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Arms to Iraq – Just who knew what would have to be the question – Part 4 (Final)

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Baby Supergun – Successfully test fired North of Baghdad

    Project Babylon – Supergun – Designed to fire CBW/WMD into Iran & Israel

Made in Sheffield UK with full British Government/MoD/DTI/MI5 Approval

In this final article we will cover another disgraceful chapter linked to the illegal arms trade to Iraq. As I have previously point out we have had two failed and corrupt inquires so far (Matrix Churchill and the Scott Inquiry) with the Chilcot Inquiry still waiting for a result…….indications show yet another cover-up, with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown coming out clean and with no regrets!!

This story not only reveals how Maggie Thatcher and  the British Conservative Party violated the UN Sanctions on South Africa, abused British Tax Payers Money and then by their “Gross Neglect” allowed three “Battlefield Ready Nuclear Bombs” to be stolen from their insecure compound in Oman.

Before revealing what really happened we have to fully understand the countries that were implicated in this illegal arms deal and the impact it would have in going to war with Iraq…….the very country we had been supporting for many years. The countries involved were the United States, United Kingdom, Israel and South Africa.

We first have to turn back the clock to the period when it became apparent that white supremacy in South Africa was about to end and certain measures had to be put in place prior to the hand over to Nelson Mandela.

Mells Park

What the British public never knew was the fact that while Nelson Mandela was under lock and key in his cell he did in actual fact play a huge part in the negotiations regarding the terms of the handover. Meanwhile senior members from the South Africa Government and the British Government participated in many secretive visits to a place called Mells Park, in the Mendip Hills to discuss the terms for the changeover.

The other covert operation that was also taking place was the development, by South Africa, in creating its own nuclear weapons programme, all of which were secretly  carried out under the radar of the UN Sanctions but with the full knowledge of the US, UK and with the assistance of Israel and its own nuclear specialists.

What I find incredible that this was not the only nuclear weapons mishap that occurred around the same period of time when in 1991 a US B52 had a full in-flight emergency resulting in the aircraft having to jettison its nuclear payload off the coast of Somalia before crashing into the Indian Ocean close to Diego Garcia (a British Military Base).

Let’s first look at the South African illegal nuclear weapons programme and the involvement of Israel into ensuring its success:

The initial steps were taken back in the 1960’s but this programme was later accelerated when South Africa did a deal with Israel on nuclear development. This deal obviously complimented Israel’s own nuclear programme as they did not have an area suitable for test firing such weapons.

There were several small tests carried out in the Kalahari Desert but the full test had to be carried out elsewhere. It was decided to test fire the first nuclear bomb down off Prince Edward Island which is a small island group south of the continent. The bomb was successfully tested in September 1979 and was detected by US satellite. However, the US covered up this detection and blamed it on some other technical problem on board the satellite. This however was not the case as there had been a secret memo handed around at the Los Alamos nuclear test facility in the United States confirming the test.

With the help of Israel, South Africa went on to build another 9 nuclear bombs which eventually gave the “White Government” a major headache as to what they should do with these “Nukes” prior to the changeover to Mandela. Discussions took place with the US and UK and the decision was made to have the nine remaining bombs shipped directly from South Africa to Chicago for decommissioning.

It was interesting to read the spin that came out at the time when it was stated: South Africa dismantled its nuclear weapons program in 1989. All the bombs (six constructed and one under construction) were destroyed and South Africa acceded to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty when South African Ambassador to the United States Harry Schwarz signed the treaty in 1991. On 19 August 1994, after completing its inspection, the IAEA confirmed that one partially completed and six fully completed nuclear weapons had been dismantled. As a result, the IAEA was satisfied that South Africa’s nuclear program had been converted to peaceful applications. As you can see from my statement above and below this was totally untrue as six bombs were shipped to the US and three shipped by the British to Oman!! 

The British Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher had something else in mind as she was deeply involved with the conflict in Iraq and requested if she could purchase three of these battlefield ready nuclear bombs to be used against Saddam in the event he did not toe the line.

