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Thanks to the hard work of private investigator Gordon Bowden, more fraud and corruption has popped out of ‘Pandora’s Box’ involving yet again, another political figure by the name of Peter Lilley MP.

 It ceases to amaze me that all of these illustrious political leaders have the audacity to use the prefix “The Right Honourable” in front of their names, when their actions are certainly far from being honourable.

 Let us just take a peep into the sordid workings of this long standing Member of Parliament, who has graced the shores of the United Kingdom, and in doing so to remember that this gentleman was deeply involved in the illegal purchase of three South African (battlefield ready) nuclear bombs.

 As you will recall the three nuclear bombs were smuggled out of Durban, South Africa, and shipped secretly to Oman where they were kept in private storage and eventually stolen again by the gentleman who arranged the shipment, John Bredenkamp, the rogue arms dealer. This same gentleman was also involved in the missing US SRAM nuclear missiles that were dumped by a B52 bomber off the coast of Somalia (another story I covered some time ago).


Peter Lilley MP, has so far had a very impressive political career, and so it would be fitting to cover the history of this gentleman as per the details that are available on his own webpage   [http://www.peterlilley.co.uk/text.aspx?id=1]: Experience in Business: He was a Director of Greenwell Montagu Stockbrokers (1986-87) where he headed the oil investment department and which he joined in 1972. He was previously an economic advisor in developing countries (1966-72). He is Non-Executive Director of Melchior Japan Investment Trust plc, Tethys Petroleum Limited and IDOX plc, member of Advisory Board, School of Management, University of Southampton (2002-2009). Peter Lilley’s declaration of interest is shown below.


What is truly amazing is the first paragraph of his other activities, namely: Co-Chairman of “Trade out of Poverty,” which is an all party “Charitable Campaign and Parliamentary Group.” I am sure we would all agree that in the main, it is the covert financial dealings carried out by many senior politicians that induces poverty, and at the same time assisted in the collapse of the world banking and financial system.

 Whilst on this topic I noted with interest some statements made on a Conservative Blog which reads as follows:

     The Global Poverty report    

     demonstrates the depth of the policy

     work that the Party is undertaking.

     David Cameron can be very grateful

     to Peter Lilley and the other members of the Group for their work on this excellent report which communicates a conservative vision for fighting poverty in the developing world through more “real” trade and more effective aid.

 It was the paragraph that related to corruption that I found most interesting with the heading of “Tackling Corruption” and read as follows:

The Report calls for corruption to be acknowledged and says the UK should seek greater accountability of how aid is spent. Because conditional aid is hard to enforce the Report says the focus should be on transparency and improve financial management. It also says British officials should not be afraid to highlight corruption.

From my perspective, both Prime Minister David Cameron, Peter Lilley MP, and many senior politicians (in the two main line parties) certainly do not practice what they preach, and really it’s a case of “the pot calling the kettle black.” You can find reference to these statements at: [http://conservativehome.blogs.com/torydiary/2007/07/the-global-pove.html]

His declaration of interests is shown in PDF format at: [http://www.peterlilley.co.uk/pdf/DeclarationOfInterest.pdf]


His political career is as follows:

 He was Chairman of the Bow Group (1973-75), and a Consultant Director of the Conservative Research Department (1979-83). He was Member of Parliament for St. Albans from 1983-1997, and following boundary changes in 1997, he became MP for Hitchin & Harpenden (which includes two thirds of his previous constituency). 

Peter Lilley MP was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson (1984-1987).

His first ministerial appointment was as Economic Secretary to the Treasury (June 1987), then Financial Secretary to the Treasury (July 1989). He joined Mrs Thatcher’s Cabinet as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 1990-1992.

Mr Lilley MP was appointed Secretary of State for Social Security 1992-1997.

He ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party in June 1997, subsequently becoming Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party responsible for overseeing renewal of policy until June 1999. He Chaired the Globalization and Global Poverty Policy Group.

 It was during his time as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry that he was involved with many other well known political figures (including our current Prime Minister David Cameron), in the illegal purchase of the nuclear bombs from South Africa using tax payers money.

 As pointed out in my previous article, it is so hard to be able to calculate just how much hard earned tax payers money was diverted during the illegal purchase of the three South African nukes, but some estimate a figure of at least £700 million. We also have to remember that £17.8 million returned to the UK via a back door, and was handed over to the Conservative Party Election Fund, which to this day has not been accounted for. Let us also not forget the meagre sum of £1 million that ended up in the care of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, compliments of Bernie Ecclestone (disguised as a tobacco industry ‘donation’)…  I did not know Tony was such a heavy smoker!  This certainly adds new meaning to the saying that “our taxes end up in smoke.”

 It is now time to reveal the deep corruption that Gordon Bowden has uncovered about Peter Lilley MP since my last article. I am also sure that he will continue his relentless attack on the corruption that exists, not only at political levels but also in the private sector – banking, financial, oil, gas, mining – and so many other sectors.

