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Pandora’s Box – What happens when you expose massive fraud?

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The Case of Richard Chang Part 2

Does the New World Order actually exist? – You bet it does!!

Did you ever link the Masonic Lodge with this massive empire? – You should have!!

Ever wondered how this evil satanic empire obtains its money? – Its easy believe me!!

Many times when you are uncovering massive corporate fraud you expose yourself sometime to ridicule and at other times to danger….such could have been the case with Richard Chang who may have exposed the wheeling and dealing within the original Abbey National Bank Empire situated at Number 2 Triton Square, Euston, London………that company was eventually taken over by Santander, a Spanish company.

The Abbey National Bank HQ in London was a substantial building of multi levels with an internal atrium. The picture below show the building after it was taken over by Santander.

Old Abbey National Building (Scene of the crime)

2 Triton Square , Euston, London

Luqman Arnold former head of Abbey National

I have over the weekend been reading and listening to the interrogation of Richard Chang and I have to say that under the circumstance Richard stood his ground extremely well and despite the aggressive pursuit by Howard Jones it became clear that they certainly didn’t gain anything from the exercise. To even imagine that this interrogation took place in a corporate office is beyond imagination and the senior management of Abbey National certainly have a case to answer.

Just to pick up where we left off in my last article it is clear that the police failed to carry out a proper investigation into the death of Richard Chang and took the word of an ex senior police officer. This obviously was deeply flawed and certainly is in breach of the Police Code of Conduct…….I again repeat what was said about this:

   Richard’s sister, Valerie Chang spoke to Sergeant Neil Payne a few days after the death and asked why the police had not removed the digital device from Howard Jones immediately after Richard had died. He said that it was not necessary because Howard Jones was an ex-Detective Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police. I think that Sgt Neil Payne and the the Senior Investigaton Officer, DS Martin Sloan  should both be investigated by the IPCC on this issue alone. 

In regard to the actual tape of the interrogation it would certainly appear to have been tampered with and again the IPCC should obtain the original tape, that is currently held by Howard Jones, and again analyse the tape to determine if  in actual fact it was tampered with.

Chang family support group

We will now focus on the actual inquest into the death of Richard Chang.  

Witness statements stated that there was hardly any blood on the floor and that it was odd. At the Coroner’s Inquest, St. Pancras Coroners’ Court, King’s Cross held in July 2005 and conducted by the Coroner, Dr. Andrew Scott-Reid, the medical forensic expert, Dr. Freddie Patel did not attend court to be cross -examined by legal representatives. The post mortem report described that on inspection, Richard had marks on his body.

 The Chang Family  is sure that Dr. Freddie Patel did not do a thorough inspection and assessment. There has not been an independent forensic report done to date. The Coroner allowed inconclusive forensic evidence to be admitted at the Inquest. 

From my perspective I find it hard to believe that if a person threw himself off a balcony in the way described there would certainly be excessive amounts of blood at the scene…….the fact that there was hardly any blood would indicate that he had been murdered at another location prior to going over the balcony ie his circulatory system had ceased. The other issue is what were these other marks on his body?

Shortly after Richard died Abbey National plc was taken over by the Banco de Santander, a Spanish banking group.  The Metropolitan Police only began taking witness statements from key witnesses on 21st July 2004.   Howard Jones gave a brief witness statement on 29th July 2004 and Peter Pender-Cudlip did not give a witness statement until 3rd August 2004.  Most of the people involved in selecting Richard and Vincent for interrogation had left Abbey.  Some Abbey employees who gave witness statements to the police were ‘restructured’ out of a job.  Priscilla Vacassin now works for Prudential Insurance and Luqman Arnold presently works for the FSA. Stephen Hester moved to British Land PLC and then RBSnd Peter Pender-Cudlip subsequently left Kroll and set up his own company called GWP. Lord Burns is chairman of both Abbey National Bank PLC and Marks and Spencer PLC.

Something  strange  going on here!! How come the IPCC have done nothing about this? 

I came across an interesting article by David Noakes who in my opinion hit the nail on the head when he made the following statement:

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) went from assets of plus £88 billion in 1999 to estimated liabilities of minus £1.3 trillion in 2009 – equal to a year’s income (GDP) for the whole of Great Britain. If Directors with mental disabilities had been appointed, they might have reduced the bank’s value by half. But to utterly destroy it on so stupendous a scale took real knowledge and determination.

