had become very politically motivated to ensure a good relationship continued to be in existence between Britain and Israel and at the same time improve relationships with Palestine. One cannot rule out that a high level of corruption took place at the time between all parties!!

The deal, had it gone ahead would have given Israel natural gas at a much cheaper price than the deal that was to come into being between Egypt-Israel who had already negotiated a price with Egypt that was below cost……..maybe now you can see why the Egyptian people were upset with their western puppet leader Mubarak who desperately needed this gas for themselves to keep prices down within Egypt but also to earn good export dollars for any surplus…..which was not the case with Israel……that added to the current “Arab Spring” and explains why the pipeline keeps getting blown up!!

It became obvious at the time that Palestinians could loose up to 75% of the US$ 4 billion revenue, and on the share ration one could clearly see that Israel had the biggest slice and Palestinians a much lesser amount. However the owners (Gaza) would get nothing!!           

It was finally revealed that all negotiations were being controlled by Britain and Israel with little input from  the owner of the natural gas themselves (Gaza)……..Blair obviously would have taken a very big slice as would Olmert (he was notoriously known for having sticky hands)!!

When Hamas’s came to power their first demands was for a renegotiation of the BG contract, needless to say that fell on deaf ears. Ziad Thatha, the Hamas economic minister, had previously denounced the deal as “an act of theft” “selling Palestinian gas to the Zionist occupation”.

It was also interesting to note that Egypt accused the consortium that shares were being held by two confidential dealers who were trying to bribe Ariel Sharon. As you would expect there was also US intervention who tried to suppress the new Hamas regime in Gaza.

Things slowly turned around and became totally negative as Israel and Western leaders developed an obsession in controlling Palestinians use of the potential revenue from their huge offshore find 

I found the following good paragraph that put everything into perspective:

If Tony Blair were serious about redeeming his reputation in the Middle East, he could start by bringing Hamas into the deal’s framework, while insisting that its revenues be administered by an accountable but non-aligned committee for the benefit of the Palestinian people as a whole. He could advise BG to make good on their threats to reopen negotiations with Egypt if Israeli hardball games continue around the talks.

One can clearly see at the time that Israel had already got its dirty talons into this huge offshore potential (that didn’t even belong to them) with the following headlines:

Gas Deposits Off Israel and Gaza Opening Vision of Joint Ventures

  • By WILLIAM A. ORME JR.  Published: September 15, 2000

Drilling deep below the seas off Israel and the Gaza Strip, foreign energy companies are discovering gas reserves that could lift the Palestinian economy and give Israel its first taste of energy independence.

Oh well I guess from the Palestinian perspective that was truly wishful thinking!!!!

Before moving on lets just look at the Israeli activity that existed right on the sea border with Gaza and who was involved:

This was the announced made on the 17-05-00:

Noble Affiliates confirms continued success offshore Israel

17-05-00 Noble Affiliates announced its wholly owned indirect subsidiary, Samedan, Mediterranean Sea, has successfully appraised the southern extension of the Noa field, offshore Israel. The Noa South #1 well was drilled in 2,430 feet of water approximately 23 miles off the coast of Israel.
The well is 2.2 miles south of the initial discovery well Noa #1 and 8 miles west of the Mari-B field discovery announced earlier this year. The Noa South #1 well encountered 114 feet of gas bearing sands compared to 64 feet of gas sands in the Noa #1 well. The Noa #1 well tested at a rate of 30 mm cfpd.
Based upon electric log evaluation and other data obtained from the well, the Noa South #1 will be capable of flowing at commercial rates in excess of that tested at Noa #1. The Noa South #1 well confirms recoverable reserves of more than 200 bn cf of gas in the Noa area and more than 1.3 tcf of gas in the greater Noa/Mari-B areas.
The Noa South #1 well marks the fourth consecutive successful well drilled by the company offshore Israel. The company, on behalf of itself and partners, is in discussions with the Israel Electric Corporation and has entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding to supply 250 mm cfpd of gas to its power plants with initial deliveries commencing late 2002 or early 2003. The company intends to recommence exploratory drilling later this year in anticipation of meeting the expected demand growth for natural gas in Israel.

Samedan, Mediterranean Sea owns a 40 % working interest in the lease and is the operator. Other working interest owners are Avner Oil Exploration Limited Partnership, 21.39 %; Delek Drilling Limited Partnership, 23.61 % and RB Mediterranean, a wholly owned subsidiary of R & B Falcon, 15 %. The group also owns similar working interests in nine additional exploration licenses and two preliminary permits offshore Israel, encompassing 1,062,675 gross acres.


Again I wish to point out that in regard to all references to the Noa fields above……I have calculated (in the navigational sense of the word) that the Noa fields does stagger the border with Gaza and is thus jointly owned…….but the Zionists do not want you or anyone else to know this…….as I said they are stealing the natural resources of Gaza (Palestine)……I emphasise Gaza because in order for you to claim offshore limits and its enclosed wealth you have to have a shoreline and so Gaza has a shoreline and West Bank does not. Obviously now that Fatah is talking to Hamas at last we can see that both will benefit from this enormous wealth (or at least one day they will!!)…That is assuming there will be some left after the Zionist’s have pilfered it!!

So how did all this end up after so much trouble…..well you guessed right….the deal fell through, there was no deal with the Egyptians because Blair had stuffed that possibility up and now Egypt is piping its own natural gas via a subsea pipeline directly to Israel……in the meantime Palestine is missing out on transit revenue etc.

The gas and possible oil just continues to sit there all those years and is of no benefit to BG or to the people of Palestine…….but you have not heard the end to the story because something sinister happened in late 2008/9 when Israel brutally attacked Gaza during operation “Cast Lead” but did you ever know as to why they did this?

You were all led to believe it was all about rockets (fireworks) being fired over the border but sorry to have to tell you it was all media hype and not the truth!!

The truth is that Israel wanted to eliminate Hamas in order to get there hands on any potential oil or gas!!………you may be shocked to learn that once again it was all about resources and nothing to do with small rockets!!!…….ok so again you do not believe me right?……..so here you now have the evidence when the following statement was made by


by  Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon

Published October 2007

 Vol. 7, No. 17     19 October 2007

Does the Prospective Purchase of British Gas from Gaza‘s Coastal Waters

Threaten Israel’s National Security?

“It is clear that without an overall military operation to uproot Hamas control of Gaza, no drilling work can take place without the consent of the radical Islamic movement”.


This is what Lt-Gen Moshe Yaalon meant – Massive JDAM bomb explosion (Depleted Uranium)

So there you have it…..the truth that has never been revealed before and all I can say to the Israeli’s is “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/11/2011 www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com





Written by Peter Eyre

November 30, 2011 at 18:29

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