 Here are Gordon’s latest findings detailed in his email about Peter Lilley MP: 

 Subject: Peter Lilley. Part 2

 Why did he remove my 3 articles from the HARPENDEN PEOPLE and not answer any of my e-mails?  Simple…..You see, you have to go DEEP, peel back the layers to find the laundering routes.

 This is how they ALL operate and how TARA ANDREA DAVISON used her 2 Cyprus registered companies for the larger network who includes her ex-boss at the DTI [Dept. Trade and Industry]. Here they are:


and their listed subsidiaries: You see, the “Virtual” web site of a company is not ALL that is presented to the Investors, well that is unless you read and understand the small print.

 Now, refer ABC 4 Corners “BAD COMPANY”

 The theft of over $1.3 Billion, the financial assets of JCI [Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company Ltd.] and DRD [Durban Roodeport Deep, Ltd.]


The Method:

Where the Directors conspire to steal the assets of the company, laundering the cash assets to and through a complex MAZE and WEB of inter-connected subsidiary CASH SHELL companies, registered in far away places, where they, the Directors are also collective Directors of those Companies.

 This is criminal fraud, theft, false accounting, and criminal asset stripping.

 To further launder the assets to the subsidiaries by the purchase of worthless acquisitions, the acquisitions owned by the Directors or

Interrelated Parties or Subsidiaries.

 To further manipulate the Stock Exchange share price, with the fraudulent

release to PI [Private Investors] shareholders of false and misleading RNS [REGULATORY COMPANY NEWS] data that reflects both positive and negative aspects of the Company’s future that the Directors may use their (FREE)  Company Stock options to conduct Criminal Director Insider Trading.

 The Criminal Term is:  PUMP and DUMP Company.


 Includes the following Subsidiaries. They are:

 Name                 Percentage   Country of Operation  Country of Registration


Uzbekistan BV     100%                 Netherlands                    Netherlands


Petroleum  Inc      100%                       USA                                 USA


Afghanistan Inc    100%                    Dormant                             USA


Kazakhstan Ltd    100%                   Guernsey                         Guernsey


AralGas LLP        100%                  Kazakhstan                      Kazakhstan

 Kul- Bas LLP        100%                  Kazakhstan                      Kazakhstan

 Tethys Munai

Gaz       LLP          100%                    Dormant                         Kazakhstan

 Tethys Services

Kazakhstan LLP   100%                 Kazakhstan                       Kazakhstan

 Asia Oilfield

Equipment BV       100%                  Tajikistan                        Netherlands

 Tethys Europa

 BV                          100%                   Dormant                        Netherlands

 AOE Telesto  BV   100%                   Dormant                        Netherlands

 AOE Tyke     BV    100%                   Dormant                        Netherlands

 AOE Tyke     SA     100%                   Dormant                        Luxemburg


Services Ltd            100%                        UK                                    UK


Caspian Ltd            100%                    Dormant                            Cyprus


Tajikistan Ltd        100%                   Tajikistan                             Jersey

 Imperial Drilling

Services Ltd            100%               Cayman Islands                Cayman Islands

 Seven Stars Energy

Corporation              51%                     Tajikistan                               BVI

 Tethyda Ltd              100%                     Dormant                             Cyprus

 Baker Hughes

(Cyprus) Ldt             100%                    Uzbekistan                           Cyprus

 Rose Hill Energy      100%                   Uzbekistan                         Cayman Is.

 Tethy’s Services

Tajikistan Ltd            51%                     Tajikistan                         Tajikistan


Petroleum Ltd            51%                     Tajikistan                             Jersey

 Sogdiana Petroleum

Ltd                               51%                    Tajikistan                     Cayman Islands

 Vazon Energy Ltd                                  Guernsey

 Vazon Energy Ltd 

The sole Director being   Dr David Robson

 and as previous named

 Rose Hill Energy Plc

The sole Director being   Lord Fred Ponsonby

is                                         Frederick Mathew Thomas Ponsonby

                                           Acorn Oil and Gas Ltd

                                           LASMO Plc

                                           Phibro Energy which is an Oil Subsidiary of

                                           Salomon Brothers

                                           Emerald Energy Plc  


Peter Lilley MP or any of the Directors will not want the PRESS or any INDEPENDENT professional accountancy or Auditor, to inspect the Companies’ accounting documents under the microscope – TETHYS PETROLEUM LIMITED because “The games up when they do.”

