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The Oslo Bombing was a classic example of the west’s “ISLAMAPHOBIA”

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32 year old Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik

Does this man look like an Islamic Terrorist?


When will we in the west stop pointing a finger for every incident that takes place on our shores?

When will the leaders stop getting carried away with great excitement every time there is an incident?

The answer is quite simple because they want us to believe that the streets of Europe and the US are unsafe and that Islamic Extremist are out to get us!!!! – Well folks it’s all a well orchestrated exercise to spread fear and hysteria amongst our respective populations in order to keep there “Invented Pretend War Against Terrorism.” – Yes you heard right its all part of this phoney game they have been playing out for well over a decade or so in order to keep there “Geo Political Plan Alive” and at the same time to change the laws of our country so that they then have ultimate control of their citizens……..the Patriot Act is a classic example.

So let’s just reflect on this terrible attack by a lone Norwegian man and how the story panned out when it first broke news…….I have to say the British Media and its handful of so called experts where rushed in the TV Studio’s to spread their “Verbal Diarrhoea” over our TV screen and yet again, like always, they got it absolutely wrong.

Before giving you the rundown on the many things that were said let just remind you all that no “Major Islamic Attack” has taken place anywhere in the US, UK or Europe in more recent times! If we go right back to 9/11, 7/7 and the Madrid bombings we will see a trail of deceit propaganda coming out from the lips of our Presidents and Prime Ministers,  Foreign Minister, Defence Ministers, Intelligence Services and last but not least NATO itself. Almost all of the attacks or attempted attacks or foiled attacks have been very well orchestrated “False Flags”……….please understand their is no threat to the west from Islamic Countries……Al Qaeda does not and has not ever existed…….and Bin Laden died back in December 2001 in a hospital in Rawalpindi from kidney failure and the big one – “No Aircraft hit any building during the biggest false flag of all – that being 9/11.”

I would also go on to say that the current Mull of Kintyre – Chinook Inquiry (that rightfully so cleared the crew of all blame) was a false flag carried out by our own government and they all died from gunshot wounds to the head……but hey, you don’t have to believe me folks, just carry on watching your favourite TV programmes and let them take over your country and hand its sovereignty to some other super power!!

So let’s now look at “Islamaphobia” at work with a time line over the last 24 hours:

1800 reports of a bomb exploding in Oslo close to a government building that housed the Prime Ministers office – described as a car bomb.

From my perspective it did show a car but certainly not one that had a bomb of this size within……..and throughout events there was no attention paid to this car as one would normally expect i.e. securing the scene and getting forensic experts to look for vital evidence as soon as possible to determine the type of explosives and possible links etc.

My second observation would indicate that a bomb went off within the building as much of the glass and wooden interior were ejected out into the street with an internal fire giving a clue as to what floor it was housed in……obviously I am no expert and could be wrong but that’s my own belief……the frames and panels on the building also were showing signs of an explosion as opposed to and implosion!!

Both the BBC and Sky immediately went on the possible Al Qaeda theme as did many of their so called experts from Chatham House (New World Order Hub), Security Experts, and Academics etc.

1815 Russia’s RT said that preliminary reports say a car bomb was responsible and that other devices had been found that had not gone off…..there was again reference to Al Qaeda and on all channels reference was given to the Danish Islamic Cartoons etc.

1824 BBC started to cover the incident on the Island and again gave some Islamic reference by stating that there were many Pakistani’s living in Oslo and a large Muslim population with their own armed gangs!

1825 Another expert in the UK a Gordon Corera again talks about Islamic involvement and also talked about a Kurdish Iraq, Al Qaeda and that it had been a very sophisticated car bomb!

1830 An emphasis was placed another expert Bob Ayers from Chatham House who gave is own rundown on events and said that they would have to go over the car for traces of explosives to find out what type of bomb, the trigger mechanism i.e. mobile phone or whatever, the car serial number etc etc.

As I have already pointed out there was no attempt to look at the car and it became clear that it may not have been a car bomb that caused the immense devastation.

1840 The BBC start interviewing the hospital to try to find out if they have the body of a possible suicide bomber, from the car…….another assumption!

1842 BBC announce that the Oslo Police say there is a connection between the person on the island and the bomb in Oslo……this report was incredible because of the short timeframe from the bomb going off and the capture of the offender….again suspect.

The theme then suddenly changes on all channels into a possible well coordinated attack by an Islamic group!!  

1850 Prior to this time there had been reference to the guy on the island as being dressed in a police uniform and was a tall, white blond headed man(typically Scandinavian).

1855 Sky again referred to this event starting off with a massive car bomb…….it was also around this time that the US President, William Hague and NATO started to offer their support.

1905 The Mayor of Oslo was also asked what he thought about the bomb outside the government offices……..still no mention at this time about a possible internal bomb!

1910 The offender on the Island is confirmed as being a male around 6 foot tall, white and blond.

1940 President Obama urged “Global Cooperation against Terrorism”……another unproven statement!!

2000 Sky reports that Oslo Police have confirmed that the offender is linked to the bomb in Oslo. They also indicated that it could be a Scandinavian man who converted to Islam!!

2054 Another so called expert (possibly American) was interviewed (Jonathan Paris) who is a Counter Terrorism Expert and stated that this guy could have been hired by an Al Qaeda Group!!

2103 Reports from the Police stating that this guy was sighted in Oslo near to the scene of the bombing.

2205 Oslo Police say they had found explosives on the island.

Soon after this Fox News in the US interviewed yet another expert Peter Neumann who again gave a Al Qaeda connection or a connection to an Islamic Group from Iraq!!

