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Hollie wasn’t the only one that lost her childhood in Scotland

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 I came across an article that was floating around Scotland around the same time as Hollie’s case became public. What shocked me was not only the same people were involved in the case, Regional Procurator Fiscal – Elish Angiolini  and Aberdeen Sheriff – Graeme Buchanan but also the fact that both case were dismissed because they  had not come to trial within a reasonable time.

The two cased were back in 2001 and involved a little girl aged 10 years who had been sexually abused and small boy aged 7 years. It appeared ironic that this policy of kicking out such cases goes back a long long way.

When will the judicial system in Scotland understand that children endure years and years of pain and suffering because they are afraid to come forward? At some stage in their lives the children accidently come out with something that their parents pick up on or just simply reveal to their parents what had happened in their lives.

Hollie if we can recall also slipped up when talking to her mother one day about having to go to see her father urgently otherwise he would kill her dog. This prompted mum Anne to go into more detail and so we can clearly see that one cannot put a time constraint on such cases and therefore I can only assume that something more sinister was in the minds of those that refused to take the case forward.

Here are some of the comments from various sources at the time:

In a letter to the girl, Sandra McRobert, principal procurator fiscal depute for Aberdeen, wrote: “Everyone knew that you would tell the court what happened to you if you had to, but I also know from mum that you were very scared of having to come to court. “

She said: “You have been very brave over all this and I am very sorry that because grown-ups made mistakes, you are angry because you feel (the accused) has not been punished by the courts.”


The girl’s family are calling for an inquiry by the Lord Advocate and investigating whether they can bring a private prosecution against the alleged attacker. George Mathers, their solicitor, said:”I believe the person accused had admitted his guilt to officers. It is a very simple and straightforward case, which should have been given priority.”

The girl’s father said: “My daughter feels guilt and thinks no one believes her. How do you tell a 10-year-old the system has let her down? The last three years have been traumatising for us all. My daughter’s personality was completely changed after the event, but her outgoing and playful nature has helped her to cope.”

This same article also reported the following: This week it also emerged that a case of a seven-year-old boy who was allegedly raped had collapsed because of delays in bringing it to court in Aberdeen. Elish Angiolini, regional procurator fiscal for Grampian, Highlands and Islands, said that she had instructed Grampian police to treat all child witness cases as custody cases, which have to be processed within 110 days.

I am astounded at the approach taken by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill and Lord Advocate in Scotland Elish Angiolini in not just delaying the laws appertaining to paedophiles in Scotland but also in not allowing historical cases to come before the courts. This is pure procrastination and a delaying mechanism in order to give them all more time to plan their defence and future actions.

We already have in place a perfectly suitable Westminster legal system that caters for all of the past and current cases. One does not need to delay as all such action can be taken now by any police in any part of the United Kingdom. One can clearly see apprehension here that may also be linked to fear that all those involved must now feel. We are talking here about many many people in high positions of trust covering all sectors from Government – Judicial System – Police – Social Welfare – Nursing the list is endless.

I would expect that soon we may well see someone resign which will be the first indication that some action could be forthcoming. One can only look at the ultimate blame being placed on thosethat run office. The First Minister for Scotland, Alex Salmond would be very much aware of the on going “Hollie Saga” with many links to other children that have succumbed to the Paedophilia Ring. One could even possible say that this could be linked to the Dunblame Massacre, which was carried out by a known Paedophile. I am sure that many children had much vital information to offer; as and when they were prepared to be brave enough to talk about it…alas they died so innocently without being given the opportunity.

The Central Government at Westminster must now take control of this epidemic and nip it in the bud before this vile ring of Satanic Paedophiles cause someone else’s poor child to be dragged through the pain that Hollie Greig has gone through. I repeat again our children are already protected under the existing laws of Britain and all these political and judicial elite have to stopPussy Footing around and stop this in its tracks right now.

The Prime Minister can show true leadership now by removing all those suspected of having links or being involved in Paedophilia and place them before the court system. We already know that some of these may well be very close to Number 10 and revealing them could cause much damage to any party that has such individuals in their midst……at the same time if one carried out such action I am sure it would have the reverse effect on any party by showing, we the public, fortitude and leadership qualities that we have not seen in this country for some considerable time.


Sheriff Graeme Buchanan

As the Prime Minister has already declared he will protect our children and that surely means “Go on and do it right now” You could start off by removing Lord Advocate in Scotland Elish Angiolini, the Aberdeen Sheriff Graeme Buchanan and possibly Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. Then you can open up a full inquiry on Hollie Greig and those other children that she has named as also being victims. The circumstances leading up to the dismissal of this and many others cases must also be included in this inquiry and last but not least the so called suicide of Hollie’s Uncle Robert which on face value certainly appears to be a clear case of murder. Perhaps the bravery award that was handed out in relation to this car fire could be recovered and that person could also be investigated. Last but not least your highest priority would be to seek extradition orders for Hollie’s Father and Brother to be returned to the UK from Portugal. Mr Prime Minister this is not only “True Leadership” it is also about being a good father with ethical and moral values……..I am sure Hollie will not hold her breath waiting!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 1/2/2010


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