 I have spent many years (both in military and civilian life) travelling the world with considerable time in the Middle East. Much of my experience has covered many sectors, especially in the oil – gas – mining sectors. From time to time this experience revealed some of the workings and deceit that exists in such industries. It covers the theft of oil/gas reserves by slant/diagonal drilling techniques i.e. taking natural resources from under the border of adjacent countries by money hungry executives. Another typical scam is for a bogus company trying to get a foot in the door in such places as Liberia and Iraq to rip off the system and their investors. I can recall one such case whilst I was in Iraq whereby two English businessmen wanted to obtain an oil/gas permit licence and once obtained would raise investment funds for a planned drilling programme that in actual fact never took place.

 It would be fitting to show some details of the Board of Directors for   TETHYS PETROLEUM LIMITED and also their Senior Management from their own web page: [http://www.tethyspetroleum.com/tethys/static/EN_US/au_bod.html]


Tethys Petroleum Ltd. Board of Directors structure:

Photo left: Vice Chairman and Non-Executive Director – Rt. Hon. Peter Lilley MP.

Mr. Lilley MP was educated at Clare College, Cambridge, where he studied natural science and economics. He was a Director of Greenwell Montagu Securities (1986-87) where he headed the oil investment department and which he joined in 1972. He is Non-Executive Director of Melchior Japan Investment Trust plc and of IDOX plc. (IDOX a holding company). He is currently MP for Hitchin & Harpenden. He was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson (1984-1987). His first ministerial appointment was as Economic Secretary to the Treasury (June 1987), then Financial Secretary to the Treasury (July 1989). He joined Mrs. Thatcher’s Cabinet as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 1990-1992, Secretary of State for Social Security 1992-1997, Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party responsible for overseeing renewal of policy until June 1999. He was an election observer for the 2005 Kazakhstan presidential elections.

Tethys Petroleum Ltd. Senior Management:

 Dr David Robson  

  Bernard Murphy                               
– Liz Landles

– Denise Lay
– George Mirtskhulava
– Graham Wall
– Ian Philliskirk
– Julian Hammond
– Luka Chachibaia
– Mamuka Murjikneli
– Rosemary Johnson Sabine OBE
– Sabin Rossi

You will note in Gordon’s brief that he gives reference to the ABC 4 Corners film, BAD COMPANY.  This Australian documentary is a perfect example as to what is going on all over the world, in each and every country. I would urge readers to watch this video on the following link: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2008/20080602_bad_company/interviews.htm

 I would also add CRIME INCORPORATED to the recommendation, another ABC documentary that exposes the multi-national, well connected, cash rich underbelly of organized crime in Australia. Every aspect of the criminal network’s operations causes the investors, and we the public, to become the victims of crime and corruption. I also urge you to watch the interview with John Lawler of the Australian Crime Commission. There are many other extremely interesting interviews on the Four Corners Web:   http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/special_eds/20100830/crime/

 Before closing Part 2, I would like to draw attention to my last article with reference to Lonrho at 22 Arlington Street, London. It was interesting to note that the offices of Lonrho were raided early this year, reported in the Interactive Investor Online Discussion Board in References posted on 12/02/10 by author deathlehem2 which stated:

 The head office has been raided and paper work confiscated in London by a bunch of suits.


This was followed by another report on the 15/02/10 by author NYinvestor11:

 This is VERY concerning. The FSA [Financial Services Authority] have launched an investigation into Lenigas and the affairs of Lonrho and Lonzim. It is unclear what has caused this, but the fact that Lonrho has not issued its September 2009 audited financial statements is a cause for great concern.


Part 3 of this “Pandora’s Box” series will reveal how such people as the head of INTERPOL, Jackie Selebi, came into the pockets of a high profile crime network. Selebi was head of the South African Police, who used the proceeds of ‘crime money,’ to have a ‘slap up’ dinner in London for his initiation as the President of INTERPOL.

 The next article will also reveal how this ‘crime money’ came from Brett Kebble, the owner of two of the largest mining entities in South Africa (JCI and Durban Rooderport and their subsidiaries). Brett Kebble was later assassinated when he wanted to come clean and reveal all the sordid fraud that he and his Co-Directors had been involved in over a long period of time. As previously advised most of the background to this and many other scams has already been exposed in the ABC Four Corners documentary BAD COMPANY. It would also be worth looking at another Four Corners Power Point presentation, “The Kilwa Incident,” a very powerful story about the abuse of power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


 I would like to thank Gordon Bowden for his courageous effort to expose the truth behind the faces that run our governments, and also those that add to the demise of the economy of our countries. It would be wise for the good people in government, and in particular the UK’s Police Fraud Squad, to support and further encourage Gordon’s brave efforts. It goes without saying, that if they had listened to such an astute gentlemen, our country would be in a much stronger position to tackle the economic downturn, and in some respects, actually stop it from happening. His knowledge would protect tax payer’s money and also act as a safeguard for potential investors in our respective countries.

 Keep watching this space for more information on the fraud and corruption that is running rampant and unchecked across the global geopolitical chessboard.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – August 31, 2010  www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com


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