It was during the summer of 1989 that she sent Kenneth Warren (now Sir Kenneth) and a rather young Conservative researcher, David Cameron down to Pelindaba in South Africa to start the purchase process of three nuclear bombs. The idea involved using taxpayers money but not via the normal weapons purchase channels of the MoD but via the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The other aspect that I find totally deplorable was that this also became a private business project involving very senior members of Parliament (Tory Party) who invested in the project with Maggie Thatcher’s son Mark at the helm (now Sir Mark).

It was during this episode that Michael Heseltine paid a visit to Venice to meet with Lord Mac Alpine and it is also believed that Peter Lilley, David Wilshire and many other senior members of government were also involved. In actual fact as we follow this charade up to the current time we could also possibly include other politicians, who through their actions have tried to cover up the whole illegal arms fiasco during investigations such as Alan Clarke and Ken Clarke etc.

Sir Ken Warren and Peter Lilley MP

The go between for this illegal arms transfer was the notorious arms dealer John Bredenkamp who, having sold them, then arranged for the shipment to Oman in standard 20 foot sea containers. They were shipped without any security and were then stored in his mates compound, again without security.

The person responsible for receiving and checking this shipment was none other than Dr. David Kelly, who would check the health of the nuclear weapons (via special concealed observation panels) and to see that the core temperature was within safe limits. Having checked all three were OK the money was then released for the outright purchase. It was at these final stages of the deal that £17.8 million (of taxpayer’s money) was siphoned off and paid directly into the empty Tory Party Election Fund.

What was to happen next was beyond comprehension when the arms dealer, John Bredenkamp, stole back the three weapons, knowing the British Government would not be able to do anything about it as the entire deal had been totally illegal and implicated so many senior political figures…….this sort of fiasco had the capability to collapse the entire Tory Government.

The three nuclear bombs, each one stored inside a specially modified sea container, were switched with three other containers that only contained a concrete block to the same value in weight. They were then believed to have been moved to Iraq (for a short time) and then moved by road into Syria by placing them inside three ambulances (one in each). These bombs were extremely mobile as they were initially designed to be placed inside the bomb bay of a British built Canberra Bomber or inside another British aircraft called the Buccaneer.

SAAF Canberra and Buccaneer

It may be worth pointing out at this stage that if having nuclear weapons is justification for going to war then in this case we went to war with the wrong country and consequently over one million Iraq’s died as a direct result of this action……not to forget the coalition force losses!! It is also apparent that Dr. David Kelly was also assassinated for knowing too much!!

By now you are probably saying to yourself how could we, the British public, be so deceived and how come no one has been arrested or charge with offenses relating to this mammoth gross act of negligence? You would also be shocked to learn that many of these fraudsters are still in office in high places, including the PM himself. One must also add to the list of political wrong doings the fact that both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown knew of this situation as did our local MP’s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson who have been briefed on these events, not forgetting Lord Doug Hoyle who was one of the members who raised the fraudulent £17.8 million in Parliament ( see Hansard  June 22nd 1993 from Column 197)………don’t you find this beyond belief that despite this fraud/irregularity being recorded in Parliament no one has ever pursued it and sought justice and yet if you or I take say £50 from the government coffers we can end up in prison?…….not to mention the Nuclear Explosions Act!!

It is time to look at another cover up committed by the US when a B52 that was overhead Baghdad armed with SRAM nuclear missiles encountered a full in flight emergency with its electrics.  

The SRAM (short range attack missile, AGM 69A). The air-surface missile at the time of going missing contained a Plutonium Warhead  W69M (200KT thermo-nuclear). The AGM69A missile was first manufactured in 1971 – 1976 and around 1,500 were produced. There were retired over a period of time between 1991 – 1994 although there were initially removed from active service in 1990 due to fire safety concerns. This concern however did not stop the continued operational usage.

Unknown to the United Nations and many other countries the US were playing a cat and mouse game with Iraq during Gulf War 1 and it was on President George H.W. Bush’s watch that things went terribly wrong during one of his major bluffs!