Back to the current time this morning the British Prime Minister said “I have offered British help including, through or close intelligent cooperation……We will work with Norway to hunt the murderers who did this and prevent anymore deaths.”……rather pathetic announcement considering that the Norwegian Authorities had already pretty well sewn this case up by this morning and again our PM gives a overtone of it being an attack from outside of Norway!!

The final “Verbal Diarrhoea” came from Fox News who stated “No one – Terrorism Expert or man in the street – will be surprised if the attacks are linked to Islamic Terrorist with additional reference yet again to Al Qaeda.

To confirm my theory on this whole event I tuned into the main channels in the UK to find that the entire theme has now changed into it being a single Norwegian man with ties to a right wing Christian Group or possibly a Neo Nazi Group…..the former appears to be the case.

So there you have it……..what do you believe?…….have you also succumbed to this brainwashing or are you taking a more logical approach into believing this was just another one off event with tragic consequences? 


King Blair of Europe

So what is the bigger picture to all these events………..to form a United States of Europe?


Who will be its President – Possibly Tony Blair (after the Chilcot Inquiry has cleared this tarnished man)?

What did it cost the British people to have this “War Criminal” installed with his crown of office?

Maybe you have to ask that other British Traitor – Gordon Brown that question when he signed our country over to the EU at the Lisbon Treaty and then gave most of the gold bullion from the vaults of the Bank of England to the European Union at below cost price:

In 1998 the price was $256 US Dollars per ounce………it is now over $1,600 USD per ounce…….can you imagine that had we retained it just how much money we would have in our vaults?……….the Bank of England and the Reserve Bank in the US are both run by Zionists i.e. the Rothschild’s so maybe you are all starting to understand that the New World Order (NWO) does exist and how the jigsaw is all coming together.

Maybe this headline taken from the Sunday Times in April 2007 will bring it all home to you:

Gold Bullion Given Away by Gordon Brown to the EU

Brown lost £2bn selling UK’s Gold – GORDON BROWN is to face questions in parliament after revelations that he disregarded advice from the Bank of England before he sold off more than half the country’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market.

Another report in the Telegraph dated 24th March 2010:

Explain-why-you-sold-Britain’s-gold-Gordon-Brown-told – Gordon Brown has been ordered to release information before the general election about his controversial decision to sell Britain’s gold reserves.

Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are high ranking Freemason’s which forms part of the NWO as are many senior MP’s and many members of the House of Lords…..add to this dear old Ken Clarke who sat with royalty on the head table during Obama’s visit and maybe you are now starting to see the picture as to how the NWO works…….if you stand outside Chatham House and watch those that come and go you may also be able to add to this “Elite Group of Pontificators”….i.e. David Cameron, George Osborne, William Hague to name but a few.

In closing please understand that it does not matter which potential leader you vote for because they are all well groomed by the Rothschild’s and their Zionist offshoots in order for them to basically control world politics and move forward on their geo political master plan.

So there you have it…….I must apologise for drifting off the main theme (Oslo Bombing) from time to time but that’s how my mind takes me.

Just remember next time you pass Chatham House just take a glance who comes and goes and you will see for yourself!

Finally as usual one should not put aside the usual conspiracy theory that some believe is linked to this event. It again shows that prior to any major event an almost identical training exercise takes place such as in 9/11 and certainly in the case of 7/7 when four Muslim actors were hired and set up for what turned out to be a real happening…….the problem being that they could not have been on the tube at the time because the train they had to catch was cancelled……so you may ask what happened to them…….all four were shot by the Anti Terrorist Squad in Canary Wharf, London!! 


The actual training exercise in Oslo (48 hours prior to the bombing)

In the case of the Norwegian bombing, the authorities were carrying out training in the event such an incident occurred.   An exact drill focused around the same scenario, was being conducting near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before the terrorist blast that targeted the government building in Oslo. Maybe this exercise was part and parcel of this incident and possibly it didn’t work out the way they had planned…….so was this another “False Flag” that is not for me to say!!…..However I am sure that as a direct result of this tragic event the government will bring in more laws to restrict the liberty of the Norwegian people just like they have done in the US and the UK or alternatively between now and Monday try to find a link to an Islamic movement.

I feel that we in the west should offer our sincere apologies to the Islamic nations for taking this stance from the beginning and more importantly we should hang our heads in shame at the pathetic media coverage of this entire event and those experts that contributed to this propaganda and who by this morning had changed their story i.e. Gordon Corera (BBC Interview) etc……shame on you all…..you are rather pitiful.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/7/2011 – www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com


Written by Peter Eyre

July 23, 2011 at 14:30

2 Responses

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  1. You can hang your head in shame all you want. The fact that every time something like this happens people automatically think “Islamic Terrorist” is because most bombings or other acts of terrorism ARE performed by Islamic Terrorists.

    Perhaps you could pull your head out of your ass for a minute and realize that. These are people that have declared “jihad’ on all western nations. Jihad meaning, basically, we’re going to kill you all.

    So why wouldn’t we automatically think of Islamic Terrorists as the first suspect? There’s no logical reason not to.

    Quit being a tool.


    July 23, 2011 at 15:55

    • Also, as to your assertion that Anders Behring Breivik doesn’t look like an Islamic Terrorist, you obviously don’t know that Al Queda have been able to recruit westerners to their cause. Does the name Jihad Jane ring a bell to you? Moron.


      July 23, 2011 at 15:57

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