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Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Wherefore Art Thou Bin Laden – Part 1

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We are currently seeing a “Satirical Shakespearean Play” unfold before our very eyes and yet none of us can see through this “Weapon of Mass Deception”

Do we know if Obama Bin Laden …..Sorry didn’t mean that slip of the tongue…..Osama bin Laden existed? If he did then he certainly lives on hidden forever under some new pseudonym and enjoying a life of absolute luxury!……….one thing for sure he’s certainly not undergoing swimming lessons in the Northern Arabian Sea.

When one becomes involved in intelligent or information gathering you have to focus on the incident right from the very start and document everything that was spoken, including all available videos and photographs. You quickly see over a short period of time just how complex the cover up becomes and slowly but surely some shoots themselves in the foot.

Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney in their old age were classics for doing this and sometime when you are the focus of the media’s attention the questions come in at such an alarming rate you start to show your weakness or inability to get the rehearsed story right. It was clear that the White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan is getting too old to deal with such pressure and one could clearly see his foundation was extremely very unstable……we also saw this with the White House spokesman Jay Carney who clearly had difficulty handling the flow of questions.

As I said when carrying out such an exercise, even if it is a “False Flag” you cannot disseminate the story you wish to portray accurately without someone getting it totally wrong or in saying the wrong thing. This reminds me of my early military training when you would form a line of around 15 men……..you go to the head of the line and tell that person a very short story………he then passes it to number two then three etc until the message reaches the end of the line……..you then go to that person and ask them to repeat the original message, only to find out that it does not resemble anything like the first message……..such is the case when you get such an incident involving so many departments and so many international locations.

The question of what type of helicopters were used, how many and where did they fly from was one major issue. We had senior officials in Pakistan saying the helicopters operated from their base at Ghazi and the west saying that Pakistan had nothing to do with this operation and were not aware of the operation. The US Government made it clear that the helicopters came from Afghanistan and returned to Afghanistan.

The next question was how many helicopters were used and how many US Navy Seals were involved………..again this ranged from two helicopters to four helicopter and intel reports between 30-40 Seals and others said 20-25.

Then we had the story from the US Government that one of the choppers had a mechanical failure and landed heavily in the compound and that the Seals had to destroy it……other local reports said that the aircraft was shot at and came down……others say it may have hit power lines going into the complex……..one think for sure is that the tail unit did not end up in the compound which would indicate it was hit in flight or that it struck either the wall or power cables on the way in…….whatever the outcome a load explosion was heard and the helicopter was burning fiercely in the compound.

As time progressed we noticed the story start to change in order for the US Government to become more convincing in this heroic deed….we first heard that they Bin Laden used a women as a human shield and that she was shot dead and others and then this changed into this women being shot in the leg……..somewhere in between we had another women shot but this was changed to being accidental crossfire………the whole charade and performance by the “Star Performers” would have made Shakespeare turn in his grave!!

Then we had the wonderful story of Osama Bin Laden’s body being taken away in one of the choppers and yet apparently the Seals did their usual  Fast-Rope and Rappelling Techniques and did not actually land………if they did land the question would be where as the main compound at the end, which may have had room was not available due to the helicopter that crashed and was clearly very much on fire……….maybe they winched the dead body up……..maybe over the next few days they will explain to us………naturally one of the helicopters could have been a Chinook with its rear ramp door down but where could such a large helicopter land?

I think we can hold it there for the time being and see how the White House PR team cover up the next stage or their political spin…….oh and remember that initially all the team watched this live as it happened by using a helmet mounted camera on one of the Navy Seals….could you see the anxiety on all their faces………wow oh wow….such tension when you are performing a Shakespearian play don’t you think……….as Cordelia once said in King Lear………. .  “Nothing will come of nothing.”

Poor Hilary “Oh My God”

I bet the Pakistan Government are very excited about getting their hands on the wreckage of the United States latest Stealth Helicopter operated by 160th SOAR and carrying the elite Navy Seal Team Six known as DEVGRU

Finally I want you all to fully understand that we can expect a significant false flag  subject to how this all pans out and also a greater emphasis on Libya and their next target – Syria!

Watch this space for another exciting part of this Shakespearian jigsaw direct from the Globe Theatre, London.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 4/5/2011

Written by Peter Eyre

May 22, 2011 at 18:49

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