He had authorized a B52 Bomber to depart its Saudi Arabian Air Base loaded with SRAM Nuclear Missiles and position overhead Baghdad. We were led to believe that this aircraft only had three missiles onboard; despite the fact it could carry twenty missiles. The idea Bush had in mind was to threaten Saddam with these nuclear weapons unless he toed the line.

The B52 with a registration number of 59-2593 suddenly encountered a major electrical problem which could have been catastrophic. The aircraft commander was instructed to head south as he continued to attempt to sort out the problem.

The aircraft eventually was instructed to head for Diego Garcia in the north of the Indian Ocean. Well into this flight things started to become more critical and the crew were very much aware of their cargo of potentially unstable weapons.

The decision was made to jettison the weapons off the coast of Somalia in relative shallow water (one would assume for possible later recovery), and then proceeded on to land at Diego Garcia. The onboard electrical system had obviously become extremely critical resulting in the aircraft loosing power to its eight engines as it attempted to get back to Diego Garcia. The aircraft started to loose height and prior to arriving at the field some crew members ejected. The aircraft by this time had dropped to below its safe ejection height and the remainder of the crew ejected but failed to deploy their chutes and consequently died. The aircraft crashed into the sea 15 nautical miles north of the field on the 3rd of February 1991.

Dick Cheney was US Secretary of Defense and did not take any immediate action to recover these weapons from off the coast of Somalia at the time and consequently they were recovered by another fraudulent  organization in May 1999 who were supposed to be a deep sea diving/ treasure salvage team who were working in the offshore Somalia area. This diving company was operating out of the Seychelles and apparently was a cover up for a South African arms smuggling operation into Somalia. The apartheid-era South African military were sending packages of conventional arms destined for groups in Somalia, and dropping them in shallow water. The divers couldn’t find these packages and had to broaden their search and accidently then came across the SRAMs. They allegedly relayed their serial numbers via the UK to a retired senior officer in the USAF to find out what they were. The news from the senior officer was that these were nuclear munitions from the B-52. I should point out at this stage that the South African arms dealer was also involved in the missing UK nuclear weapons namely John Bredenkamp and another arms dealer by the name of Muller Conrad (Billy) Rautenbach……the latter received tons of gold bullion when he sold the missiles on the black market.

Well guess what folks? Both these notorious arms dealers enjoyed a life of unbelievable luxury and frequented the shores of the UK…..one even lived almost next door to the Iron Lady herself and some of their relatives still live in the luxury backdrops of rural England……such is justice and democracy here in the UK!!

I guess by now your asking was there anything else in this sinister illegal arms trade that the Tory Party became so good at? Yes it gets far worse because it was Maggie Thatcher who when she came to power realised that Rhodesia was about to take a dramatic change and eventually became Zimbabwe and again we see concerns as to what would happen to the existing advanced Chemical and Biological Warfare that had been created in Rhodesia.

It was decided to move the entire programme and staff down to South Africa having already been involved in some very deadly programmes. Experiments were held on a regular basis whereby animal water hotels would be intentionally contaminated or those in poverty would become the test bed for their evil experiments…..sometimes it would be on unsuspecting patients in hospital or on prisoners etc.

Eventually the programme would advance under its new control by the White South African. This also meant that Porton Down in the UK would become a very important part of the CBW programme and in cooperation with the South African Govern developed what became known as Project Coast.