It seems clear the wholesale mismanagement and corruption of banks by their directors was not unbelievable incompetence, but criminal. The government huffs and puffs at bonuses and pensions paid as a reward for failure, but then in every case it lets those corrupt payments, totaling billions of pounds, stand without passing legislation to confiscate. It looks as though these huge bonuses and pensions were intentionally paid to compensate directors precisely for destroying their own banks, and for a job well done.

He went on to say the following regarding Abbey National:

But take the case of Abbey National. In July 2004 their risk management officer, Richard Chang, was objecting that the run down of the bank by directors was deliberate (it resulted in the Bank’s ownership being transferred to a European Bank, Santander.)  The HBOS whistleblower alleged the same.

The courts, CPS, coroner, FSA, directors and police have closed ranks to prevent a criminal prosecution or investigation. These services all have large numbers of freemasons in their senior structures.

High ranking Freemasonry runs right through this banking crisis. All the failed banks, Northern Rock, Abbey, RBS, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) had Freemasonry controlling their boards. Gordon Brown is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, as was Tony Blair; there are 400,000 of them in Britain.

Gordon and I certainly agree with David Noakes, especially in regard to the Courts, Coroner, FSA, Directors and Police…..we both have continuously exposed massive fraud with forensic evidence produced by Gordon Bowden and all information/evidence has been passed on to Politicians, Political Parties, Serious Fraud Office and the local police……they are so arrogant they do not even reply to the claims made and even refuse to take recorded statements under oath. Having said that we must fully understand that this goes well beyond what David Noakes has reported…….this is how the New World Order operates and how they fund their huge organization……they are answerable to no one!! 

In conclusion one would assume that even had Richard written the report regarding fraud etc then one would assume that in any company the case would have been handed over to the police for further investigation….. obviously in this case there may have been fraud actually taking place and so the company decided to remove Richard and blame it on suicide.

It is hoped by the time we come to Part 3 of Richards tragic  story we will have proof that Abbey National and there senior management were doing some insider trading deals and also assett stripping so stay tuned for the next part.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 13/6/2011     www.eyreinternational.worpress.com







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  1. It was very sad about the death of Richard Chang on Tuesday 13th July 2004. I was meant to be in a meeting there the same day, but did not go. On the 6th December 1995 I proved in court at Milton Keynes County Court that Abbey National Plc, assisted by their auditors, Coopers & Lybrand were involved in fraud of £64,018,000 on 1,128 properties. This was later put in a report I did to The Serious Fraud Office in November 1997 and had a reference 3/C/920 and Rosalind Wright was the Director.

    Abbey National Plc were losing lots of money and market share and were in essence a junk bank waiting to be bought at at a knockdown price.

    Your observations are very astute.

    Michael Stephen Nolan

    Sunday 20th May 2012

    Michael Stephen Nolan

    May 20, 2012 at 18:04

  2. Its time to look at he Coroner Dr. Andrew Scott-Reid, King’s Cross Coroner’s Court, who is currently suspended for breaking procedures and Dr.Freddy Patel, who has been struck off the GMC for dishonesty. So in 2012 the truth comes out. Dr. Reid has been known for not investigating inquests thoroughly and on £90,000 salary a year is another one of public servents abusing tax payers money and for self-interest. The Coronial system and Pathologists linked to Richard Chang and FatalUK.org should be investigated and a call for an Public Enquiry to Expose the truth. It is clear now that Richard Chang and the family have been treated unfairly and that the pathologist failed to do a thorough report and the Coroner. Is this what is going in the system. Was Richard Chang’s case covered up and open’s a can of worms. Directors involved with Richard Chang’s treatment that fatal day include Stephen Hester, CEO for RBS and Nathan Bostock who moved to Natwest Bank and now TSB Lloyds. All these banks including Abbey National Building Society were publicly owned and have made huge losses for the tax papers. Put two and two together, money going offshore. As Richard;s colleagues said to the family that during the time Richard worked for the the Bank there was a gravy train linked to senior directors.. meaning monies going out.. probably offshore and to pay for the war etc… its time write to your MP to ask more questions and hold those accountable to be put in the spotlight. Check out the website http://www.fataluk.org and write to your MP. We have a template letter if you wish to respond


    September 23, 2012 at 23:17

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