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The West and its plans to force regime change in many countries

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The West and its plans to force regime change in many countries


What is the US, Britain, France and NATO actually after in its so called war on terrorism?

Are we in the west fuelling the Arab Spring?

How come these leaders are not on the wanted list by the International Court of Justice?

They are trying to force regime change in all countries that have no military pact with US & NATO or who have no cooperation or economic ties. They are also deeply upset that they have little involvement in Oil and Gas contracts and more importantly they are upset that the IMF/World Bank has no involvement in their countries.

It is obvious that looking through western eyes this is the greater economic threat to America, UK, France and NATO and because of this they continue to pursue their relentless attack on these so called aggressive leaders, who according to them kill their own people. One must not forget that Israel also plays a major part in this “Arab Spring.”

 The media which is under the censorship of their Zionist owners are equally to blame for portraying the wrong theme as what is really going on in Libya, Syria and Yemen etc.

First of all we have to understand that the world economic meltdown was an intentional plan by the New World Order to control all sectors and to allow banks or companies to fold up or become dependent on government bail outs. Whilst all this was going on we also had the ongoing massive corporate fraud, linked to those same banks and involving senior politicians and their parties. Add to this the permanent state of war that the US, UK, France and NATO encourage and one can clearly see that this forces up the price of oil, commodities and food etc……..the net result is companies closing down, mass unemployment, loss of homes and more people becoming more dependent on the state. However, in other countries this damage is almost irreversible resulting in severe hardship and forcing them closer to poverty.

We then see unrest within those countries as people start to take to the streets wanting change and look towards their leaders and government for a quick fix and in some cases those leaders are themselves also corrupts. However, with the help of the US, UK, France and the west these relatively peaceful protests turn into a blood bath as we saw in such places as Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Libya……having said that however Libya has (or should I say had) one of the best standards of living in Africa under the Ghadaffi’s leadership.


So what has this got to do with the so called aggression and killing of innocent people….you may find it hard to believe that it is at such times that the west infiltrate those countries with their Special Forces, CIA, MI5, Mossad and hired Mercenaries with the intention of creating trouble at key locations i.e. Benghazi, Damascus, Sanaa, Bahrain and many other locations within each country. They are skilled at starting up trouble by creating “Dial a crowd” – “Dial a militia” – “Dial a sniper” who are then directly financed and armed by the US, UK, France, EU and Israel. Once this is in place a peaceful protest then becomes a contrived conflict.

The next stage is to place selective snipers on rooftops to take out the odd innocent civilian and one can soon see how such situations suddenly appear to take on a new outlook………..it is at such moment that the Zionist control media then feed false propaganda to the screens of the general public in the west with what can only be described as an appalling standard of reporting. This was clearly shown in Libya with so much reference to this so called rebel army, that is not an army at all, but simply an undisciplined, fragmented pile of thugs, paid and armed by the west.

We now see the same in Syria to try to spread this same hysteria throughout its people and to make us all believe that President Assad is a thug, like they did with Ghaddafi when this is not the case. 


Many of the refugees who fled to Turkey in recent weeks are returning home

A classic example was the recent unrest near the border with Turkey, resulting in civilians moving over the border in mass…….we then saw Syrian troops being sent into that area to clean up these small fragmented groups of militia/mercenaries. What the media did not show clearly was that after this mop up thousands of those refugees started flowing back over the border heading back to their homes………let’s just hold it there and explain one simple fact……..if you had been driven from your homes by this so called aggressive Syrian Army why would you then return to your homes when the only people left in the area were the Syrian Army……..it is clear that the mercenaries had been moved on or killed and this action alone allowed them to return.

We also see these very carefully orchestrated street scenes of pictures from mobile phones, that do not allow the viewer to make out anything at all and sometimes showing someone on the roof firing into the crowd……the media then make the same announcement that these statements and pictures cannot be verified etc etc.

Libya is currently under a huge barrage of illegal US and NATO weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and believe me the death toll, in the medium term future, will be catastrophic. What can we expect from this Libyan onslaught……gross birth defects, a massive increase in all forms of cancer, especially in the unborn and young children, a sharp increase in cancer of the thyroid and Leukaemia…..but it doesn’t stop there because we then have an increase in mental disorders, brain tumours and autism etc……another aspect that is not talked about is that these weapons create infertility in women and a massive reduction in the male sperm count.

These weapons in the main contain depleted uranium (DU) and based on the heavy usage (both past and current) will make such places as Tripoli turn into a type of Fallujah (Iraq). You may find it hard to understand that contamination from DU remains in the environment for 4.5 billion years making such places as Iraq and Afghanistan almost uninhabitable.

We must all understand that this Arab Spring does have a genuine compassionate overtone on a local level where the people in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain etc really do want change. However, the west certainly intends to force these countries into a regime change so that the new leader and government are friendly towards the US and the west.