Although no large-scale production or weaponization of offensive BW agents occurred at Roodeplaat Research Laboratories (RRL), scientists took their orders from Basson, acquired, prepared, and tested a plethora of toxic biological substances. RRL produced and tested all of the 45 local strains of anthrax bacteria, Brucella maletensis, four types of Clostridium botulinum, cholera bacteria, and Yersinia enterocolitica and/or Y. pestis. In addition, RRL worked with Clostridium perfringensEscheria coli, plague, salmonella, HIV-infected blood, and snake venom, as well as CW agents like Mustard, Sarin, Tabun and VX, and a wide array of other highly toxic chemicals. RRL may have shipped some of these products to other entities for testing, including the pyrotechnical labs at Special Forces headquarters, the SAP’s Forensic Sciences Laboratory, universities, or other facilities at various state companies, semi-state companies, and private companies. After being privatized for a brief period in the early 1990s, the company’s shareholders sold RRL back to the government, which then liquidated RRL. It was in South Africa where the “Black only bomb” was designed that specifically would target the Afro Gene…..this however was never used. What did come to light was the fact that sometimes bottles of deadly CBW would go missing and fall into the hands of Special Forces who would then use it out in the field, in and around Africa. What would transpire from this evil type of warfare was that certain regions would become infected with something deadly CBW, including HIV etc.

It was again dear Dr. David Kelly that would be in charge of the UK programme and was forced to work in a sort of Joint Venture programme with the South Africans. Add to this his knowledge of the missing nukes and maybe you can then understand as to why he was assassinated. It also so happened that Princess Diana  also learnt of the activity of the people who were supplying mines and she also became a victim of the arms dealers such people like Bredenkamp and Rautenbach. One could also cast some doubt on the death of Robin Cook who really put the Tory Party and his own party under great pressure.

                                       Dr. David Kelly                       Princess Diana                                       Robin Cook MP

As I have previously pointed out so many times before that what has and is going on in this country both past and up to the current time is totally and utterly shameful and borders on mass genocide in every possible way. It has involved the Prime Ministers. Ministers of Defence, DTI and other very senior politicians some of them have also been implicated in massive fraud and corruption which almost always extends into illegal arms dealings etc.

Gordon Bowden and I continue to attack those responsible for putting our country into this state of permanent war and who gainfully ignore the massive fraud (amounting to billions of pounds each and every year) despite all the forensic evidence provided. Below is the latest email sent to the same list of people in high places who never, repeat never, acknowledge receipt. Such is the arrogance of those people that we put in power i.e. our servants!!

Fw: HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 Starting from Column 197

Saturday, 25 June, 2011 12:20



Gordon Bowden



For your record.



—– Forwarded Message —-
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: scotlandp@parliament.uk
Cc: chris.williamson.mp@parliament.uk; beckettm@parliament.uk; john.healey.mp@parliament.uk; feedback@peterlilley.co.uk; info@davidcameron.com; info@derbyconservatives.co.uk; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; info@libdems.org.uk; fife_office@mingcampbell.org.uk; gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>; lucy.care@ntlworld.com; Sam Bamford <illuminati.manchester@gmail.com>
Sent: Sat, 25 June, 2011 11:29:14
Subject: HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 Starting from Column 197


 Dear Baroness Scotland


So much for the honesty, integrity and trust to the British Public

of the RT HON LORDS, LADIES and VIP Politicians of the United Kingdom.


That you, along with the Cc recipients again be reminded to discharge your Public Service Duty of Care.


Subject: HANSARD JUNE 22   1993  from Column 197




As provided to myself, from a protected source, the forwarded communications to others, attached below and directly associated to all prior recorded communications to your and the Cc Recipients


It is recorded.


You have repeatedly failed, as requested in your Public legal Service Duty, directly in the Public Interest , to reply, respond or bring to Justice those so named in Public Government Office, identified in the correspondences forwarded to you by myself, this regarding the evidence of mass Conservative Party Fraud, theft, money laundering and associated to the “STOLEN” Conservative purchased 3 X 20kt Battlefield ready (ex ARMSCOR) Pelindaba, Pretoria Nuclear Bombs.

Overseen by and under the watch of DR DAVID KELLY.


To expose to Parliament and Police authorities, those so identified as Board Directors and aligned with the LONRHO Empire using over 300 AIM Registered FAKE, FRAUD, “VIRTUAL” OIL & GAS and MINERAL MINING, common Director Only CASH SHELL Companies, conducting Multi £billion Organised Crime, Corporate ASSET STRIPPING, Money laundering and Common Director Company “INSIDER TRADING” and using the proceeds of crime in financially funding and assisting the Conservative Party.


