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The Bin Laden concoction of tales of fantasy

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The great American Con……..he died in December 2001!!!

Osama bin Laden was buried by the U.S. military at sea in accordance with Islam, as no country would accept his remains, a senior U.S. officials said Monday. Another report said Saudi Arabia had refused to take the body

Not true as they said they would not let the body be buried on land for fear of it becoming a shrine!!

It took place within 24 hours of the al-Qaida leader’s death……..in actual fact if it was true (which it clearly is not) then he was buried within 9 hours of his death in the compound.

On congressman reported going to the CIA to view post death photographs of Bin Laden….first he talks about being shot through the eye and then through the ear……..he then said they cleaned him up on the carrier and took more photographs and you could clearly see it was Bin Laden….he then said there was another final photograph whilst he was on the coach (board) after the clean up that clearly showed his features and those photographs were not gruesome……..he also said that there was no part of his skull missing and yet previously he had said that Bin Laden’s brain was outside of his skull…….the skull would have to have been holed in order for the brain to come out etc……finally the congressman said as they tilted the board up you could clearly see that it was Bin Laden.

Another fabrication as another report said “The body was placed in a weighted bag. A military officer read prepared religious remarks, which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker,” he added.

Afterward, bin Laden’s body was placed onto a flat board, which was then elevated upward on one side and the body slid off into the sea.

Having served on a carrier and having buried people at sea the latter report is correct whereby the body cannot be seen and is shrouded in a weighted body bag and slipped off a slanted board into the sea so the congressman’s story is false.

They said that they had taken DNA and that results show it was Bin Laden…….the time lapse to obtain these results was in record time and could be seriously challenged.

 One report said there were no telephone lines or internet into the compound and quote no computers…….suddenly there were computers and a treasure trove of Intel data that resembled a small library!!………now we not were to go to get out another fictional story!

Another report stated there were CCTV around the building to monitor people approaching the house……however on sighting all the many photographs of the compound there is no evidence of this.

What were Obama and his team watching on TV at the time of the attack?

Mr. President you just shot down our new stealth helicopter

Oh my God just look at them swinging on the ropes in the dark!!

One report stated that the President and team watched the Seals raid live on TV with a helmet mounted camera on one of the seals…….later reports stated that for a period of at least 20 minutes there was no coverage!!

A report stated there were no guards at the compound when the helicopters went in and yet another statement said they shot down one helicopter……the other report denied this and said the helicopter had mechanical problems and crash landed in the compound and that the Seals had blown it up…..on night time photograph shows a major fire in the compound and two rather suspicious men dressed in local attire rummaging through the rubbish burning area with a torch whilst the apparent helicopter burns…..who were these two men? Could they have been Pakistan ISI men making sure that everything was looking good before daybreak?

The photographic  evidence taken early morning shows the tail/rear blades of a helicopter up against the external wall surrounded by fence to hide the contents……this apparently was the only part that separated during impact from the main part of the helicopter and yet in another shot it shows a totally difference tail unit and at a different location.

Early morning shot of the original helicopter tail assembly

The picture below is showing a large pile of burnt helicopter outside of the compound in a grassed area when the only part of any size was the tail only. …where was this grassed area when there was no grass in the compound?

Other shots of the tail rotor etc was shown with a backdrop of a concrete wall when the actual wall was of brick structure with also a substantial building in the backdrop that was also brick….where was this house and the wall in front of it? This tail unit is totally different to the earlier one.

Where is this compound and the brick house in the backdrop?

Many other areas were screened off but not at the crash site location……what was this there for and what was being hidden? Could it be that the trucks came in with troops and ISI then screened off vast areas to set the scene?

One compound shot shows the scorched earth and small remnants of the helicopter and another shot taken soon after the raid shows the compound totally clear with no burnt earth etc?

This image captures the U.S. military helicopter in bin Laden’s compound but this wreckage is not authentic to the size of the chopper!!

Note the burn marks in this shot are up close to the building in the corner but on the one above the burn marks are half way down the wall!!

This shot shows a government official near to the external wall on the opposite side of the compound from the road.

This is the wall that the tail unit crashed onto but as you can see does not match up and no marks on the…….the interior shot of the compound on the photograph below does not have any burn marks on the soil which would be impossible with such a major fire and such a large helicopter!!



 One report said the CIA had been monitoring a possible Bin Laden in the compound next to the house which was grassed…..they called this man the “Pacer”……..and yet another report said he never left his room!!

 One shop owner said he used to see the owner (Bin Laden?) and also that people would take goats to the compound and yet again another report from his wife repeated that he had not left his room for five years??

Another report said that Bin Laden never spoke in the courtyard so they could not get a positive ID on him…….so how did they hope to monitor his speaking?

One Colonel was interviewed and stated that the helicopter used was a MH53J which is a very large helicopter with sophisticated electronic equipment and very heavy lift capacity….this conflicts with some reports saying they were Black Hawks and another saying that some were Chinooks and another saying that two were stealth…….pretty bad account down you think……..this is the MH53J as shown below.

Now we see a new Al Qaeda leader emerging when in actual fact this organization does not even exist and the final insult to injury is that they have now released a new audio of Bin Laden that was intended to be released after his death………interesting don’t you think since he died in Rawalpindi Hospital in December 2001.

There is much more substantial evidence but I will leave it at this for the time being…..all I can say is that I would be more that happy to have some of the Intel Operatives from the CIA, MI5, Mossad and the ISI come over for re training as their cover-up in this Mickey Mouse Story is beyond believe…….a small child could make up a better story

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 19/5/2011    www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

Written by Peter Eyre

May 22, 2011 at 19:55

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