Riots in Greece but no Special Forces, CIA, MI5 or Mossad sniper (they wouldn’t dare)

Remember, we also had/have a European Spring in such countries as Ireland, Greece, Portugal and no doubt Spain and Italy are also on the cards…….this is a forced collapse by the New World Order i.e. Wall Street and City of London financial houses, linked with the World Bank and the IMF who wish to force all these countries to take on massive debt that they cannot basically pay back. To date Ireland and Greece have been forced into accepting and IMF bailout with Portugal still attempting to stand its ground

I find it incredible that the general public in this world are totally blind as to what is truly going on and continue to believe what they see on the main line media networks……you must all fully understand that all the regular channels in the west are heavily censored.

John Pilger as we all know is an award winning journalist who has done some remarkable work in exposing the truth. He has made a film called “The wars you don’t see” and believe me this is such an eye opener……someone has made it available on You Tube in 8 segments and is a must to watch.

Part 1:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_SQk9tvHTA

Part 2:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDy2EKp5yLE&feature=related

Part 3:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH1t73EHmn0&feature=related

Part 4:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCPFkmz0poI&feature=related

Part 5:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVlI7Ne8GLo&feature=related

Part 6:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibr6Do-WcQI&feature=related

Part 7:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tk2bZTIUxE&feature=related

Part 8:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR3elwyxTvE&feature=related


Just think about what John Pilger  has said and try to take it all in……this is the reality of these ongoing wars that not only affect those countries in the war zone but also the entire world (because DU does not identify international borders) and so we will see this slow progressive mass genocide on a scale never seen before…..imagine we have in the atmosphere the equivalent of thousand of nuclear weapons all suspended in the form of millions of nanoparticles………..we can breath in (inhale, absorb or digest) any of these particles at any one time and once inside the lungs or the body the progressive process will start….it can take as little as six months or many years and it is irreversible. When it rains or snows the nanoparticles then attach themselves to rain/moisture or snow flakes  and then come down to contaminate our land, crops and water for 4.5 billion years……so come on world when are you all going to wake up and stop this madness?

Here’s some facts that were published in India: Arun Shrivastava (Salem-News.com)

  • Two million Iraqis are dead, 740,000 Iraqi women widowed, 5 million homeless, 1/3     killed are children. Longest war, no cause, use of WMD, no civilised voices in opposition to the US + NATO attacks.
  • Hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan killed, the region is uninhabitable, so is Iraq because of radiation contamination from the use of Depleted Uranium weapons, also known as Weapons of Mass Destruction or area deniability weapons.
  • Why has the MSM been so silent? Do journalists have any moral compunction?
  • When one or two Muslims are killed in Police brutality in India, it becomes a national issue of “crimes against minorities.” But when million of Muslims are done in by the British and American Government controlled military forces, not a voice is raised? And India has the second largest Muslim population in the world. Are the Iraqi, Libyan or Afghan Muslims inferior to Indian Muslims? Is that the position held by the Left thinkers and Muslim activists in India?

DU Child in Afghanistan

Finally we have the International Court of Justice, who are manipulated by the US, UK, France and NATO, who push for the arrest of the President of Sudan or Ghadaffi but what about our own Presidents and Prime Ministers who authorise the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction…….which is the greater crime?

This exercise of “Mass Depopulation” started during the War in the Balkans and has been running continuously ever since…….think about that for one minute…….. “The continuous use of weapons that contain uranium components has been going for two decades.”

Food for thought or should I say contaminated food for thought………this certainly adds new meaning to the term organic farming don’t you think?

I came across a couple of reports:

British, French agents undercover in Libya to get Gaddafi: Report
By ANI | ANI – Sun, Jun 19, 2011
London, June 19 (ANI): A team of 130 British and French agents are reportedly on a one-million-pound-a-week, do-or-die deep undercover mission in Libya to get Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
The British security service MI6 and France’s Directorate-General for External Security agents will hunt for the dictator in Operation Fire And Forget, the Daily Star reports.
According to a senior security source, these agents are personally sanctioned by UK PM David Cameron and French President Sarkozy, the paper said.
Members of the team speak the language, have lived in the country for years, and have made good contacts or landed jobs in key areas.
“These agents are very brave people. If they get caught they will disappear and won’t survive an hour,” the paper quoted the senior security source, as saying.
Money is no object and the operation could cost an estimated one million pounds a week, the source added. (ANI)

Another comment received was as follows: I know of a man who is working for a British security firm out of Dubai who is getting over £2000/day + expenses in Libya. I know the security firm although I cannot give the name here.

So much for no boots on ground hey?



It is the US, UK, France and NATO’s intention to destroy the infrastructure of Libya, suppress its economy, remove its regime and spread fear amongst the population. One incident that was not reported by the western media was the fact that NATO bombed a restaurant that served food primarily to the local oil workers. Some locals managed to survive the onslaught and attempted to go back in and rescue their fellow workers…..as they attempted to do so they were fired upon by helicopters………those helicopter could only have been US, British or NATO…..they did not target the oil facility but only the workers…..now maybe you can see what is truly behind this war!!

Let’s just remember the purpose for going into Libya…. “To save many lives”  right?…………..Wrong!!…..they are not only currently killing many many innocent civilians by hitting densely populated areas with bombs and missiles but have also nuked Libya……. this alone will progressively kill many thousands if not millions of innocent people

Oh well continue watching your favourite show on TV or your sports channel and just simply let the world go by……..shame on you all!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/6/2011    www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com        

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