Protected by the Covert Network of KROLL and it’s subsidiaries their executives and employees



The 4 VIP Directors of:




Corporate address: 22 ARLINGTON STREET.LONDON SW1A 1RD.







Sponsored by affiliated to and aligned with: LONRHO


It is recorded.

You have  failed as requested, in your Labour Party Government Position, to protect the citizens of the United Kingdom by disclose to Parliament, the legal statement details as disclosed by ex Senior Civil Servant and ex ARMS to IRAQ and INTELLIGENCE Advisor to the SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE DTI.

to ensure this evidence is presented to the “OPEN” PUBLIC      CHICOTT IRAQ INQUIRY.


To ensure The Recovery and protection, of ANY and ALL”Classified” “Secret” ARMS to IRAQ Documents, Files, Dossiers, Computer Files and Portable Hard drives seized and held by the Derbyshire Police seized by them on the 13/01/2010 in a raid by 13 Male Police headed by DC 1518 Stephen Winnard, and Police Dog squad on the North Wales property under a proceeds of crime order signed by Judge Burgess (Derby)


as Disclosed in the legal

Statement of:


Additional Copy of Statement (attached)


It is recorded.

That you, along with the Cc recipients are reminded of your legal Duty as PUBLIC SERVANTS, under the NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS ACT that the forwarded information provided to you is discharged for comment and investigation for it’s accuracy of accusation and be disclosed in the Public Interest.


Failure to do so, is evidence of your individual, Political Party, Government Corruption to protect from criminal prosecution Lord Doug Hoyle, Margaret Beckett and others, known to the writer and as such are guilty of Treason to the United Kingdom Public by perverting the course of criminal Justice.


These communications with all attachments to yourself and Cc recipients have been duplicated, archived and held in many safe locations in the United Kingdom and offshore for further recall.


I ask you again Baroness Scotland, within your PUBLIC SERVICE REMIT, given the serious Political implications, that you acknowledge these communication and, within your Political remit, action the requests of disclosure within Parliament.




Mr Gordon Bowden


Communications as received from my source, Identity protected:


To: martin

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 10:27 AM

Subject: You may find this of interest:


You may be unaware that there are three entirely different sets of rogue WMD in the present on-going cover-ups:-


ex-USAF SRAMs with plutonium warheads:-


Weekend Edition
July 30 / 31, 2005

CounterPunch Diary

 Lost Nuclear Warheads from a B-52 Now in Iran?


Iran may have the weapons-grade uranium out of three nuclear warheads dumped out of a B-52 back in 1991.


The Octagonal Rotator in the rear bomb bay of the B-52g airplane had a carrying capacity for 8 in no. SRAMs with type W-69M warheads.

One of these , in an un-serviced state, was fizzle-exploded by N.Korea on 9th Oct 2006.

It enabled the CIA to do Lab analysis on the fallout and realise it had been one of their own.

There was no way that North Korea could have made Plutonium , it must have been imported.



North Korean Fuel Identified as Plutonium


Published: October 17, 2006

 WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 — American intelligence agencies have concluded that North Korea’s test explosion last week was powered by plutonium that North Korea (allegedly) harvested from its small nuclear reactor, according to officials who have reviewed the results of atmospheric sampling since the blast.

-The B-52g airplane that was deployed to fly over Bagdad carrying Hydrogen bomb warheads , and that had to disengage having developed a catastrophic electrical fault.

The type W-69M warheads were heat-sensitive, and so with jet engines on fire it had to fly due south and dump its cargo on the narrow continental shelf off the coast of Somalia before turning to fly east in a failed attempt to reach DG.



No B-52Gs were lost as a result of enemy action. However, several were damaged.

One B-52G (59-2593) was lost on February 3 (1991) when it experienced a catastrophic electrical system failure while returning to its base at Diego Garcia.

While responding to the failure, improper fuel management on the part of the crew caused five engines to flame out, and the aircraft began to descend.

Three of the crewmembers ejected safely before the aircraft crashed into the Indian Ocean, but three others ejected too late and were killed.


Hiroshima style atomic bombs made by Armscor at Pelindaba in South Africa.

The prototype had been exploded:-


Prince Edward Island, Indian Ocean

Site of the suspected South African/Israeli nuclear test.

A United States Vela satellite detected the characteristic double flash of an atmospheric nuclear explosion on September 22, 1979.
(46.36°S, 37.57°E)

Thereafter the other nine in the inventory were secretly assembled.

The Uranium was mined in the Congo, it did NOT come from Israel.


A Batch of three out of those nine went astray during the first Gulf War and during a temporary stop-over in Oman.

The procurement of these atomic bombs under a false billing title, allowed over-billing on the UK Government.

That in turn allowed 17.8 millions pounds sterling to be laundered into UK Tory Party campaign coffers for the election that was inevitable for 1992.

To see the detail of that money laundering process….

On the UK Parliament website see ….Hansard for 22nd June 1993, and starting Col. 197.

We know the Insider who fed Doug Hoyle MP f the Labour Party the info to call for the House of Commons debate.


The UK project to have the atomic bombs in Oman there was administered by the DTI, not by the MoD, and eventhough a MoD purchase order was used.

Dr. David Kelly was tasked by the DTI with being the overseer for the shipment from SA to Oman.



VX-Gas made by Armscor at Roodeplaat.

Deadliest weapon : VX nerve gas


The technical know-how to make VX – Gas was given to Dr. Wouter Basson of Armscor in 1985 during visits to Porton Down in the UK , and by Dr. David Kelly on instruction from Whitehall .

All stocks were later stolen and sold-off  overseas – Iraq and probably Libya.


VX- Gas  can be deployed 32 miles from the target using a G-5 Howitzer made by Armscor.

eg on a Black Township in SA, hence it being a Blacks-only nerve gas agent.

Alternatively VX-Gas can be deployed by feeding it into the tail pipe gasses from a jet engine when the airplane is flying over the target area.


End of communication from Gordon

Next time you hear of a company closing down, or a bank getting into difficulty and thousands of workers loosing their jobs and their homes please keep in mind what has caused this decline!

Next time you hear of massive public sector cutbacks in the NHS, Local Councils, Old Peoples Homes and Critical Care or essential services then remember who is causing this!

So we are back where we started…..The Chilcot Inquiry……Is it going to be another dead duck?…….You bet it will be!!

Maybe you are thinking that we have seen as much as you can take……well my friends be forewarned that there is much more still to come…….remember the world financial meltdown was not an accident….it was a well orchestrated plan by the New World Order to push forward their own imperialistic greed. We are about to see more countries go under i.e. Greece, Ireland, Portugal have already gone and next could be Spain and Italy….but that’s not the end of it……..we see the US in Debt to over $15 trillion and now in a totally unsustainable position. We see the UK also in an extremely difficult position that could go either way and we see this onset of war after war which is plunging our countries into a position we may not be able to come out of.

There is still  another “Financial Tsunami” to come that will be even greater than the first and this is likely to start very soon…….they talk about Greece being unable to make its deficit payments but no one thinks of the US being in the same position……believe me it will happen and then there is the “Sleeping Dragon of China” that may well find itself in a similar position with massive overseas spending.

Unless China can recover some of that outlay such as that invested in the US it could itself become a victim of the same game……..obviously the US would like to see the economy of China collapse and see its own economy move forward but this is never going to happen. The US, UK, France, Germany and the rest of NATO is hell bent on war in Libya, with Syria, Yemen and Iran still on the cards. By their actions alone we will see more unrest with the peoples of the EU, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa etc being forced into more poverty as oil prices rise and commodity prices spiral out of control.

It is time to take our country back from the talons of these evil people and fully understand that there is no terrorism threat to the west……its all part of their “Mass Hysteria Master Plan”……..terrorism lies within our own governments and the main centre lies right here in dear old London (the true axis of evil).

Rather sad don’t you think?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/6/2011       http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com 

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